Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, 1881 Census of Residents
Now part of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Overview of Lake Superior and the Lakehead Map Source: A Historical Atlas of Canada, Edited by D.G.G. Kerr, University of Western Ontario, Thomas Nelson and Sons, Second Edition, 1966, page 20
January 14, 2021:
Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada
Picture Source: Life in a Thundering Bay - Voices from Thunder Bay's Past, Edited by Tania L. Saj and Elle Andra-Warner, 2012, ISBN 978-0-9782721-0-4, River Rocks Publishing, page 35.
Steamer Butchers Boy, 1883 Port Arthur, Steamer Butchers Boy, 1883
Port Arthur, Nipigon River, 1870 Port Arthur, Nipigon River, 1870

December 31, 2020:
Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, Marina, c. 1885
Picture Source: Life in a Thundering Bay - Voices from Thunder Bay's Past, Edited by Tania L. Saj and Elle Andra-Warner, 2012, ISBN 978-0-9782721-0-4, River Rocks Publishing, page 40.
Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, Marina, c. 1885

December 31, 2020:
Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, 1884
Picture Source: Life in a Thundering Bay - Voices from Thunder Bay's Past, Edited by Tania L. Saj and Elle Andra-Warner, 2012, ISBN 978-0-9782721-0-4, River Rocks Publishing, page 19.
Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, 1884

September 6, 2009: In 1970, Fort William and Port Arthur became part of the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. This web site covers history and genealogy in the Thunder Bay area in the 1800's. The following list of names comprise the residents of Port Arthur in 1881 according to the Census of Canada. If you have ancestors listed among the names below, drop us an e-mail. We'll set up a new web page for your family history. Over time, the various surnames will add up to form a history of the pioneers and their lives in the Thunder Bay area. Also welcome are research subjects for the Thunder Bay area in which you may be interested -- the fur trade, railways, the history of the logging industry, transportation on the Great Lakes, etc. Here are the folks in the Port Arthur area of Thunder Bay in 1881:
Source: 1881 Census Place: Port Arthur, Algoma, Ontario, Canada FHL Film 1375918 and Library and Archives, Canada, film number C-13282
Surname Name Birth Date Sex Nationality Birth Place ---- Louise 1824 F Indigenous NwT ADAMS Annie 1827 F English Engl ADAMS Betsy 1860 F English Ont ADAMS David 1863 M English Ont AGILVIE John 1841 M Scottish Ont ALDER Joeseph 1852 M English Engl ANDERSON Sarah J. 1856 F Irish Ont ANDERSON Robert 1857 M Irish Irel ANDERSON Eliza 1881 F Irish ---- ANDREWS Margart 1821 F German Germ ANDREWS Grace 1848 F English Engl ANDREWS Richard 1848 M English Engl ANDREWS John 1851 M English Engl ANDREWS Julia 1853 F English Engl ANDREWS Caroline 1861 F German Germ ANDREWS Minnie 1870 F English Engl ANDREWS Robert 1872 M English Engl ANDREWS Steven J. 1872 M English Engl ANDREWS Thomas N. 1875 M English Ont ARMOUR Mathew 1864 M Scottish Ont BALL Dan 1858 M English Engl BARTHOLOME Madeline 1869 F English Ont BAWLDEN Henry 1858 M English Ont BAWLDEN Isabella 1858 F Scottish Ont BAXENDALE Richard 1821 M English Engl BAXENDALE John 1842 M English Engl BAXENDALE Mary 1846 F English Engl BAXENDALE Charles 1855 M English Engl BAXTER Richard 1821 M Irish Irel BOLDUE Filix 1844 M French Queb BOLDUE M. A. Jane 1847 F French Queb BOLDUE M. Lida 1873 F French Queb BOLDUE F. H. Adolf 1875 M French Queb BOLDUE B. Leonides 1880 M French Ont BEAVER William S. 1851 M English Engl BAY Samuel W. 1857 M English Ont BELL William L. 1855 M English Irel BELL Phoebe 1859 F English Ont BELL James G. 1879 M English Ont BELL William 1880 M English Ont BENNET Thomas 1851 M English Engl BENNET Sarah 1852 F English Engl BENNET Martha 1880 F English Ont BENNY Mary 1831 F Scottish Scot BENNY John 1841 M Scottish Scot BENNY James 1864 M Scottish Ont BENSON Thomas 1826 M Scottish NB BENSON William 1844 M Scottish NB BENSON James 1850 M Scottish NB BEVERIGE Mary 1831 F Scottish Scot BEVERIGE Pitter 1831 M Scottish Scot BEVERIGE Thomas 1856 M Scottish Ont BEVERIGE Duncan 1858 M Scottish Ont BEVERIGE Pitter 1861 M Scottish Ont BEVERIGE Isabella 1865 F Scottish Ont BEVERIGE John 1867 M Scottish Ont BEVERIGE George 1869 M Scottish Ont BEVERIGE Steven 1871 M Scottish Ont BEVERIGE Jennet 1873 F Scottish Ont BILBROW John 1816 M Scottish Scot BILBROW Francies 1817 F Scottish Scot BILBROW Benjemen 1852 M Scottish Ont BILSLAND James 1846 M Scottish Scot BILSLAND Mary Elisabeth 1849 F Scottish Engl BILSLAND Mary Agness 1874 F Scottish Ont BILSLAND Maggie 1877 F Scottish Ont BILSLAND Isabella 1879 F Scottish Ont BILSLAND William James 1881 M Scottish Ont BISHOP Fredrick 1845 M English Engl BISHOP William 1851 M English Ont BLACK Caroline 1835 F English Queb BLACK John 1864 M English Ont BLACK Thomas 1871 M English Ont BLACKMOORE Daniel 1839 M Scottish Ont BLACKMOORE Margaret 1841 F Scottish Ont BLACKMOORE Ada 1868 F Scottish Ont BLACKMOORE Ella 1870 F Scottish Ont BLIGHT Ephram 1853 M English Engl BLOOM Jane 1836 F English Ont BLOOM Mathilda 1849 F English Ont BLOOM Barbara 1859 F French Ont BLOOMFIELD John 1862 M Irish Engl BOLANGER Louie 1838 M French Queb BOLANGER Harriette 1846 F French Queb BOLANGER Louie 1867 F French USA BOLANGER Amanda 1871 F French USA BOLANGER Clara 1875 F French Ont BOLANGER Romeo 1876 M French Ont BOLANGER Poscall 1878 M French Ont BOLANGER Agusta 1879 F French Ont BONIN Lesie 1848 M French Queb BONIN Maggie 1857 F French Queb BONIN Victoria 1876 F French Ont BONIN Albert 1877 M French Ont BONIN Ellelide 1878 F French Ont BONIN Maggie 1880 F French Ont BOOTH John 1855 M English USA BOOTH Janny 1860 F Scottish Ont BOOTH Stanley 1880 M Scottish Ont BOWERMAN Amos 1834 M English Ont BOWERMAN Rodah 1835 F English Ont BOWERMAN Mary Adelia 1859 F English Ont BOWERMAN George 1861 M English Ont BOWERMAN Ema Willamet 1863 F English Ont BOWERMAN Henry Allen 1866 M English Ont BOWERMAN John Denton 1868 M English Ont BOWIE Liza 1831 F English Engl BOWIE Robert 1864 M English Ont BOWIE Fredrick 1869 M English Ont BOWMAN Benjeman 1874 M English Ont BOYD John 1838 M Scottish Scot BOYD Rebecca 1838 F Scottish Scot BOYD William 1867 M Scottish Scot BOYD Annie 1869 F Scottish Ont BOYD Walter 1872 M Scottish Ont BOYD James 1874 M Scottish Ont BOYD John 1881 M Scottish Ont BRANBONE Juel 1821 M French Queb BRANT Edward 1851 M Norwegian Norw BRASH George 1841 M English Engl BRASH George 1843 M Irish Irel BRAY John 1829 M English Engl BRAY Mary 1829 F English Engl BRAY Henrietta 1856 F English Engl BRAY Horace 1861 M English Engl BRAY Evelyn 1863 F English Engl BRAY Jessy 1867 M English Engl BRAY John 1869 M English Engl BROMAN Michiel 1841 M Irish Queb BROWN Francies 1822 M French Queb BROWN Francis 1851 M French Ont BROWN Melborn 1855 M Scottish Ont BROWN Sarah Ann 1860 F Scottish ---- BROWN Mary C. 1876 F Scottish Ont BROWN John 1877 M Scottish Ont BUCHANAN Dan 1842 M Scottish NS BUCHANAN Nancy 1845 F Scottish USA BUCHANAN Angus 1865 M Scottish USA BUCHANAN John 1867 M Scottish USA BUCHANAN Dan 1869 M Scottish USA BUCHANAN Ida 1872 F Scottish Ont BUCHANAN Sidney 1875 M Scottish Ont BUCHANAN James 1877 M Scottish Ont BUCHANAN Lilly 1880 F Scottish Ont BUCHENNAN Lilly 1865 F Scottish Ont BURKE Norah ---- F American Ont BURKE John 1843 M Irish Irel BURKE Daniel F. 1851 M Scottish Ont BURK Ane Bell I. 1852 F Scottish Ont BURKE Josephine 1855 F American USA BURKE Florence A. 1877 F Scottish Ont BURKE John 1877 M American Ont BURKE Thomas H. 1878 M Scottish Ont BURKE Leonora A. 1879 F Scottish Ont BERL James 1833 M English Engl BURT Jane 1858 F Scottish Ont BERT William 1860 M Canadian Ont BURTON Maria 1856 F English Engl CAINE William 1860 M Irish Ont CAMERON Alx. 1830 M Scottish Scot CAMERON Margaret 1831 F Scottish Scot CAMERON Wilson 1859 M Scottish Queb CAMERON Jenny 1862 F Scottish Queb CAMPBELL Angus 1841 M Scottish NS CAMPBELL Malcolm 1853 M Scottish Scot CAMPBELL Mary 1854 F Scottish Ont CAMPBELL Dan 1855 M Scottish Engl CAMBELL William 1856 M Scottish Ont CAMBELL Flora 1858 F Scottish Ont CAMPBELL Catrina 1872 F Scottish Ont CAMPBELL Barbara 1873 F Scottish Ont CAMPBELL Calum 1876 M Scottish Ont CAMPBELL Maggie 1877 F Scottish Ont CAMPBELL Della 1878 F Scottish Ont CAMBELL Maggie 1878 F Scottish Ont CAMPBELL Memie 1881 F Scottish Ont CAR Charles 1846 M Irish NB CASEY John F. 1825 M English Irel CASEY Mary Jane 1841 F English Engl CASEY Louisa 1861 F English Ont CASEY Hermon 1863 M English Ont CASEY Kate 1865 F English Ont CASEY Elisabeth 1867 F English Ont CASEY John 1869 M English Ont CASEY Edith M. 1872 F English Ont CASEY Toby A. 1876 M English Ont CASSCADDEN William 1854 M English Ont CASSCADDEN Minnie 1863 F English Ont CATHCART John 1848 M Irish Ont CATHCART Sophia 1852 F English Ont CATHCART Lillien G. 1874 F English Ont CATHCART Albert Edwin 1877 M English Ont CATHCART William J. 1878 M English Ont CHAPMAN Ellen 1855 F English Queb CHEVERETTE Moses 1839 M French Queb CHEVERETTE Mary 1845 F French Queb CHEVERETTE Mary Louise 1871 F French Ont CHEVERETTE Adelia 1874 F French Ont CHEVERETTE Adell Augusta 1879 F French Ont CHEVERETTE George 1880 M French Ont CRAITON Sarah 1864 F Irish Scot CHURCH Alexander 1845 M Scottish Ont CLACK A. A. 1851 M English Ont CLACK Eliza D. 1853 F Irish USA CLACK Ethel M. 1873 F Canadian Ont CLACK Arthur 1877 M Canadian Ont CLACK Ellen B. 1879 F Canadian Ont CLARK Henry 1851 M English Engl CLARKE John F. 1829 M English Engl CLARKE Maria M. 1838 F American Ont CLARKE William J. 1850 M English Ont CLARKE Frederick H. 1858 M Canadian Ont CLARKE Ellenor M. 1862 F Canadian Ont CLARKE Lillie L. 1862 F Irish Ont CLARKE John T. 1866 M Canadian Ont CLARKE Mable F. 1869 F English Ont CLAVEL Adolph 1854 M French Queb COIL Mathilda 1871 F Irish Ont COLIGAN Ann 1851 F Irish Irel COLLEN Margaret 1859 F Scottish Queb CONMIE James 1849 M Irish Ont CONMIE Emely 1851 F English Ont CONMIE Laura Mary 1875 F English Ont CONMIE Florence Amelia 1877 F English Ont CONMIE Bertha May 1879 F English Ont CONNALLY Mosses 1856 M Irish Irel COOK Henry 1842 M English Engl COOK Jane 1842 F English Engl COOKE William P. 1848 M English Ont COOKE Anne H. 1850 F English Engl COOKE John F. 1857 M English Ont COOKE Emely 1859 F English Engl COOKE Francis C. 1870 F English Ont COOK Maryan 1872 F English Ont COOK George 1874 M English Ont COOK John 1876 M English Ont COOKE William P. 1878 M English Ont COOKE Anne H. 1879 F English Ont COOPER John 1839 M Swedish Swed COOPER Philamond 1843 F French Queb COOPER Alfred A. 1865 M ---- Ont COOPER Emely P. 1868 F French Queb COOPER John A. 1871 M French Ont COOPER Cherlotte C. 1874 F French Ont COOPLAND George 1853 M Irish Ont COSSER Henry 1856 M Scottish Scot COSSER Elisabeth 1859 F Scottish Ont COSSER Walter 1859 M Scottish Scot COUSINS John 1816 M English Engl COUSINS Catharin 1825 F English Engl COUSINS John W. 1849 M English Scot COVANY Daniel 1832 M Irish Irel COVANY Rose D... 1846 F French Queb COVANY William 1869 M Irish Queb COVANY James 1870 M Irish Queb COVANY Joseph 1874 M Irish Ont COVANY Charly 1875 M Irish Ont COVANY Maryan 1877 F Irish Ont COVANY David E. 1879 M Irish Ont COWARD Mary 1851 F English Engl COX Thomas 1841 M English Engl SCHOOL CRAFT John 1841 M Scottish Scot CREEBOW Phillip 1851 M English Engl CROUSE Fredrick 1851 M German Germ CROUSE Fredrick 1853 M English Ont CUNNINGHAM Samuel 1850 M English Engl CUNNINGHAM Ester 1851 F English Engl CUNNINGHAM Mary Esabeth 1870 F English Engl CUNNINGHAM Ester Anna 1876 F English Ont CUNNINGHAM Samuel 1877 M English Ont CURRAN John 1857 M Scottish Ont CURRAN Thomas 1862 M Scottish Ont CURREN Thomas 1826 M Irish Irel CURRY Hugh ---- M Scottish Ont DANIELS Fred 1854 M English Engl DANIELS Henry 1856 M English Engl DANIELS Elizabeth 1857 F German Ont DANIELS Dorcas 1858 F Scottish Ont DANIELS William 1880 M Scottish Ont DAVIAGE William 1834 M English Ont DAVIAGE Maryan 1835 F English Ont DAVIAGE John 1857 M English Ont DAVIAGE George 1863 M English Ont DAVIAGE Fred 1867 M English Ont DAVIAGE Emely 1869 F English Ont DAVIAGE Ellice 1871 F English Ont DAVIAGE Fanny 1873 F English Ont DAVIAGE Alfred 1875 M English Ont DAVIAGE Heriet 1877 F English Ont DAVIAGE Edward 1879 M English Ont DAVIDSON William 1852 M Scottish Queb DAVIS Wilmot H. 1831 M German Ont DAVIS Ursula J. 1834 F ---- Ont DAWSON Simon J. 1826 M Scottish Scot DARRAGH Duncan 1855 M Irish Ont DARRAGH Jennet 1856 F Irish Ont DARRAGH Catrin Ann 1878 F Irish Ont DARRAGH Duncan A. 1879 M Irish Ont DARRAGH Margaret T. 1879 F Irish Ont DARRAGH Austin 1880 M Irish Ont DICKENSON Jane 1837 F English Engl DICKENSON James 1840 M English Engl DICKENSON William 1867 M English Engl DICKSON James 1831 M Irish Irel DOBIE William C. 1840 M Scottish Engl DOBIE Isabella S. 1866 F Scottish Ont DOBIE Mary Elizabeth 1869 F Scottish Ont DOBIE Joshua C. 1871 M Scottish Ont DOBIE Edward James 1873 M Scottish Ont DOBIE Anne Louise 1875 F Scottish Ont DOBIE Wilna Sidney 1878 F Scottish Ont DONALLY Emely 1831 F Irish Ont DONALLY James P. 1831 M Irish Queb DONALLY Cecilia 1860 F Irish Ont DONALLY Eugenia 1862 F Irish USA DONALLY Eliza 1863 F Irish USA DONALLY James 1863 M Irish USA DOUGHBRUG William 1854 M Irish Queb DOW Kate 1851 F Scottish Ont DOWLE John 1851 M Canadian Ont DOWLE Margaret 1860 F Canadian Scot DOYLE Edward 1858 M Irish Irel DRUMOND Alx. 1841 M Scottish Scot DRUMOND Ellen 1855 F Irish Queb DRUMOND Annie 1874 F Irish --- DUNING A. Israel 1846 M English Queb DUNING Emelia C. 1851 F English Ont DUNING Lorinda B. 1877 F English Ont DUNING Aaron A. 1878 M English Ont DUNING Israel B. 1880 M English Ont DUNSTAN Fredrik 1854 M English Engl DUNSTAN Celina 1857 F English Engl DUNSTAN Sarah E. 1880 F English Ont DUROSS William 1858 M English NB DWYER John 1839 M Irish Irel DWYER Catrin 1841 F Irish Irel DWYER James 1869 M Irish Engl DWYER Ellen 1872 F Irish EaIn EADES William 1831 M English Engl EADES Sarah 1841 F English Engl EADES Marian E. 1869 F English Engl EADY John 1869 M African Ont EADY Margaret 1872 F African Ont EMONS Edwin 1818 M English USA EMONS Blaen 1830 F ---- USA EMONS James F. 1857 M English USA EMONS Edwin J. 1858 M English USA EMONS Robert A. 1865 M English USA EMONS Florence 1870 F English USA ENNIS George 1841 M English Ont ETHERSHANK Joseph 1840 M Scottish Scot ETHERSHANK Mary 1841 F Scottish Scot ETHERSHANK Ann 1866 F Scottish Scot ETHERSHANK Jane 1868 F Scottish Scot ETHERSHANK Mary 1870 F Scottish Scot ETHERSHANK Maggie 1872 F Scottish Scot ETHERSHANK Ellen 1874 F Scottish Scot ETHERSHANK Josephine 1877 F Scottish Ont ETHERSHANK Alexander 1879 M Scottish Ont EVISON Christoffer 1859 M Swedish: Swed EVERETTE Charles A. 1850 M English Engl EVERETTE Nelly M. 1852 F French Engl EVERETTE Laurence F. 1875 M English USA EVERETTE Ernest G. 1879 M English Ont FALONEY Thomas 1821 M Irish Irel FALONEY Ann 1824 F Irish Irel FALONEY Hugh 1851 M Irish Irel FALONEY Hanna 1856 F Irish Irel FELLOWFIELD Anah 1816 F English Engl FELLOWFIELD Thomas 1816 M English Engl FENNELL John 1849 M Irish NS FENNELL Mary 1849 F Irish NS FENNELL ---- 1881 M Irish Ont FENNELL Elizabeth 1881 F Irish Ont FURGUSON John 1839 M Scottish Scot FURGUSON Elisabeth 1849 F Scottish Irel FURGUSON John Alx. 1874 M Scottish Ont FURGUSON Archible P. 1875 M Scottish Ont FURGUSON Joseph Gorman 1878 M Scottish Ont FURGUSON Athel May 1879 F Scottish Ont FITZGERALD James 1839 M Irish Irel FITZGERALD Bertha 1845 F ---- Irel FITZGERALD Allis 1866 F Irish Ont FITZGERALD Martin 1869 M Irish Ont FITZGERALD Ellen 1871 F Irish Ont FITZGERALD Agar 1873 M Irish Ont FITZGERALD Margaret 1876 F Irish Ont FITZGERALD Bertha J. 1880 F Irish Ont FLAHERTY James 1828 M Irish Irel FLAHERTY Elizabeth 1831 F Irish Irel FORBES Edward 1841 M Scottish Scot FORNERY David 1851 M Irish Irel FORNERY Elizabeth 1851 F Canadian Ont FORNERY Loretta 1877 F Canadian Ont FRASIER Lucy 1855 F French Queb FRASIER William 1880 M French Ont FREMAN William 1846 M English Engl FUMELTON Neil 1849 M Scottish Ont FUMERTON Robert 1824 M Scottish Ont FUMERTON Niel 1857 M Scottish Ont FUMERTON John G. 1859 M Scottish Ont FURLONGE W. H. 1853 M Irish Irel GAGNION Alexander 1846 M French Queb GALLOWEY Petter 1843 M Irish NB GALLOWEY Elizabeth 1870 F Irish Ont GALLOWEY David 1872 M Irish Ont GALLOWEY John 1874 M Irish Ont GALLOWEY Sophia 1878 F Irish Ont GARLAND Samuel 1844 M English Engl GARLAND Maria 1849 F English Engl GARLAND Helen 1875 F English Engl GARLAND John 1876 M English Engl GARLAND Samuel 1877 M English Ont GARLAND Matilda 1879 F English Ont GEATH Charles 1831 M German Germ GEATH Catrina 1834 F German Germ GEATH John 1850 M German Germ GEATH Catrina 1855 F German Germ GEATH John 1860 M German Germ GEATH David 1869 M German Ont GEATH Henry 1872 M German Ont GEATH Joseph 1875 M German Ont GELISBY John 1831 M ---- Engl GELISBY Mary 1833 F ---- Engl GEAHL Conrad 1810 M German Germ GEAHL Magdalene 1839 F German Ont GEAHL Feronica 1861 F German Ont GEAHL Mary 1863 F German Ont GEAHL Lizzie 1866 F German Ont GEAHL Alexander 1879 M German Ont GILLES Albert N. 1830 M English Engl GILLES John 1830 M English Engl GILL John 1833 M English Engl GILLES Alvira 1841 F American USA GILLARD Edward 1846 M English Engl GILLARD Susan 1847 F English Engl GILLARD Jane 1870 F English Engl GILLARD John H. 1872 M English Ont GILLARD Elizabeth 1877 F English Ont GILLARD Martha 1879 F English Ont GODFREY Thomas 1856 M Scottish Engl GOLDEN Jennet 1851 F Scottish Scot GOLDEN James 1854 M English Engl GOLDEN Martha 1874 F Scottish Ont GOLDEN Jenet-Cadille 1876 F Scottish Ont GOLDEN Amelia 1878 F Scottish Ont GRAHAM Robert 1845 M Scottish Ont GRAHAM Robert 1846 M Scottish Ont GRANT Mary 1847 F Scottish Queb GRANT Finlay 1851 M Scottish Ont GRANT John D. 1871 M Scottish Ont GRANT James A. 1873 M Scottish Ont GRANT Mary B. 1879 F Scottish Ont GREEN David D. 1855 M Irish Ont GREEN Susan 1856 F Irish Ont GREEN William 1875 M Irish Ont GREER John 1840 M Scottish Ont GRIFFIN Purcivill S. 1850 M Welsh Ont GILFORD James 1847 M Irish Irel GILFORD Susan 1853 F Canadian Queb HALE John 1834 M English Engl HALE Eunice 1844 F English USA HALE Mathew 1854 M Scottish Scot HALE John 1861 M English USA HALE Minnie 1869 F English Ont HALE George 1872 M English Ont HALE Emely 1875 F English Ont HALE William 1878 M English Ont HEALY M. James 1844 M Irish Ont HEALY Christina 1850 F Irish Scot HEALY Ellenor 1870 F Irish Ont HEALY Maggie 1874 F Irish Ont HEALY John A. 1876 M Irish Ont HEALY James F 1879 M Irish Ont HANNAH Sarah 1841 F Irish Ont HANNAH William 1844 M Irish Ont HANNAH John 1865 M Irish Ont HANNAH Ellen 1867 F Irish Ont HANNAH Malinda 1870 F Irish Ont HANNAH Alice 1872 F Irish Ont HANNAH Eugine 1874 M Irish Ont HANNAH Emma 1878 F Irish Ont HANNAH William 1880 M Irish Ont HARKORDS Henry 1861 M Scottish Queb HARKORDS M. Jane 1864 F Scottish Ont HARKORDS Rebecca 1880 F Scottish Ont HARRIS William 1832 M English Engl HARRIS Elisabeth 1853 F English Engl HARRIS Julia 1853 F English Engl HARRIS William 1855 M English Engl HARRIS William 1855 M English Engl HARRIS Thomas 1859 M English Ont HARRIS Walter 1861 M English Engl HARRIS Fred 1862 M English Ont HARRIS Sarah 1863 F English Ont HARRIS Martha 1866 F English Ont HARRIS Henry 1869 M English Ont HARRIS E. Annie 1871 F English Ont HARRIS John 1873 M English Ont HARVEY Joseph 1852 M Scottish Scot HASKINGS Grace 1819 F English Engl HASKINGS John 1819 M English Engl HASKING Elizabeth 1834 F English Engl HASKING John C. 1839 M English Engl HASKINGS John 1850 M English Engl HASKINGS Edward 1856 M English Engl HASKING William J. 1860 M English Engl HASKING John H. 1862 M English Engl HASKING Annie E. 1870 F English Engl HAYES Bridget 1842 F Irish Irel HAYES James 1865 M Irish Ont HAYES Elizabeth 1868 F Irish Ont HAYES John 1870 M Irish Ont HAYES Maryan 1874 F Irish Ont HAMOND James 1858 M English Engl HAYNES Micheal 1813 M German Germ HAYNES Sophi 1823 F German Germ HAYNES Charles 1855 M German USA HAYNES Louisa 1860 F German Ont HAYNES Mary 1869 F German Ont HAYNES Sophia 1873 F German Ont HERALD James 1826 M Scottish Scot HIGGINS Susan 1859 F Irish Ont HODJ Kinson J. 1848 M Scottish Scot HOLMES Charles 1836 M English Ont HOLMES Robert 1841 M Irish Queb HOLMES David 1849 M Irish Queb HOLMES Elisabeth 1852 F Scottish Ont HOLMES George W. 1870 M Scottish Ont HOLMES William J. 1876 M Scottish Ont HOLMES Fredrik C. 1878 M Scottish Ont HON William 1844 M English Engl HOPKINS Thomas 1831 M English Engl HOPKINS Marie 1833 F Scottish Ont HOPKINS Emma 1865 F Scottish Ont HOPKINS Jane 1874 F Scottish Ont HORAN Edward 1858 M French Queb HUMPHERY Halcrow 1832 M Scottish Scot HUMPHRY Scott 1830 M Scottish Scot HUMPHRY James 1856 M Scottish Ont HUMPHRY Nelly 1857 F Scottish Ont HUMPHRY Amanthe 1860 F Scottish Ont HUMPHRY Mary 1864 F Scottish Ont HUMPHRY William 1866 M Scottish Ont HURST Letitia 1833 F Irish Irel HURST William 1836 M Irish Ont

IRONSIDE George 1840 M Scottish Ont IRONSIDE Caroline 1851 F Scottish Ont JACKSON William 1828 M English Engl JACKSON Thomas 1859 M English Ont JACKSON Minnie 1863 F English Ont JEMIO Margaret 1799 F French USA JOHNSON John 1831 M Finnish Finl JOHNSON Annie 1832 F Finnish Finl JOHNSON Catrina 1848 F Swedish Finl JOHNSON Andrew 1852 M Swedish Swed JOHNSON Caroline 1861 F Swedish Swed JOHNSON Emma 1867 F Finnish Finl JOHNSON Annie 1872 F Finnish Finl JOHNSON Annie 1875 F Swedish Ont JOHNSON Ida 1878 F Finnish Ont JOHNSON Johanna 1879 F Swedish Ont JOLAN Mary 1832 F Belgian Queb JOLAN Zephram 1842 M French Queb JOLAN Augustas 1874 M Belgian USA JOLAN Pauline 1879 F Belgian Ont JONES Hugh 1833 M Scottish Queb JONES Agnes 1843 F Scottish Queb JONES Thomas 1852 M English Wale JONES Fred 1853 M Canadian Ont JONES James 1859 M English Wale JONES Thomas 1861 M Scottish Queb JONES Caroline 1862 F Scottish Queb JONES Victoria 1865 F Scottish Queb JONES Maria 1866 F Scottish Queb JONES Fredrick 1867 M Scottish Queb JONES Charles 1869 M Scottish Queb JONES Anne 1872 F Scottish Queb JONES Cathrin 1876 F Scottish Ont JONES Ethel May 1880 F Scottish Ont KAIN William 1855 M Scottish Engl KITING Margaret A. 1860 F Irish Irel MCKELLER Donald 1856 M Scottish Ont KELLY William 1854 M Irish Irel KENNEDY George 1846 M American USA KENNEDY Augustas 1849 F American Ont KENNEDY Mable Ellin 1877 F American Ont KENNEDY Ellis Stewart 1879 M American Ont KETLE William 1837 M Scottish Queb KETLE Margaret 1842 F Scottish Ont KETLE Leslie 1862 F Scottish Ont KETLE Edgar 1864 M Scottish Ont KETLE Mary Jane 1868 F Scottish Ont KETLE Catrina 1871 F Scottish Ont KETLE Fanny 1873 F Scottish Ont KETLE Ellen 1879 F Scottish Ont KIEDEL Catrine 1836 F German Germ KIEDEL Charles 1858 M German Germ KIEDEL Adelia 1868 F German USA KIEDEL Anna 1870 F German USA KIEDEL Eliza 1873 F German Ont KRIESTMAN Louisa 1825 F German Germ KRIESTMAN Charles 1839 M German USA KRIESTMAN Maria Louisa 1851 F Dutch Ont KRIESTMAN Grace W. 1877 F Dutch USA KRIESTMAN Karl A. D. 1879 M Dutch Ont LACORD Annie 1854 F English Engl LAFLAME Beleimes 1851 F French Queb LAFLAME Nelson 1856 M French Queb LAFLAME Bernadette 1880 F French Ont LAIRD Ellen 1841 F Irish Ont LAIRD Robert 1844 M Irish Ont LAIRD William 1849 M Irish Ont LAIRD Jane 1857 F Irish Ont LAIRD Werden 1868 M Irish Ont LAIRD Manford 1876 M Irish Ont LAMANT Charles 1862 M Canadian Ont LANDRIGAN Dan 1852 M Irish Irel LYONS John S. 1816 M English Engl LYONS Oscar 1864 M English Ont LYONS Omar 1867 M English Ont LANG William 1849 M Scottish Ont LANGSILL Edward 1847 M Irish Irel LANGSILL Mary E. 1852 F English Ont LANGSILL Nelly 1879 F English Ont LANGWORTHY W.H. 1836 M English Engl LEE Charles 1844 M Irish Ont LALOND Emery 1848 M French Queb LALOND Mary 1857 F Scottish Ont LALOND John 1876 M Scottish Ont LALOND Purcible 1878 M Scottish Ont LALOND Louisa 1879 F Scottish Ont LENNARD John 1850 M German Germ LENNARD Mary 1854 F English Engl LENNARD Sophia 1874 F English Ont LENNARD John 1877 M English Ont LENNARD Jenny 1879 F English Ont LEONARD Petter 1851 M German Queb LIZZENS George 1826 M English NB LOOMAS Henrietta 1853 F English Engl LOOMAS Henry 1854 M English Engl LOBB Ellen 1841 F English Ont LOBB Samuel 1856 M English Ont LAURIE Duncan 1829 M Scottish Scot LORONDS Luise 1825 F French Ont LORONDS Maggie 1859 F French Ont LORONDS Rosalie 1865 F French Ont LORONDS Isabella 1869 F French Ont LUDET George 1854 M French Ont LYADOIT Daniel 1831 M French Fran MACKAY John 1856 M Scottish Ont MACMORINE Ker 1836 M English Engl MACMORINE Ellenore 1842 F English Engl MACMORINE William 1875 M English Ont MACONORINE John 1871 M English Ont MACONORINE Edith 1873 F English Ont MACONORINE Agnes 1877 F English Ont MACONORINE George 1879 M English Ont MACONORINE Arthur 1880 M English Ont MAITLAND Robert 1821 M Scottish Scot MALONEY Mary 1831 F Irish Irel MALONEY Annie 1851 F Irish Engl MALONEY Patrick 1853 M Irish Irel MALONEY Robert 1853 M Irish Ont MALONEY Thomas 1855 M Irish Irel MALONEY John 1856 M Irish Irel MALONEY Henry 1858 M Irish Irel MALONEY Mary Jane 1860 F Irish Ont MALONEY John 1862 M Irish Ont MALONEY Emely D. 1872 F Irish Ont MALONEY Mary 1881 F Irish Ont MAPLEDORANE William 1847 M English Engl MAPLEDORANE Agnes 1853 F Irish Ont MAPLEDORANE William 1871 M English USA MAPLEDORANE Maggie E. 1873 F English USA MAPLEDORANE Evelina 1876 F English Ont MAPLEDORANE Robert C. 1878 M English Ont MAPLEDORANE Fred 1880 M English Ont MARKS Thomas 1836 M Irish Irel MARKS Katrine 1841 F Irish Irel MARKS Agnes J. 1854 F Scottish NwT MARKS George T. 1856 M Irish Ont MARKS Norah 1877 F Irish Ont MATHIUS Richard 1834 M Irish Irel MATHIUS Rose 1854 F French Ont MATHIUS Maggie 1874 F French Ont MATHIUS Josephin 1878 F French Ont MAYS Annie 1844 F English Engl MAYS William 1845 M English Engl MCALLIGATE Patrick 1845 M Irish Ont MCARNOLD Maxine 1863 M French Queb MCCAULEY Francis 1841 M Irish Irel MCCAULEY Sarah 1841 F Irish Irel MCCAULEY James 1863 M Irish Ont MCCAULEY John 1869 M Irish Ont MCCAULEY Thomas 1871 M Irish Ont MCCAULEY Mary D. 1875 F Irish Ont MCCAULEY Isiah 1878 M Irish Ont MCCLEAN Bella 1855 F Scottish Ont MCCLEANE John 1857 M Scottish Ont MCCUMBY Alexander 1840 M Scottish Queb MCCUMBY Emely 1850 F French Queb MCCUMBY Alexander 1871 M French USA MCCUMBY Joseph 1878 M French USA MCCUMBY Laura Vic. 1879 F French Ont MCDERMIT John 1851 M Scottish Scot MCDOMELL John 1842 M Scottish Ont MCDONALD Alexander 1833 M Scottish Queb MCDONALD Isabella J. 1835 F Scottish Ont MCDONALD Sarah 1841 F Scottish Scot MCDONALD Hannah 1851 F Scottish Engl MCDONALD Eliza 1853 F Canadian Ont MCDONALD Duncan 1854 M Scottish Ont MCDONALD George 1854 M Scottish Ont MCDONALD Betsey 1855 F Scottish Ont MCDONALD James 1860 M Scottish Ont MCDONALD Jane Norha 1863 F Scottish Queb MCDONALD Catrine 1865 F Scottish Queb MCDONALD Danny 1870 F Scottish Ont MCDONALD Angus 1873 M Scottish Ont MCDONALD Sarah 1876 F Scottish Ont MCDONALD Winfred 1877 M Scottish Ont MCDONALD Betsey 1879 F Scottish Ont MCDONALD Jane 1879 F Scottish Ont MCDONALD Norah 1879 F Scottish Ont MCDONNALD John 1854 M Scottish Scot MCFARLAN William 1855 M Scottish Ont MCFARLAN Emely 1864 F Swedish Swed MCGILLES Martin 1844 M English Engl MCGUIRE Charles 1856 M Irish Ont
MCKABE John 1841 M Scottish Ont MCKASCILL Elizabeth 1849 F Scottish Ont MCKASCILL Rodrick 1849 M Scottish Ont MCKASCILL Florence 1877 F Scottish Ont MCKASCILL Lilly 1879 F Scottish Ont MCKAY Kate 1835 F Scottish Scot MCKAY Norman 1839 M Scottish Scot MCLACHLAN Lachlan 1833 M Scottish Scot MCLACHLAN Daniel 1855 M Scottish Ont MCKENNAN Catrine 1820 F ---- Scot MCKENNAN Donald 1821 M Scottish Scot MCKENNAN Mary 1861 F Scottish Ont MCKENNAN John 1862 M Scottish Ont MCKENNAN Donald 1869 M Scottish Ont MCKENNAN Hugh 1870 M Scottish Ont MCKENNAN Ellphomie 1872 F Scottish Ont MCKENNAN Simon 1876 M Scottish Ont MCKENNAN Annie 1877 F Scottish Ont MCKENNAN Thomas 1879 M Scottish Ont MCKENZEY Sandy 1826 M Scottish Ont MCKENZEY Ann 1839 F Scottish Ont MCKENZEY Daniel 1846 M Scottish Scot MCKENZIE Duncan 1846 M Scottish Ont MCKENZEY Elizabeth 1847 F Scottish Scot MCKENZIE Catherin 1855 F Scottish Ont MCKENZIE Bella 1855 F Scottish Scot MCKENZIE Jennet Ane 1855 F Scottish Ont MCKENZEY Robert 1856 M Scottish Ont MCKENZEY Susan 1858 F Scottish Ont MCKENZEY James 1860 M Scottish Ont MCKENZEY John 1860 M Scottish Ont MCKENZEY David 1862 M Scottish Ont MCKENZEY Alice 1863 F Scottish Ont MCKENZEY Maryan 1870 F Scottish Ont MCKENZEY Emma Jane 1877 F Scottish Ont MCKENZIE Hugh Alx. 1879 M Scottish Ont MCKENZER Rodrick 1839 M Scottish Scot MCKENZER Johanna 1845 F Scottish Scot MCKENZER Donald 1863 M Scottish Ont MCKENZER Louisa 1871 F Scottish USA MCKENZER Rebacka 1875 F Scottish USA MCKENZER Alixander 1877 M Scottish Ont MCKINNAN David 1846 M Scottish Ont MCKINNAN Hariet 1851 F Scottish Ont MCKINNEN Mary 1862 F Scottish Queb MCKINNAN James 1874 M Scottish Ont MCKINNAN Nelly 1876 F Scottish Ont MCKINNAN Maude 1878 F Scottish Ont MCLEAN Charles 1834 M Scottish Ont MCLEAN Catherine 1840 F Scottish Queb MCLEAN Charles 1858 M Scottish Ont MCLEAN Dan 1860 M Scottish Ont MCLEAN Henry 1861 M Scottish Ont MCLEAN Maryan 1863 F Scottish Ont MCLEAN Alexander 1865 M Scottish Ont MCLEAN Lilly 1867 F Scottish Ont MCLEAN Jeremiah 1870 M Scottish Ont MCLEAN Cherlotte 1872 F Scottish Ont MCLEAN Joseph 1879 M Scottish Ont MCLEMAN Collin C. ---- M Scottish Ont MCLEMAN Robert 1824 M Scottish Ont MCLEMAN Ellen 1840 F Scottish Ont MCLEMAN John D. 1857 M Scottish USA MCLEMAN Robert 1869 M Scottish Ont MCLEMAN Christina 1870 F Scottish Queb MCLEMAN Annabella 1873 F Scottish Ont MCLEMAN Katy 1875 F Scottish NB MCLEMAN Donald M. 1877 M Scottish Ont MCLEMAN A. Levingston 1879 M Scottish Ont MCLOUD Robert 1860 M Scottish Ont MCMARTIN Alexander 1857 M Scottish Queb MCMILLEN Alexander 1859 M English Ont MCNAB Joseph 1848 M Scottish Ont MCNAB Hellen 1852 F English Ont MCNAB Joseph 1873 M Scottish Ont MCNAB Mary 1875 F Scottish Ont MCNAB Lilly 1878 F Scottish Ont MCNAB George 1880 M Scottish Ont MCNAMARRA James 1831 M Irish Irel MCNICE Mina 1863 F English Ont MCNOLLY Samuel 1851 M Irish Ont MCNOLLY Walker 1856 M Irish Ont MCNOLLY Frank 1858 M Irish Ont MCNOLLY William 1860 M Irish Ont MCPHEE Daniel 1855 M Scottish Ont MCPHEE Catrine 1861 F Scottish Ont MCPHERSON Murduck 1836 M Scottish Ont MCQUAREY Annie 1854 F Scottish Scot METCALF Canock 1853 M Scottish Ont METCALF William 1856 M Scottish Ont MILES Samuel 1846 M English Ont MITCHELL Edwin A. ---- M Scottish Ont MITCHELL Edward 1846 M Scottish Ont MITCHELL Mary 1858 F Scottish Ont MITCHELL Margaret 1876 F Scottish Ont MOLOT William 1856 M Irish Ont MONRO Mary 1811 F Scottish Scot MONROE George 1847 M Scottish Scot MONROE John M. 1851 M Scottish Ont MONROE Emma 1852 F English Engl MONROE Alexander 1857 M Scottish Scot MONROE Hattie 1878 F English Ont MOORE William 1806 M English Engl MOORE Mary 1811 F English Engl MOOREHOUSE George 1853 M English NB MORITUE Joseph 1853 M French Fran MORRISON Daniel 1851 M Scottish Scot MORRISON Jane 1858 F Scottish Ont MORRISON Alix 1867 M Scottish Scot MORRISON Nellie 1869 F Scottish Scot MUIR John 1831 M Scottish Scot MUIR Clara 1846 F Irish Engl MUIR Thomas 1870 M Irish Ont MUIR John 1873 M Irish Ont MUIR Catrina 1874 F Irish Ont MUIR William 1877 M Irish Ont MUIR Amelia 1878 F Irish Ont MULHOLLAND Susana 1863 F Irish Queb MURPHY William 1852 M Irish USA MURA Albert 1853 M Swedish Swed MURA Carolina 1855 F Swedish Swed MURA Albert 1878 M Swedish Swed NAPIER Adolf 1841 M French Queb NAPIER Paulin 1843 F French Queb NERCIESE Mary 1848 F French Queb NERCIESE Samuel 1850 M French Queb NERCIESE Pauline 1876 F French Queb NICHOLS Martin V. 1842 M American USA NICOLS Richard 1844 M English Engl NICHOLS Roina E. 1845 F American USA NICOLS Martha 1853 F English Ont NICOLS John 1870 M English Ont NICHOLS Claude 1874 F American USA NICHOLS Maude E. 1879 F American Ont NICHOLS Clyde J. 1881 M American Ont NICKOLSON Pitter 1837 M Scottish Scot NICKOLSON Malcolm 1859 M Scottish Ont NICKOLSON Henry 1860 M Scottish Ont NICHOLSON Kenneth 1863 M English Engl NICKOLSON Cristina 1864 F Scottish Ont O'CONNELL James 1828 M Irish USA O'CONNOR James J. 1858 M Irish Ont O'CONNOR Mary 1858 F Irish Irel O'HERAN Nelly 1851 F Canadian Ont O'HERRON William 1854 M Irish Ont OPIE Thomas 1858 M English Engl OPIE Gertrude 1859 F English Engl OPIE Hiline 1880 F English Ont OPIE Thomas 1880 F English Ont OTTOWELL Phillip 1849 M English Ont OTTOWELL Tammy 1860 F English Ont OTTOWELL William 1879 M English Ont OWEN Druss 1833 M English Engl OWEN Mary 1837 F English Engl OWEN Charles 1857 M English Engl OWEN Catrine 1861 F English Engl OWEN Joseph 1863 M English Ont OWEN Camelia 1865 F English Ont OWEN Teressa 1867 F English Ont OWEN George 1869 M English Engl PACKMAN Thomas 1853 M English Engl PARKER William H. 1829 M American Ont PARKER Sophia 1837 F French Fran PARKER Robert F. 1859 M Canadian Ont PARKER Samuel W. 1861 M Canadian Ont PARKER Jane 1864 F Canadian Ont PARKER Cicilia 1867 F Canadian Ont PARKER Amelia 1869 F Canadian Ont PARKER Minnie 1872 F Canadian Ont PARKER Oscar 1878 M Canadian Ont PARSON Henry 1839 M English Engl PARSON Maria 1853 F English Ont PARSON Henry John 1876 M English Ont PENFOLD Thomas 1849 M English Ont PENFOLD Phoebe Ann 1856 F English Ont PENFOLD Hannah 1861 F English Ont PIERON G. Clarence 1880 M French Ont PERRON Elmira 1869 F French Ont PETTERSON Swan 1840 M Swedish Swed PETTERSON Anne 1847 F Swedish Swed PETTERSON Swan 1869 M Swedish NS PETTERSON Johny 1872 M Swedish NS PETTERSON Sophia 1874 F Swedish NS PETTERSON Tina 1876 F Swedish NS PHILLIP Mac 1831 M English Engl PILLOW Fenice 1831 F French USA PILLOW Mary 1859 F French Ont PILLOW Nancy 1864 F French Ont PILLOW Joseph 1866 M French Ont PILLOW Pitter 1867 M French Ont PIQUS Marceline 1846 M French Queb PIQUS Finice 1850 F French Queb PIQUS Narcies 1877 M French Queb PIRRON Adolp 1848 M French Queb PIRRON Annie 1848 F German Germ PIRRON Mary 1870 F French USA PIRRON Laura 1873 F French Ont PIRRON Adolf 1874 M French Ont PIRRON Clara 1876 F French Ont PIRRON Agatha L. 1877 F French Ont PITCOWAC ---- 1825 M Indigenous NwT PITTERSON Pitter 1830 M Norwegian Norw PLEDGER Fredrick 1855 M English NS PLEDGER Charles 1857 M English NS PLUMADORE Lizzie 1843 F English Queb PLUMADORE Isadore 1853 M French Queb POLCIMAU Alena 1856 F French Queb POLCIMAU Joseph 1860 M French Queb POLCIMAU Napolion 1879 M French Queb PORTER William 1862 M English Engl POSTT Jack 1841 M Irish Ont POSTT Susana 1844 F Irish Ont POSTT Valleta L. 1863 F Irish Ont POSTT Horace H. B. 1868 M Irish Ont POSTT Mary Ellen 1875 F Irish Ont POUQUETTE Lewis 1851 M French Queb POUQUETTE Mary E. 1856 F English USA POUQUETTE Margaret 1877 F English Ont POWERS Michael 1835 M Scottish Scot PRICE Thomas 1838 M English Ont PROPHET Jane 1833 F English Engl PROUX Joseph 1850 M French Queb PURCELL John 1862 M Scottish Queb RAPSEY William 1846 M English Engl RAPSEY Kate 1847 F English Engl RAPSEY Louisa 1859 F English Ont RAPSEY William J. 1870 M English Engl RAPSEY Ada J. 1872 F English Ont RAPSEY Mary L. 1874 F English Ont RAPSEY James A. 1875 M English Ont RAPSEY George E. 1877 M English Ont RAPSEY Mabel 1879 F English Ont REDDON John 1826 M Irish Engl REDDON Emelia 1839 F Irish Engl REDDON Henry 1856 M Irish Engl REDDON Dora 1859 F Irish Engl REDDON Thomas 1861 M Irish Engl REDDON John 1862 M Irish Engl REDDON Daniel 1864 M Irish Engl REDDON Joseph 1866 M Irish Engl REDDON Amelia 1871 F Irish Engl REDDON Samuel 1873 M Irish Engl REID John 1858 M English Ont RICHABY Catrine 1818 F English Engl RICHARDS William 1842 M Scottish Ont RICHARDS James 1853 M English Engl RIDE Isack 1841 M English Engl RIDE Hariet 1847 F English Engl RIDE Thomas 1868 M English USA RIDE Ida 1872 F English USA RIDE William 1874 M English USA ROACH William 1841 M English Engl ROATCH William 1848 M English Engl ROATCH Mary 1854 F Scottish Scot ROATCH Samuel 1857 M English Ont ROATCH William A. 1874 M English Ont ROATCH James H. 1878 M English Ont RODDEN James 1856 M English Queb RODGERS Henry J. 1847 M English Engl RODGERS Mathilda 1857 F Irish Ont RODGERS Thomas J. 1875 M Irish Ont RODGERS Sahra 1877 F Irish Ont RODGERS Henry 1879 M Irish Ont ROSS Joseph 1828 M Scottish Cana ROSS Eliza 1831 F English Engl ROSS Margaret 1839 F Scottish Cana ROSS Lily 1863 F Scottish Cana ROSS Ada 1867 F Scottish Cana ROSS Walden J. 1871 M Scottish Cana ROWERMAN Steven 1836 M English Ont ROWERMAN Annie 1843 F English Ont ROWERMAN Amelie 1859 F English Ont ROWERMAN Jermy 1863 M English Ont ROWERMAN Elme 1865 F English Ont ROWERMAN Kenneth 1872 M English Ont ROWERMAN Clarance 1877 M English Ont ROWLAND Isabelle 1831 F English NwT ROWLAND Alx. Walpod 1836 M English Engl ROWLAND Constance W. 1879 F English Ont ROWLAND Fredrick V. 1880 M English Ont ROWLAND Olive 1881 F English Ont ROY Julia 1832 F African USA ROW William 1853 M English Engl ROW Julia 1855 F English Engl ROY Joseph 1864 M African Ont ROY Elizabeth 1866 F African Ont ROW Henry 1877 M English Ont RYAN Patrick 1836 M Irish Ont RYAN Anne 1846 F Irish Ont RYAN Margaret 1869 F Irish Ont SAULTER Mary 1860 F English Ont SCHOOL CRAFT John 1841 M Scottish Scot SCOMBLY Petter 1874 M French Ont SCOTT Frank 1845 M Scottish Ont SCOTT James 1846 M Scottish Ont SCOTT James 1855 M Scottish Ont SCOTT Jennet S. 1858 F Scottish Scot SCURRY U. T. 1834 M African USA SCURRY Martha 1851 F African USA SCURRY Lodzie 1871 M African Ont SCURRY Charles 1873 M African Ont SCURRY Harvey 1875 M African Ont SCURRY Albert 1878 M African Ont SELVOIY Henry 1859 M Belgian USA SELVOIY Maryan 1862 F Belgian USA SELVOIY Joseph 1864 M Belgian Ont SERGEANT George W. 1839 M American USA SERGEANT Ellen F. 1843 F American USA SERGEANT George H. 1870 M American USA SERGEANT Fredrick O. 1874 M American Ont SERGEANT Mary E. 1877 F American Ont SERGEANT Agnes R. 1879 F American Ont SERVIS Rubin 1843 M Canadian Ont SERVIS Annie 1845 F Canadian Ont SERVIS Jane 1869 F Canadian Ont SERVIS Maria 1871 F Canadian Ont SHABBOS Frank 1857 M French Ont SHABBOS Josephine 1858 F French Ont SHABBOS Isadore 1860 M French Ont SYDNEY Mary 1860 F French Queb SIMMONS John ---- M Scottish Ont SIMON Elma 1856 F French Queb SIMON Paul 1860 M French Queb SIMON Paul 1879 M French Ont SIMON Sena 1880 F French Ont SIMPSON Seabroz 1835 M English Engl SIMPSON Tettey 1865 M English Ont SIMPSON Rosey 1867 F English Ont SIMPSON William 1870 M English Ont SIMPSON Harvey 1872 M English Ont SIMPSON Mary 1874 F English Ont SIMS Walter 1831 M Scottish Ont SIMS Catrine 1836 F Scottish Ont SINCLAIR Angus 1851 M Scottish NB SINCLAIR Aimee 1857 F Scottish Ont SINGLETON Richard 1820 M English Engl SINGLETON Mary 1841 F English Ont SINGLETON Joseph 1851 M English Ont SINGLETON George 1855 M English Ont SINGLETON Lucy 1857 F English Ont SINGLETON Allexander 1859 M English Ont SINGLETON David 1875 M English Ont SINGLETON Rachel 1876 F English Ont SINGLETON Richard 1879 M English Ont SINGH Joseph 1862 M English Engl SMALLIE Thomas 1849 M Scottish Ont SMALLIE Janet 1853 M ---- Ont SMITH John 1831 M English Engl SMITH Thomas 1833 M Irish Irel SMITH Marian 1836 M French Queb SMITH Thomas 1839 M Irish Irel SMITH Eugine 1844 M Scottish Scot SMITH Margret 1846 F Irish Irel SMITH Anne 1848 F English Ont SMITH George 1848 M English Engl SMITH Agnes 1849 F Irish Irel SMITH James 1852 M Scottish NB SMITH Julia 1858 F French Queb SMITH George 1871 M French Ont SMITH Lizzie 1872 F Irish Ont SMITH Maggie 1875 F Irish Ont SMITH William 1875 M French Ont SMITH Maggie J. 1878 F French Ont SMITH Edna 1879 F English Ont SMITH Marian 1879 F Irish Ont SMITH Amanda 1880 F French Ont SMITH Rodney 1881 M English Ont SPROULE Casper J. 1854 M Scottish Ont SQUIRE Aarin 1835 M English Ont SQUIRE Margaret 1837 F English Ont SQUIRE William 1841 M English Ont SQUIRE Sarah 1843 F English USA SQUIRE May 1858 F English Ont SQUIRE Maryan 1864 F English Ont SQUIRE Letitia 1870 F English Ont SQUIRE Emely 1872 F English Ont SQUIRE Levina 1877 F English Ont SQUIRES Thomas 1842 M English Ont SQUIRES Allen 1845 F English Ont SQUIRES David 1856 M English Ont SQUIRES Christiana 1860 F English Ont SQUIRES Levina 1872 F English Ont SQUIRES Erin 1874 M English Ont SQUIRES William Ths. 1876 M English Ont SQUIRES John Alx. 1877 M English Ont SQUIRES Oliver Allen 1880 M English Ont SROMBLY Petter 1847 M French Queb SROMBLY Treressa 1857 F French Ont SROMBLY Mary 1876 F French Ont SROMBLY Adolf 1879 M French Ont SROMBLY Robert 1881 M French Ont ST LEWIS Adolf 1839 M French Queb ST LEWIS Edward 1841 M French Queb ST LEWIS Celina 1849 F French Queb ST LEWIS Philamond 1850 M French Queb ST LEWIS Petter 1874 M French Queb ST LEWIS Celine A. 1876 F French Ont ST LEWIS Albert 1877 M French Ont ST LEWIS Clara P. 1878 F French Ont ST LEWIS Aphoride A. 1881 M French Ont STAITE George 1847 M English Engl STAITE Ellen 1855 F English Engl STAITE Jessie J. 1876 F English Ont STAITE Nelly M. 1879 F English Ont STEPHEN Feyan 1854 M French Ont STEWART Charles 1843 M Scottish Scot STEWART Nathaniel 1843 M English Irel STEWART Rebeca 1853 F English Ont STEWART Maria Jane 1878 F English Ont STOFFELL George 1851 M Dutch Holl STOFFELL Mary 1853 F Dutch Belg STREET Noah K. 1833 M English Engl STREET Mary 1846 F Canadian Ont STREET Stanley 1877 M Canadian Ont SUMERS Julius 1849 M German Germ SUMERS Louise 1854 F German Germ SUMERS John 1879 M German Germ SYRETTE Moishell 1832 M French Ont SYRETTE Luise 1839 F French Ont SYRETTE Verie 1865 F French Ont SYRETTE Jenny 1867 F French Ont SYRETTE Mary 1872 F French Ont SYRETTE Joseph 1878 M French Ont

TENNANT Jennet 1851 F ---- Engl TENNANT James 1854 M English Engl TENNANT George 1857 M English Engl TENNEY John 1853 M Scottish Ont THOMAS Ellen 1860 F English Ont THOMAS William 1863 M English Ont THOMPSON Alexander H. 1853 M Scottish Ont THOMPSON George P. 1858 M Scottish Ont TINSLY Joseph 1848 M English Engl TUESEY Martin 1846 M German Germ TUESEY Ann 1850 F Irish Ont TUESEY Johanah 1866 F Irish Ont TUESEY Minnie 1869 F Irish Ont TUESEY Cicilia 1871 F Irish Ont TUESEY James 1877 M Irish Ont TUESEY Terressa 1879 F Irish Ont TUPPER William 1836 M Scottish Ont TURNER John 1844 M English Engl TURNER Samuel 1846 M English Engl VAN NORMAN Daten 1820 F German USA VAN NORMAN John C. K. 1861 M German Ont VARRILL Mary 1845 F Canadian Queb VARRILL William 1846 M ---- Queb VARRILL Joseph 1869 M Canadian Queb VARRILL Charly 1874 M Canadian USA VARRILL James 1876 M Canadian USA VARRILL William 1878 M Canadian USA VEGERS William 1842 M English Engl VEGERS Mary 1845 F English Ont VEGERS Maggie 1869 F English Ont VEGERS Annie 1871 F English Ont VEGERS Maude 1873 F English Ont VEGERS Elsie 1878 F English Ont VIGARS Ann 1831 F English Engl VIGORS John P. 1845 M English Engl VIGARS Richard 1848 M English Engl VIGARS Jane 1851 F English Ont VIGORS Maryane 1853 F English Engl VIGARS Edmond 1858 M ---- Ont VIGARS Joseph 1860 M ---- Ont VIGARS Fred 1864 M ---- Ont VIGARS William J. 1871 M English Ont VIGORS Henry J. 1873 M English Ont VIGARS Albert E. 1874 M English USA VIGARS Charly W. 1876 M English USA VIGORS Maud S. 1876 F English Ont VIGARS Arthur S. 1878 M English Ont VIGGERS Thomas 1857 M English Ont VIGGERS Sarah 1858 F English Ont VIGORS Frank P. 1878 M English Ont VIRACK John 1848 M English Engl VIRACK Ellen 1851 F English Engl VIVIAN Mary 1839 F English Engl VIVIAN Elizabeth 1858 F English USA VIVIAN John 1860 M English USA VIVIAN Annie 1862 F English USA VIVIAN Lilly 1864 F English USA VIVIAN Jenny 1868 F English Ont VIVIAN Nelly 1871 F English Ont VIVIAN Fredrick 1874 M English Ont WALKER Robert 1848 M Scottish Queb WALKER James 1854 M English Engl WALKER Jana 1856 F Scottish Scot WALKER John 1875 M Scottish Ont WALKER William 1879 M Scottish Ont WASHINGTON James 1868 M African Ont WASHINGTON Nettie 1869 F African Ont WASHINGTON George 1872 M African Ont WASHINGTON William 1873 M African Ont WASHINGTON Raff 1875 M African Ont WHEELAND Robert 1841 M English Scot WEBSTER John 1827 M English Engl WELCH Catrina 1859 F Irish Ont WHELLER William 1851 M English Engl WETLAKE John 1848 M English Wale WETLAKE Mary 1850 F English Wale WETLAKE Elizabeth 1877 F English Wale WHELER William 1853 M English Engl WILCOX Samuel 1837 M English Engl WILY Catrine 1841 F English Engl WILY William 1844 M English Engl WIELY Frank S. 1858 M Irish Ont WIELY Henry A. 1860 M Irish Ont WIELY Andrew M. 1863 M Irish Ont WILY Catrin E. 1874 F English Engl WILLIAMS Nuton 1851 M English Ont WILLIAMS Ema Mary 1858 F English Queb WILLIAMS Lucy 1868 F English Engl WILSON William 1856 M English USA WILSON Josephine 1861 F German Ont WILSON Maggie G. 1880 F German Ont WINKS Bella 1864 F Scottish Scot WODSIDE Thomas 1823 M Irish Irel WODSIDE Jane 1831 F Irish Irel WODSIDE William 1852 M Irish Ont WODSIDE Caroline 1855 F English Ont WODSIDE Henry 1858 M Irish Ont WODSIDE Annie 1869 F Irish Ont WODSIDE Mary W. 1871 F Irish Ont WODSIDE Elisabeth 1875 F Irish Ont WODSIDE William T. 1877 M Irish Ont WOOD David 1838 M French Queb WOOD Robert 1842 M Irish Ont WOOD Emma 1848 F Irish Engl WOOD Fany 1863 F Irish Ont WOOD John 1865 M Irish Ont WOOD David 1868 M Irish Ont WOOD Elizabeth 1869 F Irish Ont WOOD William 1871 M Irish Ont WOOD Andrea 1873 M Irish Ont WOOD Grace 1874 F Irish Ont WOODIDE James 1849 M Irish Ont WOODIDE Mary E. 1854 F Irish Ont WOODIDE Annie L. 1875 F Irish Ont WORMALD Charles V. 1843 M English Ont WORMALD Agness V. 1844 F Scottish Ont WORMALD Fredrick F. 1869 M English Ont WORMALD Basil 1874 M English Ont WRIGHT Amos 1811 M Canadian Ont WRIGHT Allix 1845 M Scottish Ont ZIMMERMAN Catrine 1838 F American Ont ZIMMERMAN Louis 1858 M German Ont

August 17, 2016: A couple of years ago, my cousin Garry along with Marc, Sue and myself, made a day trip from the Minnesota, USA border up to Kakabeka Falls (north of Thunder Bay, Ontario). These falls, along with Niagara Falls and Montmorency Falls, were scenes which were on the early "must paint" list for Canadian Painters in the 1800's. As far as stamina and endurance goes, these early painters were on par with many of the voyageurs and early Hudson Bay Company traders and explorers. Often, with the help of Indian guides, they were able to paint landscapes in very remote locations. Paul Kane, has documented the everyday lives of Native People in his paintings and in his book Wanderings of an Artist among the Indians of North America which he wrote in 1856. This is an amazing book. You can read it online by clicking on its title, above.
In 1882, Lucius O'Brien, one of the foremost painters in Canada, painted this picture of Kakabeka Falls, Kamanistiquia River Source: National Gallery of Canada Kakabeka Falls Painting by Lucius O'Brien, 1882
New January 24, 2002:
Two ships at Port Arthur, the SS United Empire and the SS Sovereign

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