County Sligo to Marlborough Township
ML #234 and ML #235 on the McCabe List

New July 1, 2008: This is a correction...
January 14, 2007:
Arthur PETTAPIECE (ML# 234, brother to Richard, above) and Mary HENRY
Hi Al: I am Margaret 'Peggy' Burbidge and have done research on my Richard Pettapiece and Rebecca (Denison) line; it was published in Sept. 1981. A copy is at the North Gower Archives and the Toronto Archives; plus only descendants of this family got copies. I do not have any copies left to share. It includes their son Thomas Pettapiece married Margaret (Brownlee) Also have done research on the other Pettapiece families of North Gower area and am willing to share what some of the other researchers that I have corresponded with material. I viewed your website of Thomas Pettapiece and Charlotte (MOFFATT). This line is in the [Moffatt Family Tree] "County Cavan To The New World" published by Mary Sones and Margaret Glanfield in 2000. I have a copy of this book; also one is at the North Gower Archives. I've been working on Arthur Pettapiece (ML# 234) and Mary (Henry) line. Arthur was a brother of my Richard as mentioned in the 1829 McCabe List. Surnames include, BARR, FENNELL, BURGESS, EDWARDS, PETTYPIECE, MOORE/EASTMAN. Note to Misty Boles who contacted you. If she will email me, I can send her a contact, who lives in Montana USA, about Jones Moffatt Pettapiece, his brother James H. Pettapiece and the rest of the family; from North Gower Township. They were sons of Thomas Pettapiece and Charlotte (Moffatt) Thomas Pettapiece was son of Jones Pettapiece and Ann (Ferguson) [later, they had about 17 children]. Margaret 'Peggy' Burbidge

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