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The following photograph shows Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Ottawa. The property for
the church was donated by Nicholas Sparks, one of the pioneers in Bytown / Ottawa. The
church is located on Sparks Street, across from the Library and Archives Building. 
Keywords King Arnoldi, John Strachan, St. Alban's Anglican Church.

Photo Source: Anglicanism in the Ottawa Valley: Essays for the Centenary of the Diocese of Ottawa, page 48

Picture of Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Source for the following text block is Construire une Capitale - Ottawa - Making a Capital, edited by Jeff Keshen and Nicole St-Onge, page 95 Keywords: All Saints, St. Alban, St. Bartholomew. Anglican Churches constructed in Ottawa, Canada, during the 1860s

Two other Anglican Church histories are: Faith of Our Fathers: The Story of the (Anglican) Diocese of Ottawa, by the Right Reverend Robert Jefferson, 1956, Ottawa, The Anglican Book Society, and A Bishop and His People: John Travers Lewis and the Anglican Diocese of Ontario, 1862-1902, by Donald M. Schurman, Kingston, Ontario, 1991, ISBN 0-9695081-0-7
United Church of Canada, including it's antecedents (some Methodist and some Presbyterian) The United Church of Canada is Canada's largest Protestant Church. It was formed by "Church Union" in 1925. The Presbyterian Church in Canada August 23, 2002: Archives of The United Church of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario.(1) Montreal and Ottawa Conference Archives City of Ottawa Archives 174 Stanley Avenue Ottawa, ON K1M 1P1 Phone: 613-742-5014 Fax: 613-742-5113 (1) This address was posted to the Eastern Ontario History and Genealogy List by Robert Crawford on August 22, 2002... Al

April 6, 2011: United Church of Canada Archives in Toronto. This is a great facility where you can view original registries as well as microfiche. or I was there recently and was able to handle the registry for the small church that had been on my great great grandparents property on the 3rd concession. And you can read on-line a book by George F. Playter (History of Methodism in Canada) at - ... Taylor Kennedy
January 1, 2010: Hello: May I ask for a link update found at this link: The link for the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa is: The link for the Diocesan Archives is: The link for Christ Church Cathedral of Ottawa is: Thank you; Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Web Master
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Jacob Mountain First Anglican Bishop at Quebec photo Source: A Concise History of Christianity in Canada, by Terrence Murphy and Roberto Perin, page 224 Note: The original territory covered by Jacob Mountain included all of today's Quebec and Ontario!
Jacob Mountain, First Anglican Bishop at Quebec John Strachan Egerton Ryerson
John Strachan, Archdeacon of York, Upper Canada, Bishop of Toronto Egerton Ryerson
Charles Hamilton, First Anglican Bishop of Ottawa Photo Source: Anglicanism in the Ottawa Valley, edited by Frank A. Peake, page 45 Charles Hamilton, First Anglican Bishop of Ottawa, Canada Keywords: Hawkesbury Township, lumbering industry

December 2, 2010: We have received an inquiry today regarding the composition of the early Protestant Churches in the Ottawa area. From the time of the founding of the settled part of the Ottawa Valley by Philemon Wright in 1800, religion has played a major part in the social and cultural life of our area. For most families, the church was the centre of activities and guided their lives. Philomen Wright and his settlers were members of the Congregationalist Church. Over time, some of these families became associated with the Anglican (Episcopal) Church which had broken away from the Roman Catholic Church at the time of King Henry VIII. St. James Anglican Church and Cemetery in Hull (now Gatineau), Quebec, became the foremost Anglican Church in this area in the early 1800's. Other "protesting" sects formed their own versions of Protestantism: the Lutherans (Martin Luther), Methodists (John Wesley), Presbyterians (John Calvin), Baptists and various evangelical churches (Pentecostal, etc.).

The following excerpt is from A Concise History of Christianity in Canada (pages 276-277) It is a terrific book for any Canadian library. Church Attendance in Toronto, Canada, 1860-1896 Church Attendance in Toronto, Canada, 1860-1896
Another Protestant Church was established in the Ottawa area -- see our web page The Holiness Movement in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.
March 11, 2010: The Protestant Church in Canada has, for the most part, been composed of centralized, top-down denominations. The growth in recent years towards a more evangelical Protestantism in the Ottawa area (e.g. Bethel Pentecostal Church and Woodvale Pentecostal Church) has been mainly at the expense of the old, downtown, established churches. Democratization of the Protestant churches in the USA happened to a great extent during the period 1780 to 1830. Nathan Hatch has written a very interesting book called The Democratization of American Christianity. Read my Book Review. ... Al ___________________________________________
Image Sources, below: Concise Dictionary of Christianity in America Definition of Protestantism Pentacostal Assemblies of Canada

June 19, 2010: Thanks to Sue for the following example of how important religion was to our ancestors. Changing denominations among Protestant churches was relatively common and not remarkable. However, for persons changing from a Protestant church to the Roman Catholic Church (or vice versa) often caused problems within families. The receiving churches welcomed new converts triumphally. Hi Al; I don't know if this would be worth mentioning in your site, but just in case it is, here it is: From the Daily Gazette & Bulletin (of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA) of February 19, 1886 (front page) A French Catholic Turns Presbyterian OTTAWA, Feb. 18. - Luddger Blanchet, a member of one of the leading French Catholic families of Canada, has joined the Presbyterian church, creating a sensation. He is a nephew of the late Catholic Bishop Blanchet of Oregon, brother of Jean Blanchet, secretary of state in Quebec, and nephew of J.G. Blanchet, late speaker of the Canadian House of Commons. Sue

October 6, 2010:
Interior of a pioneer Anglican Church in Eastern Ontario The buildings were heated by wood stoves - note the chimney pipes. The pews were hand-made by members of the Congregation. Also shown is a cluster of coal-oil lamps forming a chandelier. Inside an early Anglican Church in Eastern Ontario

January 20, 2012: BOOK - St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Ottawa - Baptism, Marriage and Death Records 1829-1949 By Donald A. McKenzie, Published by Global Heritage Press, Milton, 2011. The congregation was organized in 1828 and the first minister arrived in the summer of 1829. Since that time, the baptisms, marriages and deaths of many founding families in Bytown / Ottawa have been recorded by the various ministers of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church. This book contains transcriptions of those records. Donald A. Mackenzie spent many hundreds of hours at Library and Archives Canada transcribing the records of the original entries from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church from microfilm. The transcriptions of the baptism, marriage and burial records are recorded in seven volumes, all of which are included in this one book. ISBN 978-1-926797-49-6 (Hardcover) ISBN 978-1-926797-53-3 (Book on CD) You can order this book over the Internet from the Global Genealogy, Inc. bookstore. ... Al
August 25, 2012: The British Methodist Episcopalian Church
April 21, 2013: New Book to be added this week to the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society Library: The Methodists in Ireland: A Short History, by Dudley Levistone Cooney, The Columba Press, Dublin, 2001, ISBN 1-85607-335 1, 280 pages. This book has been donated to the OGS Library by Mr. Don Pounder.
December 27, 2015: Here is an interesting article in .pdf format which can be downloaded to your tablet: Coming of Age, but Slowly: aspects of Canadian religious historiography since Confederation by John S. MOIR University of Toronto ... Al
January 22, 2016: Here is a terrific link to the Protestant church records in western Quebec -- Pontiac County, the Gatineau Valley, etc. ... Al (Thanks to Pauline Johns for this !)
November 29, 2016: Here are some burials in the Protestant Burial Ground of victims of the Typhus Epidemic in Bytown during the Great Irish Famine. The Presbyterian minister for the pioneer St. Andrew's Church on Wellington Street at the time was Reverend Durie. Unfortunately he died in 1847 of Typhus, caught when he was tending the poor and sick famine emigrants in the sheds and hospital in Bytown. According to the records of the registers of St. Andrews, 1829-1929, some of Reverend Durie's records are missing from the year 1847. Here are a few recorded at Notre Dame Catholic Church on Sussex Drive. Source: Drouin Records at ancestry dot ca: (Notre Dame Cathedral, Bytown / Ottawa There is a terrific CD, available from Global Genealogy dot com -- "St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Ottawa, Baptism, Marriage and Death Records, 1829-1949", by Donald A. McKenzie, 2011, ISBN 978-1-926797-53-2. This CD and book are also available in the Library of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. 25 Jun 1847 Funeral service for Martha Shields, famine immigrant, who died yesterday and was buried in the Presbyterian Burying Ground 22 Jun 1847 Funeral service for Andrew Wright, immigrant, who died in this hospital and was buried in the Presbyterian Burying Ground 29 Jun 1847 Burial in the Protestant Burying Ground of Samuel Halbukle / Arbuckle ? 4 Jul 1847 Burial in the Protestant Burying Ground of Margaret Wilson, a child immigrant 4 Jul 1847 Burial in the Protestant Burying Ground of James Wilson, immigrant 25 Jul 1847 Burial of William or Thomas Stoney in the Protestant Burying ground 26 Jul 1847 Burial of John Marshall, immigrant, in the Protestant Burying Ground 27 Jul 1847 Burial of John Johnston, immigrant, in the Protestant Burying Ground ... Al
St. George's Anglican Church, Kingston, Ontario, Canada Photo Source: Anglicanism in the Ottawa Valley: Essays for the Centenary of the Diocese of Ottawa, page 34
Picture of St. George's Anglican Church, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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Photo Source: Pakenham - Ottawa Valley Village, 1823-1860, by Verna Ross McGiffin, page 92. Courtesy Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Groves, Pakenham
Pakenham Methodist Church built 1841
This book describes how one Methodist minister established a circuit of eight homes in the Pakenham neighbourhood. He became the first circuit rider in the area as each of the eight homeowners recruited five members for the initial Methodist church there. ... Allan
April 4, 2019:
Ottawa's First Baptist Church Source: Construire une Capitale - Ottawa - Making a Capital, edited by Jeff Keshen and Nicole St-Onge, page 95 Pakenham Methodist Church built 1841

June 14, 2019: Disestablishment of the Anglican Church in Ireland in 1869. Removal of Financial Support for Catholics and Presbyterians:
disestablishment of Anglican Church in 1869 in Ireland
Source: Eyewitness to Irish History, by Peter Beresford Ellis, 2004, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0-471-26633-7, page 188.
New July 5, 2019: Christ Church Anglican, Aylmer, Quebec Charles Street Text Block and Picture Below is from National Capital Region Heritage page 34, Keywords: Charles Symmes, John Egan, Robert Conroy
Aylmer, Quebec, Christ Church, Anglican  Aylmer Christ Church text

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