Piety Hill, Nepean Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

New April 18, 2008:

Two historic churches are located on a hill overlooking the Richmond Road and Fallowfield 
Road intersection. The churches are located on Steeple Hill Road and the area is called
"Piety Hill". St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church and Cemetery are located at the
north end of Steeple Hill Road and Fallowfield United Church is located close to
Fallowfield Road. The steeples of these two churches can be seen for miles from the west.

I'm almost positive that there was an Anglican Church, as well, here in the 1800's.

In nineteenth century society, women were responsible for the "domestic sphere" of
family life and usually took the lead in the family's religious life. They ensured
that religious values and traditions were passed along to the children. Women also
became leaders in the temperance movement to try and improve mens' behaviour in

I remember talking to an elderly relative who was born in 1880. He said that in the
old days, most men attended church weekly, but usually stood at the back of the church
and would often have to leave the church during the service to "tend the horses".

St. Patrick's Church, Fallowfield St. Patrick's, Fallowfield, Roman Catholic Church
Fallowfield United Church (was Methodist until 1925?) Fallowfield United Church

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