Ottawa, Ontario, Canada -- the Origin of the Name

New January 28, 2005:

Adàwe is the Algonquin word meaning "to trade". The Outaouaks 
were a trading nation of the Anishinàbe family. It is from 
Outaouak that "Ottawa" is derived. It is the English corruption of Adàwe.

Between 1673 and 1688 the French mapped the interior from Montreal to 
Lake Huron and the name of the Ottawa River is called Riviére des Outouais 
on their first map produced in 1702. This name appears on the British maps
in 1763 (based on the 1702 French map).

The Algonquin Nation called the Ottawa River Kich Sibi (also seen as Kitchissippi)
and both the Jesuit Relations and the journals of Samuel de Champlain, who
travelled the Ottawa River from Montreal to Mattawa and beyond in 1613, both refer 
to the river as "Kitchi Sibi".

Source: From Time Memorial by Stephen McGregor, 2003.

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