Patrick COLEMAN and Catherine McDERMOTT
County Waterford, Ireland, to Lot 21, Concession 5, Osgoode Township
(now part of the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

	1  	Patrick Coleman	1811 - ? buried St. John's, Enniskerry
..		+Catherine McDermott	1821 -
.......	2  	John Coleman	1845 -
.......	2  	Bridget Coleman	1847 -
.......	2  	Patrick Coleman	1849 -  married Ann Moran (see below)
.......	2  	James Coleman	1851 -
August 28, 2003: Hi Al, In our quest to find out more information about Rev. Thomas O'Boyle, John O'Boyle, Michael O'Boyle and Julia McGregor all from Osgoode Township. Leigh Leblanc and I have had a pretty interesting summer. Yesterday, Leigh actually found Mary O'Boyle, daughter of John O'Boyle and Julia McGregor married to James Coleman at Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. Exciting! I also have all sorts of other great information on the O'Boyle's of Osgoode and will share them with you. Below is what we have found so far on the Coleman family. Please post this to your site in hope that someone else can expand on it and we can solve part of our O'Boyle mystery and brick wall.
Descendants of Patrick Coleman
1 Patrick Coleman b: 1811 d: Bef. 1881 in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada Burial: St John's Church Cemetery, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada . + Catherine McDermott b: 1821 in Ireland d: in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada Burial: St John's Church Cemetery, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada ........ 2 John Coleman b: 1843 d: 1931 in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada Burial: St John's Church Cemetery, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada ............ +Mary Carraher b: 1841 d: 1929 in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada Burial: St John's Church Cemetery, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada ........ 2 Bridget Coleman b: 1849 d: September 16, 1916 in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada Burial: St John's Church Cemetery, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada ............ + John Tobin b: 1841 d: January 04, 1921 in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada Burial: St John's Church Cemetery, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada ........ 2 Patrick Coleman b: 1849 ........ 2 James Coleman b: 1851 ............ + Mary O'Boyle (O'Connor) Father: John O'Boyle Mother: Julia McGregor b: 1858 in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada married October 11, 1887 in Notre Dame, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Also: St John the Evangelist, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada, Cemetery Transcription In Loving Memory of Coleman Family Patrick Coleman, Sr. His wife Katharine McDermott. John Coleman 1843-1931. His wife Mary Carraher 1841-1929. Patrick J. Coleman 1880-1956. Mary Coleman 1883-1967. Anne-Marie ________________________________ Hi Al , This is very interesting. You can see the proximity of all these folks. It does look like O'Connor's took over the O'Boyle land too. Please take a look and let me know what you think. (see map on the O'Boyle page) Anne-Marie
August 29, 2003: 1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 2 Page 27 Family 122 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion John COLEMAN M M 36 Irish Ontario Farmer Catholic Mary COLEMAN F M 34 Irish Ontario Catholic Cathrine COLEMAN F W 64 Irish Ireland Catholic Patrick Joseph COLEMAN M 1 Irish Ontario Catholic
May 25, 2015: Here are two Coleman farms in 1879 in Osgoode Township. These farms are south of the village of Enniskerry in Concession 5. Source: McGill University Digital Atlas of Carleton County. (Hardcopy by Belden and Company)
Patrick Coleman and John Coleman farms in Osgoode Township in 1879

New June 6, 2015: Hello Al and Anne-Marie, I was very excited to see your exchange about the Coleman family of Osgoode on the Bytown or Bust pages. Patrick Coleman and Catherine McDermott were my husband's great-great grandparents. Great-grandparents were James Coleman and Mary O'Boyle. Grandparents were John Thompson Coleman and May Maude Dixon of Montreal. We are planning a trip to Ireland in August 2015 so were hoping to track down where in Ireland the family is from. On this page: it mentions county Waterford, but I was wondering if this meant Patrick was born there or just sailed to Canada from there. I have had no luck in finding any information about where in Ireland the Coleman's came from through my searches on Ancestry. Would you be able to assist me in any way? We recently visited and became members of the Osgoode Historical Society but our research there yielded no light on what part of Ireland any of our Irish ancestors come from. We are also related to other Osgoode families through Mary O'Boyle and her mother, Julia McGregor O'Boyle O'Connor. Perhaps the Catherine McDermott's parents were also from Osgoode? We would be happy to fill in any blanks you might have about the Coleman line in more recent times. We have lived in Ottawa for 32 years and had no idea until recently that my husband's ancestors came from the Ottawa area. What a surprise and delight. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. It would be wonderful to have some counties, if not parishes, to visit in Ireland this August. Many thanks, ... Dale _________________________ Good morning: Thanks very much for your e-mail regarding the Patrick Coleman family who were pioneer settlers in Osgoode Township. I am sending a copy of this e-mail to Mr. Michael Daley who is most knowledgable about the early settlers here. I forget where I got the information about Patrick Coleman originating in County Waterford but I will have a look for this. There were several families from County Waterford who arrived from the Lismore and Dungarvan areas in Waterford in the early 1830's. Two other Waterford families who also attended St. John's Church at Enniskerry, on the Stage Coach Road, were the families of Michael Terry and Patrick Christopher (the Christopher family were my GGGrandparents). Patrick Coleman is also buried there. By the way, in 1829 there was also a David Coleman here, #448 on the McCabe List, probably working at building the Rideau Canal. David Coleman came from Lismore in County Waterford. He had a brother named Thomas who was still in Lismore at that time. Do these names ring any bells with you? Thanks again for this, ... Allan Lewis _________________________________ Hi all the 1879 map of Osgoode Patrick Coleman & Son John living on the west half of lot 21 .con 5 The 1881 census reads , John Coleman married, age 38, born in Ontario His wife Mary [ Carraher ] Coleman age 34 years Born Ontario Catherine { Macdermott ] Coleman Widow age 64 years Born Ireland Patrick Joseph Coleman , 1 year Ontario --------------------------------------------------- The Carraher Family are natives of County Armagh ... Michael Daley ___________________________________ From Dale ... I have looked at the Christopher family info on your site several times over the last month or two and I can't remember exactly why, but I thought there was some connection between our two families. Perhaps it was just that they were neighbours. We went out to the church and saw the grave stones. David and Thomas Coleman don't ring any bells but who knows, I am just at the beginning of my family history journey. I did notice on Patrick Coleman and Catherine McDermott's marriage certificate (1845) that they were both listed as living in March Townhip. I wonder if they met there? Maybe Patrick was a farm labourer there and met Catherine in the community there? It is so nice that I will finally have more time to search and uncover. Thanks again Al for all your help with this. Dungarvan came up several times in my searches so maybe I need to take a closer look there. All the best, ... Dale ________________________ Here is another record from Enniskerry:
John, son of Patrick Coleman and Ann Moran, baptized in 1873 Sponsors Patrick Coleman and Winifred KENNEY / Kenny Patrick Coleman and Ann Moran
June 8, 2015: Hi Al, thanks so much for sending me the baptism notice. That would be Catherine and Patrick Coleman's grandson. Thank you so much for continuing to keep your eye open for the Coleman's as you research. ... Dale
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