from County Meath

ML# 363 on the McCabe List
August 1, 2002:

Dear Mr. Lewis,
I tried buying McCabes List months ago but was told by the supplier to Global 
Genealogy that it is no longer available because it is no longer in 
print.......I ran across a copy at the Family History Library in Utah.....Is 
there any way to obtain the petition signed by the men who came over from 
Ireland?  Also is there any way to find out more about the parties that were 
traveling with the men who came over?  My GG Grandfather signed the petition 
and came over with a party of 3 but I don't know if it is a wife and children 
or just other family members...his name was Patrick Bennett......would 
appreciate any advice you can give me....Thank you,  
Judie Chesson

August 2, 2002:

Thanks for your interesting e-mail.

A microfilmed copy of the McCabe List is available from inter-library loan from the 
National Archives of Canada. It is reel number B-945. It's not easy to work from.
You might be better off using Bruce Elliott's book.

I think that the best way to find out about Patrick Bennett's family would be to 
try and locate him in Ireland before 1829. According to the McCabe List he came from
County Meath, parish Yellow Furs in the Town / Townland of Danehill. I can't find 
either of these locations on a current map of Ireland, but someone who follows the
County Meath message board at will be able to tell you the name of
the church there in 1828. I'd post a query to that message board.

I believe that I've come across the name Patrick Bennett in the early records of the 
Catholic churches in Ottawa. (I assume that PATRICK was Catholic?). There are also
some early census records here, but it would be slow-going to locate him.
Do you know when he was born? Did he leave Ottawa? If you have any other information
I'd be glad to post it here for you.

... Al

August 3, 2002: Hi Al, Thanks so very much for the reply and the info...................didn't know about the rootsweb board, will try that avenue also........have the reel ordered through intralibrary loan in California where I live........I've been through Robinson's Settlers reel so that one probably prepared me for the McCabes List reel! I appreciate the exposure on your website which I feel is one of the best I've run into. I don't know where Patrick was born, just that he came from Ireland. I found him in the census of 1851....he was 62 at the time....he was a widower, because he had his son, my greatgrandfather James baptized in 1847 and listed his wife Maria Fowler as deceased. He also lived with the James O'Connell in the 1851 census. He might have settled in Kirks Ferry because thats where my grandfather was born.........Anyway, I shall keep searching............yes, he was catholic and I am having someone check with St. Stephens Church re: his death.........also, it is my understanding that the Church of Notre Dame served the Ottawa people because that was the only one around during those years.....I think I read this it true? Perhaps I could check for the death of Maria Fowler through that church..........Once again thank you for all your help! Judie

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