from Sarasota, NY, USA to Hull, Quebec area before 1815
also George ROUTLIFFE and Lydia PRENTICE

September 1, 2005:

Thanks to Maureen Jamieson for this wonderful photograph of Lydia Prentice, one of the first women settlers in the Ottawa / Gatineau area. Her husband was George Routliffe.
Picture of Lydia Prentice
Thanks to Maureen also for the following photograph of the six Routliffe brothers, sons of Lydia Prentice and George Routliffe. Back Row: Richard, Edward Albert "Ab", Vallentine "Bud", James and in the front row there is William and George
Picture of the Routliffe brothers
Maureen's accompanying e-mail is on this page, below, dated August 31, 2005.
May 1, 2005: I enjoy your website "Bytown or Bust" and visit it often. It even inspired us to make a trip to Ottawa this last summer to research our family and the knowledge we gained about the cities history from you added considerably to our appreciation and enjoyment. I have a problem that you may be able to help me with. I have been researching an ancestor who was one of the very earliest settlers in the area named Richard Prentice (Prents, Prentiss, Prenties). He was a Loyalist from the New York area who first settled in Kingstown Charlottenburgh area then at some point before 1815 moved into the Hull area. Here is my problem. I have been unable to locate anything for that time frame pinpointing his location anywere in the area. Interestingly there are several references to his children. What I have found is: "The City Beyond" by Bruce Elliott p. 10 "the first marriage in Nepean was solemnized in Roger Moores house when his brothers David and Job of Hull, were married by a magistrate from Long Sault to sisters named Prentiss" he sites the Belden Atlas 1879 and also Canada Sessional Papers, 16 Vic (1853) App. SSSS, A no. 18 Moore to Randall, 12 March 1813 (which I have not found) I found the Belden Atlas of 1879 which states on p. xxxiv "The first marriage on the south shore took place at the house of Roger Moore. The parties all belonged to the north shore, the men being David and Job Moore, brothers of Roger and the young women sisters, named Prentiss. One LeRoy, a Justice of the peace, came all the way from the Long Sault to marry them: and the ceremony was performed in Nepean, as the laws of Lower Canada did not recognize the validity of civil marriages. "Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa" by Anson Gard which is about the Hull area talks about the 3 sisters Deborah, Sarah, and Lydia but nothing of the father Richard or brother Daniel. On the children's land grant petitions dated 1848 it lists Richard as "Late of Quebec City" however the Nepean Museum tells me he lived there in 1846 although there is no documentation for that. I know his son Daniel was living there at that time. His children were: Daniel b. 1792-7 in Glengarry, who married Ann Colbert abt 1820 either in Hull or Nepean (have been searching for the marriage, the Anglican Archives have nothing but I think it may have been in Hull) This is our ancestor and he settled in Nepean on a Loyalist Land Grant which he received on account of his father. Lived there until his death in 1866 and we have found the original headstone. Deborah b. 1799 unknown where. She married David Moore above. Lived, and died in Hull 6 Nov 1849. Sarah b. 4 Apr 1801 Hull. She married Job Moore above and lived and died in Hull abt 1831 Lydia b. Mar 1805 unknown location. She married George Routliffe in Hull and died in Aylmer 15 Sep 1877 This is a family that had been completely undocumented to this point. Since they were some of the very earliest settlers and well as a Loyalist I am hoping to do a complete history of the family in the area to put on file with the OGS. We are also working on the Birch / Birtch family and Colbert family, both from Ireland in the early 1800's and are near completion on those. I appreciate any insight or assistance you can offer. ... Johni Levene, Stephanie Elwell __________________________________ Hello folks: Thanks for this interesting e-mail. As you know, this period was very early in the history of the Ottawa area and the records are difficult to come by. If you like, I could add a new page on our web site for Richard Prentice and his early descendants and we could see if any of our readers have information for you. Sometimes information can come from other researchers who are working on the family history of relatives, neighbours and friends of someone like Richard Prentice. Let me know if this is OK with you -- I would also add your e-mail address to the page so that persons could contact you directly. There are a few persons who are researching nearby families, such as the Moore family, which mentions the Prentice sisters. I'll have a look this weekend and see if I can find anything here -- I'll dig out Professor Elliott's paper regarding the Early Settlement of Hull(1) and a few other papers to see if I can find any leads. It provides a lot of information in regards to early settlement in Hull Township. You may already have looked at this. I know that the Moores show up in early militia lists and census records (c. 1808 and c. 1825) for Hull Township. I'll be in touch after I think about this a bit. (1) " 'The Famous Township of Hull': Image and Aspirations of a Pioneer Quebec Community", Histoire sociale/Social History XII, No. 24 (November l979), 339-67, by Professor Bruce Elliott ... Al __________________ Hi Al, Yes, I would certainly appreciate you setting up a Richard Prentice web page, you should also strongly reference the children as I do not know if many have yet made the connection from Daniel, Deborah, Sarah and Lydia to Richard as their father. It would be very helpful I am sure for everyone as well as me. I have quite a lot of information on the 4 children and all 4 of them lived out their lives in the area. I was not aware that Professor Elliott had papers on the early settlement of Hull available and I certainly have not seen them. Are they at the archives or OGS? They would lend great insight into my research, if not of Richard directly then of the community they lived in (see source, above). There was a T.B. Prentiss who was a Mayor of Aylmer in 1878 and there was a man named H. Prentice who opened a store and post office at Old Chelsea in 1830 but I cannot make a connection to them until I can get more into on Richard. I have searched the Loyalist web pages quite extensively and found references to him and his brothers in papers but it appears that noone had done anything on them specifically. I think that that was because there was no link to him and his son before. Since we were descended from his only son, that line has carried our interest quite strongly. It is quite exciting to be researching a new Loyalist. As for the contacts you have given me I will certainly follow up with them. I am especially interested in contacting the Moore researcher. I have found petition papers from Saratoga NY for Richard and I do believe that the Moores were also from Saratoga. I have an interesting theory that Richard Prentice may have been married to a Moore himself (we have not yet found his wifes name) and that is how Richard got from Glengarry to Hull and how his daughters met their future husbands David and Job Moore. Somewhere before Hull there is a connection between the Prentice and Moore clans for us to find. Thanks for all your help and insight. ... Johni _______________ It's also possible that the Moores and Prentices were connected in Glengarry, before Hull. ... Al
August 31, 2005: Hello Al: I am just starting to do a bit of research again and of course one of the first places I would check out is your site Bytown or Bust. I noticed your email from Johni and Stephanie regarding the Prentice and Moore families. My husband is related to both these families. Ron's great, great grandmother was Lydia Prentice and my sister-in-law is a Moore (Her grandmother was also related to Ron). I have quite a bit of information on Lydia and George Routliffe's family and I know Sue had a family history of the Moore family. Please let me know is you are interested in this information and would Johni and Stephanie be willing to share information on the Prentice side. There is a Routlliffe Family Reunion held at my brother-in-laws in Luskville, Quebec every July. I am also enclosing a picture of Lydia Prentice and of her six sons, Back Row: Richard, Edward Albert "Ab", Vallentine "Bud", James and in the front row there is William and George. Maureen Jamieson
September 6, 2005:
Thanks to Lynn Routliffe for the following photograph of the Routliffe Homestead
Routliffe Homestead

September 8, 2005: Thanks to Lynn also for the following photos of the original and the new grave markers of George Routliffe and Lydia Prentice:
Grave marker of George Routliffe and Lydia Prentice

September 11, 2005: Hi Al. Could you please add my email address to the Prentice list? I am descended from Lydia Prentice's sister Sarah, who married Job Moore at Nepean in 1815. I would be interested in receiving any additional Prentice-related information. Thanks again. John Levesque
January 11, 2006: Hi John Levesque I have been doing a bit on the Hollingers, not nearly as many researchers as the Moores, but have just recently sent a letter to a grandson of Maria Moore who was one of Sarah and Job Moore's daughters who is living in U.S. He was born in 1927. Amazed me that someone would still be living that was Maria Moore's grandson. She died sometime between 1861 and 1871 can't find that yet. Her mother Sarah died when she was 4 years old and her fauther Job Moore a few months later, according to the stories on internet. I guess you decend from one of her siblings. I have traced quite a few of her children, all being on my extended family tree although myself I am descended from her widowed husband's next family. No one has recorded her death and I may not get any response to my letter to her grandson. He was the youngest son of Job Hollinger (grandson of Job Sr. and Sarah Prentice) who had been widowed from after about 30 years in a childless marriage and remarried older and had children. Job Sr. was a well-known contractor in Kansas City, USA, and the surrounding areas, in fact a couple of his buildings still stand as historic sites even though they were built about 100 years ago. I got an article about him from Kansas City Library archives and a photo. Just thought I'd write after seeing your Sept. 11 posting. Michele Hollinger
April 6, 2007: Glad to have stumbled on the Bytown or Bust website this morning. Lydia Prentise is my 3x Gr.Grandmother. She married George Routliffe and their daughter Arabella married John Irish. Arabella's daughter Florence married Charles Paul from Lachute, Quebec. I have a bit more on this line of the family and would love to hear from anyone who can also make this connection. thank you very much! ... Elaine
New October 6, 2008: Hi Al I know that on the site you have info on the Prentice family. Here is a Prentice site mentioning Lydia Prentice and George Routliffe. There is quite a tree provided. ... John

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