James PACK / PECK and Sarah BRADLEY
37th Regiment of Foot to Goulbourn Township and to the Gatineau Valley

January 25, 2008:

Hi All,   
I am very new at researching family history and I cannot find out the maiden name of 
my great-great-great grandmother. Having studied your information on the web about 
the history of Richmond and surrounding areas, I was wondering if any of you could 
help? Here are the details I have: 

Sarah Unknown married James Pack (Private, 37th Regiment of Foot) in 1820.

She is listed in the 1851 census as 50 yrs of age and born in Ireland. 

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated as I only get back to 
visit (research) about once a year!

Thank you for your time, 

... Kirk Peck

Hi Kirk:  You did not supply much info for us to work with.  In checking Al Lewis' 
site, Bytown or Bust, I note that James Pack is included in the list of military 
disbandments on Al's site which was so generously donated by Alexa Pritchard i.e. 
James Pack Private,  37th W1/2 No 23 in the 11th Concession  Goulbourn
It would seem that James Pack received the West Half of Lot no 23, 11th Concession, 
I am assuming Goulbourn twp. which is located in the Stittsville, Ontario area.  
If you have additional info that you wish to share with us, we may be able to provide 
you with more information.
RB 'Bob' Sample

Good morning, Kirk and Robert:
Thanks for your e-mails regarding James Pack, an early settler in Goulbourn Township.
I think that Robert is correct. James Pack / Peck settled in part of what is the 
village of Stittsville now. There is a Jonathan Pack Street in Stittsville today. 
This may have been part of the original Pack farm.
On the attached map from Stittsville in 1879, you will see part of the original Pack 
farm (upper left corner).
Do you mind if I add your e-mail, including the map of Stittsville, to our web site? 
We may hear from other researchers who may have a record of Sarah's maiden name. 
Please let me know.
... Al Lewis

Bob & Al,          
Thanks for the prompt replies. There are indeed ‘many’ Pecks across the river in 
Quebec (Danford, Pontiac - where my family currently is)! It was this line that 
was traced back to James Peck (Pack) and provided to me by an Aunt of mine. Alexa 
Pritchard is a name that sounds familiar; she may have supplied it to my family. 

The reason that James Pack does not appear in the 1891 census (I believe) is because 
he died 2 Aug 1874 and was buried (as PECK) at St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery in 
Stanley Corners. See picture at Scot Naylor's site at:  http://www.gravemarkers.ca/index.htm

The only other information I have relating to James Pack (which I don’t know if 
it will help track the mysterious “Sarah”) is:

1.         James parents: Moses Pack and Ruth Pound who married 23 July 1786 in Hursley, 
Hampshire England.

2.         Child of James and Sarah Pack:            

Thomas Henry Peck (Pack) b. 29 Mar 1827 bap. 17 Jun 1827 at March Township, St.John’s 
Richmond Ont. Married Elizabeth (Eliza) Spearman 2 Jul 1850 at St. John’s Richmond Ont.

3.         Child of Thomas and Eliza Peck:

            Joseph Peck b. Jan 1865 (in Ont) bap. 11 Nov 1905 (in Danford, Pontiac County, Que.). 
			Married Mary Matilda Taylor 25 Mar 1894 at St. Peters, Cawood Quebec.

The information above indicates the transition from Ontario to Quebec for my family 
where most still reside. 

As stated above, I cannot claim this information as my own however, please feel free 
to include my name and email to your website as you see fit. 

Thank you,

(Robert Sample has sent some census records for the Peck / Pack family ... Al)

This map of Stittsville in 1879 shows the Pack farm (upper left corner). Source: Belden's Atlas of Carleton County
Map of Stittsville in 1879
Other names on the map are William McCurdy, William Alexander, Robert Cherry, John Rose, James Lewis, G.A. Burrows and William Denison / Dennison. Mrs. Argue has the store at the corner of Stittsville Main Street and Abbott Street, across from the Railway Station. At one time (maybe in 1879, this was a Temperance Hotel). The initials "J.S." on the corner of the Pack farm may be Jackson Stitt, the founder of Stittsville. ... Al
January 26, 2008: Wild hunch, who is this?: "The initials "J.S." on the edge of the Pack farm may be Jackson Stitt, the founder of Stittsville." I'd look very carefully at the Stitt family! Wouldn't it be logical to provide your old father-in-law a piece of land nearby? Guessing that Sarah may have been a Stitt..... good hunting. ... Alexa Pritchard
January 27, 2008: My 2¢ worth again: Not everyone had choice lots to settle on in the Richmond area, nor were they all farmers but what else are they to do in the wilderness? They needed to eat. Also by the second generation there was little space to expand to. (Most of my gang left for Iowa for that very reason.) I think if you do some digging you'll find the William McCurdy line in Kazabazua / Danford (1950s). Other soldier's descendants Peck and Gabie families moved up the Gatineau from the Richmond / Huntley area for the logging boom. (1850's?) Others followed such as Heney and Milford .... many many more that I can't think of now. A grandson of William Shea moved up there in 1900. Kirk, if you want to know more about your Pack family you'll find Edie Sage has recorded an amazing amount. Hopefully she donated her books to the library in Danford village before she died last year. Or is that the aunt you were referring to? By the way it has only been in the last 40-50 yrs that the gang at Danford / Aylwin / Kazabazua became Peck...prior to that they were Pack. The pronunciation varies to this day with the older folks. One Percy Peck treated soldiers of the 41st in Quebec City in 1799 and became quite exhausted himself. (War Office records Kew, England, also available on film at the National Archives in Ottawa) I included part of his report in my latest book "Family Friends and Neighbours of Sgt. William Shea". Percy is a name the Peck's of Danford used in the last 70 yrs. Coincidence? Maybe not. Where were Sarah and James married in 1820? ... Alexa
December 19, 2009: Hello Kirk & Robert I have been looking for the parents of my gg grandmother Mary Peck / Pack for several years and came upon your site just now. She married Thomas Borland Oct 23 1851 Goulbourn Twp Richmond Village. They moved to Clearsprings Manitoba and were some of the original homesteaders there. Apparently Mary was the first midwife in the town of Clearsprings. You can find a little bio of Thomas and Mary on the internet under Clearsprings Manitoba. Thomas & Mary had 10 children. One of their sons, William was my g grandfather, he married Francis Delilha Mathews 1882 St. Annes Manitoba they had 3 children, including my grandmother, Dora Maud Borland b 1886 in St. Annes Manitoba. Frances died in 1889 along with their 3rd child, Francis Elizabeth. Was the James Pack/Peck family the only Pack/Peck family in Richmond? Your bio shows only one child for them, My records have Mary born between 1829 and 1829. According to the Clearsprings information, she was Mary Pack and was born in 1829. I would love to have any information you might have - I have been looking for so long and the Ontario records are so difficult to get at especially prior to 1864. I know there was a very large Peck/Pack family in Ontario and I have been trying to tie my Mary in with them but with no results. I also have Eliza, Francis Fanny, Issac, Jane, Margaret and Ann Pack/Peck tied in with Mary. I look forward to any information you might have, Roberta Doyle ___________________________________ There was a medical doctor Dr. James Peck with the 41st Regiment when they landed in Quebec city in 1798 I believe it was. I referred to his reports in my book Family Friends and Neighbours of Sgt William Shea. (noted above). You will also find many of the settlers in Richmond/Carp/Huntley area moved farther east to the Pontiac area of Quebec. You'll find a gold mine of Packs there in Danford also one branch in Aylwin twp. I don't know if they are related but I expect so. Happy hunting. ... Alexa Pritchard
New August 9, 2011: I just came across the Bytown or Bust website and saw your enquiries re James, Sarah and Mary Pack. I also have a connection to the Pack Family. James Pack is my great-great-great grandfather. My connection is through their daughter Ruth. Ruth married William Moore who came to Canada from Ireland. James Pack and his wife Sarah BRADLEY had 12 children :- Isaac b. 1825,Thomas b. 1827, Mary b. 1828-1901, Eliza b. 1831, Margaret b. 1831, Ruth b. 1834-1901, Ann b. 1835, Elizabeth b. 1839, Jane b. 1840, Sarah b. 1843, Fanny b. 1846 and James b. 1850. Sarah Bradley b. 1801 in Ireland d. 7 Nov. 1884 Carleton County. My source was Ancestry.com I am still trying to find info as to where Ruth’s husband William Moore is buried, also when and where they were married. One source said he was buried in Goulbourn Township but I have had no luck. I visited the museum at Stittsville just over a week ago. I know that William Moore was murdered in July 1876 by his neighbour John Bresneham over a boundary dispute according to the write-ups in the Ottawa Citizen. William Moore owned the E half of Lot 10 Con. l Township of Torbolton and John Bresenham owned Lot 9 Con 1. Their names appear on the 1879 Atlas for Torbolton Township. I have no further info regarding the other members of the family. Ruth Pack-Moore is buried in the Glen Morris cemetery at Carlyle, Saskatchewan where the family went in 1898. I hope this is of some help Norma Davidson
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