Pioneer family from the USA to Ottawa, Canada

May 16, 2005:

Philomen Wright's (PW) blacksmith in Hull was Lyman Perkins; his name would be
well known in Bytown metallurgical circles later on. The name of another ironworker,
Ezra Blasdell of Hawkesbury, whose scythes were in demand on the river, was also to
become familiar in Bytown and Ottawa. Lyman Perkins married Syene Blasdell.

Perkins was also turning out axes which were retailing in Edward Malloch's store
in Richmond.
Source: Hurling Down the Pine, by John W. Hughson and Courtney C.J. Bond, pages 15,17.

Jill Kennedy is researching Lyman Perkins as well as the Pettapiece surname. 
The Perkins and Pettapieces were related. Helen Dunbar has done a lot of
work on the Pettapiece families. (see Goulbourn Township pioneers, under date of
May 11, 2005)

Thanks to Jill for the following:

Hi Uncle Doug,
    Just found more on your grgrgrandfather Lyman Perkins.  In 1851 he is listed as 
    operating a foundry (iron I presume?) on Wellington St. in Upper Town Ottawa.  
    Four years later he was an alderman for the new city of Ottawa.  Then I found 
    these wonderful references to him in a (very lengthy) poem about the founding 
    people of Bytown by William Pittman Lett.  
    Sounds like your ancestor was a very smart and well-respected man.  
    Lyman died about 7 years after this poem was written, at the age of 80.  Wish we 
    had stuff like this about one or two of my ancestors!
(Al Lewis- you might want to provide this link on "Bytown or Bust")
 The Project Gutenberg EBook of "Recollections of Bytown and Its Old Inhabitants", 
by William Pittman Lett,  

(references to Lyman Perkins only - for complete poem go to )
...And Lieut. Pooley, for whose skill
The "Gully" bridge is named so still,
Ask Lyman Perkins, if you doubt it,
And he will tell you all about it....
...And Finland, the contractor, who
With coach and four the streets drove through,
The grandest carriage of the kind
E'er seen in Bytown--with behind--
In gorgeous and artistic glare,
A lion and an eagle--where
Is friend Perkins? he can still
Remember that old eagle's bill...
...Then Colonel By was in a jam
Erecting the first hogsback dam,
Which vanished with Spring's sweeping flood;
But science made the structure good
By the advice of one, no civil
Engineer, with whom a level
Or other instrument of science,
Had not the most remote alliance.
'Twas built as he proposed--I'm sorry
His name from memory I can't worry,
If Lyman Perkins was beside me,
To it he certainly could guide me.
For he has got, of ancient bore,
A well authenticated store...
...And Lyman Perkins, what of thee,
Will pass for current coin from me?
Thou art a man of early date--
Of '27 or '28--
in Bytown's history, and 'tis said,
Though hard to drive, thou may'st be led,
That is, if one could just agree
In view and argument with thee;
When standing in the days of yore
At "Pooley's Bridge," thine eye ran o'er
The picture with a prescient glance;
Experience taught thee that thy chance
Was then--thy foresight came
To aid thee in life's winning game.
Although no silver spoon was in
Thy mouth, when to this world of sin
Thou camest, thou hast forged from fate
A path in life most fortunate;
To praise thee I shall take no pains,
Thy enterprise has brought thee gains--
'Tis something to be born with brains!...

... Jill Kennedy
December 10, 2005: Hi Sharon & Al (post this if you like), I have nothing on Lyman Perkin's parents, and only know that he was born in the USA (1800) and was working with Wright on the Hull side first. He married the daughter of Ezra Blasdell (another early blacksmith in the Hawkesbury area) and Lydia Ramsden, of New Hampshire, USA and Vermont, USA respectively. The daughter Syene / Syena / Syrene Blaisdell was also born in the U.S.(1805), but they married in Hull abt 1826 - I don't know if this was a prior acquaintance from the U.S.. They had 12 children: Matilda Syrene, Edward Lyman, Lydia Hannah, Elvira Livonia (child death), Hamlet (infant death), George Washington, Nelson Horatio, Adeline Mary, Albert Bruce, Victoria Elizabeth, Clementine Margaret, Hubert Charles (infant death). Note that there are no Joseph's, Elizabeth's or Roberts / Robinson's in any of the children's names, which is often a clue to grandparents' names. Interesting that first cousins, the son of Adeline & the daughter of Nelson married and are my uncle's grandparents. The following are bits and pieces I've gleaned about Lyman Perkins: "Philomen Wright's blacksmith in Hull was Lyman Perkins; his name would be well known in Bytown metallurgical circles later on. The name of another ironworker, Ezra Blasdell of Hawkesbury, whose scythes were in demand on the river, was also to become familiar in Bytown and Ottawa. Lyman Perkins married Syene Blasdell. Perkins was also turning out axes which were retailing in Edward Malloch's store in Richmond." Source: Hurling Down the Pine, by John W. Hughson and Courtney C.J. Bond, pages 15,17 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "In 1832 Lyman Perkins built a school at his own expense..." p.128 "In September Lyman Perkins set up a blast furnace and cast the first mould board, side plate and point ever made for a plow in Bytown." p.176 Source: Ottawa Past and Present, by A.H.D. Ross ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- "On October 3, 1836 [at a fair] ... Lyman Perkins' "mangel-wurzels" were judged the finest and earned him a premium of fifteen shillings. Mangel wurzels are large orange beets grown primarily for cattle feed." p.182 Source: Bytown: The Early Days..., by N. & H. Mika ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "BYTOWN 1851 THE COUNTY TOWN for the County of Carleton, is situated on the River Ottawa, in the Township of Nepean, C.W. The Town is divided into two parts, known as the Upper and Lower Town. It is connected with the village of Hull, C.E., by a handsome Suspension Bridge, and both that village and New Edinburgh, which is about a mile south-east of Bytown, may be considered, in a commercial point of view, as identical with the town. A railway to connect Bytown with Prescott is now in progress, and when completed (which will doubtless be at an early day) it cannot fail to be of immense advantage to the fine country which it will intersect, as well as to By town and the extensive and fertile country drained by the Ottawa and its tributaries. Bytown is a distant from Montreal, 120 miles - usual steamboat and stage fare in summer, 20s. - usual stage fare in winter, 25s. - distant from Kingston, via Rideau Canal, 142 miles - usual steamboat fare, 25s. Population about 8,000. ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PROFESSIONS, TRADES & c.: ... Perkins, Lyman, foundry, Wellington st., Upper Town" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The City of Ottawa was incorporated in 1854. Here are the elected officials for the first year (1855): Mayor: John Bower Lewis Aldermen: John Forgie, Andrew Main, Edward McGillivray, Nicholas Sparks, Henry J. Friel, Edward Smith, James Goodwin, James Leamy, Lyman Perkins. Councillors: James Matthews, Thomas Langrell, N.S. Blaisdell, Thomas Hunton, John Rochester, Nathaniel Burwash, Charles Rowan, Joseph Beauchamp, Damase Bourgeois, Eusebe Varin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyman signed petition supporting John Bower Lewis' 1872 bid for parliamentary seat, published in Ottawa Free Press ... Jill Kennedy
June 27, 2006: Dear Al Lewis, I was searching the internet and found your website. I’m a direct descendant of Lyman Perkins, the foundaryman, August 1, 1800- April 10, 1881 and Syene Blaisdell July 4 1805-March 12 1892. I’d like to find our more about your website and how I can contribute to your information pool. Thanks and sincerely, Daryl Elizabeth (Perkins) Johnson ______________________ Dear Al Lewis, Thank you for your quick reply. It will be about a month or so before I can contribute information, as it is my father who has collected the Lyman Perkins family genealogy information. He doesn't have access to the internet or email so I must transcribe his notes so I can send a more concise info package to you. I check your site regularly to find out new things. Just to note, my father has recently located Lyman & Syene's grave marker/ monument in Gatineau, Quebec at the St. James Anglican Cemetery, Alexandre-Tache Boulevard, Gatineau, Quebec. The dates on the monument include: Lyman Perkins born August 1, 1800 died April 10 1881 Syene Blaisdell born July 4, 1805 died March 12 1892 Children- Elvira Livonia born October 22 1831 died August 12 1847 Hamlet born December 18, 1833 died June 27, 1834 Albert Bruce born April 20 1842 died January 24 1870 Victoria Elizabeth born October 30 1844 died December 25 1882 Clementina Margaret born December 31, 1846 died December 27, 1854 Hubert Charles born July 1852 died August 9 1853 I have a complete description of the monument, if others would like it. Plus, my father noted that the St. James Cemetery is also home to the remains of Philemon Wright (PW), and numerous family members as well as Nicholas Sparks, and Bytown's first mayor, John Scott. Thank you again, Daryl Elizabeth (Perkins) Johnson
May 6, 2007: Hello All, I was reviewing early census information and came across the following – the entry reads no further: Microfilm Reel C5 NAC C718 1825 Hull – Lyman Perkins – 1 person residing in his home Not sure if this will help anyone, but, thought I would pass it along anyways, Kelly Brennan-Harrison
January 10, 2011: A question regarding a John Perkins Hello Friends. Could this question please be added to the "Bytown or Bust" web site ? 'John PERKINS' was involved in establishing the mill(s) at the south end of the Chaudiere complex at Ottawa/Hull in 1842. The remaining building is now labeled 'The Mill Restaurant' although it has been closed for refurbishment in recent years. 'John Adams PERKINS' opened a sawmill on the Blanche River in Lower Canada (Quebec) in 1845, and this was the location which later became Perkins village (now in Val des Monts Municipality). These two locations are not much more than 20 miles apart. Can anyone please tell me whether or not these two 'John PERKINS' were the same person ? Thanks, Ian White
New November 2, 2011: Hi Everyone I have been researching the Perkins family in the Ottawa area for some time now and recently came across some grants and mortgages between John and Lyman Perkins in the Prescott Land Registry office. It would look like they were related possibly brothers. John born circa 1799 USA and Lyman 1800 USA. "Perkins Mills" near Kemptville is where John Perkins had his mills from 1855 until his death in 1866. His widow Rosanna Corporon Perkins (born St. Mary's Nova Scotia) inherited and later sold the land and property. On sale a owing mortgage was paid out to Lyman Perkins in 1869 from part Lot 25 Cons 3 Oxford Township. I believe that it was the same John Perkins at Chaudiere Falls location who later settled at Kemptville. John Perkins is buried at the Methodist Cemetery in Kemptville and Rosanna Corporon Perkins is buried at Beechwood Cemetery. In my search I am trying to establish a link between John. Lyman and Hiram Perkins born circa 1809. Hiram may be another brother. In the 1851 Hiram married to his 1st wife Margaret Chauncey stated he was born in the USA. In later censuses Ireland, Ontario and Quebec are also recorded. We have also done DNA which matches us to John, Abraham and Isaac Perkins of Ipwich Massachussetts, USA. Can anyone enlighten me on any other details my Perkins family. My Grandmother was Larena May Perkins daughter of Hiram Perkins Jr and Mary Ann Brouse, Hiram being the son of Hiram Perkins Sr born 1809. Regards Barbara Forster-Kalil

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