Patrick EARLY and Ellen O'HORO / O'HARA nee BURNS
Ireland to Oxford Township to Osgoode Township, Ontatio, Canada

	1  	Patrick Early	1797 - 1871 Con. 2, Osgoode (buried at St. John's, Enniskerry)
..		+ Ellen O'Horo (Burns)	also spelled "Horan" or "O'Hora"
.......	2  	William Early	1841 -
...........		+ Ellen Mantle	1840 - 1905 (PR descendant ?)
.......	2  	Thomas Early	1842 - 
February 2, 2013: Hi Al, I was visiting your site again today and noticed a transcription error for the marriage of Thomas Burns to Ellen Early. "16 Jul 1877: Married, Thomas BURNS, 30, son of Patrick Burns and Ann Burns, to Ann EARLY, 30, daughter of the late Richard Early and Ellen O'Hara" The attached record lists Ann Early as Ellen Early and her father as Patrick not Richard. I've been researching the Mantle family and by process of elimination, Ellen Mantle, wife of William Early, is quite possibly the daughter of James Mantle and Mary Kennedy. Mary Mantle (b. May 13, 1838), (another daughter of James Mantle and Mary Kennedy), married John Walsh Oct. 15, 1865. Johanna Mantle, married Michael Conway and moved to Walnut, Palo Alto, Iowa, USA. Johanna and Michael Conway married in Gloucester in 1860. I have not found the record as yet, but I believe this Johanna was also a daughter of James Mantle and Mary Kennedy. Robert Mantle and wife Martha Deveraux were god parents to John Conway, born March 4, 1870 in Osgoode. Do you know the maiden name of Ann Burns, wife of Patrick and mother of Thomas? Kind regards, Dorothy _____________________________________ Hi Dorothy: Good to hear from you. Thanks for all of this material regarding the Early and related families. I have tried for a long time to figure this puzzle out. By co-incidence, I was visiting my friend Michael Daley a couple of months ago and we were looking at a publication which had some information regarding the Early / Earley family. I believe that they came from the Kemptville area to Osgoode Township. (There are Early / Earley tombstones in Holy Cross Cemetery there ... Al) Michael, do you have the name or number of that publication? I’ll be at the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society Library next week and could have a look at it if it is there. Dorothy, is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our web page at ? Please let me know. I’ll also add your attached record to that page to set the record straight. Thanks again, ... Al ____________________________________ Thanks to Mr. Michael Daley for the following: Hi , Al . & long distance cousin Dorothy ,I should have caught this years ago , Al in regarding the Early family in Osgoode lot, 13. con, 2 and Oxford on The Rideau Lot 25 ,con 26 . Patrick and Ellen settled in Oxford in what year ?? but moved to Osgoode 1848 – 61 settled on lot 13 con. 2 their son Michael married and also lived in Osgoode Township and later moved with his family to United States the above lines are taken from the publication , “Irish Town, A Community” . from Michael Daley Records: Mary Daley baptized October 5, 1833 daughter of Michael Daley and Elizabeth Mcguire, [ my G. G. Grandparents ] married Michael Early,I do not have date ,but their first son Patrick born August 1 1860 was registered in South Gloucester, Patrick married – a Neville and had 3 boys, John born 1864 married --McNamara had one son, James born 1866 married Leona Proulx , one son, Ellen born 1867 ?? Elizabeth Early born March 19 1869 married Fred Rivers, one son one daughter, William born June 8 1871 married, Anne ??, Thomas born September 14 1873 married unknown. one daughter. Francis Edward born September 6 1878 married Anne ? 2 girls, The family may have moved to USA at this time, Michael birthdate unknown, Probably born in U.S.A. Nelly date of birth date unknown.she married Adolph Rehnke ??? Al , the publication , you ask about is IRISH TOWN, by Eleanor O’Neill for the Oxford –on Rideau Historical Society if you want to borrow this, it here, you're welcome to it. ... Michael Daley
New July 2, 2015: Here is the death record for Ellen Early in 1904 at St. John's Church in Enniskerry:
Death of Ellen Mantle Early in 1904
Witnesses were John McEvoy, Michael O'Brien and James O'Callaghan.

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