Patrick NASH (County Kilkenny) and Margaret BLANCHFIELD (County Tipperary)
to Osgoode Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

March 20, 2012:
Hi Al,
        I saw on the website that the photo of Patrick Nash and wife Margaret Blanchfield
and saw the wording thanking me. I was wondering if you could give credit to Gail Watters
from Ottawa. She sent that photo to me last year. I hate to take credit from someone else
feeling that people sending history will not send anything else when they are not given credit
for their work and research. I'm sure you understand.
Thanks and keep up the great work,
Patrick Nash and Margaret Blanchfield Patrick Nash and Margaret Blanchfield

October 21, 2002: Thanks to Joy for the following: Anyone know if Margaret Blanchfield is the sister of John (who married Ellen Hickey) and Patrick Blanchfield of Osgoode? Joy Patrick Nash and Margaret Blanchfield Patrick Nash 1798-1882 born Kilkenny married Margaret Blanchfield 1801-1886 born County Tipperary, Ireland . Patrick and Margaret arrived in Canada from Ireland around 1831. With them came their three children Mary Ann, James and John. Also Richard GRACE born 1829 came to Canada with the Nash family. He is not related to Patrick Nash. The Nash family settled in Gloucester, S1/2 lot 17 Broken Front. next on N1/2 lot 17 was Richard Tighe Jr.
(Note: The Rideau River is on the left. The farms are located between Black Rapids and Long Island. The Davy family shown as neighbours are descendants of Edward Davey/ Davy. Source: Belden's 1879 Atlas of Carleton County CHILDREN: 1)- Mary Ann Nash born 1828 married Patrick McGuire 1828-1895... (Children... (i)- Margaret born 1846 married James Carrigan born 1850... (ii)- Roseann born 1849 married John Carrigan... (iii)- Ellen 1865-1890. Died at age 25. She is buried in St Brigid's Cemetery Osgoode.) * James and John are the sons of Michael and Mary Carrigan 2)-James Nash born 1829 unmarried. 3)- John Nash born 1831 married Mary Ann Madden 1846-1873 in St Patrick's Church Fallowfield (Nepean Township) Sept. 2,1867....Child Roma Augusta 1873-1873.) * Mary Ann died (age 27) ten days after her infant son Roma Augusta died at 3!/2 months. Parents of Mary Ann ( Ambrose and Mary Madden). 4)- Catherine Nash 1823-1913 married Dennis Bergin 1819-1895.....(Children... (i)- Mary born 1857... ii- Michael born 1861...(iii)- Margaret Ann 1864-1887 married John Houlahan 1859- 1932...(iv)- James 1866-1946 married Elizabeth Lynch 1868-1938... (v)- Dennis Patrick 1869-1955 married Julia Ann Clarke born 1870... (vi)- Mary Elizabeth 1872-1899 married John Dunn born 1864... (vii)- John Joseph born 1876 married Margaret Delaney born 1979.) 5)- Bridget Nash 1835-1912 married John Tierney 1833-1904...(Children... (i)- Margaret 1856-1917 married Cornelius Watt 1850-1932... (ii)-Timothy 1857-1933 married Catherine Houlahan 1860-1940... (iii)- William born 1859 married Sarah Elizabeth Cayes... (iv)- Patrick born 1861... (v)- Ellen born 1864-1955 married Patrick Madden 1858-1948... (vi)- Richard 1866-1936 married Catherine Brophy 1869-1919... (vii)- John Joseph born 1868 married Catherine Mary Watters 1879-1912.)
William Tierney - son of John Tierney and Bridget Nash - marries Sarah Elizabeth Cayes, November 13,1889 (Thanks to Jerry Tierney for this photo).
6)- Ellen Nash 1836-1905 married Michael Herbert....(Children...(i)- Patrick D born 1860... (ii)- Thomas J born 1861 married Annie Doyle...(iii)- John Joseph born 1864 married Annie Shields (Patrick Shields and Mary McEvoy)... (iv)- Bridget born 1865... (v)- James born 1867 married ? Hall... (vi)- Michael born 1870 married Bridget Emma Shields (Patrick Shields and Mary McEvoy)... (vii)- Richard 1872-1948 married Margaret Brophy 1907-1979...(viii)- Simon Peter born 1873... (viiii)- Alexander born 1876.) 7)- Margaret Nash born 1838 married Christopher Fagan.... (Children...(i)- Daughter died at 5 months... (ii)- James 1869-1916 married Mary Agnes Daley 1873-1918...(iii)- Patrick.) 8)- John Richard Nash born 1840 married Emily Mckay.....(Children... (i)- Patrick James born 1864...(ii)- Martin born 1867...(iii)- Mary born 1868...(iv)- Bridget 1869-1906 married Hugh Watters.) 9)- Anna Nash 1842-1931 married Richard Tighe Jr 1833-1916....(Children...(i)- Mary Ellen born 1864 married Patrick Barry...(ii)- Patrick born 1867 married Mary Keon.... (iii)- Catherine (Kate) 1868-1883 died age 15...(iv)- Margaret born 1871 Married Francis Tapp... (v)- Anne born 1873 married Earl Barry ...(vi)- Richard born 1875 married Teresa Keon... (vii)- Hannah (Annie) Teresa 1876-1948 married Francis Edward (Ned) Brazeau 1878- 1956... (viii)- John (Jack) married twice, Philomene Nault and Florence Kelly...(viiii)- William (Bill) born 1884 married Anne Kennedy born 1886. Note: Patrick Barry was married before he married Mary Ellen Tighe. Had four children by his first wife. Mary Ellen and Patrick Barry had no children of their own. Children of Partick Nash and Mary Keon:....a- Iva 1898-1922 married Thomas Alexander... b- Therold (Terry) 1900-1981 married Margeret Florence Adams (Daisy)... c-Allen 1903-1903... d-Richard Henry 1909-1963 married Florence Potter... e- Evelyn 1911- 1990 married Armand Gravelle... f- Anne married Earl Barry. Note: Mary and Teresa Keon were sisters. Daughters of John Keon and Anne O'Rielly Child of Margaret Nash and Francis Tapp:.... Viola - unmarried. Note: Anne Nash Barry died in childbirth a year after she married Earl Barry. Baby died Children of of Richard Tighe and Teresa Keon:... a- Howard... b- Marian married Armand Tasse... c- Edwin... d-Muriel died 1963. married Earl Perry. Children of Annie Teresa Tighe and Francis Edward Brazeau:... a- Joseph Harold born 1901 married Rita Beaucaire born 1906.. b- Veronica Ann Mary born 1904 married Anthony Gauvin born 1899...c-William Edward born 1906 married Rita Lahey .. d- Marjorie Mary born 1908 married George Lefebvre born 1903... e- John Tighe married Agnes Teague b 1914-... f- William Ulric born 1910 married twice Mable ? and Helen ?... g- Patrick Kenneth born 1912 married Gertrude Trowsse born 1913 Children of John Tighe and Philomene Nault (1st marriage) .. . a- Mary- died in her first year...b- Frank 1914-1997 married Dorothy Lavalle... c- Margurite died 1977 married Reginald Collier Child of John Tighe and Florence Kelly (2nd marriage).....Lola married Des Foley Children of William Tighe and Anne Kennedy.....a- Mary Kathleen 1914-1916... b- Collins died 1976 married Deane Lavalle

Note Dorothy and Deane Lavalle are sisters. (10)- Patrick Nash Jr married Elizabeth Jane Cangley born 1845...(Children...(i)- Margaret Ann 1869-1913 married James O'Brien 1886-1923...(ii) Bridget born 1871 married Walter ?... (iii)- Henrietta born 1873 married ? Fleury...(iv)- Patricia born 1875 married Charles Dolan...(v)- Thomas born 1873...(vi) Elizabeth born 1879... (vii)- Lena 18871963 became a nun... (viii)- Agatha married Patrick Cassidy...(viiii) Patrick married Jean ?. ) * Children of Margaret Ann Nash and James O'Brien...a- Elizabeth married James Byrne...b- Josie...c- Margaret 1904-1924...d- Beatrice 1908-1910. Children of Henrietta Nash and ? Fluery...a- Joseph 1903-1980 married Evelyn Jones... b- Archibald 1905-1951 became a Priest (Oblate Fathers) Children of Patricia Nash and Charles Dolan...a- Irene 1894- 1942...b- Kathleen died 1982 became a nun (Sister Mary Melanie)...c- Joseph became a Priest (Father Bud Holy Ghost Fathers) ...d- Nora died 1980 became a nun ( Sister Maureen)...e- Margaret died 1985 became an R.N... f- John married Veronica McNulty... g- Charles married Joyce Loftus... h- Dennis died 1974. (11)- Elizabeth Nash 1847-1915 married James Herbert born 1841... (Children...(i)- Margaret Jane born 1867 married Maurice Leahy...(ii)- Bridget Ann born 1869 married Sylvester McEvoy...(iii)- Thomas married Minnie Cleland.(Hugh and . Anne Cleland) ...(iv)- Patrick James born 1875 unmarried...(v)- Mary Elizabeth 1877-1961 married James Daley 1881-1974...(vi)- Michael born 1878 unmarried. Note: Michael and James Herbert are the sons of Patrick Herbert born 1784 and Bridget ? born 1781.
January 14, 2003: Re: PATRICK NASH & MARGARET BLANCHFIELD While trying to find the history of the Nash name I found this site and was delighted as this couple was my husband’s gr-gr-grandparents. In the article "Thanks to Joy for the following: Anyone know....." etc. I went through the listing of children and came to child # (8) John Richard Nash b.1840 and his child # (iv) Bridget 1869-1906 m. to Hugh Watters. Further down child # (10) Patrick Nash Jr. m. Elizabeth Cangley (b. 1845), and their child # (ii) Bridget b.1871 m. Walter ? This Bridget (b. 1871/72), is the one who m. Hugh Waters (b. 6 Jun 1855), and they are my husband's grandparents. I have a copy of their marriage record and their photograph. The July 1, 1992 Ottawa Citizen carried a special section entitled '˜Monday Morning Ottawa Citizen, July 1, 1867' and there I found the marriage of Patrick, youngest son of Patrick Nash, Esq. Gloucester, to Eliza Jane, daughter of Mr. Cangley, Osgoode - on June 26, 1867. I could hardly believe my good fortune. Bridget Nash Waters d. 13 Jan. 1906 Æ 34 years after the death of her 13 year old son, Harry. In the spring of 1992, my husband and I received a newspaper write-up from Monsignor Paul Baxter from St. Patrick's Church in Fallowfield where the write-up states in part: '˜The late Mrs. Waters was 34 years of age, a daughter of Mr. Patrick Nash of Leamy Lake. Besides her husband and four children, the eldest 10 years, the youngest, four, she leaves five sisters and two brothers. The sisters are Mrs. O'Brien, wife of James Brien. of the Ottawa Police Force: Mrs. Dolan, wife of Mr. Charles Dolan, of the Ottawa Fire Department; Mrs. William Fleury, of Kingsmere, Quebec; Misses Gertie and Lena Nash, of Ottawa. The brothers are Thomas Nash, of Winnipeg, Manitoba; and Patrick Nash, of Leamy's Lake, Quebec.' My husband and I went to Leamy's Lake and found Elizabeth Cangley epouse de Patrick Nash had d. Mardi 19 Decembre , age 47 and is bur. Notre Dame Cemetery, Gatineau-Hull, Que, with no headstone. Patrick is bur. Notre Dame Cemetery, Montreal Rd, Ottawa, Section Lot 345, no stone. Two documents were mailed to me by the staff from both cemeteries. Now back to that child number (10): Patrick Nash (b.1843)'s dau. (iii) Henrietta (Nettie) b.1873 was m. to William Fleury, Kingsmere, Que. They had a son named Joseph and another son named Archibald, who became Father Fleury, a Missionary Priest, who went to work with the Indians. That's all for now and hope this is of some help. I am able to fill in many empty spaces. I had contacted the Church at Enniskerry and the priest told me that I would have to pay so much per hour for someone to look through the records because I wouldn't be allowed to do my own searching (see e-mail below from Jane and Jim Blanchfield, dated May 14, 2003 ... Al). I would appreciate hearing back from you. Thanks much. - Gail Watters
January 15, 2003: Hi Gail Good to hear from you. Your information is very interesting and helpful. Thank you. Anna Nash (Patrick Nash and Margaret Blanchfield) and Richard Tighe are my Great Grandparents. Their daughter Annie Tighe and Edward Brazeau are my Grandparents. Anna Nash Tighe and Patrick Nash Jr are brother and sister. I will look through my records and see if there are any pictures etc. that might be of interest to you. Will get back to you tomorrow. Joy _______________________________ also posted January 15, 2003: Hi Gail I'm back. It is very interesting that Bridget (Patrick Nash and Elizabeth Cangley) Nash is the one that married Hugh Waters. My information came from St Patrick's Records at the Ottawa Archives but then mistakes happen. Someone may have put the wrong parents names on the record. Yours must be the correct one and I will change my records. The children I have listed for Patrick and Elizabeth (Cangley) Nash are : (1) Patrick Henry 1893-1906 .....Patrick Henry was killed by a horse. His age was 12 years and 9 months. Bridget, his mother died 2 days later.... (2) Kathryn (Katie)... (3) Hilda born 1898 married Tom Ready 1897-1973...(4) Martin married Claudia Tennant. Do you have the same information? Hugh Waters is the son of Martin Waters and ? O'Malley . They came from Tipperary and settled in the Jockvale area. After his wife Bridget died, Hugh Waters married Anastasia Nolan 1862-1938. The following information I believe, is taken from the book Kars on the Rideau :...... SEVERAL WATTERS (WATERS) PIONEERS SETTLED NEAR FALLOWFIELD. ONE NAMED MARTIN CAME FROM TIPPERARY AND TOOK UP LAND FOR HIMSELF AND FOR A BROTHER PATRICK, AND A SISTER WINNIFRED. MARTIN WATTERS (WATERS) HAD MARRIED A MISS O"MALLEY IN IRELAND ; AND DESCENDANTS OF THIS COUPLE IN LATER YEARS MARRIED INTO DIFFERENT JOCKVALE FAMILIES SO THAT MARTIN WATERS CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN WERE RELATIVES OF MANY HOMES, SUCH AS DAVIS, DELANY / DELANEY, TIERNEY, BERGIN, CLARKE, KELLY AND OTHERS. FARM MARRIED FARM IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS!! I found a picture in the Ottawa Citizen Jan 1984 of a Barrhaven heritage home. It is a picture of a house on Jockvale Rd that was originally built by in 1885 by Patrick Waters, an immagrant from County Tipperary Ireland. I am sending this to you. What is your husband's name and who are his parents? Guess he and I are distantly related. Is it possible to send me a copy of the marriage record and photograph of Bridget Nash and Hugh Waters? Also any documents. I am really interested in collecting anything like this relating to my family history. I am sending you a record of the Bill and Sale of property of Patrick Nash Sr, Patrick Nash Jr and Anna Nash's husband Richard Tighe. This came from the Registry Office in Ottawa. Joy

May 14, 2003: Gail stated that she had contacted the Church at Enniskerry and wasn't allowed to do her own searching. We have compiled an index stating names & dates of the Church's records from the microfilm copies at the Hull Archives. We would be happy to look up anything for her. We believe that Margaret Blanchfield married to Patrick Nash is an ancestor, but have been unable to connect her into our line except in a round about way. Maybe she has information we can use as well. Jane & Jim Blanchfield (New E-mail Address as of June 10, 2004):
May 26, 2004: Hi I am investigating my ggrandfather, Patrick Nash dob April 27, 1851. My ggrandmother Mary Maxwell was Patrick's second wife. I know there were also children from the first marriage and a family farm at Leamy Lake. I was curious if anyone knew of a connection between my Patrick and the gentleman that married Elizabeth Cangley? Thank you, Lynn
also posted on June 10, 2004: from Taylor Kennedy: Hi Rick and Lynn Patrick's sister Anna married Richard Tighe. Annie Kennedy married their son William Joseph Tighe. Would you like what I have on the family ? or did you just cut and paste off Bytown or Bust? Take care for now, Taylor Kennedy PS That I have a pic of, Richard Tighe and Annie Nash
January 15, 2004: Thanks to Michael Daley for the following information, going back to Ireland: Hi taylor and AL, I am still trying to get this off to you gentlemen, second time around, TAYLOR I AM related to Tierney Berrigan Collins, etc, MY G.G.GRANDPARENTS PATRICK NASH AND HIS WIFE MARGARET BLANCHFIELD, I will give you a brief glimpse into that era , ,Patrick born 1796 in County KILKENNY HIS WIFE MARGAET BLANCHFIELD,BORN 1801 Co Tipperary, came to CANADA in 1832 WITH FAMILY MEMBERS MARY,JAMES,JOHN, ALSO Richard Grace,[non family member ] , 6 girls and two boys were born here, James the eldest son,born 1829 in Ireland was known to be deaf and dumb , and I'll tell you why ,[ the way it was told to me] James, being a week old or so was placed in his basket , and put in the back of a cart and off to the local fair. The proud parents showed James to everyone ,the were told what a beautiful baby he was , Sad to say the fairies came that night and took his voice away,he was never to utter a word from that day forward. THERE ten children married into Herbert [twice] Fagan, Cangley, McGuire, Berrigan, Tierney,Tighe, etc. families . In JANUARY 1866,Patrick,and Margaret took up pernament residence in St, John's cemetery,in Enniskerry, Patrick on Jan 20, Margaret on JAN , 29 , son james had moved in july 14 1880 , It's a nice piece of property, SIX BY TWELVE , A Celtic stone , marks the spot . ... Michael Daley
November 11, 2005: Hello all: I have just discovered this wonderful web-site, and during the course of my searching for my Paternal Great Grandfather (Christopher Fagan who was married to a Margaret Anne Nash) I discovered in your collective letters that I am also related to Patrick Nash and his wife Blanchfield, they are my great-great grandparents. Much to my surprise they are also related to my other branch-my father's mother's family, the Watters. As if this is not coincidence enough I notice that the name on the first e-mail address is Carroll--my mother's maiden name. So if anyone has any more information on the aforementioned names I would be delighted to have it. I look forward to hearing from any or all of you--and if I can help you, that would be great too. Sincerely, ... Pat (Fagan) O'Reilly
June 17, 2008: I was going through the Website Bytown or Bust, History and Genealogy researching the Carrigan side of my family and ran across this and was wondering if the Michael and Mary Carrigan might be Michael and Margaret Carrigan on my side of the family. See info below the Bytown info. CHILDREN: 1)- Mary Ann Nash born 1828 married Patrick McGuire 1828-1895... (Children... (i)- Margaret born 1846 married James Carrigan born 1850... (ii)- Roseann born 1849 married John Carrigan... (iii)- Ellen 1865-1890. Died at age 25. She is buried in St Brigid's Cemetery Osgoode.) * James and John are the sons of Michael and Mary Carrigan ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// In our Goth / Hogan family history Michael (born abt 1805 Ireland) is Catholic and Margaret (born abt 1806 Scotland)is Presbyterian. She was married to a (Murdoch?) Mcleod and later married Michael Carrigan and her maiden name was McDonald. Michael and Margaret together had three other children (besides the ones listed in the census below) that I know of Florence, Jeremiah, and John. Florence and Jeremiah both married Luke Hogan SR's children William and Elizabeth. I am probably thinking that Mary is Margaret. Do you have any other information on John and James Carrigan? I do know that Michael and Margaret are buried at Manotick, Ontario 1852 /census52/ Gloucester township / p. 42d, 43a, (85) # Sex Age Birthplace Occ. Religion 14 Carrigan, Michael M 46 Ireland Farmer Roman Catholic 15 Carrigan, Dennis M 14 Canada Farmer Roman Catholic 16 Carrigan, Michael M 12 Canada Farmer Roman Catholic 17 Carrigan, Timothy M 9 Canada Roman Catholic 18 Carrigan, Jerry M 3 Canada Roman Catholic 19 Carrigan, Mary F 45 Canada Farmer Presbyterian 20 McLeod, Margaret F 8 Canada Presbyterian 21 McLeod, Rhoda F 6 Canada Presbyterian 22 McLeod, Margaret F 9 Canada Presbyterian 23 McLeod, Neil M 12 Canada Presbyterian ... Darrel Goth _________________________ Note: Darrel has sent in a lot of information regarding his many ancestors in the Ottawa area, both Protestant and Catholic. Within the next day or so, I'll create a new web page for them at . ... Al
New April 13, 2020: The following photograph is identified as Maggie Nash and it was sent to Michael Daley and Bytown or Bust by Norma Paige in April of 2020. Picture from Norma:
Maggie Nash

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