William PENDER, County Wicklow, Ireland to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
100th Regiment of Foot

February 5, 2011:

Dear Al Lewis,  
I'm a frequent visitor to "Bytown or Bust!" website, and an incredible repository it is, thank you and everyone 
who contributes!  I'm hoping to find folks who may have run across the surname "Pender" in their research.

William Pender was recruited into the 100th (later 99th) Regiment of Foot in County Wicklow, Ireland, and came to 
Quebec with them, serving in posts along the St. Lawrence River.  His pension address is listed as Bytown.  
I found a census transcript with him in Nepean in 1821. We also have records for a few of his children, including 
his son, John Pender, from whom I am descended. Three of his girls died in infancy.  One girl and one boy were 
with him and his wife in 1821 census.  

Hoping someone has more info for William.

Thank you,
Amy Seyfried

New March 16, 2011: (new .pdf file)

Amy has sent in a .pdf document containing research about her ancestor, William Pender. Click on the following
link to read this material.

William Pender: Research submitted by Amy Seyfried in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format

I also am looking at some of my papers and notes and found that William had concession 2, lot 1E, and is listed as a laborer from Wicklow.  
This was from the book, "For King and Canada."  I gave the book away and failed to note the page number and also the township, though 
I assume it was Goulbourn/Nepean.    I should just buy another copy. 
I also found an 1880 Atlas (probably on line) that had a Thomas Pender in North Gower, Carleton County, in 1879, concession 3, lots 6 and 7.
(see 1879 map below)

From my notes on "For King and Canada," I noticed mention (page 10) of a regimental training depot in 1804.  
I'd be interested to know where that was.

Did families travel with the initial convoys or did they come later? What ships? Passenger manifests anywhere?

More later - have to go to doctor to get a cast off my leg.


Amy: Here is Thomas Pender's farm in the Northern part of North Gower Township in 1879 -- Concession 3, Lot 7.
Note that it is labelled Thomas Pender Sr. so there must have been a son named Thomas, as well.

Location of the farm of Thomas Pender North Gower Township, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada, in 1879 Drawing Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Project North Gower Township, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada, 1879
... Al

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