PERKINS, Hiram (Herman?) and Mary Ann

New October 20, 2004:

Hi Al

This is what I have so far since sending your email. See below.
It appears that the whole family went by different names than 
what I was told. My Grandmother was Larena born 1898, her fatherís 
name was Hiram but in this census he was listed as Herman. 

I am trying to find out who his father was, possibly Hiram also 
but not sure. My mother said that her Grandmotherís name was 
Anna Brouse of German descent however I have found a marriage for 
Hiram and Mary Ann Brown which appears to be correct place and dates. 
I found Mary Ann Brown in the 1881 census and her parents where 
from Ireland. James and Margrat Brown.

It wasn't discovered that her real name was Larena until she died 
in 1964. I am finding it funny all the names are different than she 
provided in the baby books for Grand Children. She has a Cecil and a 
Percy for brothers and a Jennifer and a Nell for sisters. However 
records tell a different story.

 Also she spoke fluent French yet origin was Irish. I doubt she learned 
 French in Carleton. I imagine she would have picked that up living in Ottawa. 
 My mother and her siblings found out she spoke French when their father 
 was transferred to Quebec City and they first arrived and had to go shopping. 
 They were all in their late teens and had never know their mother to 
 speak French. Maybe Great Grandma started the family tradition by changing 
 her name.

My only idea would be that there was just a chance that she may have been 
taken in by other family. Perhaps her father remarried. Just an idea. I 
have William Wesley and Wilfred Austin military attestation records for WW1 
also and it lists Anna Perkins on the one and Hiram Perkins for the other boy. 

Let me know what you think. 

Regards Barbara Forster-Kalil 

1901 census
District: ON CARLETON (#52) 
      Subdistrict: Nepean e-9 Page 12    

      46   116 Perkins Herman M   Head M May 28 1861 39 
      47   116 Perkins Mary Ann F   Wife M Oct 10 1868 32 
      48   116 Perkins Wm W. M   Son S Sep 26 1887 13
      49   116 Perkins Ellen F   Daughter S Mar 31 1889 12 
      50   116 Perkins Jane F   Daughter S Nov 5 1890 10 

      116 Perkins Pere        W. M   Son S Nov 28 1894 6 
      2   116 Perkins Larena M. F   Daughter S Apr 28 1898 3 
      3   116 Perkins Wilfred ? M   Son S Aug 18 1899 1  

Ontario, 1869 - 1886 Marriage Index Volume 2 

Perkins, Hiram Spouse : Brown, M. Ann
Marriage Date : Nov 17, 1886
Marriage Place : Richmond Township
Microfilm Number : 52
Source Number : 001912

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