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November 10, 2005:
I was reading the "Bytown or bust" article and was interested in the list of early 
French Canadian workers on the Rideau canal.  The list includes a Paul Filion and I 
was wondering if there is anything further that can be found about this individual, 
eg. where in Canada did he come from.  Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
... Richard
Hi Al,
Thanks for looking through records at Notre Dame Church.  Hope you are able to find 
something.  Another Philion (Filion) who was living in this area was an Alexis Philion 
who was b. 1813 and was found living in Russell, Cambridge at the time of the 1881 
census.  I am wondering if Paul and Alexis are related.   
Thanks again for any help and yes you can add my em address to your website.  
... Richard

Here are some early Philion / Philion / Filion records from Notre Dame Cathedral.
Thanks to Ellen Paul for this:

8 Sep 1831     
Baptism of Maria, 1 day old, daughter to Joseph Vannier and Caroline Filion     
Godparents: Louis Olivier and Elizabeth Danis   
M. Lalor, Priest

24 Jul 1832    Baptism of John, 17 mos. old, lawful son to Paul Filion and Mary Ryan Fauchean
Godparents: Pierre Poirier and Judith Rheaume   
M. Lalor, P.

17 Nov 1842
Baptism of Ursuline, aged 19 days, daughter of Jean Baptiste Filion and Adelaide Blondet
Antoine Leonaise & Marie Clement

15 May 1843
After the publication of two banns, marriage of Jeremiah Filion, adult son of the late 
Paul Filion and Louise Limoges of Terrebonne, Lower Canada, to Mary Goulet, resident 
in Bytown and minor daughter of the late Basile Goulet and Genevieve Durant of Bytown
Seraphin Boucher, Cyrille Woisy, Angele Goulet & others

13 Oct 1843
Baptism of Alfred, born today of the marriage of Henry Goulet and Elmire Bone of Bytown
Jeremie Filion & Genevieve Durand

6 Mar 1844
Baptism of Marie Liobe, born yesterday of the marriage of Jeremie Filion, stonecutter 
of Bytown, and Marie Goulast / Goulet
Louis Desormier & Genevieve Durand

10 May 1845
Baptism of Augustin, 2 mos. & 7 days old, son of Jean Baptiste Filion and Adelaide Blondeau
Maxime Bellegarde & Emerence Filion

1 Jul 1845
After three publications of banns, marriage of Francois Doray (Dore ?), adult son of 
the late Jacques Doray and Catherine Foubert of Beauharnois, Lower Canada, to Emerence 
Fillion, minor daughter of Jean Baptiste Fillion / Filion and Adelaide Blondeau of Bytown
Louis Dorion & Charles Chartrand

27 Mar 1847
Baptism of Maxime, born the same day of the marriage of Francois Delorme and Marie Filion of Bytown
Maxime Lepine & Flavie Came (twin)

27 Mar 1847
Baptism of Sophie, born the same day of the marriage of Francois Delorme and Marie Fillon of Bytown
Thomas Brule & Angelique Brunet (twin)

20 May 1847
Baptism of Pierre, aged 1 mo., son of J.B. Filion and Adelaide Blondeau of Bytown
Augustin Valcourt & Marie Letort

26 Jun 1848
Baptism of Guillaume, born yesterday of the marriage of Francois Delorme and Narcisse 
Filion of Bytown
Basiel Guerard & Rose de Lima Robillard

14 Jun 1849
Baptism of Charles, born the day before yesterday of the marriage of Francois Doray / 
Dore ?  Delorme? and Adele Fillion / Filion
Simon Blondeau & Adele Lacroix

12 Nov 1850
Burial of Marie Rosalie Filion who died the day before yesterday, aged 7 mos., 
daughter of Paul Filion and Rosalie Decaire of Bytown
Jeremie Godin & Philibert Bastien 
December 15, 2005: Hi Al, I sent an em about a week ago, but can't locate it, so not sure if you ever received it. I have a question about getting access to church records from St. Patrick's, Bytown around 1840. I found that John G. Philion was born in 1841, St. Patricks and married there in 1863. There may be other children from the marriage of Alexis Philion and Francois Gossselin that were baptized or married in Bytown. The LDS only has records starting from 1853, how would I locate records a decade or more earlier? Thanks for any suggestions you might have. ... Richard ____________________________ Richard: Here is another son of Alexis Philion and Francoise Gosselin. This record is from Notre Dame on Sussex Drive and is dated 1855: ... Al 2 Jan 1855 Baptism of Alphonse, born 1 January of the marriage of Alexis Filion and Francoise Gosselin Godparents: Charles ? & Francoise Huot-- Source: Ellen Paul ______________________ Hi again, Richard: I just came across the death of a Robert Charles Philion who died Dec 13, 1876. His father was John Philion. John is listed as a storekeeper, his wife's name is not listed. Robert Charles Philion was aged two years and four months. The witnesses to the death register were John Philion and Thomas Moran. This is recorded at St. Michael's Church in Corkery, Ontario (now part of the western area of the City of Ottawa). ... Al
New April 5, 2006: hello richard and al, i came across your postings at my husband's family is from ottawa and i was interested in a couple of the names you mentioned in your dec 2005 correspondance regarding the philion family: re: my father-in-law's side (gosselin, robillard, côté, gravel, chevrier, aubuchon) alexis philion + francoise GOSSELIN basiel guerard + rose de lima ROBILLARD we have traced this side back as follows: Romeo Gosselin, b. 1917, Ottawa + Nora Chevrier Sévère Gosselin, b. 1875, Ottawa + Corrine Gravel Sévère Gosselin, b. 1875, "Ontario" + Marie Côté, b 1845, "Ontario"-- daughter of Jean-Baptist Cote and Genevieve Aubuchon André Gosselin, b about 1790-1823, probably Quebec + Delphine Robillard b about 1790-1823, probably Quebec (Delphine was likely the daughter of Antoine Robillard, b. 1797 St. Eustache) i suspect that andré gosselin and antoine robillard originally came from quebec, possibly montreal-way. i learned that they went to bytown to build the rideau canal, and stayed to work in the quarries. i would love to trace the line back further if possible. do any of these names ring a bell in your research? also, the mention of corkery struck me. my mother-in-law is an o'connell, whose ancestors helped settle this area. in fact, last summer we were at st. michael's for an o'connell family reunion. heather knechtel

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