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May 16, 2013:

This year Pembroke will be celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Samuel de Champlain's first visit to the area. This is
an historic event in the history of Canada.

March 18, 2009:
Contact: Jackie Patterson, 613-735-0206, or WHO REALLY FOUNDED PEMBROKE? "Pembroke, A Glimpse Into The Past", contains much information about the early years of Pembroke, previously not published. Readers will be surprised to learn that, following the survey of the Pembroke Township in 1835, free land grants were given to Military Veterans, Sons or Daughters of United Empire Loyalists and a very large grant to a Mr. Treadwell. In most cases the land was already occupied by squatters who had cleared the land, planted crops, erected homes and barns. The squatters found that they had no rights, they would have to purchase the land from the grantees. Unfortunately, there is no official record on just when the squatters arrived. The author, Jackie Ryan Patterson, became interested in Pembroke's early years when she became a member of the Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group. The mandate of the Group's Reference Library is to collect information about Renfrew and Pontiac Counties that will aid family historians research and write their family histories. A few years ago, the Group purchased microfilm of "The Township Papers" for all the townships in Renfrew County. This collection contains some of the earliest surviving printed records. Ms. Patterson was surprised to find that Peter White's name was missing from the Pembroke Township papers. Researching in the Renfrew County Land Records Office, she found that Mr. White had purchased his land from John and Hannah Robinson. The Township Papers show that Hannah Robinson was the daughter of United Empire Loyalist, (UEL), Nathan Dayton.
Peter White, founder of Pembroke Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, Pioneers
The book covers the period 1820 to 1877 and contains many direct quotes from contemporary sources. It is estimated that the first squatters/settlers arrived about 1820. The railroad arrived in October, 1876, and Pembroke was incorporated as a Town in January of 1877. Many of the subjects touched on this book, deserve to be covered more deeply. "Pembroke, A Glimpse Into the Past" may be purchased at the UOVGG Reference Library, 222 Dickson St., Pembroke; the Book Bank, 79 Pembroke St. West, or from the author. For more information, please contact Jackie Patterson, 613-735-0206. ___________________________________ Hi Al: Thanks for your interest and support. The book has been well-received. Though I haven't heard from any of Peter White's descendants yet. I'm sure they will be unhappy to find that Peter probably wasn't Pembroke's founder. The book is self-published, ISBN 978-0-9810357-0-3, The list price is $15 and I do mail orders for $20. Cheques for $20 should be made out to Jackie Ryan Patterson and mailed to me at 493-1 Angus Campbell Drive, Pembroke, ON, K8A 8K7. May you have a truly glorious St. Patrick's Day, ... Jackie
March 24, 2009: More Pembroke settlers: Michael Heenan and Ann White. Thomas Heenan married Honora Hawley and those children married the Kennedy's in Pembroke. Michael Heenan married Mary Ann Cahill. Also Mary Elizabeth Heenan married David Joseph Cahill. Mark Kennedy married Ellen Heenan, Richard kennedy married Honora Heenan. Also Kennedy married Huckabone. ... Taylor Kennedy
November 25, 2009: James Rowan married Jane Ellen Jackson at Pembroke in 1888.
April 5, 2010: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following newspaper article: OTTAWA CITIZEN – AUGUST 11, 1928 A Pembroke Fire Department Came Into Existence in 1865 Was Volunteer with Ladder Wagon. No Improvement Till after The Copeland House Fire in 1882. Then a Steamer Was Bought. A Little History of the Fire Protection Movement of Pembroke Town. Prior to 1865 when a fire occurred in Pembroke, it was a case of people turning out with their buckets to do the best they could (a "bucket brigade"). But in 1865 a hook and ladder company was organized, and a wagon and ladders were bought. This company was organized by the residents, not by the council, though the council granted the large sum of twenty dollars towards the Capital expense. There were 25 members in the new company at the start, but every able bodied citizen was regarded as an ex-officio member when fire broke out. The wagon with its ladders and buckets was stored, when not in use, in a shed behind the old town hall near the wharf. Thomas Jewell was the first Captain of the company, and he was placed in complete charge of all fire fighting operations. The fire department wandered along without much improvement until 1882. Then came the Big Copeland House fire and the brigade was not equal to it. Two persons lost their lives. Then council woke up and purchased a steamer. From that time on Pembroke's fire fighting equipment has steadily improved. In 1884, the town built a new Town Hall and the fire department was given a place of honour on the ground floor, the exit being from the rear of the building as not to spoil the architectural appearance. In the early nineties, the water work system came, and the fire department was on easy street, as it were or apparently so. But despite the improved conditions the brigade was not able to cope with the fire that visited Pembroke in 1908. In this fire, the Leland Hotel, the Munro Hotel, Fosters Shoe store, Dicksons Drug store, S.E. Mitchells Book store, Alex Millars General store, the Freeman block, the Munro block (which the Standard was located), the Public Library, the Royal Bank, the Quebec Bank, and Moffats Flour Mill and the National Manufacturing (Delaneys) were destroyed. This was Pembrokees biggest fire. See also other Fire Departments in the Ottawa area.

April 5, 2012: It is interesting to note that one of the Hayes family portraits shown in your string of information seems to have been taken at the same photographer's studio as my John James McCrea family portrait, (below), as judged by the backdrop and floor pattern in both photos. I have the original photo of the McCreas and it is framed within a matt that identifies the studio as "Edwards & Harrison(?) of Pembroke". Judging by the age of my grandfather, Edward Peter McCrea in the photo I have guestimated the era of the McCrea family portrait to be about 1898. ... Bob Bourke
McCrea Family Portrait, Pembroke, Ontario, c. 1898 McCrea Family Portrait, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, c. 1898
Bob is also researching his William and Thomas MURRAY family who came to Pembroke in 1858 from Goulbourn Township.
March 29, 2013: Here is a handy CD to have: Burials in the Pioneer Cemetery of St. Columbkille Roman Catholic Church, Pembroke, Ontario, 1856-1888, Upper Ottawa Valley Valley Genealogical Group, Inc., IBSN 978-1-897427-16-3. It is available at the Library of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. Search the catalogue.
June 12, 2013: Thanks to Charlie Donohue for the following link: Hello all, just in case anyone is heading up the Valley towards Renfrew, or Pembroke you may find it worthwhile to stop at Heritage Renfrew and Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogy Library in Pembroke. Pat thanks for this info and take care. Charlie
November 11, 2014: I checked with my mom who holds the picture and is cc'd to this correspondence. She gave the below information and has said it's ok to post the photo. I have a cropped version of the picture attached although I don't currently have access to the original. Mom, perhaps you can get a high quality scan? Thanks for taking an interest. I really wasn't sure. William E. Hudson and Elizabeth Snyder Hudson. He was august 7 1869 to march 7 1947. She was 1870 to aug 4 1913. These I think are my great, great maybe 3 great grandparents, below. Kind Regards, Stephen Bayley E-Mail Stephen Bayley
Original photo of William E. Hudson and Elizabeth Snyder Hudson Original Photo of William E. Hudson and Elizabeth Snyder Hudson, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
Here is a nice offer from Bob Bourke: Stephen: This appears to be a photo of the original photo. If you can send me a good quality scan of the original image I offer to do a digital restoration for you at no cost. ... Bob Bourke March 27, 2015: Wow, here is a nice example of photo restoration by Robert Bourke. Compare the photo above with the one below.
Digitally Restored Photo of William E. Hudson and Elizabeth Snyder Hudson Digitally Restored Photo of William E. Hudson and Elizabeth Snyder Hudson, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

New January 27, 2019: (post retirement)
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada becomes a County Town Text Source: Pembroke - A Glimpse Into the Past by Jackie Ryan Patterson, ISBN 978-0-9810357-0-3, page 106. Pembroke, Ontario, Canada becomes a County Town
Key words for search engine: fur trade, Lumbering, Renfrew County, Lanark County
Graphic Source: Pembroke - A Glimpse Into the Past by Jackie Ryan Patterson, ISBN 978-0-9810357-0-3, page 32. Edward Lumsden begins stage coach line to Eganville in 1873. Stage Coach, Pembroke to Eganville, 1873

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