Patrick O'LEARY and Mary DUNN
also O'LEARY and RYAN Families in Huntley Township

	1  	Patrick O'Leary	1822 - 1878
..		+Mary Dunn	1834 - 1899 (daughter of Patrick DUNN?)
.......	2  	James O'Leary	1855 - 1941
.......	2  	Mary Ann O'Leary	1860 - 1949
.......	2  	Edward P. O'Leary	1867 - 1912
.......	2  	Margaret Ellen O'Leary	1869 - 1874
.......	2  	Andrew O'Leary	1879 - 1913

Here's another O'Leary researcher: Anyone out there connected with the Ryan and/or O'Leary families who settled in Huntley Township about 1830? My branch moved up to Allumette Island Island, but I am looking for other branches hoping that obituaries for those families may provide clues as to when these families emigrated and from which part of Ireland. Jackie Ryan Patterson (new e-mail address added on March 17, 2009 ... Al)
O'Leary - how would that be spelt in Irish / Gaelic? From memory I'd think nilaoghire, but I'm uncertain as to capitalization, spacing and punctuation, eg NiLaoghire niLaoghire Ni'Laoghire ni Laoghire Nilaoghire, etc. ------------------------------------- None of the above! For male O' Learys, the correct forms are: O' Laoghaire (I use the apostrophe to substitute for an accent placed over the "O") Ua Laoghaire (a little archaic, but used by some) For females: Ní Laoghaire (daughter of O' Leary) Uí Laoghaire (wife of O' Leary)
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