John Allen SNOW and Florida PEDNEAULT

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New November 8, 2005:
Hello Al
I am researching my great grandmother.  She was Florida Pedneault.  She married 
John Allen Snow here in Ottawa in November of 1909.  She was born 1886 and died in 1960.  
I'm trying to find out where she was born?  I wonder if it was Ottawa or elsewhere.  
Somehow she came to Ottawa and married.  I though maybe if I could find info on her 
marriage it might say where she was born.  
Do you know of a link I could click on that would tell me her birthplace?
Thanks again
Karen Prytula 


I checked the 1881 census for Canada and found 162 persons with the surname 
beginning "Pedn". (Go to and search for Pedn* ).

These Pedneau / Pedneault families were all living within two census districts in
Quebec, namely Charlevoix and Tadousac (Chicoutimi) so it's possible that your grandmother
came from that area. This is a bit of a long shot. Here's another one: There were Snow
families also in the Chicoutimi area in 1881. They were English and had come from
Newfoundland to Chicoutimi.

Another possibility is that the surname may be spelled "Patenaude" or "Patenaud" 
by the census-taker in other census records (maybe in the Ottawa area).

Hopefully, someone can help us out on this.
... Al

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