Some Early Post Offices and Postmasters
in Carleton County
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

P. O'Meara                  1872-06-01 1873-03-03 Resignation 
John Leamy                  1874-04-01 1877-04-05 Resignation 
Robert Wallace              1878-01-01 1887 Left the place 
John H. Caldwell            1888-09-10 1890-11-20 Resignation 
Daniel O'Grady              1891-07-03 1908-04-06 Resignation 
George Goodfellow           1908-07-24 1909 Resignation 
M.J. Troy                   1910-01-11 1912-07-13 Resignation 
Gabriel Cohen               1912-12-17 1914-06-30 Closed R.M.D.

David K. Clothier           1875-06-01 1882-08-12 Resignation 
Lewis Cayis  (Cayes)        1883-07-01 1889-01-26 Resignation 
Joshua Clothier             1889-03-01 1902-11-28 Resignation 
Cornelius Watt              1902-12-31 1915-08-25 Resignation 
Cornelius Watt (cancelled)  1915-09-29 1918-10-11 Resignation 
William Joseph Berrigan     1918-12-04 1921-04-02 Resignation 
Andrew Watt                 1921-05-31 1926-06-18 Resignation 
                            1926-10-09 Closed R.M.D. - City View RR #1 
George Thew Burke           was Postmaster in 1832 

Bray's Crossing: (was a railway "flag" station in Concession 2, Osgoode) 
C. Bray                     1884-10-01 1896-04-17 Resignation 
Patrick Kelly               1896-09-01 1907-03-13 Death 
Edward Kelly                1907-04-16 1913-01-31 Closed 

Dawson / Enniskerry:
John McEvoy                 1875-04-01 1883-12-27 Resignation 
John J. McEvoy              1884-05-22 

Reuben Bates                1885-06-01 1888-12-31 Resignation 
Thomas J. O'Connor          1890-03-01 1894-04-09 Resignation 
Mrs. Frances Stanley        1894-10-01 1903-05-10 Resignation 
Mrs. Mary J. Dunlop         1903-07-30 1914 Closed R.M.D. 
August 6, 2010: I noted my greatgrandmother's name on this Bytown or Bust page.  
Indeed Mary Jane Dunlop (nee Fanning), wife of James Robert Dunlop, was the postmistress in Greely.  
She had a little counter in the Greely general store.
... Will Dunlop

Herbert's Corners:
Michael Herbert             1904-11-01 1914-04-08 Closed R.M.D. 

Manotick Station:
William Fitzsimmons         1889-04-01 1894-06-21 Resignation 
Joseph Fitzsimmons          1894-10-05 1895-10  
Mrs. Hannah L. Johnston     1895-12-01 1898-10-03 Resignation 
Mrs. H.L. Johnston          1903-07-01 1921-09-30 Resignation 
Fred Mole O.A.S.            1921-12-31 1925-06-29 Resignation 
A. Potvin                   1925-07-09 1956-11-30 Closed 

West Osgoode (Osgoode Station):
W. F. Ritchie               1880-09-01 1884-04-02 Resignation 
James Buckles               1884-05-22 1896-05-06 Death 
Mrs. M. J. Buckles          1896-07-15 1910-10-07 Death 
O. J. Cleland               1910-11-26 1912-02-24 Death in 1915? 
F. S. Richardson            Cancelled 
Mrs. A. J. Cleland          1915-10-30 1922-01-05 Resignation 
Alonzo T. Daley             1891-11 1927-11-14 1941-02-13 * 
Thomas Brown Faulds OAS     1881-03-12 1941-07-31 1951-06 Resignation 
Robert Stewart Cleland OAS  1951-09-01

Waller: (on Patrick Harney's farm - now Gough Road)
Patrick Harney              1877-07-01 1908 Change in site 
Patrick Sullivan            1909-01-11 1912-02-09 Death 
Mrs. Sullivan               1912-04-23 1912-10-22 Closed 

James Gamble                1882-04-01 1905-11-07 Resignation 
Edward McEvoy               1906-01-03 1917-12-27 Death 
Mrs. Hannah McEvoy          1918-06-21 1919-09-30 Resignation 
Norman Redmond              1919-12-24 1923-10-20 Resignation 
Louis Potvin                1924-01-05 1928-04-01 Closed R.M.D. (RR#2 Billings Bridge)

Matthew Connell             1829-04-06 1834-10-06  
G.W. Baker                  1834-10-07 

Edward Horan                1853-06-01 1876-12-05 Resignation - closed 
John Manion (re-opened)     1877-12-01 1889-10-30 Death 
Mrs. Bridget Manion         1890-03-28 1902-04-08 Resignation 
Andrew Kennedy              1903-01-01 
Patrick Gosson              1909-02-01 1910-09-25 Resignation 
Martin Manion               1910-11-08 1913 Resignation 
Mrs. Catharine McHale       1913-10-29 1913-12-01 Resignation 
M. Kennedy                  1914-03-03 1925-11-07 Resignation 
William J. Egan             1877-11 1925-11-16 1945-12-17 Resignation 
Patrick Sarsfield Egan      1946-02-12 1967-08-31 Closed 

Skead's Mills: (on Ottawa River at Kitchissippi Lookout in Westboro)
Rebecca Pratt               1874-05-01 1878-11-30 Resignation 
John McCormick              1880-01-01 1890  
John Falls                  1890-04-30 1892-02-23 Resignation 
William Lowrie              1892-03-22 

Source: Canada Post / National Archives
(Thanks to Elaine Brown for pointing out this web site through the UOVGEN List.
March 21, 2006: Hi [A brief review,] yes,Hugh (Cleland), your memory serves you well. Your Grandma was my Grandfather's "Michael Daley," sister, Somewhere in my notes , there is an article in 1834,news paper [ the Bytown Gazette,] which reads,on such a date ,mails open, or mails closed, this would be signed by the Postmaster general ,another time it would state, mail delivered to Osgoode, Fitzroy, and Chelsea, on certain days, The first Post Office, was opened in Osgoode Township in 1841 near Metcalfe, with Daniel Cameron,as the first ,Post Master, The Bytown Prescott Stagecoach past your door as early 1834-5. West Osgoode ,thriving community, of which your farm ,was apart of was started in 1841 by Phillip Helmer, and John C,Bower ,a Hotel, Stopping place, sawmill, table legs and bedsteads were turned out in large quantity in a turning factory other business sprang up, Cleland feed and seed merchants, etc, the Post Office was established in 1852, with John C. Bower as the first Post Master , A Post Office was established in Osgoode Station near the railway tracks in 1880, to serve the village residents, however the mail continued to be delivered from the hamlet of West Osgoode, to the village until rural routes came in 1913, sorry Hugh to this point in time I have failed to establish what years the Post Office was in Oliver House, but I would say it was definitely there in 1913, when the Rural Routes came into being, you have verified that with the finding of the sign attached to house. ... Michael Daley
June 29, 2010:
Source for text below: The Frontier and Canadian Letters, by Wilfrid Eggleston, page 74 Postal Rates in Upper Canada

January 19, 2011: See also Steamboat Mail Contracts on the Ottawa and Rideau Rivers in the 1800's
Source for photo and text below: From Ottawa With Love: Glimpses of Canada's Capital Through Early Picture Postcards, by Peter D. K. Hessell, page 32 Main Post Office in Downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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