Patrick O'LEARY and Mary DUNN
also O'LEARY and RYAN Families in Huntley Township

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

	1  	Patrick O'Leary	1822 - 1878
..		+Mary Dunn	1834 - 1899 (daughter of Patrick DUNN?)
.......	2  	James O'Leary	1855 - 1941
.......	2  	Mary Ann O'Leary	1860 - 1949
.......	2  	Edward P. O'Leary	1867 - 1912
.......	2  	Margaret Ellen O'Leary	1869 - 1874
.......	2  	Andrew O'Leary	1879 - 1913

Here's another O'Leary researcher: Anyone out there connected with the Ryan and/or O'Leary families who settled in Huntley Township about 1830? My branch moved up to Allumette Island Island, but I am looking for other branches hoping that obituaries for those families may provide clues as to when these families emigrated and from which part of Ireland. Jackie Ryan Patterson (new e-mail address added on March 17, 2009 ... Al)
O'Leary - how would that be spelt in Irish / Gaelic? From memory I'd think nilaoghire, but I'm uncertain as to capitalization, spacing and punctuation, eg NiLaoghire niLaoghire Ni'Laoghire ni Laoghire Nilaoghire, etc. ------------------------------------- None of the above! For male O'Learys, the correct forms are: O'Laoghaire (I use the apostrophe to substitute for an accent placed over the "O") Ua Laoghaire (a little archaic, but used by some) For females: Ní Laoghaire (daughter of O'Leary) Uí Laoghaire (wife of O'Leary)
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