King's County, Ireland to Gloucester Township in 1840

	1  	James Quinn	
.......	2  	Michael Quinn	1818 - 1902
...........		+Mary Guilfoyle	1826 - 1904
................	3  	James Quinn	1859 - 1939
....................		+Ellen McBride	1872 - 1937
.......	2  	Martin Quinn	1814 - 1890
...........		+Mary Connors	1813 - 1892
................	3  	Ann Quinn	1837 - 1909
....................		+P. O'Leary	
................	3  	William Quinn	1849 - 1923
....................		+Mary Ann Cunningham	1856 - 1920
January 12, 2006: When looking at your site decided to update some of the Quinn information. Have verified that some of the info in the Bowesville book is slightly incorrect so here is what I have. The Quinn, Brady and Dunn families came to Canada together (immigrated from Kings County). The parents were: James Quinn and Nancy (not sure of her maiden name ~ she died in 1851 and is buried at Our Lady Of The Visitation but there is no marker). They came to Canada in 1840 and settled in Bowesville. They came with their children and their families. By working their ages back from the 1851 census they would be approximately the ages in brackets below. The group who came on the Lady Of Industry ship in 1840 were: (I have bolded my direct ancestors below) James Quinn (49) and his wife Nancy and their five children: 1) Elizabeth Quinn (29) m. Patrick Brady (29) and their children: Julia (9), Ann (7), James (5) and Patrick (3). 2) Ann Quinn (25) m. Patrick Dunn (23) 3) Patrick Quinn (23) 4) Martin Quinn (21) m. Mary Connors (27) and their child Ann (5) 5) Michael Quinn (16) Ann Quinn and Patrick Dunn had their first child on the voyage but the baby died and was buried at sea. Martin settled right in Bowesville (right beside the Bowes family), Gloucester Township conc. 2, lots 10. The rest settled slightly more south at conc. 2, lots 16 and 17. Later Michael Quinn (#5 above) married Mary Guilfoile and had four children: 1) James born 1859, died 1939 married Ellen McBride and had six children a) Jim born 1895 died 1987 married Mary Shields (one son James P. married Beatrice McEvoy) b) Annie born 1896 died 1964 married John Craig (one step-daughter Mrs. Dora Brazeau) c) Mike born 1897 died 1971 married Edna Foran (four sons - Michael married Margaret Downey, Ralph married Teresa Gorman, Dennis drowned at age 14, Carl married Joanne Murray) d) Paddy born 1898 died 1968 - not married e) Mary born 1900 died between 1958 & 1964 married Ed Dann (no children) f) Billie born 1902 died 1954 - not married 2) Sarah born 1860, died 1942 married to John Hazel - lived in Montreal - not sure of descendants 3) Annie born ?, died ? married to ? Burgess and at least one son Norman 4) Patrick born 1872, died 1911 married to Mary Graham (one daughter Dora married George Ventura) Also know that the 5 original Quinn children who immigrated from Kings County Ireland were second cousins to Richard Bowes. Perhaps that is why they immigrated to Bowesville in the first place. ... Mary Quinn ___________________
Quinn / Graham Connection
Hello - I received a call from Fran Prodger who was researching the Graham's. One of her ancestors Mary Graham married into the Quinn family. I referred her to your website to further research the Grahams. As it turns out I had a picture of the Quinn/Graham couple she was referring to. It is attached. Afterwards I did a search on your site, Al, for the Graham name and noticed that people were looking for Graham's corners. My Dad says that he remembers that Mooney's Bay was once known as Graham's Bay. I also noticed that some people were actually researching both names in their history ... Graham and Mooney. Perhaps this was where Graham's Corners was located. I did not read all of the info regarding the Graham's but Fran says the farm originally was located on Walkley Road near McCarthy Road. I suspect these Graham's are connected to the ones in Bowesville. My Great Grandmother's diary makes a lot of reference to George Graham who came over to play cards etc. The 1879 atlas show the Graham and Foran farms very close. Just thought you might be interested in this as well. ... Mary
Patrick Quinn and Mary Graham

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