Settlers from County Wicklow, Ireland, near Poonamalie Lock
Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada

February 24, 2009:

Watercolour painting by John Burrows, c. 1845, Archives of Ontario as re-printed in Building the Rideau Canal: A Pictorial History by Robert Passfield, page 103. Poonamalie Lock, near Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, 1845
The above watercolour painting was created in 1845, about the time that many of the families were assisted to emigrate from the Fitzwilliam Estate in County Wicklow, Ireland, to Canada. Robert Passfield's book contains drawings, sketches, or paintings of all of the lockstations along the Rideau Canal. A nice book to have. The construction of the Poonamalie Lock was completed by 1832. It was a difficult engineering task. By 1845, all but two of the houses used by canal workers were gone. The armed blockhouse is also shown in the painting. ... Al _______________________________
Settlers from County Wicklow, Ireland in Kitley, South Elmsley, and Montague Townships, Ontario, Canada
Hi Al, I was doing a sort of rough count of the County Wicklow, Ireland, families in this small area, close to the Poonamalie lock. I found 30 families easily, and I haven't yet looked very deeply at the Wicklow Protestants who settled there. For instance, there were Code / Coad / Codd families in Kitley in the early days, and Dagg families, and I'm sure there were many others. Twelve of the families I noted were Balfes - some from the Carnew area, and some from Boley (about 3 mi. away). (see for example Thomas Balfe and Sarah Kenny) I thought you would be interested in these comments below regarding one of the families. They were sent to my cousin Elizabeth Stuart (a Hunt / Balfe descendant). They came from another cousin of hers who has since died, and were part of some notes collected by a local historian related to this woman by marriage. "Andrew Hunt (1804-1873) and Mary Bolphe (1814-1871) Andrew and his wife were buried in the old Toledo cemetery ... Stanley [Leeder] thought that Andrew and Mary Bolphe were married in Canada as old grandfather Leeder Robert and old man Bolphe worked on the Rideau Canal. "Old man Bolphe" refers to John Balfe (m. Mary Byrne), the father of Mary Balfe Hunt and Anne Balfe (m. Patrick Donavan). These Balfes lived in Gurteen, a townland in Carnew parish on the Fitzwilliam estate. Andrew and Mary were indeed married in Canada. Here's the marriage record, from St. Francis Xavier Church in Brockville: Married: Jan 14, 1844 Andrew Hunt and Mary Balphe Witnesses: Michael Shanks and Patrick Donovan ... Anne Burgess
August 2, 2010:
Photo Source: Al Lewis,, August 1, 2010 Poonamalie Lock, near Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, 2010
Map Source: Rideau Waterway Small-Craft Chart Environment Canada, 1974 Uploaded August 17, 2010
Poonamalie Lock, near Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, 2010 New Poonamalie Lock, near Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, 2010

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