Perth, Ontario, Canada
Early History and Genealogy

February 7, 2011:

We have just aquired a copy of the book Perth Remembered, published in 1967 by the Perth Museum.

Source for Drawing below: 175th Anniversary (1817-1992) Church Bulletin for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Perth, Ontario dated June 28, 1992 Earliest Presbyterian Church in Perth, Ontario (1817-1832)

February 13, 2011:
Here is a photograph showing the members of the St. Andrews Church Choir in Perth, Ontario, in 1920. Source: Newspaper clipping (undated), believed to be from the Perth Courier. St. Andrews Church Choir in Perth, Ontario, in 1920
Surnames for Search Engine: Dodds, Hammond, Stone, Doyle, Ainsworth, Ferrier, Casselman, McKee, Muriel Wilson, McKay, Cavers, Oatway, Gibson, Flett, Spalding, Estelle Scott.

September 25, 2011: Another new book for the Library: Perth: Tradition and Style in Eastern Ontario, by Larry Turner, ISBN 0-920474-75-6, published by Natural Heritage / Natural History, Toronto, 1992. A lot of early history and settlement and information regarding the Tay Canal, built by John Haggart. John Haggart Sr. came to the Perth area to build the Rideau Canal works at Chaffey's Locks. He was originally from Breadalbane, Scotland.
December 16, 2011: The Perth Historical Society has published a list of military settlers who settled in the Perth area beginning in 1816. This list is very detailed - it shows the Township name as well as the lot and concession number of the land granted to the ex-soldiers.
Novmber 18, 2015: Here are 2 places to visit while you are in Perth.
Irish-Scot-Ish-Shop in Perth Ontario(1817-1832) O'reilly's Ale House(1817-1832)
New February 20, 2019: (post retirement) In 1906, the artist Edmund Morris, 1871-1913, whose family had early ties to Perth, Ontario, was sent with the Department of Indian Affairs to the James Bay area of northern Ontario. His role was to paint portraits of the Chiefs who signed Treaty Number 9 in 1906. Edmund Morris became Canada's best known painter of portraits of chiefs of the First Nations people. His life and works are described in the book Edmund Morris, Frontier Artist by Jean S. McGill, Dundurn Press, ISBN 0-919670-79-2. Here is an excerpt from page 13 of the above book:
The Genealogy of the family of Edmund Morris, painter from Perth, Ontario

August 25, 2015: (added new book on CD) Interesting Notes and Comments from the Diary of Reverend John MacDonald, Roman Catholic Priest, Perth, Upper Canada, 1823-1837, CD in .pdf format, Inc., 2015. February 22, 2017: During the Great Famine (Black '47), families were sent from Grosse Isle, Quebec to Montreal and then on to local communities which were either on a canal system or where industrialization was taking place and jobs were opening up. In Perth, Ontario there was an already established Irish community and some had been workers on the Rideau Canal or the Tay Canal twenty years earlier. Some of the famine emigrants stayed here in Perth and others moved on to nearby townships such as Lanark County and Renfrew County to acquire farm work. Here are names of some folks who came from Montreal to Perth between 1845 and 1847. Most of these folks came with their families: Peter Daly & family, Widow Lamb, Widow Hughes, Widow Robinson, John Wilson, Mary Ross (to her son), John Corbett, Ann Elliott, Bridget O Hanlan / Hanlon & family, Thomas Cobourn, John McCann, wife and 2 children, John McDonald, wife and child, Samuel Morrison, Simon McInnery (sp?), John O'Neil and family, John Bern (Burns / Byrne), wife and 2 children, Robert McKewen / McKewan, Robert Gosson, Owen Hagan or Hogan, Mary McGrath, Mary Maher / Meagher, Johanna Conner / O'Connor. Source: Names of Emigrants from the 1845-1847 records of James Allison, Emigrant Agent at Montreal, Irish Research Group of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, publication number 94-2, 1994, ISBN 1-55116-72-8. This publication (112 pages) is now available from Global Genealogy in either hardcopy format or as a download in .pdf format. ... Al Lewis

Picture source: A Pioneer History of the County of Lanark by Jean S. McGill, page 137. Keywords: Colonial Georgian architecture, Radenhurst Inderwick House Residence of Reverend Michael Harris in Perth, 1824

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