Sports History in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and in the Ottawa Valley

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

 December 8, 2020:

North Horton Township Hockey Team, 1929-30 Horton Township Hockey Team, Text 1929-30 Players: Back Row: Alex Barr, Harold Collins, Andy Johnston, Harold Barr, Front Row: Howard Hyland, Bill Stewart, Ed Reid, Beattie Johnston, James B. Eady, Bill Johnston Horton Township Hockey Team, 1929-30

August 17, 2007: Thanks to Marlene O'Neil for the following photograph. A few of the names still need to be identified. Do you recognize any of the persons in the photo? This championship team probably played its home games at Brantwood Park between Main Street and the Rideau River.
Ottawa East Best Baseball Team 1910
1910 Baseball Team - Ottawa East
Hi there - above is the photo - have added some information to hopefully twig some descendant to maybe take a look and can identify this small window on the German community in Ottawa and their passion for baseball. The cardboard pressed frame is labeled on top in rather crude white lettering by hand - 1910 Rideau League Valley Champs - on the back it says Ottawa East Best Ball Team 1910. The names written at the bottom are: Alex Wolfe, Bill Shandler, Archie Graham, Fred Martz, Ernie Romhild, Frank Schroeder, Fred Wings, (Geo Noffre, sic, George Noffke), Gus Romhild, Robert Romhild, Fred Wing, Fred Romhild. Ernie Schroeder, Bill Romhild, John Shandler, Mascot - Henry Wings (sic Winges) -- Noted as written on bottom of frame. There are 16 names written on the farm but 19 persons in the photo to add to the confusion. 1 - Mascot Front Middle - this is Henry Winges (1899-1981) son of Charles Winges and Annie Elizabeth Romhild. Family were residents at 236 Main Street in 1911. Henry married Johanna Fabricius in 1923. Left to Right - Row 1 behind Mascot 2 - unknown but looks like a Romhild 3 - Gus Romhild (1885-1983) son of Charles and Caroline Romhild - her married Elsie Risto from Pembroke in 1909 and was living in Nepean in 1911. 4 - unknown but looks like Romhild 5 - unknown but has age it appears over many of the players Row 2 6 - unknown but resembles Romhild 7 - unknown 8 - unknown 9 - unknown but looks like Romhild 10 - unknown ROW 3 11 - 19 - all unknown. NAMES TO MATCH TO FACES -- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT NAMES Gus Romhild had two brothers Fred 1893-1916) living on Glenora Ave who was killed in action in WW1 and Ernie (1889-1976) who was married to Olga Risto and also like Fred fought overseas in WW1. Other than Gus have never seen a picture of them so not sure who is who per his brothers. Robert Romhild (1891-1978) son of Wilhelm and Bertha Cornelius was living at 56 Evelyn Street, He married Emma Thom and a second marriage Violet Kerr Bill Romhild - would assume name is actually Wilhelm or William but have no record to date for this person but he is related as this is the only line of Romhild in Canada Fred Martz - found him in the 1901 census in Carleton Ott East - son of Henry and Pauline Frosch - his birth delayed birth registration by his mother (192?) indicates Frederick August Henrich Martz, December 27, 1887 and the family were living at 186 Main Street. Bill and John Shandler are obviously related - possibly bros but the spelling could be incorrect of surname. Schroeders - mostly they lived in Renfrew so hard to figure out who is who given the duplicates of the names in census Fred Winges (1888-1966) believed to be the brother of the mascot Henry Winges son of Charles Winge and Annie Romhild - he married Wilhelmina Nutsheke(?). Archie Graham and Alex Wolfe - still nothing tangible at this time. ... Marlene O'Neil
January 3, 2008:
Stittsville Hockey Team, 1927-28
1927 Stittsville Hockey Team
The team members are: Front Row, L to R: C. Cathcart, S. Bradley, W. Paul (goalie), H. Argue, W. Wilson Back Row, L to R: C. Rothwell, E. Bradley, R.A. Bradley, J. Vaughan (manager), C. Wilson, O. Rothwell This is the team which travelled to Carp, Richmond, etc. by horse-drawn sleigh. C. Wilson is Clarence Wilson. W. Wilson is my uncle, Wilbert Thomas Wilson (Uncle Wib). Only the first initial of the players is given on the picture. Can anyone fill in the first names of the other players? C. Cathcart may be Clifford Cathcart. ... Al ________________________ March 21, 2008: (players names updated) Thanks to Robert Sample, Debbie Prince and Sid Bradley for the following names of hockey players in the above picture: The team members are: Front Row, L to R: Franklin Anthony "Clifford" Cathcart -10 April 1904 to 20 Aug 1937, Silas Christopher Bradley-October 15, 1898 to April 20, 1972 William Paul (goalie), Thomas 'Howard' Argue - October 01, 1906 to January 04, 1972, Wilbert Thomas 'Wib' Wilson December 19, 1903 - February 11, 1992 Back Row, L to R: C. Rothwell, Eldon Bradley, Richard A.(Gus) Bradley, J. Vaughan (manager), Clarence Bertram Wilson- March 10, 1902 to December 22, 1977, (brother to Wilbert), Osborne Rothwell
January 28, 2008: Hi folks - I am not sure if you have come across any references to Hugh Masson's plough or Hugh and Donald's participation in what might be Canada's 1st Hockey game Dec. 25, 1852 (beating McGill University's claim by more than 40 years...). I finally found a picture of the 1852 hockey medal and quotes from Hugh himself in a 1904 publication. The original medal was donated to the Bytown Museum along with other Masson [and Anderson] artefacts (but they are not on display and are held in the Museum's facilities at the "Diefenbunker"). I am not certain if your Borthwick family connections include 1898 Ottawa Mayor William Borthwick, but thought I would send along a photo of him. Cheers - Bruce Hurley (I believe that the text below is from Anson Gard's The Hub and the Spokes. ... Al) Bytown Shinnie Medal -- 1852 Here is a text version containing the surnames from the article above: (for the search engine)
This is one of the oldest sports, and from which grew hockey. It is our "shinny on your own side" which we used to play on the "crick" down there by the old bridge. Again I run across of ex Mayor Bingham. No wonder he loves children so much. I find he was one of the boys himself. In shinny he was an expert, with a goodly following of many old Ottawans, in which I find the names of the late Alexander Lumsden, James Mulroney, Terrence O'Neill ("Trickey Terry"), John Bulger, James McLaughlin, Hugh Masson and many others, now gone.
Medal of 1852 - A find in Shinny
Months after writing the foregoing, while looking up data a la Bytown, I ran right into a real "find" in shinny. It was a silver medal given in 1852. Mr. Hugh Masson, the last one of those who played in the match between New Edinburgh and Ottawa, is the holder. "Who are the players?" was my first question on seeing the relic of 52 years ago. "Of the Ottawa twelve I remember but one name," said Mr. Masson, "as I was then a stranger, having just arrived. That one was James Peacock, the hatter. My friends being in New Edinburgh I played on their team. We were dressed in our Scotch costume, the Ottawas were 'plain clothes' men. Of our team I remember seven of the players: John Lumsden, father of Alex, D.M. Grant, Allen Cameron, Peter Fraser, William McDonald, my brother Donald and myself. It was Christmas Day. The game was refereed by Captain John McKinnon, son-in-law of the Hon. Thomas McKay. We beat two to one. The medal was passed on to me; I am the last; all the rest having gone on ahead. I wonder will we have any shinny there? ________________________________ also posted on January 28, 2008: History of the Ottawa Curling Club.

February 14, 2008: Ottawa SenatorsOur local NHL hockey Team, the Ottawa Senators, are making a strong run for the Stanley Cup this year. Listen to the games live on the Team1200 Radio Station.
Ottawa Silver Seven Hockey Team, 1904-05
Stanley Cup Champions
Photo Source: The Ottawa Sports Book by Jim McAuley 1904-05 Ottawa Silver Seven Team
Names: Dave Finnie, Harvey Pulford, Alf Smith, Arthur Moore, Harry Westwick, M.H. McGilton (trainer), H.L. Gilmour and Frank McGee (nephew? of Darcy McGee)
July 31, 2008:
Fitzroy Harbour Hockey Team, c. 1910 Photo Source: Beyond Our Memory ... A History of Fitzroy Township, page 100 Fitzroy Harbour Hockey Team, c. 1910
Names for search engine: McKay, Kedey, Templeton, Wade, Baird, Smith
February 1, 2009: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy, a die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan, for the following sad news from 1954: Ottawa Senators take Pay Cut in 1954 Source: Toronto Star, November 23, 1954
June 14, 2009:
Ottawa Hockey Team Stanley Cup Champions in 1903-04 Source: The Ottawa Sports Book by Jim McAuley, page 93 Ottawa - Stanley Cup Champions in 1903-04
Names: A.T. Smith, M.H. McGilton, S.C. Gilmour, A. Moore, E.H. Pulford, J.B. Hutton, D.J. Gilmour, H. Westwick, P. Greene, Frank McGee, H.L. Gilmour, F.H. Wood, P.M. Butler, A.A. Fraser, P.T. Sims, A.P. Mutchmor, L.N. Bate, M. Rosenthal, C.T. Kirby, J.W. Smith, W.H. Halton, R.T. Shillington, N.C. Sparks, H.s. Kirby, C.D. Spittall.
October 9, 2009: Hi Al, Attached is a picture of the 1916 Greely (Osgoode Township) hockey team. You may already have it or you may want to add it to the site under Ottawa and area sports. The members are : Back Row - Willie Stackpole, Howard Leahy, Father George Prud'homme (coach and Parish Priest at South Gloucester), Edgar O'Brien, Howard McGregor. Centre row - Frank Fagan, Dave Stanley, Jim Fagan. Front - Michael John Fagan, Harold Shirley. Take care, David Nolan
1916 Greely Hockey Team

December 14, 2009:
Ottawa Rough Riders Football Team, 1890 Source: Where Rivers Meet: An Illustrated History of Ottawa, page 82 1890 Ottawa Rough Riders Football Team

December 20, 2009:
Metcalfe Village Hockey Team in 1907 Metcalfe, Ontario, Canada, Hockey Team in 1907
Keywords: Trickey Photography, Winchester, Ontario Players: Left to Right, Top Row: J. Moxley, W.T. Hopkirk, J. Johnston, E.H. Rolston, C.S. Trickey, Bottom Row: E. Kennedy, W.J. Campbell (President) and S.S. Latimer
February 21, 2010:
Thanks to Mrs. Mary Wall for the following wonderful photo. Mrs. Wall is a descendant of Philomen Wright. This was the home of Mr. Edward Wright, grandson of Philomen Wright and was part of "Britannia Farm". It is now on the site of the Royal Ottawa Golf Club. Royal Ottawa Golf Course - Home of Mr. Edward Wright

--> March 12, 2010: Hello Al I thought this picture could be of some interest. This is the Ottawa National Baseball Team from 1896. The gentleman on the far right is Richard Bingham, I would be his first cousin, three times removed I believe. He played the position of left field on the team. Unfortunately, I do not have names for any of the other gentlemen. (see posting dated January 5, 2010 ... Al) ... Karen Bingham
Ottawa National Baseball Team, 1896 1896 Ottawa National Baseball Team
January 5, 2010: Hi Karen My name is Danielle Ritz. My step-grandfather was Richard Andrew Bingham (junior) - he married my grandmother in 1965. With his father, the Richard Bingham who is in the photo you posted, they formed the company R. A. Bingham and Son. I just saw the picture of the National Baseball Club on your web site, and I have one of the originals here, still in its original frame (I believe). Included is a sheet on the bottom with the names of the players. No first names, just initials, but I thought you might like them: Back row, left to right: F. Robert, Pres.; J. Gauvreau, Treas. 2nd row, left to right: E. D. Bance, 1st Base; J. Kane, 2nd Base; O. LeFleur, 3rd Base; T. Taylor, short stop; W. Earle, centre field; M. O'Neil, Right Field, R. Bingham, Left Field 3rd row, left to right: A. Fauteux, pitcher; J. Sevigny, Hon.-Pres.; D. Allin, Catcher and Captain Front row, left to right: C. Allin, right field; G. Dixon, centre field It says the photo is by Sproule & O'Connor Thanks Danielle ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Ottawa Rough Riders Win the 1960 Grey Cup Read the Complete Article in the Ottawa Citizen of November 26, 1960 Ottawa Rough Riders win the 1960 Grey Cup

February 14, 2011:
Lacrosse Team of Maxville, Ontario, Canada in 1909 Source: Maxville: Its Centennial Story, 1991 Lacrosse Team of Maxville, Ontario, Canada in 1909
Surnames for search engine: McDougall, Merrick, Donat, Ward, Morrow, Irvine, McLean, Pearson, McDiarmid, Marjerison, Young, Sproul / Sproule, Loney
April 2, 2012: I'm just back from a week's holidays and am just getting caught up with e-mail. I had no news about the Ottawa Senator's drive to make the playoffs but Taylor Kennedy has brought us up-to-date with our playoff nemesis, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Thanks, Taylor!
New coach Toronto, going over the usual March strategy! Golf Team of the Toronto Maple Leafs

July 28, 2012:
A photograph of Harold Starr, c. 1930 Source: Tell Me Another Story, by Joan Finnigan, page 139 Harold Starr, Hockey Player, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

March 4, 2013: Here is a link to the History of the Ottawa 67's web page. Our Major Junior "A" hockey team is a terrific community minded organization! Contact Brett Hamilton for more information. Visit the Home Page of the Ottawa 67's for ticket information, schedules, etc. This year the team plays at ScotiaBank Place in Kanata. ... Al
Brian Kilrea -- Longtime Coach of the Ottawa 67's Brian Kilrea, Long-time coach of the Ottawa 67's

October 3, 2015:
Ottawa Football Club, 1919-20 Thanks to Bob Wright for the following photograph
Ottawa Football Club, 1919-20
Ottawa Football Club, 1925 Thanks to Bob Wright, again, for the following photograph
Ottawa Rough Riders, Grey Cup Champions in 1925

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