James QUAIL (from County Down, Ireland)
and (1) Mary McGOVERN and (2) Anne BRADLEY
Lots 3 and 4, Concession 7, Osgoode - 200 acres in 1879
also Lot 2, Concession 8, 100 acres

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

September 11, 2003:

There may have been two James Quail families in Osgoode Township in (not so ... 
see posting dated July 23, 2015) the nineteenth century. The following Catholic 
James Quail had three children baptized at Notre Dame in the 1840's. Another 
James Quail is Anglican in the 1881 Census. Or are these two James Quail the 
same man who changed religion?

8 Jan 1845
Baptism of John, born 28 February last of the marriage of James Quail and Mary 
McGovern of Osgoode Witnesses: John & Mary Casserly (neighbours)

25 Sep 1846
Baptism of Hugh, born 31 January at Osgoode, son of James Quail and Mary McGovern
Hugh McGovern & Catherine Kingan (Keegan?)

17 Jan 1848
Conditional baptism for Richard, born 12 September of the marriage of 
James Quail and Mary McGovern of Osgoode
Witness: Hugh McGovern

Source: Records of Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa.

1881	Census Place:	Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist G  Div 2  Page 31  Family 138

			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ		Religion	

James QUAIL		M	W	61	Irish	Ireland		Farmer		Church of England	
Robert QUAIL		M		26	Irish	Ontario		Farmer		Church of England	
William QUAIL		M		24	Irish	Ontario		Farmer		Church of England	
Emma QUAIL		F		22	Irish	Ontario				Church of England	
Margret QUAIL		F		20	Irish	Ontario				Church of England	
Hariet Ann QUAIL	F		18	Irish	Ontario				Church of England	
Albert QUAIL		M		16	Irish	Ontario		Harness Maker	Church of England	
Aurther QUAIL		M		14	Irish	Ontario				Church of England	
Thomas QUAIL		M		12	Irish	Ontario				Church of England

1881 Census Place:	Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist G  Div 3  Page 48  Family 206

			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ		Religion	

John QUAIL		M	M	34	Irish	Ontario		Servant		Church of England	
Caroline QUAIL		F	M	25	German	USA				Church of England	
John A.R. QUAIL		M		1	Irish	Ontario				Church of England	
  Born:	Sep; 7/12

June 15, 2005: Does this help or confuse the issue? My grandfather was Thomas Quail, son of James Quail and Anne Bradley, his second wife. His first spouse was Mary McGovern / MacGovern. He had a son, James B. Quail, born 4/28/1840 in Cornwall, Ontario. Interested in what you may have on the family. I run into a dead end when I research James's origins in County Down. We also have family in Dundee, Scotland, but I have lost all reference to them. Drop me a note. ... Dennis Hoeffler
Descendants of James Quail
1 James Quail 1819 - 1895 . +Mary McGovern (MacGouvern) Unknown - 1850 ........ 2 John Quail Unknown - ........ 2 Eliza Jane Quail 1842 - ............ + John Loney ........ 2 Hugh Quail Unknown - ........ 2 Richard Quail Unknown - ........ 2 James B. Quail 1840 - ........ 2 Mary Anne Quail Unknown - ............ + Alexander Loney ................... 3 Child Loney ................... 3 Child Loney ................... 3 Child Loney *2nd Wife of James Quail: . + Ann Bradley 1832 - 1870 ........ 2 Thomas Alfred Quail 1869 - 1906 ............ + Charlotte Letdtice Lewis 1874 - 1920 ........ 2 Arthur Bradley Quail 1867 - 1945 ............ + Rebecca F. Pooler 1865 - 1900 ........ 2 Albert Edward Quail 1864 - 1906 ............ + Elizabeth MacIntyre ........ 2 Harriet Ann Quail 1861 - ............ + Adam Kemp ........ 2 Margaret Quail 1860 - 1885 ........ 2 William Quail 1856 - 1929 ............ + Mary Ann Wallace 1857 - 1927 ........ 2 Robert Quail 1853 - ........ 2 Essey Quail 1852 - ............ + William Robert Stanley ........ 2 Elizabeth Quail Unknown - ........ 2 Emma Quail ??? 1858 - ............ + Alexander Sandy MacPherson ?? (Dennis has later generations and states that most of the pioneer Quail farm is now a golf course -- probably Poplar Grove ... Al)

June 16, 2005: and thanks to Michael Daley for the following: Hi Al James Quail born 1819 in Downpatrick, County Down Ireland, In 1836 he left Ireland with his widowed mother, 2 brothers and a sister, settled in Cornwall where his mother died and is buried, James married , Mary McGovern, native of Cornwall in 1839, moved to North Osgoode in 1843, after receiving a grant of land from the Crown, part of lot 7, con ,7, six children were born to this couple. Mary a devout Roman Catholic, attended , Our Lady of the Visitation church, South Gloucester, Mary died in 1850, her body lies, in an unmarked grave, in that pioneer cemetery, amid'st those of her country's men, and women , so far from the land of their birth. James was 31 when Mary died, later that same year he married Anne Bradley, age 17 years daughter of William Bradley of Goulbourn Township, they had 9 children, . For more info contact the Osgoode Township Historical Society, E-MAIL oths@magma.ca Quail History , Volume 2 , Pioneer Families of Osgoode . ... Michael Daley
July 23, 2015: Thanks to Mr. Michael G. Baird for the following clarification. Dennis Hoeffler wondered, in 2003, if there were possibly two James Quails in early Osgoode Township. There was only one. James (b. 1819 in Ireland) came to Canada in 1836 with his younger brother John (b. 1823), Hans and apparently Mary – although I can't find anything about her. Hans married a Mary and had a daughter Elizabeth in 1951 in Cornwall. He is in Albion Township, York County in 1852 and I can't find anything after that. Oral family history says he died young and I suspect he died in 1852. John married a Catholic girl, Ann Conwell, from Ireland. The Quail's were Anglican, Church of England, and eventually John declared himself as Catholic in the 1871 census. The family settled in Roxborough Township, the seventh generation Quail now farms the original Quail farm near Monkland. James (b.1819) also married a Catholic girl, Mary MacGovern, in Cornwall in 1839. Their first child, James, was born in Cornwall in 1840. In 1843 James moved to Osgoode Township and all of his subsequent 14 children were born in Osgoode Township, 5 to his first wife Mary MacGovern and 9 to his second wife Ann Bradley. The family are enumerated as C of E in all the census but Mary remained Catholic. James and Mary's 4th and 5th sons, Hugh (b. 1846) and Richard (b. 1847) were baptized twice – in The Holy Trinity Anglican (Bishop Strachan Memorial) Church in Cornwall and in Notre Dame Basilica in Ottawa. John, their 3rd child was baptized Catholic at Notre Dame as well, I couldn't find an Anglican baptism but I suspect he was baptized Anglican because he is C of E in all censuses. So there was only one James Quail in early Eastern Ontario but two and perhaps more of his children were baptized twice, in the Roman Catholic and the Anglican Church. ... Michael G. Baird
New April 27, 2016: Good Morning Allan, Thank you so much for replying. Let me first introduce myself. My Name is Heather (Reid) Ducourneau and I grew up in Nepean and in recent years have started to research my families. Just last year I did my DNA test which has opened up more relations including a new cousin down in Michigan, USA, by the name of John Armstrong. I descend from the Quail (Cornwall & Greely) and the Stanley families (Edwards & Metcalfe). John and I share ancestry on the Quail side and he is an Armstrong. I have copied him in on this email because he is an avid researcher new to our families here in Canada and happy to have found what he likes to refer to as "Ground Zero". John Armstrong is specifically looking for Ross McMahon who it appears has a great deal of information on the Armstrong family. I have copied the link where we found your name http://www.bytown.net/armstrong.htm. As you can tell by my email last night, I have reached out to any one who was involved in that thread in hopes that someone would still be out there. Would you be able to help us with links, email addresses or sources of information that would help up to continue to complete the history and names on our tree? Look forward to hearing from you, Sincerely Heather
E-mail Allan Lewis

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