Patrick CHRISTOPHER from County Waterford, Ireland, c. 1830 and
(1) Catherine LANDRIGAN and (2) Mary FITZGERALD from County Cork
to Lot 4, Concession 4, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada from about 1845

January 19, 2013:
Christopher Family, original Land Grant, Stage Coach Road, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada
July 29, 2010: (added a map and a photograph near the top of this page ... Al) 1 Patrick Christopher 1801 - 1860 (b. County Waterford) .. + Mary Fitzgerald 1819 - 1892 (b. County Cork) My Great-Great Grandparents. Came to Canada in the late 1820's. Patrick and Mary settled on Crown Land in Osgoode Township around 1845 after being squatters in Nepean at Hog's Back (1842 Census). Brian Burns has documentation on this farm going back to about 1850. The legal description is the west half of Lot 4, Concession 4, 100 acres. This farm was in the family for 115 years, until my uncle Frank Burns sold it. It is now a subdivision called Stanley Park. (This is now called the Stage Coach Road). After Patrick Christopher, Sr., died his farm on lot 4 was passed to my GGrandfather, Thomas Christopher. Thomas' brother, Patrick Christopher, married Catherine McGee and took over Lot 7. (see map)
Two Christopher Farms in Concession 4, Osgoode Township, in 1879 Source: Belden's Atlas of Carleton County, 1879 CHRISTOPHER farms in 1879
December 12, 2011: (picture) The house in the picture below (1940) was moved onto the property from the Nevins farm when the original two story log house burned down. Christopher Family, Stage Coach Road, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada in 1940 The stones used to construct St. John's Church in Enniskerry were quarried from this farm. The witnesses at the marriage of Patrick Christopher and Mary Fitzgerald (my Great Great Grandparents ... Al) at Notre Dame Cathedral in 1835 were Patrick CURTIN and Catherine POWER. Patrick and Mary are both buried at St. Mary's Church at South Gloucester. This church is now called Our Lady of the Visitation. There is no headstone remaining for this first generation. There are some records pertaining to the Christopher farm when Patrick Sr. died and left no will. The records are on Microfilm #TP-2 at the Osgoode Township Museum. There was a daughter named Alice, born in 1834 to Patrick CHRISTOPHER and his first wife, Catherine LANDRIGAN - she's in the 1852 census for Nepean as being employed as a domestic servant, age 17, Roman Catholic. Patrick Christopher married his second wife, Mary Fitzgerald, in 1836 at Notre Dame. ....... 2 Thomas Christopher 1836 - 1898 ........... + Catherine Sullivan 1845 - 1927 (see obituary below) d/o Nicholas Sullivan (from County Meath, Ireland) and Mary McGee (from County Armagh)
Catherine Sullivan, 1845-1927 Obituary for Thomas CHRISTOPHER Wife of Thomas Christopher Husband of Catherine Sullivan (my Great Grandmother ... Al) (my Great Grandfather ... Al) See Catherine's obituary on this web page, posted below on December 7, 2011 Catherine Sullivan Christopher, 1845-1927 Obituary, Thomas CHRISTOPHER, 1899
Took over family farm on Lot 4, Concession 4 on his father's death in 1860. There is one headstone at St. Mary's containing the names of my Great-Grandparents and many other Christophers. The stone is still in good shape. (See Picture) Pall-bearers at Thomas' funeral were John Bolger / Bulger, John Fox and Patrick Shearin / Shearon. ................ 3 May Christopher ................ 3 Mary Christopher 1872 - 1952 ................ 3 Patrick Christopher 1874 - ................ 3 Bridget Ellen (Nellie) Christopher 1875 - 1928 .................... + George Hoover (Lawyer in Washington, D.C.) (1st cousin of J. Edgar Hoover) see George Hoover ................ 3 Thomas Christopher 1878 - 1948.................... .................... + Margaret McDonald 1878 - 1935 (widow of Lawrence Burns Jr.) ................ 3 Michael Francis Christopher 1879 - 1896 ................ 3 Bartholomew Christopher 1881 - 1903 ................ 3 Edward Christopher 1883 - 1900 ................ 3 Anna Celina Christopher 1884 - 1947 .................... + John Currie Emo 1862 - 1941 ................ 3 Catherine Theresa Christopher 1885 - 1957 2, 2003: Second generation, heads of Households, 1881 Census: 1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 2 Page 2 Family 5 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Lot 4, Concession 4 Thomas CHRISTOPHER M M 42 Irish Ontario my GGrandfather Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Catherine CHRISTOPHER F M 30 Irish Ontario nee Sullivan (see photo) Religion: Catholic Margret CHRISTOPHER F 12 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Mary CHRISTOPHER F 10 Irish Ontario, the Matriarch, born 1872, see photo) Religion: Catholic Patrick CHRISTOPHER M 9 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Ellen CHRISTOPHER F 5 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Thomas CHRISTOPHER M 3 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Micheal CHRISTOPHER M 2 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Mary CHRISTOPHER F W 70 Irish Ireland (widow, nee Fitzgerald, my GGGrandmother) Religion: Catholic _____________________________________ Lot 7, Concession 4: 1881 Census Place: Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist G Div 2 Page 7 Family 33 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Patrick CHRISTOPHER M M 45 Irish Ontario Occ: Farmer Religion: Catholic Cathrine CHRISTOPHER F M 45 Irish Ontario (nee McGee) Religion: Catholic Robert CHRISTOPHER M 18 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Elen CHRISTOPHER F 16 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Mary CHRISTOPHER F 14 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Bartly CHRISTOPHER M 11 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Denis CHRISTOPHER M 9 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Patrick CHRISTOPHER M 7 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Micheal F. CHRISTOPHER M 5 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Jerome CHRISTOPHER M 3 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic Alice CHRISTOPHER F 1 Irish Ontario Religion: Catholic
November 1, 2004: Diane Christopher Patriquin (E-mail is a new-found cousin of mine who is also researching the Christopher surname in the Ottawa area.
October 31, 2005: Hi Al, I was wondering if you had any info on the land that was owned by Patrick and Mary Christopher.I wanted to know if there were any land marks that might help me to find the general area. Any help for the same info on Patrick and Cathrine's land, would be appreciated. I've been up and down Stage coach road a few times looking for the lot and concession but to no avail. thanks ... Diane _______________________ Hi Diane: Good to hear from you. I remember going to the original Christopher farm in the 1950's. The original log farmhouse had burned down and a smaller, frame building had been purchased from the Nevin family down the road and moved onto the original Christopher farm. I have a picture of this building with my grandmother and several of her sisters and one brother (Tom) standing in front of it. This farm was on Lot 4, Concession 4 which is the east side of the Stagecoach Road but it is a subdivision of new homes now. I'm not sure of the exact location but my mother took some pictures of the new homes in the subdivision a few years ago so we should be able to find it by locating these new homes. I remember there was a long driveway with lilac trees along both sides leading up to the house and there was a large barn near the house. This was the original Patrick and Mary farm which my Great Grandfather, Thomas Christopher took over when his father died and left no will in about 1860. Your Great (?) Grandfather , Patrick Christopher who was married to Catherine McGee, had another farm on Lot 7, Concession 4. This is three farms south of the original Christopher farm. Both of these farms show up on the 1879 map of Osgoode Township (I have a copy of the map). Around the 1890's, the Patrick Christopher and Catherine McGee family moved to Hintonburg in Nepean Township. We should be able to find the exact street address in the 1901 Census, and maybe also the 1911 Census. These new 7 (my Grandmother) .................... + John George Burns 1880 - 1952 (my Grandfather) My Grandparents. Bought farm on Lot 13, Concession 3. (Manotick Station Road). Today (1999), this is called "Miller's Sheep Farm". Around 1850, this farm was owned by Thomas O'Rourke whose father was John O'Rourke and his mother was Mary Burns. They were from County Cork, Ireland. Isn't that a Corker? My grandfather, John George Burns and his family left this farm in 1934 and moved to Ottawa. In Ottawa they lived originally on Willow Street, later on Cambridge Street. The three eldest children (Frank, Kay and Ida) attended the Herbert's Corner's School in Osgoode which is a flower nursery today. The three youngest children attended the school on the Manotick Station Road (see Newspaper article). Witnesses at my Grandmother's baptism March 6, 1886 were Peter Stackpole and Catherine Stackpole ................ 3 Sarah Christopher 1888 - 1909 ................ 3 Bertha Christopher 1889 - 1976 .................... +Leyland Murrin (Brooklyn, N.Y.) ................ 3 Martha Christopher 1890 - 1976 ................ 3 Margaret Christopher 1870 - 1903 died in childbirth .................... + Patrick Fox ....... 2 R. Christopher 1838 - ....... 2 Edward Christopher 1839 - ....... 2 Patrick Christopher 1840 - ........... +Catherine McGee 1845 - (Widow of John Finan) Farmed on Lot 7, Concession 4 Patrick adopted 4 children from his wife's first marriage (Catherine was widow of John Finan who was killed in a house fire). Patrick, Catherine and family moved to Nepean (Hintonburg in 1880's) and appear on the 1891 census for Nepean - Division 3, Household Number 243 ................ 3 Bartholomew Christopher 1870 - (see birth record posted below on December 6, 2014) .................... + Theresa Jane Fahey 1874 - ................ 3 Dennis Christopher 1872 - .................... +Elizabeth Jane Ahearn 1878 - 1951 Sponsors at the Christening of Dennis were John Rooney and Ann McGee. Marriage record from LDS for St. Mary's. Dennis was named after his maternal grandfather, Dennis McGee who farmed in Gloucester and was originally from County Armagh, Ireland. Dennis is mentioned in the McCabe List as McKee. Buried at Notre Dame - got info on daughter Catherine from cemetery record ................ 3 Patrick Christopher 1874 - ................ 3 Michael Francis Christopher 1876 - ................ 3 Jerome Joseph Christopher 1878 - .................... +Mary Halpenny 1878 - ................ 3 Alice Mary Christopher 1880 - 1958 .................... + James Henry McGrath 1881 - 1931 ....... 2 William Christopher 1846 - ........... +Isabella Leslie ................ 3 William Thomas Christopher 1871 - ................ 3 Isabella Christopher 1874 - ................ 3 Bertha Ellen Christopher 1880 - ....... 2 Michael Christopher 1847 - ....... 2 Bridget Christopher 1849 - (see birth record below under date of November 12, 2007) ........... + John Cunningham ................ 3 John Cunningham 1873 - ....... 2 Mary Ann Christopher 1851 - ....... 2 Margaret Christopher 1855 - 1938 ........... + Alexander Thompson 1863 - 1934 ....... 2 Mo? Christopher 1857 -
Mr. Lewis; I'm not sure if this is the same CHRISTOPHER, I don't know much about my grandmother. I know she married George Christopher her name was Mary QUINN. She died Dec 26,1951 and George Died in 1955 I'm not sure of the date. I don't know where they lived or if they had any children. They are both buried at Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa. I hope there is something you can tell about them since I am still trying to find some family members on my grandmothers side. Thank You Teresa Gifford
February 14, 2002: Before settling in Osgoode Township, Patrick and Mary show up in the 1842 Census of Nepean. There were 8 children, all under the age of 18.
July 12, 2002: A Christopher family in Vinton, Quebec (Pontiac County).
censuses are not indexed and they take a bit of going through to locate people. I'm sending a copy of this e-mail to Mr. Michael Daley who has a tremendous knowledge of the early families. He will know where Lot 4 and Lot 7 are located. Take care, ... Al _______________ Thanks to Michael Daley for the following: HI AL . Just a line . i have recieved your E-MAILS and get my old head around them as soon as possible,[ "I Love them , they get the wheels turning}", I remember hearing about the day your grandmothers house burnt, and the day the Nevins house was moved on sleighs from the farm, there were no trees between here and there at that time, and as youngster, that was big, to see a house being moved, the CHRISTOPHER FARM IS NOW THE Stanley Subdivision, on Stagecoach Road, if you drive in go East you should come to "THE LINE FENCE" on the north side of the property , [if you need help call me] Al, I will get back to you on the McGee family. I couldn't take the picture off. ... Michael Daley
February 7, 2006: Hi Al ~ does your tree have a William Christopher married to an Isabella Leslie? Apparently William worked on the railroad and was widowed with young children. Again I have run across the Christopher name ~ this time in my McNeely research. A Hogan family adopted one of William and Isabella's children (see photo below) and she married into the McNeely bunch from Manotick. Ring any bells? ... Mary Quinn ____________________ Hi Mary: Thanks. I do have this material in my tree. I think that this William Christopher may have worked for the railway and wrote a well-known (at the time) railway song. He was called "Willie". I have not been able to locate the song, however. I also heard that some Christopher children were adopted by a Hogan family. Now I know whose children they were. Thanks. I added your letter to a new page at with a note about Charlotte Gray's book. It's amazing how much history is crammed into Mary Gosson Kelsey's letter. I have just found out that this book, hardcover, regularly $45.00 is on sale for $9.99 at It's a bargain at that price and I'm a sucker for books. Talk to you soon. ... Al
December 7, 2006:
My Great-Grandmother, Catherine SULLIVAN married Thomas CHRISTOPHER. The Sullivans had several farms, dating from the mid 1840's on the west side of the Manotick Station Road (Concession 2). The Burns farms were mostly on the east side (Concession 3). - See 1879 Map. From the records of Notre Dame: 11 Aug 1844 Baptism of Catherine, born the 7th of the marriage of Nicholas Sullivan and Mary McGee of Gloucester Witnesses: Francis McGee & Mary McGee (Mary's parents) This Sullivan family came from County Meath, Ireland. 1901 Census data for the family of Thomas Christopher (deceased) and Catherine Sullivan 4 49 35 Christopher Catherine F Head W Aug 15 1845 55 (Catherine Sullivan, my GGrandmother ... Al) 4 50 35 Christopher Margaret F Daughter S Jul 16 1870 30 5 1 35 Christopher Mary F Daughter S Apr 13 1872 28 5 2 35 Christopher Ellen F Daughter S Aug 31 1875 25 5 3 35 Christopher Thos M Son S Mar 16 1878 23 5 4 35 Christopher Bartholomew M Son S Apr 10 1880 20 5 5 35 Christopher Annie F Daughter S Mar 17 1884 17 5 6 35 Christopher Catherine Theresa F Daughter S Dec 30 1885 15 (my Grandmother) 5 7 35 Christopher Sarah F Daughter S Mar 15 1888 13 5 8 35 Christopher Bertha F Daughter S Apr 12 1889 11 (see picture, below, dated July 5, 2008) 5 9 35 Christopher Martha F Daughter S Dec 8 1888 12 5 10 35 Christopher Patrick M Son S Jan 7 1874 27 1911 Census for Osgoode: 42 52 Christopher Mrs Female Head Widow Oct 1844 65 (Catherine Sullivan) 43 52 Christopher Thomas M Son S Jun 1875 35 44 52 Christopher Mary F Daughter S Oct 1871 40 45 52 Christopher Martha F Daughter S Dec 1887 23
November 12, 2007: Here is a church registry entry at Our Lady of the Visitation Church at South Gloucester for Bridget Christopher, daughter of Patrick Christopher and Mary Fitzgerald. Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for this part of my family's history! (The image Taylor sent me is legible!) ... Al
July 5, 2008: Thanks to Joy Watson for the following picture: "The first is a photo of Bertha Ellen (Hogan) Christopher - my great grandmother. She was fostered by the Hogans and married Charles McNeely - you have her listed in your Christopher tree.

March 21, 2009: Hello: I am helping my grandson with a genealogy assignment for sixth grade. His great grandmother was Marie C. Cunningham. She immigrated to the USA in 1902. She was born 22 May 1883 in Ottawa, Ontario Province, Canada. Her parents were John Cunningham and Bridget Christopher. Are these parents the same as the parents of John Cunningham who was born in 1873? Can you tell me how I can find more information on Marie and her parents and grandparents? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sheila L. Mahler ___________________________ Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following: Hi Sheila and Al Sheila, yes it is the same John born January 24, 1873, baptized February 14th ( Valentine's Day ) 1873. Godparents were Joseph and Mary Ann Gillisppe (Gillissie?). John moved to Mattawa after his parents died with his brother Bartholomew. John married Sarah McMeekin and had several children dying young at age 50 years, December 28, 1933. Some of his children were Orval John, John Gerald and John Peonard Philias Cunningham. John Cunningham who married Bridget Christopher, daughter of Patrick Christopher and Mary Fitzgerald, married in South Gloucester, Carleton County, Canada on January 28, 1872. {I am attaching a jpeg of that register}. John was a widower and he was the son of John Cunningham and Catherine Gillingham. He was first married to Alice Talon, daughter of Mathew Talon and Maria Walker of South Gloucester. He married her in Notre Dame Basilica in Ottawa on August 28, 1860. I have John Cunningham, husband of Bridget dying December 10, 1888. Sadly I can't find where they are buried at this time. Their children included John 1873, Elizabeth 1876, Patrick 1875, Bartholomew 1874, Michael 1878, Catherine 1880, Mary Ann 1881 and John Joseph 1881. I will check the 1901 census for marie Cunningham. I hope this helps. Taylor Kennedy
April 23, 2011: William CHRISTOPHER, Sr. was born in County Waterford in the late 1700's. Some of his descendants migrated to New York City in the 1800's. Is there a link between these two Christopher families back in County Waterford?
December 7, 2011: Thanks to Mary Quinn who found this obituary for my Great Grandmother, Catherine (nee Sullivan) Christopher:
Source: Ottawa Citizen, May 9, 1928 Obituary for Catherine Sullivan CHRISTOPHER, May 9, 1928, Ottawa Citizen CHRISTOPHER
Names mentioned in Obituary: Mrs. H. Hoover, Mrs. George Burns (my grandmother ... Al), Mrs. A. Curry, Montreal, Mrs. L. Murren, Mrs. A Brooks, Bay City, Michigan, Mrs. D.N. Brooks, Mrs M. Thomson. Pallbearers were George Burns (my grandfather ... Al), John O'Brien, John Morrison, Michael O'Brien, Samuel Smith and Joseph Nevins.
December 22, 2011: Here are the death records for my GreatGrandfather, Thomas Christopher (died 1899) and his brother, Patrick Christopher (died 1925) Source: Death of Thomas Christopher, South Gloucester, Ontario, 1899 Death of Patrick Christopher, South Gloucester, Ontario, 1925
February 22, 2012: Obituary of my Grandmother, 1957, Catherine Theresa BURNS nee CHRISTOPHER: Obituary of Catherine Theresa BURNS nee CHRISTOPHER, 1957 December 6, 2014: Here is another record for Bartholomew Christopher, a son of Patrick Christopher and Catherine McGee: Source: Drouin records at Bartholomew CHRISTOPHER, birth in 1870 at South Gloucester, Ontario
February 18, 2015: Here is the marriage record in 1870 for Patrick Christopher, son of my GGGrandparents (Patrick Christopher and Mary Fitzgerald). His bride was Catherine McGee, widower of John FINAN.
Source: Ontario, Canada, Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1747-1967, at (a subscription service) Marriage of Patrick CHRISTOPHER and Catherine McGEE FINAN in 1870 at South Gloucester, Ottawa, Ontario
Keywords: Thadeus HAWLEY (Timothy)
November 22, 2015: Thank to Steve Rogers from the County Waterford Genealogy Group on Facebook for the following link which shows the Christophers in the 1901 census in Waterford.
October 2, 2016: Obituary courtesy of Carmen Rochon, my GGrandfather, Ottawa Journal January 16, 1899. Husband of Catherine Sullivan, my GGrandmother, (picture above) ... Al
Thomas CHRISTOPHER obituary, January 16, 1899

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