The Romance of Canadian History, a book by Francis Parkman
edited by Pelham Edgar, Ph. D.
Professor of English Literature, Victoria College, University of Toronto

The Romance of Canadian History, book by Francis Parkman                                 

August 30, 2014:

Edited from the Writings of Francis Parkman by Pelham Edgar, Ph. D., 1902, Toronto, George N. Morang & Company Limited, 416 pages. This book gives a very good overview of the history of the eastern half of North America from the time of Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain up until the time of the American Revolution. It contains a lot of information regarding the First Nations peoples and their first contact with Europeans. It also explains very well the relationship between the Puritan settlements in New England and the early French settlements along the St. Lawrence River in what is today Canada. It discusses the feudal system as imported from France to Quebec, (the seigneurial system), the domineering character of the Roman Catholic Church and the role of the Recollet and Jesuit missionaries. This book is edited by Pelham Edgar who was a professor at the University of Toronto and was also a long-time friend of the Ottawa poet Duncan Campbell Scott. Note: This book is very strong on historical facts. However, it was written in the late Victorian era and therefore you may be required to hold your nose when reading some of the authors' views regarding Roman Catholics and First Nations peoples. ... Allan
New November 27, 2014: Speaking of Pelham Edgar, one of his best books is The Art of the Novel, from 1700 to the Present Time written in 1933, published by the MacMillan Company, New York, 493 pages, hardcover.

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