The early PEPIN family in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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The Pepin Family

Not much is known about George Pepin’s family other than he was one of thirteen children and that his father, George Charles Pepin was a barber by profession and lived at 193 St. Patrick Street in Lowertown. He is buried along with his wife and two of his daughters at Notre Dame Cemetery.
Pepin Family of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1
Joseph George Alexis Pepin
Joseph George Alexis Pepin was born in Ottawa in February 1905. He was the son of Joseph Charles Pepin and Victoria Lapointe. George (as he was called by family and friends) was baptized on February 26, 1905 in Ottawa.
Pepin Family of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2
The eldest of the two Fermoyle girls, Mary Margaret, prior to her marriage on December 12, 1929 to Joseph George Alexis (George) Pepin, a career R.C.M.P. officer, worked as a typist for the Ottawa Electric Railway. The witnesses to the marriage were Leo Morin and Marjorie Fermoyle.
Pepin Family of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 3 Marriage Record for Joseph George Alexis Pepin and Mary Margaret Elizabeth Fermoyle – 1929
At some point after they were married, George and May lived at 50 Julien Avenue , and then at 310 Byron Avenue. They also lived on 156 Holland Avenue and at 1076 Fisher Avenue and Eltewater Drive in Crystal Beach.
Pepin Family of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 4 Sgt. George Pepin – R.C.M.P
Pepin Family of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 5 George and May Pepin
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Pepin Family of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 6
Having lost their only child, a girl, at birth, Mary Margaret (May) continued to work throughout most of her married life holding various secretarial or clerical positions with the Federal government department of National Defence. She retired in the early 1960s. After George retired from the R.C.M.P, he took a job as a House of Commons Security Guard. George and May were very doting on the children of Ron and Faye Morin. George was always known to bring candy to the three small Morin kids.
Pepin Family of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 7
Pepin Family of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 8
It was a shock to the entire family when, on November, 29, 1966, George dropped dead on the sidewalk in front of Parliament Hill.
Pepin Family of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 9
According to Marjorie’s son Ron, May never fully recovered from the death of her husband George. She relied totally on Marjorie and Ron after the George’s death. It was a source of great stress and strain on Marjorie in particular and five years after George’s death, Marjorie passed away at the age of 65. Subsequent to Marjorie’s death in 1971, May entered Extendicare Nursing Home on Starwood Road in Nepean, where she lived until her death on May 21, 1990.
Pepin Family of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 10
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