England to Ottawa, Canada in 1932
Harold was a British Home Child brought to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

New December 8, 2013:

PITMAN, Harold

Arrived 1932, Duchess of York, came from Liverpool, England and was sent to St Georges Home in Ottawa, and then on to a farm.  
Would love to find name of family he worked for and exactly where there land was located.

Linda Willis

Hi Linda:
Thanks for your e-mail.
My grandfather also sailed from Liverpool (in 1901) and was sent to St. George's Home here in Ottawa.
Unfortunately the most recent Census which is available in Canada is for 1921 so it may be a bit tougher to locate 
the farm to which he was sent. Did he marry in the Ottawa area? We may be able to find a birth record or a newspaper article. 
Was he Protestant or Catholic? Any information might help a bit.
I'll have a look and will get back to you within a couple of days.
... Al Lewis

Hi Allan - my Dad did not marry or even settle in Canada.   All I remember him telling us was that he was sent to a farm in Canada 
somewhere near Banff (Alberta?).  The farmer died sometime around 1934 and left the farm to his two sisters who actually sold it 
and pretty much turned my Dad off the farm penniless.  I know he had a very difficult journey across Canada, during the Depression
trying to get back to England and was very reluctant to even talk about it.  He passed away 20 years ago in England and I am 
just trying to build a picture of what and where he went in Canada.  He was raised a Catholic and actually lived in an orphanage 
in Littlehampton, England before he was sent to London then on to Liverpool and Canada.

Thank you again - I really do appreciate your help.


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