Early Roman Catholic Marriages in Perth, Ontario, Canada

The names listed on this page are from the Web Site of the Lanark County 
Genealogy Society (link below). The list shows names of early (1820-1845) marriages which took 
place in Perth Ontario at St. John the Baptist RC Parish. Rita Meistrell has compiled 
these records which cover a large geographical area just west of Ottawa. There are 
some 1823 Peter Robinson Settlers mentioned here.

St. John's in Perth and Notre Dame in Bytown were two of the first RC churches in 
this part of Ontario. Itinerant priests were sent out from both parishes to cover the 
area between Perth and Ottawa and there is some overlap over territory.

These names are included on "Bytown or Bust" mainly so they will be picked up by 
the Search Engine. To view the names of spouses and marriage dates, you have to 
go to Rita's original work 


Ash, Mary
Barry, Thomas
Bennett, Caroline
Bennett, Catherine
Bennett, Margaret/Catherine
Bennett, Maria
Bennett, Miley
Beunoide, Mary
Blackwell, Mary
Blair, Cecelia
Bowes, John
Boyle, Martin
Bowes, Ellen
Bresnahan, Catherine
Buckley, Barney
Burns, Elizabeth
Burns, John
Byrne, Bridget
Byrnes, Catherine
Byrnes, Elizabeth
Cahill, Nancy
Cain, Anthony
Campbell, Mary
Carroll, Mary
Carroll, Mary
Clancy, John
Clark, Elizabeth
Closs, Henry
Cokely, Elizabeth (Coakley)
Connor, Ann
Connor, Mary
Cosgrove, Thomas
Coyle, Ann
Coyle, Mary
Crump, Henry
Cudden, Patrick (Cullen?)
Culhane, Catherine (Cullen?)
Cumane, Michael (Cummin / Cummins / Cummings?)
Cumane/Cumman, Mary
Cunningham, Ann "Nancy"
Cunningham, Ann Marie
Cunningham, Elizabeth Betsey
Cunningham, George
Cunningham, Margaret Theresa
Davidson, Harriet
Devlin, Charles
Devlin, Elizabeth
Devlin, James
Devlin, Patrick
Dixon, Grenville
Donahoe, John (Donahue)
Doran, John
Dowdall, Edward
Dowdall, Peter
Doyle, Bridget
Doyle, Catherine
Doyle, Patrick
Drogceck, Ignatius
Enright, Ellen O.
Enright, Hanora
Enright, Martin
Enright, Mary
Enright, Mary
Enright, Patrick
Enright, Timothy
Faughlin, Ellen (Fallon?)
Finan, Mary
Fiornean, Catherine (Finan?)
Fleming, Michael (Flemming?)
Foley, Hannah
Foley, Michael
Foley, Timothy
Foley, John
Foley, Matthew
Freeman, Elizabeth
Furlong, Bridget
Furlong, Phil~
Galvin, John
Garvin, William
Gill, Catherine
Glien, Oliver
Gorman, Daniel
Gorman, Hanora
Gorman, Simon
Grady, Margaret (O'Grady?)
Grady, Mary
Green, Margaret
Green, William
Hagerty, Bridget
Hale, Ellen (McHale?)
Halpen, Margaret
Hanrahan, Margaret
Hart, Margaret Alice
Hartney, John
Hartney, Margaret
Hartney, Mary 'Stella'
Hartney, Michael
Hartney, Michael John
Hartney, Patrick
Harty, Michael
Healy, John
Henrick, James (Hendrick?)
Henrick, Michael
Henrick, Nancy
Hill, Sarah
Hogan, Margaret
Hollinger, Charles
Hollinger, Charles H.
Hollinger, Charlotte
Hollinger, Elizabeth
Hollinger, Elizabeth Loretta
Hollinger, John
Hollinger, John
Hollinger, Julia
Hollinger, Julia
Hudson, Edward
Jackman, Thomas
Kain, Bridget (Cain / Keane ?)
Kain, Catherine
Keaton, John
Kelly, Bridget
Kelly, Darby
Kelly, Helene
Kelly, Sally
Kelly, Thomas
Kennedy, Thomas
Lacy, Peter
Lane, Edmond/Edward
Lane, Hanora
Lane, Mary
Lavallee, Francis Patrick Anthony
Lavelle, Elizabeth
Maguire, John
Malcolm, Catherine J.
Maloney, James
Malowney / Maloney, Catherine
McBrien, Alice (O'Brien?)
McCaffrey, Catherine
McCaffrey, Joseph
McCaffrey, Mary Ann
McCahill, John (Cahill?)
McCamm, Ann
McCann, Bridget
McCann, Sarah
McCart, James
McCarty, Donald
McCarty, Hanora (McCarthy?)
McComisky, Peter (Comisky?)
McCoy, John
McCoy / McKay, Ann
McCoy / McKay, John
McCoy / McKay, Mary
McCoy / McKay, Neil
McCuster, Margaret
McDonald, Jane
McDonald, Mary
McDonnell, Edward
McDonnell, Ellen
McDonnell, John
McEachen, John
McEttrick, James
McFarland, Allice
McFarland, Catherine
McGarry, Alexander
McGarry, Elizabeth
McGarry, Ellen
McGarry, Margaret
McGarry, Mary
McGarry, Peter
McGarry, William
McGee, Thomas
McGillis, Donald
McGrae, Bridget (Mcrea?)
McGuire, Bernard
McGuire, Ellen
McGuire, Helene/Ellen
McGuire, Margaret
McGuire, Peter
McGuire, Peter
McGuire, Thomas
McIntyre, Daniel
McKain / McKean, Isaia
McKenna, Hugh
McKay, Alexander
McKay, Bridget
McKay, Catherine
McKay, Daniel
McKay, Elizabeth
McKay, Mary Ann
McKay, Rose
McKay, Sarah
McKay, William
McKenzie, Janet
McKittrick, Mary
McLaughlin, Ellen
McLellan, Flory
McManus, Edward
McNamara, Michael
McNaughton, Elizabeth
McNaughton, Marjery
McNaughton, Mary Jane
McNaughton, Rosy
McNaughton, Thomas
McSpadden, Sarah
Moran, Betsy
Mullally, Mary
Murphy, Agnes
Murphy, Alexander
Murphy, Ann
Murphy, Anthony
Murphy, Bridget
Murphy, Catherine
Murphy, Catherine
Murphy, Catherine
Murphy, Catherine
Murphy, Christopher
Murphy, Daniel
Murphy, Daniel
Murphy, Daniel
Murphy, Edmund
Murphy, Eliabeth Mary
Murphy, Elizabeth
Murphy, Ellen
Murphy, George
Murphy, Gertrude Ellen
Murphy, Hugh
Murphy, James
Murphy, Jane
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, Margaret
Murphy, Margaret
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Mary Ann
Murphy, Michael
Murphy, Michael
Murphy, Michael Alexander
Murphy, Owen
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Sarah
Murphy, Sarah
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, William
Murray, Patrick
Nagle, Patrick
Nagle, Richard
Neville, Ann
Nugent, Catherine
O'Brien, Bridget
O'Brien, Elizabeth
O'Brien, Johanna
O'Connor, Bridget
O'Connor, Edward
O'Connor, Edward
O'Connor, Edward
O'Connor, Elizabeth
O'Connor, Ellen
O'Connor, Jane
O'Connor, John
O'Connor, John
O'Connor, Judith
O'Connor, Margaret
O'Connor, Mary
O'Connor, Mary
O'Connor, Mary Ann
O'Connor, Michael
O'Connor, Patrick
O'Connor, Patrick
O'Connor, Peggy
O'Connor, Thomas
O'Connor, Timothy
O'Connor, William
O'Connor/Connor, Peter
O'Donnell, Ann
O'Donnell, Catherine
O'Donnell, Ellen
O'Donnell, Mary
O'Donnell, Michael
O'Donnell, Patrick
O'Hare, Edward
O'Keefe, Hanora
O'Neil, Elizabeth
O'Sullivan, Andrew (Sullivan)
Penhing, James
Policere / Polestra, Terese
Poole, John
Poole, Michael
Poole, Thomas
Quinn, Bridget
Quinn, Bridget
Quinn, Bridget
Quinn, Catherine
Quinn, Catherine
Quinn, Catherine
Quinn, Ellen
Quinn, Helene/ Ellen
Quinn, James
Quinn, John
Quinn, John
Quinn, John
Quinn, John
Quinn, John
Quinn, Julia/Judy
Quinn, Martin
Quinn, Mary
Quinn, Patrick
Quinn, Patrick
Quinn, Patrick
Quinn, William
Riley/O'Reilly, Catherine
Robertson, Catherine
Rossiter, Ellen
Rossiter, James
Russell, Mary
Ryan, Andrew
Ryan, Ann
Ryan, Denis
Ryan, Elizabeth
Ryan, Ellen
Ryan, Hugh
Ryan, James
Ryan, James
Ryan, John Anthony
Ryan, Margaret
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, Peter
Ryan, Sally
Scanlon, Margaret
Sheady/Chiddy, Margaret (Sheedy?)
Sheils, Barney (Shields?)
Sheridan, James
Sheridan, Mary
Skiffington, Peter (Skeffington?)
Skiffington, Sarah
Skinner, Collin
Smith, Catherine
Spence, Patrick
Stafford, Elizabeth
Stafford, James
Stafford, Julia Rose
Stafford, Mary Jane
Stafford, Thomas
Stafford, Tobias
Stafford, Tobias
Stafford, Tobias
Stanly, Catherine (Stanley)
Sullivan, Andrew
Sullivan, Ann
Sullivan, Edward
Sullivan, Ellen Jane
Sullivan, George Albert
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, James Timothy
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Margaret Ann
Sullivan, Morris J.
Sullivan, Patrick
Sullivan, Timothy
Sullivan, Timothy
Sullivan, William David
Surcilly, Rebecca
Surcilly/Sursly, Jacob
Sweeney, Mary
Tierney, Edward
Tierney, William
Toner, Bridget
Toney, Catherine
Varlely, Michael
Walsh, John
Walsh, Margaret
Walsh, Patrick
Ward, Jeremiah "Darby"
Waters, Bridget (Watters?)
Whalen, Joseph Edward
Whelan, Andrew
Whelan, Catherine
Whelan, Ellen
Whelan, John
White, Bridget
White, Francis
White, John
White, Patrick
Wright, Margaret
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