Patrick GRANT and Martha THOMPSON
Osgoode Township in 1879

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

	1  	Patrick Grant	1823 - 1895
..		+Martha Thompson	1836 - 1916
.......	2  	Frank Grant	1860 - 1931
.......	2  	Mary Grant	1862 - 1939
.......	2  	Nellie (Ellen) Grant	1866 - 1919
.......	2  	Rose Ann Grant	1868 - 1957
...........		+John Rowan	
................	3  	Roy Rowan	
................	3  	Charles Rowan	
................	3  	Mae Rowan	
.......	2  	Lizzie Grant	1871 -
.......	2  	James P. Grant	1872 - 1946
.......	2  	Catherine Grant	1876 -
...........		+ Nelson Lane	1881 - 1958
.......	2  	Martha Grant	1878 -
.......	2  	Margaret Grant	1883 -

See also Lane and Grant Connection

Al, Received your pictures and other information. Thank you. Couple of questions/requests: 1) Is it possible to get map of the cemetery. We have a couple of various cemeteries here in the States that show where various people are buried. We do have a copy of part of the cemetery plots where the THOMPSONs are buried in Kansas and if you would like we will pass it on to you. It is just another piece of information. I received one where part of the GRANTs are buried in Eureka, Kansas. It is interesting to look over and in a way it helped to locate my Father's still born sister. 2) What does the word"con" mean. (Concesion) Example on the 1891 Census for Patrick GRANT it states "Con 9, Lot 26" 3) Is there a source I can write to for a copy of the town map for the 1860s and 1870s. In reading the information you sent me there is reference to various places where people lived, built house, the church location. It would be interesting to be able to plot on a map these locations. 4) The Church. When Maureen's Gradmother Catherine GRANT, daughter of Patrick GRANT, stated several times that nobody could really know her age because all the records burned up with the church. Maureen does not know if that was the truth or just something her Grandmother said so people would not go looking. Is the picture you took of the church one of the original church that might date back around 1877 when she was born? Or was there a fire that destroyed the original church? If the original church was destroyed, where could I go to find original/or copied birth certificates, baptismal certificates, etc. 5) I find it interesting to compare the two census for Patrick GRANT family (1881 and 1891) The names appear to be the same. Elizabeth (1881) vs Lizzie (1891), Francis (1881) vs Frank (1891). Etc. What I find interesting is that Patrick GRANT and Martha THOMPSON GRANT do not really age. In fact, Patrick gets younger with time. I do question the ages listed in the census. I know the information in the book, "The Blood Creek Thompsons" may not be correct but right now that is my only source. I also note that the ages for the GRANT kids only age about eight years when the censuses were taken 10 years apart. 6) It was good be to be able to compare the map in the book with the map you sent me. I do not know the date on the map in the book but I can assume it must have been from the late 1860s to early 1870s. The book states that the map was from the mid-1800 but in comparing the names of individuals living on the various properties I find, for the most part they are the same from the book to the map you sent. I was also interesting to know who purchased the land that James THOMPSON owned. Not really important information but something of interest. 7) I note that you had circled John ROWAN at the time of the map. Is that a relative to the ROWANs that married into the Patrick GRANT and Martha THOMPSON family? If so, what is the relationship? I have a lot more questions but I know I am driving you crazy with them. Again, it was great to get this information. It will take me a while to put it all together. Hope the book has proved useful to your friend Mike Daley. Gene Gant An excellent book (140 pages) called The Blood Creek Thompsons has been sent to me by Gene Gant (not Grant). It chronicles this family's history from Ireland to Osgoode Township, Canada, to Illinois and then to Kansas. Some of the surnames mentioned are Thompson Grant Finn Hickey Corrigan McNally Burns and Connor O'Connor.
September 11, 2003:

1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 3 Page 22 Family 87 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Patrick GRANT M M 50 Irish Ireland Farmer Catholic Martha GRANT F M 43 Irish Ireland Catholic Francis GRANT M 20 Irish Ontario Catholic Mary GRANT F 19 Irish Ontario Catholic Ellen GRANT F 17 Irish Ontario Catholic Rosie GRANT F 15 Irish Ontario Catholic Elizabeth GRANT F 12 Irish Ontario Catholic James P. GRANT M 10 Irish Ontario Catholic Catherine GRANT F 6 Irish Ontario Catholic Martha GRANT F 3 Irish Ontario Catholic Duncan CAMERON M M 31 Scottish Ontario Farmer C. Presbyterian Elizabeth CAMERON F M 25 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian Mary E. CAMERON F 2 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian Alaxa D F. CAMERON M 1 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian Born: Jun 10/12 Duncan CAMERON M W 77 Scottish Scotland Farmer C. Presbyterian
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