Patrick BYRNE and Johanna FORTUNE
County Wexford to Fallowfield

November 7, 2003:

Al, just to let you know that I am doing research on my family - I am a descendant 
from Patrick Byrne (1831-1900) and Johanna Fortune (1826 -1895) from Fallowfield. 
Besides tracing  the genealogical data I am also talking with survivng relatives and 
capturing their stories on tape  as well as obtaining some old photos.
I am also working on both sides of my family tree (the other one being Kelly from PEI) 
I have been at it for two years now but on a part time basis as I am still working. 
My family tree includes alot of Irish families from this area. They  include the 
O'Grady, Sullivan, Houlihan / Houlahan, Shanahan, Rooney, Deavy / Deevy, 
O'Connell etc. families
So if you hear of anyone else who is doing research on these families, I would 
be prepared to share my work with them.  
Once I have captured more of the stories and other information, I will 
gladly share it with you to augment your work on the site. However if there 
is anything in particular you want me to share now, I would be pleased to do so.
One particular interest I am working on is the great fire of the 1870's 
as it burnt out my family farmstead and resulted in my family taking over 
the Sparks family farm in the 1870's. I will be visiting the National 
Archives to see if I can find some of the newspaper stories. Some of my 
older relatives recall stories about people who died during the fire and 
how they died. 
Terry Byrne
Hi Terry:
Thanks very much for your e-mail regarding Patrick Byrne and Johanna Fortune.
I'm really interested in your Byrne ancestors and I'd like to find out 
sometime if there is any relation to my Byrne / Burns families who settled in 
Osgoode Township in the 1840's. As you know, there are lots of Burns and Byrnes 
who were here early on - starting in the 1820's I think. Many of them were in
Bytown before moving to farms in Osgoode, Fallowfield, etc.
There also seems to have been a couple of other Fortune girls, maybe sisters of Johanna.
Let's keep in touch, and thanks again!
... Al Lewis
No problem with adding my e-mail address. I plan to visit St. Philips. 
I have already visited St. Patrick's in Fallowfield to obtain info on births, deaths 
and marriage to see if I can get a better idea of how people are related. Any 
info which would be easy for you to share would be helpful ...but not to be 
concerned if it isn't.
Regarding the Fortune girls, I have been doing some research on them and have 
found very little for which I can make any link to Johanna.
Regarding the Byrne's of Osgoode, I haven't found any links yet, but I do not 
have the full lineage of my great grandfathers brothers and his parents. As my 
research continues and I am able to go back further in time, I will see if there 
are any links which connect us. 
Terry Byrne
From Ellen Paul's records of St. Philip's at Richmond:
4 November 1857
Baptism of Edward, born 2 inst. of the lawful marriage of 
Patrick Burns / Byrne and Joanna Fortune. The sponsors were John Burns 
and Elizabeth Fortune.
New November 22, 2003: Hi Terry. My Great Grandmother was Mary Byrne from Fallowfield. She was married to Patrick Monaghan and had 6 children. After Patrick died, she married William Brennan at St. Philip's in Richmond in 1844. She died in 1873 and is buried in St.Patrick's Cemetery in Fallowfield. They lived at the corner of Fallowfield and Moodie Drive. Do you have any information about her, or is she one of your ancestors. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Ed Brennan.

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