Patrick McEVOY and Celia DOYLE
Lot 19, Concession 3, 200 acres in Osgoode Township in 1879

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893


What a great story!  From my research I had established that Patrick was buried
in St. Johns Cemetery, so if your story is correct it is even more exciting!  I
had the information that Patrick and Celia had the following children:  James,
Sylvester, Edward, Celia, Florence, perhaps Bridget is one that I had not come
across yet.  James McEvoy is my great grandfather.  His son Thomas McEvoy
(born 1896 in Montreal Quebec is my grandfather).

If you come across anything regarding the McEvoys in your family search, I
would love to hear about it!  Again, thanks so much,

Al Lewis wrote: > Deanna: > > This is off the top of my head and subject to verification: > > If I remember correctly, Pat McEvoy was returning late from a party one > night and saw a beautiful spot on the side of the road. He thought it would > make a great spot for a cemetery. Since this was his own property, he > donated the land to build a church and cemetery on it. > > This church is St. John's which is shown on the map. There are many McEvoys > buried there. > > Patrick and Celia (the Doyles were next door) had a son James born in 1862 > (married Kate Larkin) and a daughter Bridget born 1866. Probably more > children. > > Some of these folks went to the USA - Iowa > > I have other material on them but it's a bit messy so far. > > There was an Edmund McEvoy whose name I encountered a few times when > researching my own family. (William KELLY had 3 cows at Edmund's at the time of his death) > > Also, today, the McEvoys are involved in the McEvoy-Shields funeral home in > Ottawa. > > ... Al Lewis
E-mail Jaimie McEvoy who has a web page with LARKIN, McEVOY and DOYLE surnames
Hi Al, You are welcome to link my site, if it works. I have a MyFamily site that needs a password, so I don't know if it can directly link, but it's worth a try. It's not that I'm private, it's that this seemed the best complete amateur option available that could hold a lot of info and upload GEDCOM files. I'm sending you an email access from the site, you can then copy the link from the address and see if that works or not. It will automatically notifiy you if I post anything new, whether it is my Christmas photos, or a new genealogical index. Let me know if you ever want to be delisted. If a web site link doesn't work, or even in addition, it's fine to include my email address from the site. I am hoping to eventually have a publicly accessible searchable site, but I don't have much time these days to learn those skills. The site is quite particular to my own family, although I've been told by some non-related people that they quite enjoyed it. As for geneological possibilities, well, I was once told that someone once calculated that there are likely 10,000 McEvoy descendants from those first settler families, and I've been known to collect information and assist people on those McEvoy families where I am not directly related. The site has photos, family history and genealogy articles, some limited McEvoy indexes (all McEvoy listings in Ottawa city directories 1896 to 1919 arranged by address), maps and poetry. More will be added over time. Some of the articles have their own separate photos attached, including one of the tombstone of Catherine Kennedy. If you wish to use any of the material, please let me know. Note: December 21, 2000, Michael Daley has more information (as usual). Writing in the December 2000 Osgoode Township Historical Society Newsletter he states: "The McEvoys from County Kilkenny came to Canada settling in Quebec in 1827. Edmond died Dec. 12, 1834. His body was laid to rest in the Pioneer Cemetery at St. Scholastica, Quebec. His wife Catherine Kennedy with three sons moved into Osgoode Township in the 1840's. (more details in the newsletter). The lady you mentioned researching McEvoy is my first cousin. She once undertook the remarkable task of compiling the information on all of our 50+ immediate cousins. Too bad you're not directly related to Patrick Burns. This fella' I know would love to learn of his genealogy. I've seen microfilm copies of parish registers for ... forget the name ... the South Gloucester parish, and St. John's. Do you know if these exist in hard copy form somewhere that can be viewed? Some of the microfilming was extremely faded. Jaimie. >From: "Al Lewis" >To: "Jaimie McEvoy" >Subject: Re: Osgoode Genealogy >Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 16:06:22 -0500 > >Hi Jaimie: > >Thanks for your e-mail. > >1. I had to remove the page "A List of Irish Catholics in Osgoode Township >in 1871". >I had taken the names from the National Archives dbase. Unfortunately, they >have a copyright on that information and asked me to remove it. I still >haven't fixed the link on my page yet. > >2. Patrick Burns (Burns Bog) went from Ontario to the West, Calgary or >Edmonton, and started the large meatpacking company. I think it's now called >Burns Foods or something like that. I don't know if he was related to my >Burns or not. I read somewhere that he may have lived in Oshawa, Ontario for >a while. > >3. The name of the tune is "Danny Boy" on the main page. It's more or less >the unofficial anthem of Ireland. On some of the individual pages there is >some kind of a minuet. > >4. There are a few people researching the name McEvoy. When I originally >went through the cemetery at Enniskerry I misread the inscription of >Catherine Kennedy and assumed that Edmund was buried with her. Someone >corrected me - I think it was the lady whose e-mail address is mentioned on >one of the McEvoy pages. You might try contacting her to see if she had >further details. > >One of my Burns ancstors married a Margaret DOYLE in 1831. They initially >lived in Bytown but moved to Osgoode around 1840. Margaret died in Osgoode >Township soon after. She may have been related to Sylvester Doyle. Later >most of these families all became related. I believe there are a couple of >Burns/McEvoy marriages also but don't have my Family Tree file here. > >I was really glad to hear that you have some information and a web page! >Most of the information I have is stuff I collected as I was looking for my >Burns and Christopher ancestors and didn't make complete notes of all the >records at St. Johns and St. Mary's (now Our Lady of the Visitation at South >Gloucester). > >Any information you can send would be appreciated - on any of the early >families in Osgoode and Gloucester. For privacy reasons I'm trying to >concentrate mostly on people who were born before 1900, unless a family >member sends additional info. > >I would like to add a link to your McEvoy Genealogy Web Page and also your >e-mail address as a contact. This way we may both get additional info and >may be able to help others researching ancestors in the Ottawa area. > >Again, it was very good to hear from you. We're probably related somehow - I >find new relatives regularly now, including Michael Daley, who has been a >great help to all of us. > >Take care. > >... Al > >E-Mail: >Genealogy Page: > (Bytown or Bust)

>----- Original Message ----- >From: "Jaimie McEvoy" >To: >Cc: >Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2000 7:03 PM >Subject: Osgoode Genealogy > > > > Hello, > > > > One small thing first - I was at your web site, and clicked on,"A List of > > Irish Catholics in Osgoode Township in 1871." Unfortunately, I got the > > infamous "Not Found" message. I thought you should know. > > > > Now, on to the good stuff! I wanted to complement you on such a wonderful > > web site. It is nice to see this sort of thing, rich in information, well > > laid out, and charming (what is the tune, I love it?). I maintain a small > > website dedicated in part to McEvoy genealogy. I am a descendant of some >of > > the people you have listed, Sylvester Doyle and Patrick McEvoy, and some > > others not up there. Just let me know if you want any of the details. > > > > I do have one question. My Patrick McEvoy, according to our dear friend > > Michael Daley, was cousin to the three sons of Edmund McEvoy and Catherine > > Kennedy - Thomas, Michael and John. You have on your site that Edmund > > McEvoy is buried in Ireland. This is the first clue I have that might >help > > to locate the family in County Kilkenny. Do you know where in Ireland > > Edmund is buried? Do you know the source of this information? If you do, >I > > would very much appreciate it. > > > > Also, are you yourself at all related to Sylvester Doyle or Patrick >McEvoy, > > or do you just have that information up on your site? > > > > By the way, one of my ancestors died of TB in 1915, so I am grateful for > > that information. > > > > One last question. Across the river from my home is Burns Bog, named >after, > > I believe, a Patrick Burns who once owned some kind of meat company. Any > > relation? I know a fella' who is researching the family for a documentary > > about the bog. > > > > Yours, > > > > Jaimie McEvoy
Jaimie McEvoy has sent along some good information on searching genealogy records in Quebec: Thank-you, Al. I knew that many Irish immigrants lived in Quebec before settling in Carleton County, but I didn't know for sure who among my interests might be included. I had always thought that Catherine Kenedy came to Canada as a widow with her three sons. I don't get the newsletter, but I will have to get my hands on a copy of this one. I don't remember how Quebec records are organized, but I believe they are indexed by parish, by year, then alphabetically. I thought it would be interesting to go through all the years available for all McEvoy vital records (along with a couple of other names of interest) because it might shed some lights on missing family history. Similar to what I have on my site, the McEvoy index of appearances in the Ottawa city directory. I'm slowly doing this now for the Ontario vital indexes for 1867 to 1900. Much of the information winds up not being directly relevant to my line, but it is something to share with other people, and I occasionally do get lucky in this sweep method of research. Unfortunately, the Quebec indexes are not available here, but I will probably work on it on one of my eventual journeys to Ottawa, as I know they are available in the Quebec provincial archives in Hull. If you are anywhere near a Quebec archive (they have several branches, not just organized in one location), you just might be able to find a death record for Edmund. I don't know how far the records go back, and they are organized by parish. This parish organization is a problem if you are looking somewhere in Montreal, but St. Scholastique is much smaller. I hope you don't mind, but I am going to post your note on this to my website to share with the other researchers on the line. Thanks for the news, and please keep in touch. Jaimie.
Another McEvoy family had a store a few miles away in Gloucester Township (see Bowesville Book) and James McEvoy and Margaret McNamara

May 17, 2002: Hello: I have stumbled once again onto your "Bytown or Bust" site while searching for some information on one Ambrose McEvoy. This is a long shot that I am working on but having hit the proverbial brick wall it's always worth a shot. I have been researching the family of Pierce Grace( born 1814 Kilkenny) and his wife Julia Regan (born 1813 Tipperary) who settled in Ottawa about 1836. I have had great success in finding marriages, obits, baptisms, burials primarily at St. Patrick's in Ottawa and St. Brigid's. Their children were: Female - either died or married between 1842 and 1851, born in Ireland. Anastasia Grace, born approx. 1835 in Nfld.) married Michael O'Boyle (Boyle) Mary Alice Grace (born Bytown approx. 1840)married Thomas James Burke Edward Alexander Grace (born Bytown approx. 1845) went to the USA then back to Ottawa. Here's my problem. With all the above I have only ever found one child born and that was Julia Anastasia O'Boyle, aka Grace O'Boyle. When she died in 1920 there was a "family" burial but there was no family left that I could find. St. Brigid's sent me a copy of the burial from their register and there were two fellows who signed the register as being present. One Harry Sauve and one Ambrose McEvoy. I would like to find someone who is researching any of these families and could help me find the missing link. Do you know of an Ambrose McEvoy and what his connection to this family might be? Thanks for your time. Leigh LeBlanc.
Ambrose McEvoy: Leigh: Here's the only Ambrose McEvoy I know of: Ambrose McEvoy born in 1893 in Osgoode Township married Eleanor Davis. ... Al

June 24, 2003: 1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 1 Page 59 Family 254 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ. Religion Patrick MCEVOY M M 65 Irish Ireland Farmer Catholic Edwerd MCEVOY M M 28 Irish Ontario Farmer Catholic Sylvester MCEVOY M 22 Irish Ontario Farmer Catholic James MCEVOY M 20 Irish Ontario Catholic Mary MCEVOY F 30 Irish Ontario Catholic Salie MCEVOY F M 55 Irish Ireland Catholic Ellen MCEVOY F M 22 Irish Ontario Catholic Thomas MCEVOY M 9 Irish Ontario Catholic See also John McEVOY
New April 11, 2020: The following two photographs are identified as a members of the McEvoy family. They were sent to Michael Daley and Bytown or Bust by Norma Paige in April of 2020. Picture from Norma:
James McEvoy Mrs. V. McEvoy

E-mail Allan Lewis

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