Early Marriages recorded at St. Phillip's, Richmond Ontario

January 21, 2002:

Thanks to Marilyn Cottrell for another very important and useful transcription of the
marriages in Richmond, Ontario. These records contain many names from Huntley and 
Nepean Townships also.

Groom					Bride		wittness	
Pater	Cavanagh	24Aug	1837	Elizabeth	Jeffries	Hugh Brunnuck	Elizabeth Brunnick
Charles	Kitt		15Jun	1837	Elizabeth	Brison	Daniel Hannigan	Isabella Mulholland
Patrick McNaughton	26Jan	1838	Mary	Enright	John Gorman	Bridget
Denis	O'Neil		5Feb	1838	Bridget	Halpin	James O'Neil	Mary Ann O'Neil
John	Hogan		15Jul	1838	Moretta	Moran	Mathew Hogan	Susan Smith
Martin	Watters		20Feb	1838	Meallin	Bryan Wattes	Sarah Waters
Patrick	Byrns		25feb	1838	Sarah	Byrns	Thomas McConnell	Hanora Byrns
Patrick	Madden		25feb	1838	Mary 	O'Meara	John Costello	Mary Watters
Patrick	Quinn		26Feb	1838	Margaret Fitzgerald	Micahel Doragan	Margaret Kane
Patrick	Gorman		2Sep	1837	Mary	Coskin	James Wade	Catherine Coskin
Robert	Walsh		3sep	1837	Ellinor	Griffin	Michael Mulligan	Bridget Slavin
James	Bourke		16Oct	1837	Hanora	Tierney	Mortimer Quinn	Mary Mahor
John	Kelly		26May	1838	Margaret	Fullin	James McGole	Bridget Hart
Dennis	Goodall		20Aug	1838	Jane	Douris	Edward Murray	Emilia Fournier
James	McEvoy		23apr	1837	Margaret	Fitzgerald	Sylvester Demfry	Catherine Douras
William	Shea		15Apr	1837	Sarah	Kelly	Peter McGinn	Sarah Kelly
James	Douris		27Mar	1837	Catherine	Bourke	Peter McGinn	Sarah Shea
Charles	Doyle		6May	1837	Anne 	Baxter	James Mulholland	Anne Baxter
John	Hazelton	4 jul	1837	Mary Anne Cane	Hamersley	Milo Burke	Margaret Fitzgerald
Patrick	Byrnes		23Feb	1838	Sarah	Byrnes	Thomas McDonell	Hanora Byrns
Patrick	Madden		25Feb	1838	Mary	O'Meara	John Costello	Mary Maher
Patrick	Quinn		16feb	1838	Margaret	Fitzgerald	Michael Houragan	Margaret Cane
Daniel	Keily		16Sep	1838	Catherine	Collins	Daniel Collins	Mary Cunningham
James	Brannack	Sept	1838	Elizabeth	Williams	Daniel Hannigan	Mary Humbrey
John	Dunlop		19Sep	1838	Rebecca	Burwith	James Dunlop	Catherine Shea
John	Connelly	17Nov	1838	Mary	Allen	Julien Hudon	Ellen Purddy
John	O'Neil		25Nov	1838	Mary	Moore	Edward Moore	Mary O'Neil
Roderick	Hawley	23Jan	1839	Penelope	Quinn	William Tierney	Mary Maher
Cornelius	Callaghan		28Sep	1939	Elizabeth	Quigley	John Rooney	Bridget Kelly
Daniel	Hanrahan	10Oct	1839	Jane	Gormelly	Patrick Kelly	Catherine Shea
James	Devine		14Oct	1839	Ellen	Barton	Patrick Larkin	Bridget Kelly
Patrick	Kelly		20Oct	1839	Winnifred	Costello	Martin Eagen	Margaret Burns
George	Houlahan	25Nov	1839	Mary	Costello	William O'Grady	Elizabeth Fogarty
Paul	Shirley		13Nov	1839	Catherine 	McNamara	John Waters	Bridget Kelly
John	McNichol	7Jul	1839	Mary		Timothy Sullivan	Winifred Costello
James	Pielfor	16	February1840	Mary	Lawler	Michael Byrns	Mary Gleason
Michael	Harton	7	July	1840	Ann	Byrns	James Caroll	Elizabeth Fogarty
William	Quinn	4	July	1840	Catherine	McKey	Philip Kennedy	Bridget Kelly
William	Cummings	6July	1840	Johanna	Gerans	Philip Kennedy	Mary Reily
John	Costello	2Sept   1840	Margaret	Burnett	Thomas Costello	Judith Cleary
Michael	Rooney	7	November1840	Judith	O'Connell	Bernard Larkin	Mary Maher
William	Madden	23	November1840	Catherine	Baxter	John Kennedy	Catherine Riely
Henry	Roche	1	February1840	Rosanna	McVeigh	Christopher Whelan	Catherine Donohoe
Michael	Kelly	1	February1840	Mary	Grigg	James Connell	Catherine Donohoe
Charles	Kitt	1	February1840	Anne	McDonnell	Daniel Mulholland	Mary Griff
Jeremia O'Neil		22Nov	1842	Mary Collins		
James	O'Neil		23Jan	1843	Elizabeth Linchman		
Daniel	O'Neil		22Jan	1843	Bridget	Moore		
Martin	Hanrahan	20Jan	1843	Eleanor Costello		
Dennis	O'Neil		19Nov	1845	Mary	O'Day		
John 	Timmons		24Nov	1845	Eleanor	Cosgrove		
James	Hanrahan	18Aug	1846	Mary	O'Neil		
Thomas	Driscoll	28Jan	1851	Mary	Gorman
March 2, 2008: Thanks to Sue for transcribing marriage records for St. Phillips, February 16, 1840-1857
Marriages at St. Philip's in Richmond beginning February 16, 1840 to 1857 inclusive
NOTE: Some of the Priests' entries are very easy to read - others are next to impossible. A question mark means "best guess" and not to be taken as anything but an attempt to decipher the entry. 16 Feb 1840: James T…? and Mary Lawler 2 Mar 1840: John Rooney and Ann Brummock 10 May 1840: William Cummings and Johanna Genans? 4 July 1840: William Quinn and Catherine McKay 7 July 1840: Michael Hartnell and Ann Byrns 2 Sept 1840: John Costello and Margaret Burnett 7 Nov 1840: Michael Tierney and Judith Connell (witnesses Bernard Larkin and Mary Maher) 23 Nov 1840: William Madden and Catherine Baxter 2 May 1841: Michael Doneghy and Melahern? May 1841: (no date given) James Cavan? and Juliana O'Bryan May 1841: (no date given) Bryan Waters and Mary Maher 6 Oct 1841: Charles Leblaune and Margaret Turner 15 Nov 1841: Thomas Murphy and Anne Baxter 22 Nov 1841: John Duffy and Mary Brennan 6 Jane 1842: Michael Byrne and Elizabeth Louclin? 6 Jan 1842: John Kelly and Dorothea Roth 16 Jan 1842: John Bolz La Liberte? and Anne Lamb 13 Jun 1842: Thomas Kearvy? and Maria Brody 10 Jul 1842: Narcisse Gervais? And Catherine Sheedy 3 Sept 1842: Tidius? Byrns and Anne Haron? 4 Sept 1842: Martin Maxwell and Bridget Cunningham 26 Sep 1842: Pat Mulholland and Roson (Rosanne?) O'Reilly 9 Oct 1842: Andrew Fox and Elizabeth O'Leary 9 Oct 1842: Michael Kelly and Elizabeth Mullin 17 Oct 1842: Pat Cassidy and Johanna Coughlin Oct 1842: (no date given) Bernard Quinn and Margaret Than? 13 Nov 1842: Thomas Fallon and Judith Tierney (witnesses were Pat Laughlin and Sarah Waters) 22 Nov 1842: Anthony Dubrule and Emilia Furmin 22 Nov 1842: Jeremiah O'Neal and Mary Collins 7 Jan 1843: Edward Moore and Anne O'Bryan 9 Jan 1843: Philip Cassidy and Margaret Phelan 30 Jan 1843: William Kitt and Catherine O'Reilly 19? Feb 1843: David White and Sara Laughlin 10 Sep 1843: John Newill and Mary Moran 18? Sep 1843: Bernard Smith and Margaret McEvoy 13 Nov 1843: Francis Buchion? and Maria Turner? 14 Nov 1843: John McKay and Elenor Ryan 14 Nov 1843: Thomas Ryan and Elizabeth Calvin 30 Nov 1843: James Cummings and Mary Headen 30 Nov 1843: Thomas Costello and Maria Frehan 7 Jan 1844: Roderick Cunningham and Mary Kinsella 8 Jan 1844: William Brennan and Mary Byrne 2 Feb 1844: Fergus Paxton and Ellen Dolan 4 Feb 1844: James Farquher? and Bridget McGary 17 Feb 1844: Daniel Collins and Johanna Flin (Flynn) 18 Feb 1844: Richard Skehan and Bridget Kelly 19 Feb 1844: Michael Corkery and Catherine Donohoe 28? Feb 1844: Michael McLounny? and Mary Dunton? 17 May 1844: Andrew McGloughan and Mary Brady 16 Jun 1844: Pat Kennedy and Margaret Gleeson 28 July 1844: Michael Patterson and Ann Curry 8 Sept 1844: Michael Butler and Elizabeth Walker 20 Oct 1844: Pat Loughlan and Mary Cunningham 20 Oct 1844: James Whelan and Rosanna McGalrick? 8 Jan 1845: James Brennan and Elenor Byrnes 20 Jan 1845: Martin Hanrahan and Elinor Costello 21 Jan 1845: Robert Ryan and Elizabeth Fitzgerald 22 Jan 1845: Daniel O'Neal and Bridget Moore 23 Jan 1845: Denis O'Neal and Elizabeth Sweetman 2 Feb 1845: Denis Tierney and Bridget Kilroe (witnesses: Denis Tierney and Anne Spain) 2 Feb 1845: Antony? Dubois and Ellen Tourton? 2 Feb 1845: John Sullivan and Bridget Brady 2 Feb 1845: Thomas Costello and Ann Kilroe 3 Feb 1845: Bernard Donohoe of Pakenham and Elinor Newgent? 3 Feb 1845: Christopher Whelan of Huntley Township and Jane Roach of the Low? township 3 Feb 1845: John Fitzpatrick of Alumette Island, Lower Canada, and Margaret Brown of Huntley twp 3 Feb 1845: Charles McKenna of Nepean and Bridget O'Connor of Richmond 3 Feb 1845: William Waters of Nepean and Mary Maher of Bytown 28 Apr 1845: Pat Lynch of Ramsey twp and Elinor Sage 29 Apr 1845: Richard Shaw of Goulbourne and Elizabeth Kitt 20 July 1845: Thomas Kelly of Goulbourne and Mary Steward? of the same place 24 July 1845: James Bargan of Nepean and ….? Fogarty of the same place 30 Sept 1845: At Montreal, Walter Cavanaugh and Mary Larkin 6 Oct 1845: Michael Glin? of Hull, L.C. and Ann Kilbride of Nepean 1 Nov 1845: John McCarty and Margaret Calaghan of Nepean 19 Nov 1845: Denis O'Neil and Mary O'Day of Marlborough 24 Nov 1845: John Timmons and Elinor Cosgrove, both of Marlborough 6 Jan 1846: Dennis Sullivan and Bridget Woods 6 Jan 1846: John Gorman of Marlborough and O'Bryan of the same township 7 Jan 1846: John Ryan of the township of …….. Mission at Perth, and Margaret Slattery of Ramsey twp 12 Jan 1846: Daniel Tierney of the township of …… Aylmer?, and Ann Fitzgerald of the same township 18 Jan 1846: Patrick McManus of Pakenham (originally from county Fermanagh) and Anne Tonen? of the same township. (Patrick swore in writing on 19 Jan that he had never been married, but apparently he had a wife and 8 children in Ireland who moved to Canada after the marriage and were living in the Calumett Island at the time of his 2nd marriage - see register entries for this episode) Feb? 1846 (no date given): James Girten of Huntley and Honora Corken of the same township 15 Feb 1846: Daniel Scully and Catherine Halley 22 Feb 1846: James McCort of the township of ….? and Anne McManus of Ramsay township 19 May 1846: Angus McDonnal of Glengarry and Catherine? Douris of this parish 2 June 1846: John Huston of Fitzroy and Catherine ..? 2 June 1846: Thomas O'Mara of Ramsay and Margaret Foley of the same place 5 July 1846: James Burrows of Huntley and Anastasia Rossiter of the same place 27 Jul 1846: Hugh Lunny?, son of Patrick Lunny and Rose Rully? of Huntley, and Susanna Colligan, daughter of William Colligan and Mary Hagerty residing in Huntley 27 Jul 1846: John Kerrigan, son of John Kerrigan and Sabina Linsky? residing in Richmond, and Eliza McKenna, daughter of James McKenna and Eliza Roch, residing in Richmond 17 Aug 1846: Martin Timmons, widower of Mary Mcdonnell, and Rose Jonston, daughter of Henry Jonston and Catherine Henry 17 Aug 1846: James O'Connor of Richmond and Anastasia McKenna of the same place 18 Aug 1846: James Hanrahan, son of Patrick Hanrahan and Ellen Burns, and Mary O'Neil, daughter of Denis O'Neil and Mary Driscol of Marlborough 28 Sep 1846: John Kelly, son of Denis Kelly and Mary Ryan, county Kilkenny, and Ann Lawler, daughter of William Lawler and Mary Broomfield, Goulbourne 29 Sep 1846: Bernard Larkin, son of John Larkin and Margaret McCormick of Goulbourn, and Ellen Withers, daughter of John Withers and Ellen Kelly of Goulbourn 11 Oct 1846: John Byrn, son of Silvester Byrn and Catharine McDonnell, Parish of Clonagall?, Ireland, and Elinor Kehoe, daughter of Patrick Kehoe and Jane Brazzle, Parish of Tomacork?, county Wicklow 11 Oct 1846: John Bartly, son of John Bartly of Merrickville and Bridget Kehoe, Parish of Tomacork, Wicklow, and Bridget Enright, daughter of Martin Enright and Hanora Shea, Parish of Donahea?, county Clare, Ireland, at present of Marlborough 20 Oct 1846: Louis Dubruille, son of Antoine Dubruille and Elizabeth Minnard of Nepean, and Ellen O'Connell, daughter of Edmond O'Connell and Bridget Katen of Nepean 25 Nov 1846: James Maguire, son of James Maguire and Bridget McPhilips, Parish of Clones?, and Catharine Maguire, daughter of Terence Maguire and Bridget Maguire, Parish of Knockenny?, both parties from Fermanagh. James and Catharine Maguire reside in Goulbourn 17 Jan 1847: Edmond O'Keefe, son of William and Margret O'Keefe, residing in Huntley, formerly of the Parish of Conna, county Cork, and Mary White, daughter of James White and Hanora Mahoney, residing in Huntley, formerly of the Parish of Hanrahan, county Tipperary 31 Jan 1847: Michael Ruddy, son of Michael Ruddy and Margaret Duffy, Parish of ..,,ghavale, county Mayo, and Catharine Cloynes, daughter of William Cloynes and Bridget Wallan, Parish Islandeady, county Mayo 1 Feb 1847: Patrick Manion, son of John Manion and Mary Manion of Huntley, and Catharine Linsey, daughter of Patrick Linsey and Catharine Quinn of Fitzroy 2 Feb 1847: John Burnett, son of John Burnett and Mary Eagan of the Parish of Durra, county Tipperary, and Sarah Waters, daughter of Michael Waters and Winifred Darcy of Nepean 8 Feb 1847: Patrick Larkin, son of John Larkin and Margaret McCormick of Goulbourn, and Ann Mears, daughter of John Mears and Carrison of Goulbourn 15 Feb 1847: George Darlington, son of Michael Darlington and Mary Caten, and Bridget Beahan, daughter of Terence Beahan and Catharine Flynn, all of Fitzroy township 15 Feb 1847: James Costello, son of Michael Costello residing in March twp and Mary McDonnell, and Mary Ann Feeven, daughter of James Feeven and Mary Roan of Torbolton 24 Apr 1847: Patrick Dolan, widower of Ann Kennedy, and Isabella Brunson, widow of Samuel Kingston 24 May 1847: Patrick O'Melia, son of Thomas O'Melia and Hanora Hallanen of West Port, county Mayo, residing in March township, and Jane Feeven, daughter of Bernard Feeven and Mary McNulty of Huntley. 5 Jun 1847: William Kennedy, son of Michael and Anny Tierney of the Parish of Muddering, county Tipperary, now residing in Goulbourn, and Margaret Brennan, daughter of Denis Brennan and Mary O'Faul, Parish of Castlecomer 1 July 1847: Peter O'Hara, son of Michael O'Hara and Mary Bond of Goulbourn, and Harriet Howard, daughter of Robert Howard and Elizabeth, of Fitzroy township 6 July 1847: Michael Gleeson, son of Martin Gleeson and Ann Gleeson of Goulbourn, and Elizabeth O'Meara, daughter of Thomas O'Meara and Bridget Tierney of Nepean 1 Nov 1847: Thomas Fahey, son of John Fahey and Margaret Lahey, of March twp, and Teresa Fitzgerald, daughter of Garrett Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Simpson of Richmond 22 Nov 1847: John Sheahy, son of John Sheahy and Ellen Fitzgerald, and Mary Lowe, daughter of Samuel Lowe and Mary O'Grady of the Parish of Kathkeale?, county Limerick 4 March 1848: Edward Proulx? of Bytown, and Margaret O'Marra 6 March 1848: Michael Whelan, son of Darby Whelan and Catharine Rhinaghan? of Huntley, and Alice White, daughter of Michael White and Joanna Mahoney of Goulbourn 6 March 1848: Thomas Hough to Elinor, both of North Gower A few marriages are not legible here, so not transcribed 11 July 1848: John Carrol to Mary Waters 25 July 1848: Patrick Lyons to Bridget McCan?, both of Fitzroy 7 Aug 1848: Patrick Scully, son of Lawrence Scully and Mary Freney, to Margaret Mahon, daughter of John Mahon and Mary Fox 7 Aug 1848: Joseph Foisie?, son of Peter Foisie and Clemanse Dumas, to Ellen Whelan, daughter of John Whelan and Penelope Quinn 25 Sep 1848: Julius Thibodeau to Zepherenia Dubroy (Dubrule) 25 Sep 1848: Patrick Milon of Nepean, to Honora Byrnes of the same township 28 Oct 1848: Denis Bur…? to Margaret Brofy (Brophy), both of Nepean 28 Oct 1848: Richard Forrest to Elinor Sullivan, both of Huntley 31 Oct 1848: Theopholus Lord to Agnes Johnston, both of North Gower 6 Nov 1848: William Donohoe of Marlborough twp, to Alice McManus of the same township 6 Nov 1848: Dennis Finn of Ramsay twp, to Johana O'Mara of the same township 11 Nov 1848: Patrick Muldone, to Sara Davey?, both of Nepean 28 Nov 1848: Patrick Cunningham of Huntley, to Julia White of Ramsay 9 Jan 1849: Gerald Cavanaugh of Nepean, to Catherine Maloney of the same township 22 Jan 1849: Andrew McDonnall of Goulbourn twp, to Emilia Roth of the same township Jan or Feb 1849 (the following marriages have no dates, but fall between 22 Jan and 13 Feb 1849 in the register): 1) Bernard Rooney of North Gower, to Sara James of Goulbourn 2) Martin Tierney, to Ann Dunn, both of Nepean township 13 Feb 1849: Arthur Goodall of North Gower, to Catherine Tierney of Nepean (wit: Richard Quinn & Elinor Foley) 19 Feb 1849: John McCanna to Margaret Connal, both of Marlborough 19 Feb 1849: Thomas Burk of Perth, to Eliza Burrows of Goulbourn 25 Apr 1849: Lewis Gauthier, to Mathilda Charlebois, both of Nepean 5 June 1849: John Larkin of Goulbourn, to Elinor Malone 10 July 1849: Nicholas Dix of Beckwith, to Mary goodall of North Gower 8 Nov 1849: John McGarry of Marlborough twp, to Margaret Boyle of the same township 8 Nov 1849: William Whelan of Huntley, to Bridget Sheehy of the same township 25 Nov 1849: Martin Grace of Huntley, to Honora White of the same township 4 Jan 1850: Edward Charlebois, to Josephine Latermore 17 Jan 1850: Phil Fogarty of Nepean, to Anne Monaghan of the same township 21 Jan 1850: Michael Roach of Huntley, to Bridget Malone of Goulbourn 31 Jan 1850: Michael Malone of Nepean, to Honora Moran? of Huntley 4 Feb 1850: John Donnelly of Huntley, to Mary Ann Mitford of the same township 4 Feb 1850: Michael Mooney of Nepean, to Mary McNamara? of the same township 8 Apr 1850: George Blake to Bridget Galeher, both of Huntley 15 July 1850: William Burden to Mary Maher, both of Nepean 3 Sep 1850: Bartholomew Purdy? of North Gower, to Adelina Grant 9 Sep 1850: Michael Butler of Osgoode, to Elinor Short of Goulbourn 16 Oct 1850: Edward Monaghan to Catherine Howe, both of Nepean 22 Oct 1850: Simon McGrath of Huntley, to Anne Manion 29 Oct 1850: William Peel of Goulbourn, to Catharine Hornett of the same township 20 Nov 1850: Patrick, son of Patrick Muldoon and Margaret Ballard, to Hanora O'Meara, daughter of Thomas O'Meara and Ellen Tierney 13 Jan 1851: John Byrn, son of Jeremiah Byrn and Judith Murphy of Goulbourn, to Ellen, daughter of Thomas O'Meara and Ellen Tierney 13 Jan 1851: Henry McCarthy, son of John McCarthy deceased and Elizabeth Porter of Goulbourn, to Jane Fraser, daughter of Thomas Fraser and Mary Ann Burrows of Franktown 28 Jan 1851: Thomas Driscol, son of Denis Driscol and Mary McCarthy, to Mary Gorman, daughter of Michael Gorman and Joanna Boland, both of Marlborough twp 3 Feb 1851: Peter Schehan, son of James Schehan and Anastasia Maloney of Nepean, to Bridget Baxter, daughter of Thomas Baxter and Catherine Reilly of Marlborough 10 Feb 1851: Patrick Chary, son of John Chary and Elizabeth Kennedy, to Ellen Walsh, daughter of Thomas Walsh and Ann Hagan, all of Nepean 17 Feb 1851: Patrick Peel, son of Nicholas Peel and Catherine Brennan, to Elizabeth O'Mealy, daughter of Owen O'Mealy and Jane Tool, both of Goulbourn 23 Feb 1851: William O'Meara, son of Thomas O'Meara and Elizabeth Tierney, to Ann Costello, daughter of Matthew Costello and Ann O'Meara, both of Nepean 2 Mar 1851: Thomas O'Neil, son of Thomas O'Neil and Mary ? of Marlborough, to Bridget Leonard, daughter of Cornelius Leonard and Ann Maguire of Goulbourn 3 Mar 1851: Patrick Gilroy, son of John Gilroy deceased and Elizabeth Kelly, Parish of Ennis, county Leitrim, to Mary Lynge, daughter of Patrick Lynge and Elizabeth O'Neil, both parties residing in Goulbourn 3 Mar 1851: William Shirley, son of William Shirley deceased and Mary Dunaghan?, to Francis Martin, daughter of Joseph Martin and Ellinor Clark, both of Nepean 4 Mar 1851: Daniel McCarthy, widower of Judith Duggan of Goulbourn, to Margaret Dooley, daughter of Patrick Dooley and Ann Davy deceased county Kilkenny, at present of Nepean (NOTE: this marriage is entered as 4 Feb 1851, which I believe was an error of entry as it is listed as marriage #12 for 1851, following marriage #11 which was on 3 March and preceding marriage #13 which took place 6 May 1851) 6 May 1851: Toussant Janvier, son of Pierre Janvier and Callista St. Michael of Aylmer, to Rose Fagan, daughter of Michael Fagan and Mary Colman of Goulbourn 12 May 1851: Thomas Bennett, widower of Margaret McGovern of Malborough, to Ann Gilroy, daughter of John Gilroy and Elizabeth Kelly of Goulbourn 12 May 1851: Martin Grant, son of Edward Grant deceased and Mary Brennan, to Catharine Lawler, daughter of William Lawler deceased and Mary Broomfield, both of Goulbourn 12 May 1851: James Kennedy, son of Bryan Kennedy and Sarah Mallin of Marlborough, to Eliza Goodall, daughter of Arthur Goodall and Martha O'Grady of North Gower 23 June 1851: William Ryan, son of Daniel Ryan and Ellen Quinn, to Bridget Daughany, daughter of William Daughany and Margaret Poor, both of North Gower 8 Oct 1851: James O'Connell, son of Edmond O'Connell and Bridget Keaton, to Jane Finley, daughter of Joseph Finley deceased and Margaret Manay?, both of Nepean 9 Oct 1851: James Magin, son of Peter Magin and Ann Shea, to Catharine Brady, daughter of Patrick Brady and Elizabeth McAffrey, 30 Dec 1851: Simon Myers, son of John Myers and Elizabeth Carrison, to Mary Cavanaugh, daughter of Peter Cavanaugh and Elizabeth Jeffers, both of Goulbourn 2 Feb 1852: Lawrence Morrisey, widower of Ann Franklin, to Mary Brophy, daughter of Martin Brophy and Catharine Bergan deceased, of Nepean 5 Feb 1852: Patrick Brophy, son of Patrick Brophy deceased and Margaret Fogarty, to Julia Fermoyle, daughter of John Fermoyle and Bridget Carroll deceased, both parties of Nepean 23 Feb 1852: Bernard Boyle, son of Charles Boyle deceased and Ann Baxter, to Eliza McManus, daughter of John McManus and Elizabeth Haine of Marlborough 23 Feb 1852: Hugh McManus, son of John McManus and Elizabeth Haine, to Mary Ann Boyle, daughter of Charles Boyle deceased and Ann Baxter of Marlborough 26 April 1852: Alexander Hummery?, son of Henry Hummery deceased and Mary Stuart, to Ann Cavanaugh, daughter of Peter Cavanaugh and Elizabeth Jeffers, both parties reside in Goulbourn 7 June 1852: John Dunn, son of Thomas Dunn and Judith Cleary, to Jane Goodall, daughter of Arthur Goodall and Martha O'Grady, both parties of North Gower 15 Nov 1852: Denis Tierney, widower of Bridget Kilroe of Nepean, to Mary Ann Kitt, daughter of Charles Kitt and Elizabeth Bryson of Goulbourn. 22 Nov 1852: James Burns, son of James Burns deceased and Mary Carroll, to Catharine Monagan, daughter of John Monagan and Ann Reagan, both of Nepean 22 Nov 1852: George McNally, son of Andrew McNally deceased and Eliza Wharton, to Mary Fagan, daughter of Michael Fagan and Mary Coleman, both of Goulbourn 24 Jan 1853: Timothy Ryan, son of Daniel Ryan and Ellen Crawford, to Ann Dolan, daughter of John Dolan and Ellen Cassidy 25 Jan 1853: Andrew St.Homme, son of Leo St. Homme and Cecilia Dynne of Montague twp, to Jane Lemmon, daughter of Hugh Lemmon and Catharine Carron of Goulbourn 31 Jan 1853: Philip Kennedy, son of Bryan Kennedy and Catharine Gleeson deceased, to Mary Kilroe, daughter of Lawrence Kilroe deceased and Mary Dunn, both of Nepean 3 Feb 1853: Daniel Delaney, widower of Catharine Fahy, to Hanora Driscoll, daughter of James Driscoll and Hanora Donavin 7 Feb 1853: Denis Cunningham, son of John Cunningham and Catharine Muldoon, to Eliza Fitzgerald, daughter of John Fitzgerald and Mary Deavy, of Nepean 4 Apr 1853: Roderick Caulley of Nepean, widower of Penelope Quinn, to Mary Gleeson, daughter of Martin Gleeson and Ann Gleeson of Goulbourn 5 Apr 1853: Michael Murphy, son of John Murphy and Margaret Cleary deceased, to Margaret Houllahan, daughter of Thomas Houllahan and Jane Ralfe of Nepean 6 Apr 1853: James Dermoddy, son of Timothy Dermoddy and Mary Clancy deceased, to Mary Waters, daughter of John Waters and Catharine Gaven 7 Apr 1853: Christopher Magin, son of Peter Magin and Ann Shea of Goulbourn, to Ellen Hanrahan, daughter of William Hanrahan and Ellen Flynn of Nepean 7 Apr 1853: John Burns, son of James Burns deceased and Mary Carroll, to Mary Bergan, daughter of John Bergan and Ann Cummins, both of Nepean 2 May 1853: Alexander Shanahan, son of Bryan Shanahan deceased and Ann Ryan, to Ellenor Schweitzer, daughter of Charles Schweitzer and Catharine Parolter, both of Goulbourn (note of consent signed by Ellenor's parents dated 28 April, 1853) 24 May 1853: Patrick O'Meara, son of Michael O'Meara deceased and Catharine Foley of Killarney, county Kerry, to Elizabeth O'Meara, daughter of Thomas O'Meara and Ellen Tierney, both of Nepean 27 Jun 1853: Thomas Shanahan, son of Bryan Shanahan deceased and Ann Ryan, to Jane Mears, daughter of John Mears and Elizabeth Kerrison 19 Oct 1853: John Lahy, son of Daniel Lahy deceased and Catharine Lahy of March, to Catharine Muldoon, daughter of Patrick Muldoon and Margaret Bullard on Nepean 2 Nov 1853: Michael Spain, farmer, son of Cornelius Spain and Sarah Oakley, to Judith Tierney, daughter of Denis Tierney and Judith Quinn of Nepean. Witnesses: James Oakley and Elizabeth Spain 14 Nov 1853: Thomas Nutterville, widower of Judith Horton or Norton, to Catharine McCarthy, widow of William Roache 24 Jan 1854: James O'Neil, son of Denis O'Neil deceased and Mary Driscoll, to Ellen Hagarty, daughter of Timothy Hagarty and Ellen Mahoney (note: this marriage is entered as happening in 1853, but it lies between a baptism of 6 Jan 1854 and a baptism of 29 Jan 1854. I think the Priest just wasn't used to the new year yet when he entered the date in the register) 13 Feb 1854: Michael Dunn, son of William Dunn and Mary Kaine, to Mary Ann Kiorvan, daughter of James Kiorvan and Hanora O'Meara 27 Feb 1854: John Honnor, son of Charles deceased and Jane Steadman of Marlborough, to Margaret Lawler, daughter of William Lawler and Mary Broomfield 24 Apr 1854: Patrick Maguire, son of Patrick Maguire deceased and Catharine McGarrity, to Martha Honnor, daughter of Daniel Honnor and Jane Madill of North Gower 16 May 1854: James Malley, son of James Malley deceased and Mary Darcy, to Eliza Coyle, daughter of Thomas Coyle deceased and Susan Willworth of Nepean 5 June 1854: Patrick Deleany, son of Thomas Deleany and Elizabeth Brennan, to Alice Kilmartin, daughter of Patrik Kilmartin and Alice Heally 3 July 1854: Martin Dwyer, son of Jeremiah Dwyer and Ann Flemming, to Mary Dawer, daughter of Patrick Dawer and Ellen Dawer of Killay, county Waterford 31 Jul 1854: Michael Eagan, son of Michael Eagan and Mary Hayes, to Sally Costello, daughter of William Costello and Margaret Murphy, both of Nepean 4 Aug 1854: John McCarthy, son of Morgan McCarthy and Margaret Murphy deceased, to Margaret Dunn, daughter of Thomas Dunn and Catharine Dunn deceased 4 Sep 1854: Martin Haugh, farmer of N. Gower, son of Martin Haugh and Mary Dooley, to Catharine Tobin of Nepean, daughter of William Tobin deceased and Winifred Kelly 3 Oct 1854: John Mears, son of John Mears and Elizabeth Carrisson, to Mary Ann Magin, daughter of Peter Magin and Ann Shea, both of Goulbourn 13 Nov 1854: John Gossan, son of Peter Gossan deceased and Bridget Cavanaugh, to Susan Maguire, daughter of Patrick Maguire and Jane Parnell, both of N. Gower 15 Jan 1855: John Maher, son of John Maher deceased and Mary Fox, to Ann Kelly, daughter of Darby Kelly and Mary Burns, of Nepean 15 Jan 1855: William Cavanagh, son of Peter Cavanagh and Elizabeth Jeffers, to Catharine Kills, daughter of Joseph Kills and Joanna Kills, both of Goulbourn 17 Jan 1855: Fabian St. Amour, to Mary Ann Wilmotte, daughter of Lawrence Wilmotte and Catharine Saborin, both of N. Gower 12 Feb: Martin Carroll, son of Anthony Carroll and Mary Delaney, to Mary Dwyer, daughter of Jeremiah Dwyer and Flemming deceased, both of N. Gower 14 Feb 1855: Richard Muldoon, son of Patrick Muldoon and Margaret Balard?, to Jane O'Meara, daughter of Thomas O'Meara and Ellenor Tierney, both of Nepean 19 Feb 1855: Thomas Quinlan, son of Joseph Quinlan and Margaret Bergan of Nepean, to Catharine Goodall, daughter of Arthur Goodall and Martha O'Grady deceased of N. Gower 17 Apr 1855: James Lynch, son of John Lynch deceased and Mary Smith of Three Rivers, to Catharine Keally, daughter of Martin Keally and Bridget Wallan of Nepean 28 May 1855: Michael Brennan, son of John Brennan and Bridget Dwyer deceased of Cumberland twp, to Anastasia Brophy, daughter of Martin Brophy deceased and Catharine Bergan deceased of Nepean 16 July 1855: John McManus, son of John McManus and Elizabeth Haugh, to Ann Owens, daughter of John Owens and Honora Martin, both of Marlborough 13 Aug 1855: Patrick Caughlin, son of Daniel Caughlin and Jane Leahy of the Parish of Martha C.E., to Ellen O'Keefe, daughter of Michael O'Keefe and Esther Demars of Nepean 7 Sept 1855: William Hayes, son of Edward Hayes and Mary Reardon deceased, to Margaret Murphy, daughter of Timothy Murphy and Nora Gleeson, both of Nepean 3 Oct 1855: James Baxter, son of Thomas Baxter deceased and Catharine O'Reilly of Marlborough, to Elizabeth O'Connor, daughter of Owen O'Connor and Ellen Roberts 5 Nov 1855: Andrew Burnes, son of Jeremiah Burnes and Julia Murphy, to Mary Hanley, daughter of Patrick Hanley and Mary O'Connell, both of Goulbourn 5 Nov 1855: Daniel Kelly, widower of Mary McGiveron, and Margaret Maher, widow of Patrick Scully 3 Mar 1856: Thomas Slattery, son of John Slattery and Bridget Doorley?, to Honora Kelly, daughter of Michael Kelly and Mary Mulloy of Prescott, both of Nepean 19 Aug 1856: John Burrows, James Burrows Esq. and Elizabeth Stanley of Franktown, to Ann Tierney, daughter of William Tierney and Bridget Maher of Nepean. 15 Sept 1856: Matthew Larkin, son of John Larkin and Margaret McCormick, to Margaret O'Brien, daughter of William O'Brien deceased and Ann Lynch, both of Goulbourn 28 Oct 1856: Bartholomy Kiervan, son of James Kiervan and Honora O'Meara deceased, to Catharine Costello, daughter of William Costello and Margaret Murphy, both of Nepean 15 Feb 1857: Edward Murphy, son of Timothy Murphy deceased and Honora Gleeson, to Sally Heffron, daughter of Michael Heffron and Bridget Carroll 19 Feb 1857: Thomas O'Grady, son of Michael O'Grady and Judith Darcy, to Catharine McKenna, daughter of Charles McKenna and Jane Tierney deceased, both of Nepean 24 Feb 1857: John Fournier, son of Anthony Fournier and Sarah Hill, to Mary Kennedy, daughter of James Kennedy and Margaret Murphy deceased, both of Richmond 25 June 1857: Jeremiah Kelly, son of Darby Kelly and Mary Burns deceased, to Mary Martin, daughter of Joseph Martin and Ellen Clark, both of Nepean 8 July 1857: John Cosgrove, son of Edward Cosgrove deceased and Margaret Smith, to Charlotte Purdy, daughter of Henry Purdy and Mary McAuhy, both of Goulbourn 1Nov 1857: Patrick McGinley, son of Patrick McGinley and Catharine McGrath, to Hanora O'Brien, daughter of Daniel O'Brien and Catharine O'Neil, both of Marlborough ...Sue
April 1, 2008: More from Sue: Some marriages from the 1860's at St. Philip's in Richmond that are not in the Ontario BMD's. ... Sue
1860's MARRIAGES AT ST. PHILIP'S, RICHMOND ("not" in Ontario's BMD's)
16 Apr 1860: Michael, farmer of Nepean, son of Darby KELLY and Mary BURNS, deceased, to Ann, daughter of Timothy GLEESON and Margaret BURNS of Nepean. 17 Apr 1860: James, farmer of Goulbourn, son of James DOURAS, deceased, and Catharine BOURKE, to Honora, daughter of Martin GLEESON and Ann GLEESON, deceased. 18 Apr 1860: Oliver, farmer, son of Narcisse PAUL, deceased, and Rosalie MENARD, to Catharine Mary, daughter of Daniel FOGARTY and Rose JOYNT 22 May 1860: Peter, farmer of this Parish, son of Peter CAVANAGH and Elizabeth JEFFERS of this Parish, to Margaret, also of this Parish, daughter of John HEMPHILL and Ann EVOY, deceased. 24 May 1860: Gerald, sadler, son of Garrett FITZGERALD, deceased, and Elizabeth SIMSON of this Parish, to Mary, daughter of Christopher McKENNA and Mary ROGAN 16 Jul 1860: Theophilus, blacksmith of this Parish, son of Louis LAROUCH of St. Jerome, Lower Canada, and Clemente BEAUCHAMP, to Emilia, of this Parish, daughter of Francois CHARLEBOIS, deceased, and Francoise BENARD of this Parish. 06 Aug 1860: Thomas, farmer, son of Bernard CASSIDY, deceased, and Margaret GORMAN of this Parish, to Margaret, daughter of James BURNS, deceased, and Catharine DELEANY of this Parish. 13 Oct 1860: John, farmer, son of Patrick MONAHAN, deceased, and Mary BURNS of Nepean, to Mary, daughter of Martin KEALLY and Bridget WALLACE of Nepean. 15 Oct 1860: Edward, farmer, son of Roderick HAULLY (Hawley) and Ann KENNEDY of Nepean, to Ann, daughter of George HOULAHAN and Honora DONOHOE, deceased, of Nepean. 06 Nov 1860: Patrick, son of James BAXTER, deceased, and Catharine O'REILLY of this Parish, to Margaret, daughter of Thomas BAXTER, deceased, and Catharine McGOVERN of this Parish. 12 Feb 1861: Michael, farmer of Goulbourn, son of Daniel CASSIDAY and Sarah GILLESPIE, to Ann, of Goulbourn, daughter of Roger CUNNINGHAM and Margaret DALY, both deceased. 24 Apr 1861: Thomas, farmer, son of John LARKIN and Catharine McCORMICK of Goulbourn, to Bridget, daughter of John HOULAHAN and Catharine KENNEDY of Nepean. 18 Jun 1861: John LARKIN, farmer, widower of Ellen MALONE, to Mary, daughter of John MYERS and Elizabeth CARRISSON of Goulbourn. 25 Jun 1861: Francis, farmer, son of Michael HART and Ann McCARTHY of the township of Bristol, to Sarah, daughter of James KENNEDY and Mary COOK of North Gower. 16 Jul 1861: Michael, farmer, son of William CLARK and Catharine KELLY, deceased, of Nepean, to Judith, daughter of Michael DAVIS and Catharine HAUGH of Nepean. 30 Sep 1861: Thomas, farmer, son of George SHEA and Margaret NEVIL, county Wexford, to Mary, daughter of Michael HEFFRON and Bridget CARROLL, both of Nepean. 24 Oct 1861: John, carpenter, son of Francis BROGAN and Catharine PRIOR of Bathurst, to Teresa, daughter of James DOURAS, deceased, and Catharine BOURKE of Goulbourn. 04 Nov 1861: James, farmer, son of Thomas FITZGERALD and Joanna DUGAN (Deegan?), of Rosbercon, county Kilkenny, to Elizabeth, daughter of Peter CAVANAGH and Elizabeth JEFFERS of this Parish. 11 Feb 1862: John, farmer, son of Christopher McKENNA and Mary ROGAN of this Parish, to Catharine, daughter of Daniel O'BRIEN and Catharine O'NEIL of this Parish. 24 Feb 1862: Michael, son of Patrick BROPHY, deceased, and Margaret FOGARTY of Nepean, to Mary, daughter of John FERMOYLE and Margaret EGAN, Parish of Clenmon? 03 Mar 1862: John, son of Arthur GOODALL and Martha O'GRADY, deceased, to Mary, daughter of John PHELAN and Margaret McCARTHY, both of North Gower. 03 Mar 1862: Thomas, son of Bernard McKENNA and Margaret CORRIGAN, deceased, of Gloucester, to Ann, daughter of James MAGUIRE and Ann SMITH of Nepean. 15 Jul 1862: John, son of William O'DAIR and Mary KER, to Mary, daughter of Philip HODNETT and Mary HAGARTY. 11 Aug 1862: Joseph, son of John BARCHI (Barchey?) and Mary BARRY, deceased, to Margaret, daughter of Martin BERGAN (Berrigan?) and Mary WHELAN, deceased, both of Nepean. 08 Sep 1862: Michael, son of Michael HART and Ann McCARTHY of Onslow, to Mary, daughter of James KENNEDY and Mary COOKE of North Gower. 11 Nov 1862: Denis, son of Michael CORKERY and Mary CORKERY, deceased, of Ramsay, to Margaret, daughter of John McGIVRON, deceased, and Margaret FLEMMING of Goulbourn. 11 Nov 1862: Roderick, son of Michael FAGAN and Mary COLEMAN, to Elizabeth, daughter of Francis GREENAN and Sarah KITT, deceased, both of Goulbourn. 28 Nov 1862: Michael, son of Michael FAGAN and Mary COLEMAN, to Margaret, daughter of Patrick HANLEY and Mary O'CONNELL, both of Goulbourn. 20 Jan 1863: James, son of John WATERS, deceased, and Catharine GAVEN, to Ann, daughter of Thomas McGUE and Ann MONAGHAN. 29 Jan 1863: Thomas, son of Thomas COYLE, deceased, and Susan WELLWORTH, to Judith, daughter of Michael WATERS, deceased, and Winifred DORSEY, both of Nepean. 28 Apr 1863: Patrick, son of John McDERMOTT and Bridget CORKERY of Ramsay, to Catharine, daughter of Patrick HANDLEY and Mary O'CONNELL of Goulbourn. 10 Nov 1863: Peter, son of John McGRATH and Mary CARROLL, to Mary, daughter of George SHEA and Margaret NEVILLE. 24 Nov 1863: John, son of Joseph MARTIN and Ellen CLARK, to Maria, daughter of John FITZGERALD and Maria DEAVY. 04 Feb 1864: James, son of Michael O'GRADY and Judith DARCY, to Ann, daughter of Roderick CAWLEY and Penelope QUINN, both of Nepean. 08 Feb 1864: Patrick, son of Michael SWAIN and Mary FOLEY, to Catharine, daughter of Fergus BAXTER and Ellen DOLIN, both of Marlborough 08 Feb 1864: Edward, son of Bryan SHANAHAN and Ann RYAN of Goulbourn, deceased, to Sarah, daughter of Cornelius SPAIN and Sarah OAKLEY of Nepean. 12 Apr 1864: John, son of John FORBIS, deceased, and Catharine GALLAGHER, to Catharine, daughter of James DEVINE and Ellen BARTON. 11 Jul 1864: Lucius, son of J.B RENAUD dit DUMOULIN and Asteria MARTHE, to Marcella, daughter of Louis LAROUCH and Clemente BEAUCHAMP. 27 Jul 1864: Edward, son of John DAVY and Bridget WALSH, deceased, to Elizabeth, daughter of John LARKIN and Catharine McCORMICK. 09 Jan 1865: Duncan John, son of Duncan McGREGOR and Mary Ann NAGLE of Huntley, to Elizabeth, daughter of Richard COLLINS and Ann CAHILL of Goulbourn. 14 Feb 1865: Thomas, son of Jeremiah O'SULLIVAN and Elizabeth McCARTHY of Nepean, to Elizabeth, daughter of John PHELAN and Margaret McCARTHY of North Gower. 21 Feb 1865: Edward, son of Edward COSGROVE, deceased, and Margaret SMITH of Goulbourn, to Margaret, daughter of Thomas LYNGE and Catharine FOX of Goulbourn. 25 Apr 1865: Michael, son of Darby KEALLY and Elizabeth MULLIGAN of Ottawa, to Elizabeth, daughter of Patrick BRADY and Elizabeth McCAFFRY of Goulbourn. 27 Apr 1865: John, son of Timothy GLEESON and Margaret BURNS, to Ann, daughter of William MADDEN and Catherine BAXTER. 17 Jul 1865: John, son of Patrick POWER and Mary POWER, to Margaret, daughter of John MYERS and Elizabeth CARRISSON. 30 Oct 1865: William, son of William CUMMINS and Joanna GAINOR of Marlborough, to Ellen, daughter of James BAXTER, deceased, and Catharine McGOVERN of North Gower. 28 Nov 1865: John, son of Patrick FOX and Mary DUNN deceased, to Catharine, daughter of James BAXTER, deceased, and Catharine McGovern of North Gower. 23 Jan 1866: William, son of Matthew CALLAHAN, deceased, and Mary Ann DIAMOND, to Mary, daughter of Patrick SKEHAN and Elizabeth HAMMERY? 05 Feb 1866: John, son of James SLAVEN, deceased, and Mary McCORT of Marlborough, to Catharine, daughter of Thomas O'MEARA and Ellen TIERNEY of Nepean. 08 Feb 1866: John, son of Roderick HAULLY and Ann KENNEDY, to Eliza, daughter of Michael MALAUGHNEY and Ellen MURPHY, both of Nepean. 15 May 1866: Edmond, son of Michael KITT and Jane OLDERCROFT, deceased, to Mary, daughter of John O'SULLIVAN and Margaret BUCKLEY, deceased. 18 Jun 1866: James, son of Michael FAGAN and Mary COLEMAN, to Elizabeth, daughter of John WITHERS (Wittiers?) and Bridget CAVANAGH, both of Goulbourn. 28 Nov 1866: John, son of Martin HOUGH, deceased, of North Gower (no mother's name entered), and Catharine, daughter of John KELLY and Bridget HEENAN, deceased, of Nepean. 04 Mar 1867: Mark, son of John McGIVRON and Margaret FLEMMING, deceased, to Ann (age 18), daughter of John CARROLL and Mary WATERS, both of Goulbourn. 04 Mar 1867: Joseph BROPHY, widower of the late Bridget FERMOYLE, to Bridget, daughter of Ambrose MADDEN and Mary CARLTON, both of Nepean. 09 Jul 1867: Michael, son of Edward GRANT, deceased, (no mother's name entered), to Joanna, daughter of Michael GORMAN and Joanna BOLAND, both of Marlborough. 14 Nov 1867: James LUBY of Ottawa, widower of the late Margaret MADDEN, to Mary DERMODY of Nepean. (note: Jame's death registration (died 17 Dec 1885, born abt 1826) says he was born in county Cavan, Ireland) 19 Nov 1867: Denis, son of Patrick McFAUL and Martha DALE of Buckingham, to Bridget, daughter of Jeremiah O'BRIEN and Catharine O'NEIL of Marlborough 14 Jan 1868: William, son of John DWYER and Ann CULLEN, deceased, to Ann, daughter of John ROONEY and Ann BRENNAGH, deceased. 05 May 1868: Robert, son of Patrick McFAUL and Martha DALE of Buckingham, to Catharine, daughter of Timothy KELLEHER and Bridget O'SULLIVAN of Richmond. 23 Jul 1868: Patrick, son of Patrick BRADY and Elizabeth McCAFFREY, to Mary Ann, daughter of Henry McCARTHY and Jane FRAYER? 20 Oct 1868: Roderick, son of William HEENAN and Mary WHITE, to Mary, daughter of Michael SCOTT, deceased, and Julia BANGS, both of Huntley. 28 Nov 1868: Patrick EAGEN (Egan?) (no parents' names entered), to Mary Ann, daughter of Denis GLEESON and Bridget HOWE of Nepean. 07 Jan 1869: Michael, son of Michael HANDLIN and Margaret WHITE, to Julia, daughter of Patrick MURPHY and Joanna DOYLE. 13 Jan 1869: William, son of James RALPH and Mary LAWLOR, deceased, to Margaret, daughter of James GORMAN, deceased, and Joanne BRENNAN, both of Marlborough. 06 Feb 1869: Patrick MALOUGHNEY, widower of Mary GLEESON, of Nepean, to Ellen, daughter of John McCARTHY and Elizabeth PARTON of Goulbourn. 28 Apr 1869: Thomas, son of Thomas BAXTER, deceased, and Catharine O'REILLY of Marlborough, to Mary, daughter of Patrick FOX and Mary DUNN, deceased. 10 Jan 1870: James, son of Patrick MONAHAN, deceased, and Mary BURNS, of Nepean, to Teresa, daughter of George O'DOHERTY, deceased, and Jane KAIN of Walford? ... Sue

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