Early Births recorded at St. Phillip's Roman Catholic Church, Richmond Ontario, now part of Ottawa, Canada
Early Births recorded at St. Phillip's Roman Catholic Church, Richmond Ontario
Now part of Ottawa, Canada

Thanks to Marilyn Cottrell for this very important and useful transcription of the
baptisms in Richmond, Ontario. These records contain many names from Huntley and 
Nepean Townships also.
This was originally posted on January 20. Marilyn has sent this updated version in which 
she has added hundreds of more names. (January 30, 2002).

Also, Marilyn has this information on a nifty spreadsheet which contains exact dates
(including days and months, etc) and additional information. I had trouble converting 
the spreadsheet data to HTML for the web but Grace has fixed the
formatting, today, April 29. 2012.

Father			Mother			Child			Birth	Godfather			Godmother	

Edward Morris		Rebecca Hobbs		John Morris		1836	Thomas Fallon			Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
Thomas Dooley		Catherine Quinn		Margaret Dooley		1836	Ambrose Madden			Jane Hart
James Douris		Sarah Piper		Margaret Douris		1836	James Caron			Margaret Carrion
Patrick Mulligan	Sarah McLellan		Mary Ann Mulligan	1836	Garrett Fitzgerald		Sarah Davis
John Watters		Catherine Garin		James Watters		1836	Bryan Watters			Mary Watters
Charles	McKenny		Jane Tierney		Catherine Tierney	1836	Thomas O'Meara			Winifred Costello
Daniel Hannagan		Catherine Carroll	Margaret Hannigan	1836	Hector Donohue			O'Rielley
Patrick Lyng		Elizabeth O'Neil	Edward O'Neil		1836	Michael Gleason			Mary Gleason
William Hurley		Mary Dunn		Michael Hurley		1836	Michael Cleary			Maria Cleary
Thomas Manion		Mary Manion		Esther Manion		1836	?				Catherine Donohoe
Michael Cavanaugh	Sarah Clarke		Elizabeth Cavanaugh	1836	Andrew Mannion			Mary Mannion
Patrick Carrick		Jane Leacy / Lacey	Margaret Carrick	1836	James Leacy			Margaret Leacy
Michael Cronin		Mary Doolin		John Cronin		1836	William Walsh			Mary Donohoe
Peter Whelan		Hannah Roche		John Whalen		1836	Christopher Whelan		Sarah Carty
Michael Mulligan	Bridget Slavin		Bernard	Mulligan	1836	Thomas O'Neill			Judith Kieley
Edward Lunney		Johanna Mantle		Patrick Lunney		1836	Hugh Lunney			Catherine Lindsay
James Mannion		Margaret Tierney	Mary Manion		1836	John Whalen			Clara Carty
Patrick Muldoon		Margaret Bullard	Ellen Muldoon		1836	Rody Grady			Hanora Tierney
Jeremiah O'Connor	Mary Callahan		Daniel O'Connor		1836	John Callaghan			Catherine Callaghan
Thomas Dunn		Judith Cleary		Elizabeth Dunn		1836	James Doyle			Mary Doyle
Thomas Nutterville	Judith Norton		Catherine Nutterville	1836	Patrick Brady			Elizabeth Brady
Joseph Hornrew		Catherine Hill		James			1836	Anthony Furnier			Margaret Furnier
John Costello		Jane Gorman		Dennis Costello		1836	Michael Lawlor			Mary Lawlor
John Walsh		Ellinor Cane / Keane	Suzanna Walsh		1836	Edward Murray			Margaret McCarty
Edward Nolan		Elizabeth O'Neill	Elizabeth Nolan		1836	Patrick Doolin			Bridget Ryan
James Rollo		Mary Kehoe		Elizabeth Rollo		1836	Thomas O'Meara			Judith Waters
William Fitzpatrick	Ellen Phillips		Christopher Fitzpatrick	1837	Andrew 	Whelan			Bridget	McGreath
John Green		Ann Green		Philip Green		1836	Philip Green			Elizabeth Cavanagh
Dennis Shanahan		Abigail Green		Dennis Shanahan		1836	Michael Mulligan		Ellen Kennedy
Luke McAlomney		Sarah McPeeke		John McAlomney		1836	Patrick McPeak			Johanna Mantle
Bernard McGee		Ellen Mantle		Bridget McGee		1836	John Kennedy			Judith O'Brien
John Tierney		Ann Murray		William Tierney		1837	James Murray			Jane Dunne
Tomothy Fogarty		Matilda Flood		Michael Fogarty		1836	John Walsh			Johanna Gavour
Christopher McKenna	Mary Rogan		Christopher McKenna	1836	Thomas Murray			Mary Ann McCarthy
Daniel P. Collins	Margaret Barry		Mary Ann Collins	1835	Michael Cronin			Mary Doolin
Michael Cavanagh	Sarah Clark		Caroline Cavanagh	1825	James Mannion			Margaret Tierney
Bernard Teevan		Mary Nutty		Susanna Teevan		1836	John Feehely			Mary Forrest
James Hawley		Rosanna McPeeke		James Hawley		1836	Owen Quinn			Margaret Donnelly
Daniel O'Brien		Catherine O'Neil	Bridget O'Brien		1837	Michael Gorman			Hanora Moore
John Larkin		Catherine McCormick	Elizabeth Larkin	1837	George Edge			Jane Edge
Thomas Brown		Ellen Pussell		Thomas Brown		1837	John Buchanan			Margaret Tierney
Timothy Kennedy		Mary O'Keefe		Michael Kennedy		1837	William Delaney			Esther Manion
Thomas McDonogh		Anne McCarthy		Thomas McDonogh		1837	? Holly				Elizabeth Tierney
James Forrest		Bridget Kennedy		Richard Forrest		1837	Cornelius Forrest		Mary Kennedy
Patrick	Greane / Green	Mary Grace		John Greane		1836	Hugh McKenny			Ellen Coonors
James Buckley		Mary O'Brien		Daniel Buckley		1837	William Walsh			Hanorah Mahoney
James Kennedy		Mary Cooke		Mary Kennedy		1836	Philip Carroll			Julia Dunn
Daniel Connor		Jane Madril		Esther Connor		1836	Peter Cassidy			Ellen Callaghan
James Cullen		Mary Flanagan		Bridget Cullen		1837	James Kennedy			Ann McGee
Thomas O'Meara		Ellen Tierney		John O'Meara		1837	John Costello			Mary Costello
Charles Doyle		Anne Baxter		Catherine Doyle		1836	Thomas Murray			Sarah Kennedy
Owen McKenna		Mary Moore		Margaret McKenna	1837	Thomas Moore			Mary Moore
Simon Hughes		Ellen Shepard		Elizabeth Hughes	1836	Thomas Murray			Elizabeth Fitzgerald
William Hills		Sarah Graham		Sarah Hills		1837	Terrance Smith			Elizabeth Fitzgerald
James Copeland		Ellen Murray		Jane Copeland		1837	John Tierney			Anne Tierney
Anthony Fornier		Sarah Hill		Jeremiah Fournier	1837	George Edge			Catherine Bourke
Patrick Lunny		Margaret McGuire	Patrick Lunny		1836	John McCarthy			Judith Norton
Carroll Sullivan	Ann Mannion		Esther Sullivan		1837	Andrew Mannion			Judith Mannion
Daniel Maher		Alice Bready		Daniel Maher		1837	John Meehan			Hanora McCarthy
James Flynn		Margaret Morgan		Elizabeth Flynn		1837	Thomas Bresnahan		Mary Cunnigham
John Connor		?			Daniel			1836	Edward ?			Bridget ?	
Hugh Short		Margaret Donnelly	Edward Short		1836	John Graham			Bridget 	
John Hanrahan		Mary White		Mary Hanrahan		1836	John Curry			Roxshanna Connors
? Patrick 		Margaret ?		McGuire Patrick		1836	John McCarthy			Judith Norton
John Regan		Ann Cummins		Ann Regan		1837	James Madden			Mary Costello
James Boyle		Margaret McDonnell	Patrick			1837	Daniel Cunningham		Margaret Gorman
Thomas Enright		Mary Gorman		Bridget Enright		1837	Daniel Hannigan			Margaret Gorman
Philip Hodnett		Mary Hagerty		Ellen Hodnett		1837	Thomas Lyng			Ellen Cosgrove
Daniel Delaney		Catherine Fahey		Thomas Delaney		1837	Charles McKenny			Jane Tierney
John Fitzgerald		Mary			?			1837	Daniel Hannigan			Ellen Egan
James Early		Mary Donohoe		John Early		1837	John Bergin			Hanora Byrnes
Cornelius Spain		Sara Oakley		Ellen Spain		1837	Patrick McGrath			Catherine Slattery
Patrick Hammill		Catherine Muldoon	Mary Hamill		1837	Ambrose Madden			Mary	
James McDonnell		Elizabeth 		Catherine McDonnell	1837	Anthony McVeigh			Mary Garrett
? Ring			Elizabeth Roach		James Ring		1837	Daniel Maxwell			Hanorah Walsh
Michael Cavanagh	Sarah Clark		Mary Ann Cavanagh	1837	James Manion			Catherine Bresnahan
Charles	Hill		Elizabeth Hill		Lucy Hill		1832	Philip Haggerty			Sarah Byrnes
?			?			Elizabeth			?				?
John O'Grady		Hanorah Spain		John O'Grady		1837	Daniel O'Grady			Ann Spain
James Gleason		Catherine O'Meara	Thomas Gleason		1837	James Maloney			Bridget ?
Joseph Quinlan		Margaret Bergin		Margaret Quinlan	1837	Rody O'Grady			Margaret Delany
William Hanrahan	Ellen Flynn		Margaret Hanrahan	1837	Thomas Walsh			Ann Hogan
James Doyle		Mary Quinn		Mary Doyle		1837	Patrick Fahey			Bridget Kelly
Richard Cody		Margaret Mantle		John Cody		1837	Patrick Gorman			Mary Mantle
Patrick Mealy		Catherine Patten	John Mealy		1837	Patrick O'Keiffe		Ellen Kennedy
William Green		Elizabeth Connors	William Green		1837	Patrick Nagle			Margaret Leary
James Quinn		Mary Bonfield		Michael	Quinn		1837	James White			Bridget O'Brien
James Ruddy		Elizabeth Dooley	William Ruddy		1837	David Lunney			Johanna Mantle
Edward Rieley		Judith Mulligan		Michael Rieley		1837	Patrick Lunney			Catherine Quinn
Patrick Callaghan	Margaret Connor		John Callaghan		1837	James Connor			Sophia White
Dennis Day		Bridget Ryan		John Day		1837	Michael	Bohan			Sophia White
James O'Connor		Ann Patterson		Mary O'Connor		1837	Thomas Bohan			Mary Bohan
?			?			Mary Ann		1837	John ?				Mary ?	
Alexander Depouris	Harriet Morando		Alexander Depouris	1824	John Bohan			Margaret Bohan
Augusta Rock		Mary Garoe		Mary Ann Rock		1837	Francis Regan			Catherine Dunn
James Murry		Eliza Burrows		Michael Murray		1837	James Burrows			Elizabeth Stanley
Dennis O'Neil		Catherine Costello	Mary Ann O'Neil		1837	Daniel O'Neil			Mary Moore
Patrick Lahey		Elizabeth ?		Sarah Lahey		1837	Owen Kelly			Bridget Clearey
John Meehan		Hanorah McCarthy	Bridget Meehan		1837	William Hickey			Roxanna McVeigh
Bernard McAllister	?			Ann McAllister		1837	Joseph Quinlan			Anne Byrnes
William Burnett		Mary Gleeson		Margaret Burnett	1837	Martin Eagen			Margaret Burnett
Christopher Purcell	Hanora Flemming		Catherine Purcell	1837	Hillary Doxborough		Mary Ann Bourke
Peter Owens		Mary Brown		Mary Owens		1819	Thomas O'Meara			Elizabeth Tierney
Michael O'Hara		Mary Bond		Elizabeth O'Hara	1837	John Costello			Ann Byrnes
Joseph Kerocke		Esther Sige		Joseph Kerocke		1837	Joseph Purcell			Augusta Beuhore
James Mackey		Jane Murray		Jane Mackey		1837	Mils Bourke			Catherine Bourke
Henry O'Grady		Catherine Slattery	Mary O'Grady		1837	John Costello			Winifred Costello
Thomas Hart		Jane Closary		Margaret Hart		1837	Thomas Dooley			Jane McLane
Cornelius Gleason	Elizabeth Oakley	Daniel Gleason		1837	James Hannisday			Jane Morrison
James Hanniway		Jane Morrison		John Hanniway		1837	Cornelius Gleason		Elizabeth Oakley
James Lennin		Catherine Pinder	James Lennin		1837	Thomas Henry			Jane Dunn
Thomas Lyng		Catherine Fox		Thomas Lyng		1837	John Codgrove			Elizabeth O'Neil
Charles Kitt		Elizabeth Breason	John Kitt		1837	Patrick Mulholland		Elleanor Lamb
Ayesenth Deaubrough	Margaret Charlebowe	Susan Deaubrough	1837	? Edge				Susan Cane
Frances O'Neil		Anne O'Neil		?			1837	Dennis Harkey			Mary Doulin
Timothy Gleason		Margaret Byrnes		Anne Gleason		1837	William Burnett			Hanora Bynres
Rodger Hawley		Ann Kennedy		Catherine Hawley	1837	John Tierney			Anne Tierney
Henry McDonnell		Anne McQuade		Anne McDonnell		1837	George Houlahan			Eliza Fogarty
Dennis Tierney		Judith Quinn		Bridget Tierney		1837	Mortimer Quinn			Penelope Quinn
John Dwyer		Anne Cullin		Ellen Dwere		1837	Thomas Murray			Ellen Fie
Michael Donohoe		Eliza Thistle		James Donohoe		1837	Danniel Hannigan		?	
Micahel Gregg		Ellen  Barry		Mary Gregg		1837	William Green			Mary Gregg
James Hawley		Rosanna McCeek		James Hawley		1836	Owen Quinn			Margaret Donohoe
Thomas Tarton		Catherine Byrns		Isaac Tarton		1837	Jermiah Byrns			Judith Murphy
Peter Cassidy		Margaret Heerey		Terrence Cassidy	1837	Rev. Terrence Smith		Margaret Power
Peter Cassidy		Margaret Hurey		Terrence Cassidy	1837	Rev. T.	Smith			Margaret Power
Joseph McGee		Rosanna Logan		James McGee			Charles Kitt			Sarah Byrns
Michael Cavanagh	Sarah Clark (wife)					Andrew Whelan			Bridget Whelan
Anthony Furnier		Sarah Hill (wife)					Rev. Terrence Smith		Elizabeth Simpson
Thadeous Fogarty	Martha Flood (wife)					John Tierney			Hanora Tierney
Joseph Finley		Ellen Mackey (wife)					James Mulholland		Ellen Fallers
John Hazelton		Mary Ann Cane Hamersley	(wife)				George Edge			Susan Cane
Gerrald Fitzgerald	Margaret Simpson (wife)					Rev. T.	Smith			Sarah Hill
Patrick Gorman		Margaret Cushin (wife)					James Waide			Catherine Coshin
Patrick Murphy		Anne Pembroke		Mortimer Murphy		1838	Daniel Hannigan			Anne Murphy
James Warnock		Mary Monahan		Ann Warnock			John Monahan			Bridget Monahan
William Unoth		Margaret Johnson	Ashnine Unoff		1838	John Douras			Margaret Flood
Thomas Baxter		Catherine McGovern	Catherine Baxter	1838	Daniel Monahan			Catherine Baxter
Charles Davis		Rosanna Reilly		Rosanna Davis			John Mulholland			Rosanna Rielly
Peter McGinn		Anne Shea		John McGinn		1838	Valentine Deslaurier		Anne Young
John McGovern		Margaret Flemming	Martha McGovern		1830	John McCarthy			Anne Young
John McGovern		Margaret Flemming	Margaret McGovern	1832	Rev. T. Smith			Elizabeth McGovern
Daniel Collins		Margaret Barry		Margaret Collins	1837	Daniel Collins			Mary Cunningham
Thomas O'Grady		Ann Spain		Henry O'Grady			? Spain				Catherine Spain
Peter McGinn		Anne Shea		John McGinn		1833	Valentine Deslauriers		Anne Young
John McGovern		Margaret Flemming	Mark McGovern		1830	John McCarthy			Anne Young
John McGovern		Margaret Flemming	Margaret McGovern	1832	Rev. Terrence Smith		Elizabeth McGovern
Daniel Collins		Margaret Barry		Margaret Collins	1837	Daniel Collins			Mary Cunnighan
Thomas Baxter		Catherine McGovern	Catherine Baxter	1838	Danniel Hanagan			Catherine Baxter
Charles Doris		Rosanna	Riely		Rosanna Doris		1838	John Mullholland		Rosanna Rielly

Charles O'Connor Jane Headman Michael O'Connor 1838 Michael Gorman Margaret Bore Daniel Fogarty Rosanna Joint Catherine Fogarty 1838 Milo Burke Catherine Bourke Thomas O'Grady Ann Spain Henry O'Grady 1838 Cornelius Spain Catherine Spain James McKoy Margaret Fitzgerald Isabella McKoy 1837 James Doris Mary O'Meara Patrick McEachan Mary Byrns Mary McEachan 1838 James Byrns Catherine Rogan Matthew Daly Elleanor Killean Peter Daly 1827 Samuel Summerville Mary Summerville Patrick McNamara Bridget Costello Elizabeth McNamara 1838 Dennis O'Neil Margaret McGovern Thomas Welsh Ann Rogan Bridget Welsh 1838 ? O'Grady Judith O'Grady Patrick Gorman Mary Halpin Mary Ann Gorman 1838 Patrick Halpin Sarah Duggan James Kennedy Elizabeth Murphy Catherine Kennedy 1838 John Costello Margaret Murphy Thomas Walsh Anne Walsh Bridget Walsh 1838 Michael Bready Judith O'Grady Patrick Fox Mary Dunn Elizabeth Fox 1838 Thomas Fox Catherine Sullivan Thomas O'Meara Elizabeth Tierney Ellen O'Meara 1838 Matthew Costello Mary Burnett William Ryan Mary Ratten Ellen Ryan 1838 Daniel Hanagan Rosanna McGovern Daniel Hanagan Catherine Carrol Patric Hanagan 1838 Philip Cassidy Susan Smith William Costello Margaret Murphy Catherine Costello 1838 James Kennedy Mary Costello ? Hefferan Mary Ann Emery Ellen Heffernan 1838 James Brannaugh Jane Douris Daniel Douris Jane Killian John Douris 1838 Garret Fitzgerald Margaret McDarby Daniel O'Connor Jane Madell John O'Connor 1838 Michael O'Donohoe Mary Costello Joseph Finlan Margaret McKey Margaret Finlan 1838 James Murray Elizabeth Burrows Garrett Fitzgerald Elizabeth Simpson Garrett Fitzgerald 1838 Valentine Deslaurier Ann Gerride Henry Purdy Mary McCawley Robert Purdy 1838 Michael Gleason Mary Gleason Thomas Rielly Bridget Foy Thomas Rielly 1838 James Mulholland Ellen Mulholland John Watters Catherine Gowan Barbary Judith Watters 1838 William Dorley Mary Goodey Charles McKenny Jane Tierney Margaret McKenny 1838 Dennis Tierney Judith Quinn John Miller Catherine Smith Bridget Miller 1838 Thomas O'Meara Catherine O'Meara Edward Morris Rebecca Hobbs James Morris 1838 Daniel Hannigan Mary Costello Peter Reddy Elizabeth Carrol Peter Reddy 1838 Garret Fitzgerald Elizabeth Humbrey John Mears Elizabeth Corrison Thomas Mears 1837 James Devine Elizabeth Brunnick Hugh Lemming Catherine O'Neil Hugh Lemming 1838 Dennis O'Neil Anne Short Francis Grenan Sarah Kitt Elizabeth Grenan 1838 James Mulholland Elizabeth Kitt William Lawler Mary Bloomfield Thomas Lawler 1838 Edward Cosgrove Elizabeth McGovern Lawrence McGrath Bridget Gorman Hanora McGrath 1838 Michael Gorman Bridget Henright Edward Morris Rebecca Hobbs James Morris 1838 Daniel Hannigan Mary Costello Michael O'Kieffe Esther Demerse Cornelius O'Kieffe 1838 William Hanrahan Ellen Flynn ? ? Benjamin Finnar 1838 James Mantle Margaret O'Brien Ambrose Madden Mary Carlin Judith Madden 1838 William Madden Bridget Cummings James Malone Anne Closey Isabella Malone 1838 H.L. O'Meara Winny Costello Patrick Bready Elizabeth McCaffrey Patrick Bready 1838 Patrick Heffernan Ellen Lackey ? ? Elizabeth Williams 1838 Daniel Hannigan Anne Young William Tierney Bridget Maher John Tierney 1838 John Tierney Elizabeth Tierney Bryan Fogarty Bridget Headen Michael Fogarty 1838 Joseph Quinlan Bridget Kelly Thomas Enright Mary Gorman Michael Enright 1838 William Dawson Margaret Enright Levi Gounge Ellen Thessea William Gounge 1838 Dennis Gaudette Jane Douris Patrick Mulligan Sarah McGillis John Mulligan 1838 Henry Dempsey Ellen Reddy John Walsh Ellen Cane / Keane Charles Walsh 1838 Patrick Heffernan Margaret Cane John Enright Mary Gorman Michael Enright 1838 John Gorman Mary Enright ? ? Rebecca Burwall 1838 Rev. Terrence Smith Catherine Shea Daniel Fogarty Rosanna Joynt Catherine Mary Fogarty 1838 Milo Burke Catherine Bourke James Moran Margaret Johnson Henrietta Moran 1837 John Hogan Elizabeth Martin ? ? Ellen Barton Patrick Larkin Bridget Kelly William Cummins Margaret Ryan Catherine Cummins 1838 Patrick Leary MariabRath Patrick Mears Elizabeth Hennessy Patrick Mears 1837 William Kitt Elizabeth Breason Patrick Mears Elizabeth Hennessy William Mears 1837 Charles Kitt Mary Ann Kitt Micahel Tully Margaret Row James Tully 1838 James Mulholland Sarah Kitt Dennis O'Neil Catherine Costello John O'Neil 1839 Edward Moore Mary Ann Timmins Dennis O'Neil Bridget Halpin Mary O'Neil 1839 James Byrns Bridget O'Brien Martin Waters Bridget Mealy Sarah Waters 1839 Thomas Walsh Sarah Waters William Ryan Susanna Fahey Catherine Ryan 1838 Daniel Hanagan Mary Rath Charles Switzard Catherine Panarta Elizabeth Switzard 1839 Valentine Dulleseras Sally Lochrea Peter Cavanagh Elizabeth Jeffries Elizabeth Cavanagh 1839 Patrick Larkin Ellen Cullins Thomas Fisher Catherine Burns Hanora Fisher 1838 James Mulholland Mary Ann Kitts Milo Burke Mary Ann Fogarty John Rodeguis Burke 1839 Rev. Terrence Smith Mary Ann Burke Patrick Rielly Margaret McGuire William Rielly 1839 Peter McGuire Elizabeth McGovern Dennis Goodall Jane Douris Joseph Goodall 1839 James Hurry Mary Douras Bernard Carrol Bridget Geyman Richard Carrol 1836 Daniel Hanagan Alley Donohoe Bernard Carrol Bridget Geyman James Carrol 1838 Michael Donohoe Elizabeth Wiegel John Larkin Catherine McCormick Catherine Larkin 1839 Michael Rooney Susan Kean James Brannock Elizabeth Williams Catherine Brannock 1839 John O'Neil Ann Brannock Patrick Waters Catherine Spain Ellen Waters 1839 Michael Waters Elizabeth Freehan Joseph McGee Rosabba Lowgan James Alexander McGee 1839 Matthew Hogan Marselle Moran Heasint Margaret Shaliboa / Charlebois Octavious 1839 Anthony Elizabeth Monore Bernard Carol Bridget Gowing Catherine Carol 1839 ? ? William Rubine Elizabeth Durgey Alexander Rubine 1839 Alexander Ruborne Mary Edward James McVoy Margaret Fitzgerald Catherine McVoy 1838 Patrick Leary Anne Jones Daniel O'Brien Catherine O'Neil Margaret O'Brien 1839 Eugene McCanna Mary O'Neil November 22, 2014: (new web page set up) Edward THAYER Francoise BRUNETTE James Thayer 1836 Moses Shields Elizabeth Simpson Thomas McCabe Jane Shea Sarah McCabe 1839 William Shea Catherine Shea William Shirley Mary Lenahan Paul Shirley 1815 Rev. Terrence Smith Susan Smith Thomas McGovern Rosanna Riely James McGovern 1839 Thomas Baxter Catherine Baxter Roger Cawley Penelope Quinn Ann Cawley 1839 John Water Bridget Kelly James Doyle Mary Quinne Margaret Doyle 1839 Bernard Rooney Margaret Cullin Patrick LeBurd Victoria Robicon Thomas LeBurd 1839 ? Elizabeth Puditore John Divine Ann Cullin Jane Divine 1839 Joseph McGee Ellen McGee Charles O'Connor Jane Stedman Charles O'Connor 1839 Daniel Hanagan Emilia Fernier Mulvy Burke Elizabeth Burke Matthew Burke 1840 Peter Whelan Elizabeth Kitt Patrick Doulin Ann Gaghan James Doulin 1839 Charles Kitt Mary Kitt Fulton Brooks Catherine Brady Jane Brooks 1839 Dennis Hogan Judith Naughton Jeremiah O'Connor Mary Colligan Jeremiah O'Connor 1840 Philip Kennedy Bridget Kelly James Kennedy Mary Cooke John Kennedy 1840 Bernard Rooney Rosanna Larkin James McKey Jane Murry John McKey 1839 John Tierney Anne Murray James Baxter Bridget Kelly Micahel Baxter 1840 Philip Kennedy Bridget Kelly Thomas Lyng Catherine Fox Catherine Lyng 1840 Philip McGovern Margaret McGovern Patrick Fox Mary Dunne Ellen Fox 1840 Edward Monaghan Mary Fox Peter McGinn Anne Shea Daniel McGinn 1840 Pat Brady Elizabeth McCaffrey Daniel ? Jane Kelly Charles ? 1840 James Douras Jane Davis Patrick McNamara Bridget Costello William McNamara 1840 Dennis O'Neil Margaret Brislin James McGovern Catherine Rooney Michael Rooney 1840 Michael Kelly Catherine Kelly Patrick Heffernan Mary Ann Kearney Mary Heffernan 1840 Michael Brady Elizabeth Simpson William Ryan Maria Rath Margaret Ryan 1840 Bryan Kennedy Sara Mollin Thomas Baxter Catherine Reily Margaret Baxter 1840 Fergus Baxter Bridget Kelly Thomas Lipton Mary Edge Henry Lipton 1840 Garrett Fitzgerald Sarah McAlier Henry Purdy Mary McAuley Charles Purdy 1840 John Timmins Mary Gleason Thomas Nutterville Judith Naughton Julianna Nutterville 1840 Patrick Cassidy Elizabeth Burnard Thomas Rath Mary Ann Galliver John Rath 1840 Michael Burns Mary Lawler Michael Kitt Margaret Howe Elizabeth Kitt 1840 ? Elizabeth ? Constan de La Rona IabellaChelseau Lewis De La Rona 1840 Matthew Depsin Mary Connore Frances Dorand Jane Lageta Francis Dorand 1840 Thomas O'Neil Rosanna McPeck Martin Garvey Esther James Esther Garvey 1840 Daniel Rosian Catherine Cushin Francis Mear Margaret Behan Jeremiah Mear 1840 John Hanhinan Bridget Purtough Thomas Healey Bridget Foy Catherine Healey 1840 James Mulholland Bridget Reily John O'Neil Margaret Moore Denis O'Neil 1840 James O'Neil Mary O'Neil John Enright Mary Gorman Mary Henright 1840 Michael Gorman Anne Jones Peter Dubois Sophia Sheval Hillary Dubois 1840 Hillary Lefebvre Anegelie Rabia Michael McGuire Mary Doolin Margaret McGuire 1840 Patt Holligan Anne Kasidy Bryan Fogarty Bridget Meadon Hanora Fogarty 1840 Denis Hogan Mary Bourke William Quinn Catherine Mackey James Quinn 1840 Michael Sheahan Margaret Shea Hugh Quinn Catherine O'Neil Dennis Quinn 1840 Denis O'Neil Anne Ryan Thomas Gorman Judith Murphy Michael Gorman 1840 Anthony Durkin ? Garrick Kethany Catherine McGuire Anne Kethany 1840 Terrence Linnen Bridget Kelly William Lawler Mary Bloomfield daughter Lawler 1841 John Kelly Ann Timmins Patrick Reily Margaret McGuire Francis Reily 1840 Valentine Delisoris Ann Young Christopher Paul Rosannan Flemming Richard Paul 1840 Peter Cassidy ? Reddy Morris Power Elizabeth Bergin William Power 1840 ? Bridget Doolin Bill Kelly Catherine Doherty John Kelly 1840 Francis McLennon Bridget Deavy Edward Rodgers Rosanna Pudea Maria Rodgers 1840 Patt Kelly Catherine Dougherty Thomas Heaselton Ann Tham Margaret Heaselton 1840 Patt Heyman Bridget Kane Kane William ? Judith Broomfield Judith ? 1841 John Kelly Mary Ann Timmins John Curley Mary Allen Margaret Curley 1841 Neil ? Bridget Behan John Moran Mary Devine Mary Moran 1841 Matthew Divine Rosanna Clark William Quigley Bridget Kehoe Ann Quigley 1840 John Henaughan Margarett Peil Charles Kitt Ann McDonnell Mary Ann Kitt 1841 Patt Mulholland Mary Ann Kitt Charles Kitt Elizabeth Breason Francis Kitt 1840 Thomas Mulvahill Bridget ? James Rolph / Ralph Mary Lawler Andrew Rolph 1840 Michael Lawler Mary Gleason Jeremiah O'Connor Mary Callaghan Jeremiah O'Connor 1841 P. Cassidy Margaret Phelan William Ryan Judith Fahey Mary Ryan 1841 James Kennedy Margaret Cassidy Denis O'Neil Bridget Halpin John O'Neil 1840 Daniel Ryan Catherine Costello C. C. Elizabeth Quigley Mary C. 1841 Dennis O'Neil Mary Callaghan Jeremiah Sullivan Elizabeth McCarthy Margaret Sullivan 1841 Roger Waters Sarah Lawler Michael Waters Winnifred Dorcey Margaret Waters 1841 James Waters Eleanor Waters Batine Haleman Matilda Brunette son 1841 Thomas T? Elizabeth Bernard John Mears Elizabeth Corson Margaret Mears 1841 James Brunnick Sophia Shanahan Dennis ?ard Catherine Pender Ellen 1841 Michael Burns Bridget Kelly Dennis Goodall Jane Douris son 1841 James Douris Catherine Bourke ? ?delina Debrell Ellenor 1841 Dennis O'Neil Bridget Kelly James McEvoy Margaret Fitzgerald Mary Mcavoy 1841 Jeffrey Donoghoe Amelia Fournier James Brunnick Elizabeth William Ann Brunnick 1841 ? Ellen Lackey Daniel Harrington Catherine Carroll David Harrington 1841 Thomas Mulvihill ? Thomas Mullvihill Ann Mc?rin John Mullvihill 1841 Michael Rathe Mary Ann Rathe Daniel O'Brien Catherine O'Neil Catherine O'Brien 1841 Edwards Moore Johanna Harrington John Hogan Isabella Moran John Hogan 1841 Joseph McGee Susan Smith Thomas McGovern Rose Reilly Thomas McGovern 1841 John Judge Rose Brady Henry D? Emilia O? child 1841 Patrick Hefferan Margaret Rowe Eugene McKeny Mary Moore Thomas McKeny 1841 Michael Brnet ? Ralph James Lenning Catherine Pender Catherine Lenning 1841 John Byrns Mary Byrns Patt Muligan Sarah Gillisie James Muligan 1841 Dennis O'Neale Rosana McGovernan James Devine Ellen Barton Catherine Devine 1841 Patt Larkin Mary Larkin Terrence Lennard Bridget Gilroy Patt Lennard 1841 Patt Gilroy Elizabeth Lawler Denis O'Bryan Hanora Whelan John O'Bryan 1841 James Tierney Bridget Kelly Bernard Caroll Bridget Panging Elizabeth Caroll 1840 Edward Cullen Margaret Harrington Francis Grenin Sarah Kitt Rosanna Grenin 1842 William Shea Anne Malone William Ryan Maria Roth Johanna Ryan 1842 James Ryan Bridget Kelly Edmond O'Connell Bridget Keating John O'Connell 1842 Thomas Troy Catherine Quinn Thomas Lyng Catherine Fox James Lyng 1842 Edmond Cosgrove Mary Ann ? Joseph McGee Rosanna Lague Robert McGee 1842 John Hogan Morilla Moran James Doyle Mary Quinn Michael Doyle 1842 Patt Cassidy Johanna Cochlin Michael Kitt Margaret Hoe Mary Ann Kitt 1842 Thomas Mulvihill Bridget Kelly Mathus Coughan Moran Demond Michael Coghan 1842 Peter Cassidy Margaret Heevy Henry Vitimore Josphina Janso Margaret Vitimore 1842 Philip Cassidy Mary Quinn Thomas Madden Margaret ? Catherine Madden 1842 Patt Lynch Margaret Kelly Thomas Doolin Catherine Toole Elizabeth Doolin 1842 Patt Lynch Mrs. Daniel O'Grady Patt Waters Catherine Spain Hugh Waters 1842 James Waters Elinor Waters Robert Skihan Elizaneth Hennery Mary Skehan 1842 Richard Skehan Bridget Kelly Thomas Galligher Margaret Heavey ? 1842 Patt Laughlin Catherine Kelly James Baxter Catherine McGovern Elinor Baxter 1842 Peter Shehan Bosona McGovernan Patt Kelly Winnifred Costello John Kelly 1842 William Costello Anne O'Meara Pater Dubout Chafa Laporte Mary Dubout 1842 Anulthius Cheval Mary Shainet Thomas Baxter Catherine Rieley Anne Baxter 1842 William Madden Mary Rieley Bryan Waters Mary Maher Garnet Waters 1842 William Watters Bridget Kating Daniel Douris Jane Fullan Jane Douris 1842 John McCarty Elinor Lye Patrick Fox Mary Dunne John Fox 1842 Thomas Casey Maria Brady Patrick Heffernan Mary Ann Morrissey Catherine Heffernan 1842 Patrick Fox Amelia Fournier Amrose Connor Mary Douris Frances Connor 1842 Garrett Fitzgerald Catherine Dorris Joseph Laughia Madeline Dicarre Sofia Laughlia 1842 Defresse Longlia Marianne Dubruille Denis O'Neal Bridget Halpin Michael O'Neal 1842 Denis O'Neal Bridget Moore William Edward Elizabeth Poole John Edward 1842 Michael Lawler Anne Lawler Michael Rooney Judith O'Connell Anthony Rooney 1842 Denis Tierney Elizabeth Minnourd John Kelly Hanora Ralph Lora Kelly 1842 Michael Gorman Mary Breen John Brennan Margaret Peel Mary Brennan 1842 Thomas Lyng Anne Lawler Peter McGuire Anne Shea Michael McGuire 1842 Valentine Delosiris Ann Young Thomas Murphy Anne Baxter Thomas Murphy 1842 Terence O'Connell Catherine Rieley John Rooney Anne Brunnick Anne Rooney 1842 William Rooney Rosanna Larkin George Bourke ? Bourke James Henry Bourke 1820 ? Mary Ann ? ? Rolph Mary Lawler Elinor Ralph 1842 James Kehoe Elinor Kehoe Michael Byrne Elizabeth Lawler Roni? Byrne 1842 John Byrns Hanora Kehpe Patt Headin Ann Britte Catherine Headin 1843 Terence O'Connell Mary Headin Daniel McCarthy Judith Doogen Elizabeth McCarthy 1842 Richard Kehoe Elizabeth McGovernan Charles Lernew Catherine Rudar James Lernew 1843 Patrick Burns Elizabeth Fitzgerald James Mullholland Rosanna O'Riely Winifred Mulholland 1843 William Kitte Rosanna McGovernan James Kennidy Mary Cooks Margaret Kennidy 1843 John Kenelly Elinor Mooney

Terence Linnen Bridget Devine Felix Linnen 1843 Patt Ginnains Bridget Lennard William Quinn Catherine MacBy Ellen Quinn 1843 ? Cassidy Bridget Kelly William Ryan Judith Fahey Judith Ryan Michael Donohe Ann McCarahon James Quinne Mary Bromfield Patrick Quinn 1843 Dennis O'Bryan Bridget Kelly John Phelan Margaret McCarthy Mary Phelan 1843 Henry McCarthy Ellin Murry John Tierney Ann Murry Jane Tierney 1843 James Murry Eliza Borrows Thomas Casey Mary Brady Mary Casey 1843 Patrick Fox Bridget Brady Cornelius Callaghan Elizabeth Quigley Cornelius Callighan 1843 Patt Loughlin Mary Byrnes Michael Dunn Mary Tierney Micahel Dunn 1843 Martin Spain Anne Kilroe Daniel Maher Allice Brady Patt Maher 1843 William O'Connell Catherine Rourke Francis Coperland Ellen Murrray William Coperland 1843 John Tierney Jane McKay James Ralph Jane O'Bryan John Ralph 1843 Michael O'Bryan Elizabeth Commerford Francise Faught Mary Cooney Patt Faught 1843 Martin Mann Bridget Mann Michael Lynch Johanna Hourigan Patt Lynch 1843 Patt Grace Mary Grace Francis McBrien Mary Shonhessay Mary McBrien 1843 George Hanover Bridget Shonanghanesy Patt Burcy Johanna Shanaughnasey John Burcy 1843 ? ? Patt Dohil Hanora Doolin Denis Dohil 1843 Denis Driskle Mary Blake Patt McCarthy Elinor McCunniff Mary McCarthy 1843 Patt Dahil Mary McGarry Michael McDermott Mary McGile Mary Ann McDermott 1841 Thomas Bresnaghan Maria Coligan Cornelius Cadigan Hamora O'Ryan Johanna Cadigan 1843 Denis Hurley Bridget O'Connor John Murphy Elizabeth O'Connor Mary Murphy 1843 John Byrns Hanora Ralph Thomas O'Reilley Bridget Fay Rosanna O'Reilley 1843 Peter Galagher Bridget Kelly John Sears Ann Cunningham Ellen Sears 1841 John Hogan Elizabeth ? John Mears Elizabeth Carrison William Mears 1843 John Carrin Ann Madden William O'Bryan Elinor McCormick John O'Bryan 1843 Walter Cavanagh Mary Larkin James Murray Elizabeth Burrows Edward Murray 1843 Thomas O'Mears Elinor Murray Denis Gauditt Jane Douris Sophia Gauditt 1843 Michael Gleason Catherine Douris Jame Brunnuick Elizabeth Williams William Brunnick 1843 Mathew Larkin ? McDonnell Charles O'Connor Jane Redmond Catherine O'Connor 1842 Patt Cassidy Emelia Rath William Flynn Anne Doolin Mary Flynn 1843 Patt Maan Mary Ann Flynn Daniel Hannagan Catherine Carroll Catherine Hanagan 1843 Michael Doneghy William Flynn Anne Doulin Mary Flynn 1843 Patt Maan Mary Ann Flynn John Callaghan Catherine McCagheran Anthony Callaghan 1843 George Edge Anne McCagharan Thomas McGovern Rosanna O'Rielly Anne McGovernan 1843 James M Catherine McGovernan Patt Dooley Catherine Quinn Maria Dooley 1843 Patt Brennan Ellenor Costello Michael Gorman Johanna Boland Johanna Gorman 1843 James Leigh Catherine Quinn Michael Hartnet Ann Byrns John Harntet 184? Richard McDonnell Catherine Byrns John Brady Eleanor Morrision Margaret Brady Philip Carron Bridget Kelly James Costello Elizabeth Higgins Michael Costello 1843 Thomas Costello Ann Kilroe James Brennuck Elizabeth Williams William Brennuck 1843 Mathew Larkin Catherine McCormick Charles O'Connor Jane Redmond Catherine O'Connor 1842 Patt Cassidy Emelia Rath Patt Cassidy Johanna Coughlan Margaret Cassidy 1843 Philip Cassidy Margaret Phelan William Lawler Mary Broomfield William Lawler 1843 Richard McDonnell Bridget Lawler Eugene McKenna Mary Moore Bridet McKenna 1843 John O'Neill Margaret Moore Denis O'Bryan Hanora Whelan Penelope O'Bryan 1843 John O'Bryan Elinor Whelan James Devine Elenor Barton Eleanor Devine 1843 John Mianitt Sophia Shanahan Jeremiah O'Connor Mary Colligan Jane O'connor 1843 Michael Donohoe Jane Calaghan Daniel Collins Catherine Flynn Margaret Collins 1843 Daniel Keally Catherine Collins John Laffin Elizabeth Kerfoot Margaret Laffin 1842 Patt Dwyre Catherine Douris Daniel John Soph Lough Thomas John 1843 James Douris Eliza Frehan ? M? O'Bryan Mary ? 1843 Michael Callaghan Bridget Kelly William Kitt Catherine O'Rieley Elizabeth Kitt 1843 Charles Kitt Elizabeth Kitt Mat Fallon Judith Lering John Fallen 1843 Martin Waters Janice Fallin Micahel Kelly Elizabeth Mullin Catherine Kelly 1843 Michael Cohilan Elizabeth Amilia John Shea Mary Roen William Shea 1844 James McGinn Margaret Larkin Henry Purdy Mary McAuley Elizabeth Purdy 1843 Edward Cosgrove Elinor Cosgrove Michael Byrne Elizabeth Lawler William Lawler 1843 James Byrne Bridget Kelly Philip Cassidy Margaret Phelan Margaret Cassidy 1844 Peter Cassidy Susan Smith John Doolin Catherine Furlong Mary Doolin 1844 David Doolin Mary Lahey Thomas Fisher Catherine Byrne Mary Fisher 1843 Jeremiah Byrne Judith Bryne Daniel O'Brien Catherine O'Neil Jeremiah O'Brien 1843 Patrick Roach Bridget Moore Ed Moore Ann O'Brien Mary Ann Moore 1843 Cornelius O'Brien Johanna Harrington Patrick Doyle Elizabeth Reilley Sarah Doyle 1844 John Murphy Emilia Rath Michael Casslan Margaret Harland Catherine Casslan 1844 Michael Donohoe Ann McGaharan Patt Brennan Mary O'Neil Robbert Brennan 1844 Michael Brennan Margaret O'Bryan Michael McManus Judith Morin Patt McManus 1844 Lidius McManus Elizabeth Brennan Patt Rielly Margaret McGuire Ann Rielly 1844 James McGinn Lissy Fitzgerald Robert Wilson Ann Peele William Wilson 1843 Dennis Murphy Bridget Lennard James Doyle Mary Douris John Doyle 1844 Michael Hawley Bridget Cammuis John Hogan Morrilla Moran James Hogan 1844 Astin Flemming Margaret Mooney Daniel McCarthy Judith Duggan Thomas McCarthy 1844 Patt ? Sara Loughren Anthony Cooke Catherine Bird James Cooke 1844 James Kennedy Isabella Grant William Mohan Mary ? John Mohan 1844 Michael Donohoe Isabella Grant Jane Donohoe 1843 Garret Fitzgerald Elizabeth Linnen Francis Bushi Maria Furniss Francis Bushi 1844 Mosis Angelina Furniss James Winters Elenor Martin Elizabeth Winters 1844 Terence Acasincle Ann Kilroe Honoiroux St. Amore Josephina Iansow Filomina St. Amore 1844 William Rooney Agnes Dousan John Whelan Margaret McCarthy Elizabeth Whelan 1844 Edward Gleason Elizabeth Burrows Patrick Kehoe Hanora Ralph Thomas Kehoe 1844 John Byrns Mary Gleeson Anthony Amelia Furniss Anthony 1844 John Liservian Euphrenia ? Kelly Dorothy Roth Francis Kelly 1844 Patt Peel Emelia Roth Patt Mulholland Rosanna O'Rielly Winifred Mulholland 1844 James Mullholland Hanora Gouldin John Brennan Margaret Peel Elizabeth Brennan 1844 Patt Peel Elizabeth Amilia James Quinn Catherine ? William Quinn 1844 James O'Connell Anne Kilroe Joseph McGee Rosanna Lague Teresa McGee 1844 Garrett Fitzgerald Elizabeth Anson Patt Fox Bridget Scully Michael Fox 1844 Matthew Quigley Eleanor O'Connell James Casey Mary Brady Catherine Casey 1844 Dennis Tierney Mary Monaghan John Rooney Ann Brennock John Rooney 1844 James Kennedy Jessica Fitzgerald Denis O'Neil Bridget Halpin James O'Neil 1844 Michael Gorman Catherine O'Neil Daniel Douris Jane Fullan Frances Douris 1844 Henry McCarthy Elizabeth Fitzgerald James Baxter Catherine McGuran Ann Baxter 1844 Patrick Manshan Mary Shehan Francis Griaman Luce Kitt Patt Griman 1844 Stephen Tracey Elizabeth Kitte John Quincy Ann Toohill (Toughall?) John Quincy 1845 John Cullen Eleanor Tierney James Devine Ellen Barton Thomas Divine 1844 William O'Bryan Mary Larkin John Larkin Catherine McCormick William Larkin 1845 Edward Shanahan Ann Cavanagh John Brady Elinor Morrissey Michael Brady 1845 James Convey Johanna Coughlan James Cumming Mary Headin Thoams Cumming 1845 Patt Headin Elizabeth Cox John Tierney Anne Murray Mary Ann Tierney 1845 James O'Connell Catherine Kehoe John Brennan Margaret Peel Elizabeth Brennan 1844 Patt Peel Elizabeth Amelia John Brennan Margaret Peel Catherine Brennan 1844 John Cosgrove Mary Caughlin Hugh Lemming Catherine O'Neil Catherine Lemming 1845 Edward Moore Mary O'Neil Eugene ? Mary Moore Catherine ? 1845 Michael Gorman Johanna Harrington Henry Purdy Mary McAuley Robert Paul Purdy 1846 John Kelly Ann Lawlor Jeremiah O'Neil Mary Collins John O'Neil 1846 Edward Cosgrove Mary O'Brien John Timmons Eleanor Cosgrove Mary Ann Timmons 1846 Edward Cosgrove Mary Ann Timmons Patrick Brennan Mary O'Neil Edmond Brennan 1846 Thomas Dooley Ann Laughlin John Gorman Ann McGinley Mary Ann Gorman 1846 John McCann Emily Watt John Brennan Margaret Peel Pate Brennan 1847 Michael Lawlor Catherine Hornett Dennis O'Neil Mary O'Day Mary Ann O'Neil 1847 Patrick Burns Elizabeth Mcgovern James Hanrahan Mary O'Neil Hanora Hanrahan 1847 James O'Neil Mary Haggerty Jeremiah O'Neil Mary Collins John O'Neil 1848 John Foley Margaret Hornett Dennis O'Neil Mary O'Day Catherine O'Neil 1848 Denis O'Neil Catherine O'Neil Jeremiah Driscoll Mary Lamb Hanora Driscoll 1848 Daniel Driscoll Elinor Driscoll Denis O'Neil Bridget Halpin Cornelius O'Neil 1849 Edward Cosgrove Mary O'Neil John Gorman Ann McGinley William Gorman 1850 Cornelius O'Neil Elinor Mahoney Thomas Gorman Mary Purdy Elizabeth Purdy 1850 Michael O'Neil Hanora Moore Bridget O'Neil 1850 Edward Cosgrove Ann Lyng Denis O'Neil Bridget Halpin Hanora O'Neil 1851 James Gorman Johanna O'Neil Thomas Driscoll Mary Gorman Hanora Driscoll 1851 Patrick O'Brien Margaret Hornett William Hanrahan Ellen Flynn Patrick Hanrahan 1852 John Timmons Eleanor Cosgrove Margaret Timmons 1852 James Hanrahan Mary O'Neil Joanna Hanrahan 1852 John Gorman Hanora O'Brien John Gorman Ann McGinley John Gorman 1852 Dennis O'Neil Mary O'Day Denis O'Neil 1853 Terrence Lenard Mary O'Brien Thomas Gorman Mary Purdy Mary Purdy 1853 Thomas Driscoll Mary Gorman Catherine Driscoll 1853 Edward Hodnett Ellen Hodnett Denis O'Neil Catherine Halpin Denis O'Neil 1853 James O'Neil Bridget O'Brien John Timmons Eleanor Cosgrove Mary Ann Timmons 1854 John Cosgrove Mary Caughlin James Hanrahan Mary O'Neil Patrick Hanrahan 1854 Timothy Haggerty Bridget O'Brien John Gorman Ann McGinley Patrick Gorman 1854 Denis O'Neil Bridget Halpin Catherine O'Neil 1855 Cornelius O'Neil Bridget O'Brien Thomas Gorman Mary Purdy Thomas Purdy 1855 John Gorman Ann McGinn Ann Gorman 1855 Martin McNamara Rose Kenny Dennis O'Neil Mary O'Day Ellen O'Neil 1856 Thomas Driscoll Mary Gorman Patrick Driscoll 1856 Owen McKenna Mary Moore Patrick McKenna 1857 John McKenna Rosanna Douras Dennis O'Neil Mary O'Day Hanora O'Neil 1858 James Hanrahan Mary O'Neil Denis Hanrahan 1858 James Hanrahan Mary O'Brien Thomas Driscoll Mary Gorman Mary Ann Driscoll 1858 John Edwards Catherine O'Brien Eliza Jane Edwards 1858 Patrick O'Neil Mary Feevin John O'Neil 1858 John Hanley Catherine Hanley James Hanrahan Mary O'Neil James Hanrahan 1859 Thomas Smith Ellen Smith Patrick Hanrahan Margaret Gorman Matthew Hanrahan 1859 Thomas Driscoll Mary Gorman Ellen Driscoll 1860 Patrick O'Neil Mary Feevin Mary Ann O'Neil 1860 John Enright Mary Gorman Elinor Enright 1842 John Gorman Bridget ? ... Marilyn Cottrell

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