Paul SHIRLEY and Catherine McNAMARA
also John PHELAN and Margaret McCARTHY

Probably ML# 255 on the McCabe List

July 18, 2002:
Found your web site. my gggrandfather(Paul Shirley married to Catherine
Mcnammera / Mcnamara) emigrated from ireland around 1850 to March Corners, near
Ottawa, and had a farm presumably at Shirley's Bay / shirley blvd. his son,
Michael Shirley married Alice Phelan, was a contractor there until they all
moved to Nebraska around 1890. 
... Franklin P. Shirley, D.D.S.
Hi Franklin: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your Shirley ancestors in Ottawa, Canada. Shirley's Bay, today, is a popular picnic/hiking/boating area in the west end of the City of Ottawa, on the Ottawa River. There's also a more or less "secret" military/communications establishment operated by the Canadian government close by, possibly on the original Shirley farm. Your ancestors would be surprised, to say the least. Thanks again, ... Al Lewis Ottawa =============== Note: William Shirley (Paul's brother) came from Mothill parish, County Kilkenny. He was Anglican but his first wife was Catholic. He came to the Perth area in 1817 with his brother-in-law, Michael Cahill. (1) Source: (1) The City Beyond, by Bruce Elliott, page 34.
January 1, 2004: William Shirley of Shirley's Bay was my great-great-great grandfather. I have met another researcher who is descended from Michael Shirley and Alice Phelan. I would be very interested in learning how we might be connected. Donna ______________________________ Hello Al, Yes, you may post my message on your website. I have quite a few surnames I am researching in the Ottawa/Richmond area, i.e. Shirley, Beatty, Lindsay primarily but those families connect to many others in the area. My great-great grandmother was Catherine Shirley, daughter of William Shirley and Mary (surname Ounaghan, Lenahan or something similar). William and Mary had quite a few children. Some were baptised Catholic, others Protestant. Some were apparently baptised one and then rebaptised the other later on. Anyhow, Catherine married Alexander Beatty, an Anglican. Their children were raised Anglican. Alexander Beatty is buried at St. John's, South March. Catherine, however, died after Alexander, and her gravestone is found at St. Isidore's where quite a few other Shirleys are buried. Happy New Year. Donna
January 29, 2004:
John PHELAN and Margaret McCARTHY
I am interested in having my name added to your list of researchers. I have been researching the family of John Phelan, of North Gower, son of Edward, who married Margaret McCarthy of Goulbourn. In addition to the Phelan family, I have been researching the Shirley's of Nepean. ancestors and descendants of William and Mary Lenihan. Paul their son married Catharine McNamara Shirley M. Alexander E-mail: _____________________________ 26 April 1842 Marriage at Richmond of John Phelan to Margaret McCarthy. Witnesses: Philip Cassidy & Catherine Douris / Douras Source: Ellen Paul's records of St. Philip's RC Church at Richmond _____________________________ also posted on January 29, 2004 (this may be a son of John Phelan and Margaret McCarthy): 1881 Census Place: Gower North, Carleton, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375867 NAC C-13231 Dist 108 SubDist B Div 1 Page 26 Family 130 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace John PHELIN M 29 Irish Ontario Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholique Margaret PHELIN F W 59 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholique Napoleon PHELIN M 17 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholique Anna PHELIN F 15 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholique Sopia PHELIN F 20 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholique

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