Hamnett Kirkes PINHEY
and Pinhey's Point, Ottawa River, Ontario, Canada

Photo Source: Carleton Saga by Harry and Olive Walker, page 239 Hamnett Pinhey's Portrait
January 18, 2003: I was wondering whether there would be any way of posting on your site a notification of the website of the Pinhey's Point Foundation, which fulfills the museum functions at Horaceville, the riverfront residence in the old March Township/City of Kanata constructed in stages, 1820-49, by the Hon. Hamnett Pinhey? The Foundation interprets the history of the whole township, and the newsletter (which I produce twice a year, the "Horaceville Herald") has published articles on a number of March families. The website, www.pinheyspoint.ca, provides historical material on Pinhey's Point plus access to a name index to the financial accounts at the rear of Hamnett Pinhey's diaries, 1821-57. Most of the individuals named in the accounts were resident in the surrounding townships, chiefly March, Torbolton, Huntley, and Nepean, as well as Eardley and Aylmer directly across the Ottawa River in Lower Canada. The newsletter may be obtained by becoming a member at $15 per year; cheques may be sent to the Foundation at 270 Pinhey's Point Road, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A 1T0. We hope during the course of the year to get the 40 back issues of the newsletter scanned and mounted on the Foundation's website. I think this will prove a useful resource. ... Bruce Elliott
By Bruce S. Elliott and Jennifer Mori
Source: The Web Site of the Pinhey's Point Foundation (included here so that my search engine can index the surnames ... Al) Individuals Canadian The Canadian Woman The Canadian Woman & her husband Andrew the Swede Angus the Scotch Canadian Baptiste see Lacoste David the Swede George the Painter George the Millwright Hans James, labourer Jean, New Canadian John the Millwright Jose, Canadian Kitty the Servant Louis Louise Margaret Mary the Great called Ann Mary the little Matthew the Carpenter Michael Pat and William Rebecca Samuel Sarah Thomas the mason and"Tipperaryand" William the carpenter Yankee Pat Acres Thomas, carpenter Alcock Capt. Aldrich Henry Alexander Thomas of Huntley Allen James Allen Mary Allen Thomas Anderson, Auldjo, Evans and Co. (also Anderson Auldjo and Co., and Anderson, Evans and Co.) Montreal Anderson Elizabeth Ansley Mr Argue Andrew Argue Old, Huntley Armitage see Sheehy Armitage James Armstrong Armstrong Catherine Armstrong James Armstrong John of March Bagley John, carpenter Bailey Mary Barton Jane Baskin Frederick Baskin James Baskin John Baskin Tom Beatty Daniel Bell James Bell Samuel, mason Bell William Berry Gottfried Berry Richard Bertridge Bishop see Nesbitt Blanchard Abijah Bolan Boucher John Boucher Wm Bradley Capt. Bradley William Bradley Wiliam Brown Junr Bradley Sands Brady and Gorman, sawyers Brady Michael Brennen Bridget (Brennan) Brennen John Brennen Mary Brennen Nicholas Brennen Richard Bridges Mrs Brown Alexander of Torbolton Brown John Brown Thomas Buckham Buckham John Bullard see Post Burke Dominick Burke John Burke Kitty Burke Michael Burrows Eliza Camp Robson Camp William Campbell of Huntley Caplis John the farmer his wife Carroll Patrick Caroll William Carson, mason Cassidy Catherine see Gorman Cassidy Tom see Gorman Caulfield Cavanah Eliza Cherry B of March Christie Dr Clausie the carpenter Cochlan Andrew Cochran Andrew Coil Michael (Coyle) Collins the carpenter Collins Thomas, mason Collins, young, mason Conolly Sarah Conroy of Aylmer Corbet Jeannet Coulton Coutourier Jn Bte and wife and family Cox Capt. Cox Mary Cummins Widow, laundress Cunningham John
Darcy, stonecutter Dashnoe, shoemaker Davidson John Davis Joseph (see also Sligo) Dawson and Co. Day Bridget Day and McGillivray Dogharty Joseph Douglas Capt. Douglas of March Dowlan Dowlan Mat Downs the quarryman Doyle Owen Draper John Drummond John Duclos Duncan Durrough William Eadie Eagan Edge January 4, 2004 Edge George Old Edge and wife Edge Mrs Edge Phil Edwards Henry Egan John and Co. of Aylmer Egan John of Torbolton C48; Egan Mich Egan Young Erskine William Estcourt the mason Evoy Mat Fahy B82 (Fahey) Fahy Thomas Fahy William Felice Con Fin James Finissi Mary ("call her Sarah") Fitzgerald John Fogerty James plasterer (Fogarty) Forsyth Richardson and Co. Fuller John Fuller Mrs Gaisford Gainsford and wife Gainsford, blacksmith Gainsford John and Joseph Gainsford Wm Gannon Mic Gavan Glen Robert Gliesen Michel Gorman see Brady Gorman Alice Gorman Catherine see Cassidy Gorman Patrick and wife Gottineaux the two Gourlay John Graham James & William Graham John Grant Capt. of steamboat "Union" Green Greene Robert Grierson John Griffin James Griffin Mrs. Hackett William the millwright Harkness Joseph Harper Alexander and William Harrington Joseph and wife Headley John Hedley John of Torbolton Hedley Old Hedley John Junr Henderson John & Abraham, masons Hickey John Hicks Old (John), Hickson Robert Hill Hamnett Hobbs Robert Hodgins Mary Hogan Jeremiah Hogan Pat Holland Alice Holt Hume Hunt and Wilson labourers provisions Hurricane Hurricane Mrs Ibbetson Inglee/Inglis James Inglis Inglish Capt. at Aylmer Jacob J. Jameson Jolifot (Canadian) Jones, shoemaker Joscente (Canadian) Judd Kealey Martin Kelly John Kemp John Kemp Wm see Camp Kennedy Patrick Kidder Kidder Junr Kilgore Alex Killeen Dennis Killeen Ellen LaCoste Baptiste, carpenter see also Valin Laing Mother Landall Mr Lang George and Robert Latham Nathaniel Latulipe Lay Richard, carpenter LeBreton Capt. Leeming Mr Lermonth James Lewis Abbott Lewis the blacksmith Lewis John Lindsay Rory, stonecutter Link the carpenter Link and Shouldice Lion Patrick (Lyons?) Lloyd General (in affairs of James Read and Luton) Lloyd Colonel Logan Logan Biddy Logan Catherine Long Sam Lucas William Lusk of Eardley Macdonell John of Point Fortune Macfee, reaper MacNab Mahon John Majors, the three Major Catharine Major George Major Matthew Major Maurice Major Mick Major Oliver Major Pat Major Rose Major William Maldoon Ann (Muldoon?) Maldoon James Maley Anthony Maley Richard Martin C7 Mathews Henry, McCabe James McCaffray the painter (McCaffrey?) McCallum Duncan McCartney Sarah McCord see Somerville McCord Eliza McCord James McCord Mary McCord Old Thomas McCord William McCulloch, quarryman McDonald McDonald Patrick (Christie's mason) McFadden Ann (also Padden, McPhadden) McFarlane Mr McFee James and Eliza McGibney, stonecutter McGillivray see Day McGillivray Angus of Fitzroy McGrath Maurice McKay Thomnas of New Edinburgh McKinnon Daniel of Bytown McLachlin D. and W. McLead Donald McLechlin Brothers McLelland Joseph McLellen see McMullen McMullen (also McLellen) George McMurtry McMurtry James McMurtry John McPhadden see McFadden McVeigh Peter McVeigh Peter Cuthbert Merrifield Mr Milfore Jane Milks Mr Millar William Miller Joseph Moffat of Huntley, carpenter Monk Capt. Monk Wentworth Mooney the cooper Mooney John Mooney William Moore Dudley and Son Moore Job and David Moore Fritz Moore Roger Moran Pat Morin (Canadian) Morris Robert of Montreal ?Morison Dan (in German) Munro Alexander Munro the mason Murdoch the weaver Murphy Ann Nags Joseph Nash James Nash Martin Nauberg (Canadian) see Norberg Naughty Thomas, carpenter Needham Catherine Needham Martin Nesbitt and Bishop Norberg (the Canadian) see Nauberg O'Brien O'Brien John O'Hara O'Neil O'Neil John of Torbolton O'Neil Young Padden see McFadden Padfield Parent, Canadian carpenter Payne Lukewad Payne Wm (alias St Andrews) Peevor James Philbin James alias Thistleman Pillau (Canadian) (Pilon?) Pillau Harriette Pinhey Horace Porver James Post and Bullard, millwrights Quin Mich (Quinn) Ray / Rea John Read George Read Capt. James Read James (Genl. Lloyd in affairs of) Read Thomas Reay John and Young, Michael see Ray Richardson Frederick Riddle Henry, sawmill acct Riddle Thos Roberts, butcher Rochester, brewer Rock Michael Rock Mick Rogers, mason plasterer Rolston Ross the mason Rutledge Eliza Ryan, mason - his boys Ryan James, mason Ryder John Salmon Robert Scissons Scissons Samuel Seeman Mary Shea Sheehy alias Armitage alias Taylor Shouldice see Link Shouldice Shouldice Leonard Shouldice Leonard of McGillivray Shouldice (Truckle) of March Slack Henry Slack Tin Slack Walton Slack William Sligo Joseph see also Davis Smith Smith J. (Capt. Monk's tenant) Smith at Eardley Smiths, the Smith the sawyer Somerville A149, Somerville the sawyer Somerville and Cord sawing acct Somerville Anthony Sproule Henry Stanley Thomas Star George (Starr) Stephens Capt. Stephens Mrs Stitt Jackson Stokoe B21 Stokoe Charles Street Capt. Street Benjamin Street John ** Sullivan John Sullivan Mary (the Wee Girl) Symmes Charles Tasker William Taylor Taylor see Sheehy Taylor Jeremiah Taylor John, labourer Teague Michael Teevan Barney D20 Tracy (Stracy) William, carpenter Truckle see Shouldice Valin Jean and wife Baptise and Valin's provision acct Villeneuve Villeneuve Charles Watt John Watt William Weatherley Capt. Weatherley's farmer (John Draper) Welches, the two Welsh James (Walsh) Whelen Paddy (Whelan - see below e-mail dated January 28, 2003 ... Al) Whelen Tom Wiggins Sapora Wilson see Hunt Wilson, haymaker Wilson Fanny Wilson John of Torbolton Wilton, washing Woods Ringrose B86 Woodward, millwright Woolsey Joseph Woolsey William Wright Philemon and Sons (PW) Young George of Torbolton Young Michael and Reay, John

January 28, 2003: Hello Al; I made a visit yesterday to the National Archives to view the Pinhey Diary concerning my wife's Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandfather Patrick (Paddy) Whelan. There are 7 pages of account records on microfilm reel M-5567. Very interesting the produce that was purchased (ie. Tobacco,Thread,etc.) and the days worked by Paddy Whelan for Hamnett Pinhey. The M-5567 reel is the only information available readily on site at the Archives, the other information classified by "MG" is available by ordering at least a day in advance. This information gives yet another description of how our ancestors lived. The Pinhey Diary is a priceless find for all those researching their ancestors. Take care, Steven Pusiak
January 6, 2004: More from Taylor Kennedy: THE BYTOWN GAZETTE ---- THURSDAY, MAY 23, 1844 --Marriage - "At St. Mary's Church, Horraceville, March Township, Mary Anne, daughter of Hamnett Pinhey, Esq., to Dr. Hamnett Hill, M. R. C. S.." THE OTTAWA PACKET ---- SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 1847 --Marriage - "Pinhey - Greene: On Saturday last at Saint Mary's Church, Horraceville, March, C. W., Horace Pinhey, Esq., to Kate, eldest daughter of the late Godfrey Greene, Esq., of Silvermines, Tipperary, Ireland." THE OTTAWA PACKET ---- SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1848 --Birth - "Pinhey; On Sunday, the 9th instant, Mrs. Horace Pinhey, of a daughter." THE OTTAWA PACKET ---- SATURDAY, October 9, 1852 --Obit. - "Pinhey; On Tuesday, the 5th of October, at the residence of Dr. Hamnett Hill, in Bytown, Mary Anne, wife of the Hon. Hamnett Pinhey of Horaceville, Township of March." THE OTTAWA PACKET ---- SATURDAY, June 18, 1853 -- Birth - "Pinhey; At Horaceville, March, on Sunday last, the wife of Horace Pinhey, Esq., of a son."
November 8, 2004: Al I have 5 pages of his Last Will and Testament to transcribe. More excellent notes inside it. According to Hammetts last will, he left money not only to his family but gave to the Nuns, Hospital and business associates that have crossed his path during his life. He was very generous. Take care Taylor
May 19, 2008:
Horaceville -- Hamnett Pinhey's Estate on the Ottawa River near Dunrobin Photo Source: Courtney C. J. Bond: The Ottawa Country, 1968 Sketch at top is from a circa 1830 drawing Horaceville - Hamnett Pinhey's Home

February 5, 2010
Newspaper Article Source: Ottawa Journal, May 21, 1959 Hamnett Pinhey House, bought by National Capital Commission in 1959

March 26, 2010:
The first Post Office in the County was on the waterfront property of Lieutenant Thomas Read, a neighbour of the Pinhey family. The sketch below is by W. H. Bartlett. St. Mary's Anglican Church, part of the Pinhey Estate, can also be seen. Township of March Post Office

June 14, 2011: EVENT at Pinhey's Point: On the last Sunday of June, July and August, 2011, from 1 P.M. to 3 P.M., there will be Adult Craft Workshops. Photography, woodworking, flower arranging and painting. Over 16 years of age, $10.00 per person. 270 Pinhey's Point Road Phone: 613-832-4347
Source for the following text and picture is National Capital Region Heritage, page 24 House at Pinhey's Point House at Pinhey's Point - text

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