Early Residents of the Township of Osgoode
Upper Canada, (Ontario, Canada)
now part of the City of Ottawa

November 19, 2007:

Thanks to Anne Burgess for the following extract from the 1874-75 County of Carleton Directory. These directories are 
available at the Library and Archives Canada Genealogy Centre or online at the Library and Archives web site.

February 5, 2012
The following list has been transcribed here for your convenience.

Osgoode - Sub-division No. 1

Name			P.O. Address
Abram, James		Manotick
Beaudry, Peter D	Manotick
Butler, Truelove		Kars Corners
Buchanan, James		Manotick
Brady, James		Manotick
Bray, Charles		Manotick
Brownlee, Thomas	Manotick
Bulger, John		Manotick
Burns, Michael		Manotick
Burns, Lawrence		Manotick
Burns, James		Manotick
Burns, Lawrence		Manotick
Burns, Michael		Manotick
Clark, William J.	Manotick
Coleman, James		Manotick
Cody, David		Manotick / Coady 
Condy, William		Manotick  Condie
Chambers, James		Manotick
Condy, Albert		Manotick  Condie
Conners, Henry		Manotick
Connors, Dennis		Manotick
Connors, Jeremiah	Manotick
Connors, John		Manotick
Curran, John		Manotick
Cahill, John		South Gloucester
Christopher, Thomas	South Gloucester
Connors, John		South Gloucester
Christopher, Patrick	South Gloucester
Cangley, Patrick	South Gloucester
Cangley, Thomas		South Gloucester
Dickinson, M.K.		Manotick (Moss Kent Dickinson)
Davidson, William		Manotick
Davidson, Peter		Manotick
Davidson, Joseph	Manotick
Dolan, Francis		Manotick (records at St. Brigid's on the River Road)
Dolan, Michael		Manotick
Doyle, James		Manotick
Doyle, William		Manotick
Doyle, Patrick		Kars Corners
Daley, Matthew		Kars Corners
Doyle, James		Kars Corners
Diamond, Henry		Manotick
Dewan, Patrick		West Osgoode
Doyle, Martin		West Osgoode
Doyle, Andrew		West Osgoode
Doyle, Patrick		West Osgoode
Darcy,Thomas		South Gloucester
Daley, Michael		South Gloucester
Daley, James		South Gloucester
Doyle, Andrew		South Gloucester
Doyle, Moses		South Gloucester
Dewan, Patrick		South Gloucester
Daley, Thomas		South Gloucester
Daley, Michael T.	South Gloucester
Daley, John		South Gloucester
Deverix, Thomas		West Osgoode (Devereaux)
Deverix, Edward		West Osgoode
Early, William		South Gloucester
Evans / Nevins, Francis		South Gloucester
Fagan, James,		Kars Corners
Fagan, Christopher	Kars Corners
Fox, William		Manotick
Fox, William Jr.	Manotick
Finley, Lawrence	Manotick
Finley, Thomas		Manotick
Fox, John		Manotick
Fox, James		Manotick
Fox, John		Manotick
Fehan, Terrence		South Gloucester (I think that this is FAGAN)
Flood, Peter		South Gloucester
Gleason, Matthew	West Osgoode
Heaney, James		Manotick
Howley, Timothy		Manotick (Thadeus)
Harris, Orlando		Manotick
Hawkins, John		Manotick
Harney, Patrick		Manotick
Harney, William		Manotick
Hatch, Thomas		Manotick
Hatch, Thomas Jr.	Manotick
Henan, William		Manotick (Heanan)
Henan, David		Manotick
Herbert, James		South Glocester
Herbert, Michael	South Glocester
Herbert, Patrick	South Glocester
Jordan, Andrew		South Glocester
Knox, William J.	Manotick
Kelly, David		Manotick
Kelly, Patrick		Manotick
Kavanagh, Peter		Manotick
Kilfoyle, Patrick	Manotick

Alternate spelling for search engine: Condie, Fagan, Devereaux, Devereux, Nevins (Evans),

Table 1
Early Immigrants
To Osgoode Township
ABRAM / ABRAHAM, James E Lot 20, Con II Osgoode some spelled ABRAHAM
Adams Nicholas from Poland to the Nick Adams Road
BAMBRICK family Bytown, c. 1830
BLANCHFIELD, John 1804-1888 from Carlow in 1855 also Edward, James and Patrick wife of John=Ellen HICKEY, 1800-1880
BLANCHFIELD, Patrick, 1794-? see below also Edward, James and John wife of Patrick= Mary ??
The Blanchfield Family Page  - go to this page and click on "Descendancy" contributed by Rosalind STEFFEN to Rootsweb 
BOLGER, Thomas, 1813-1863 (BULGER) from Wexford in 1850, some to Renfrew County wife=Catherine GORMAN also spelled BULGER and BOULGER
BOYLE, Michael, s/o Thomas BOYLE and Mary CLYNE County Mayo Anastasia GRACE d/o Pierce (Peter) GRACE and Julia REGAN
BRADY James, 1838-? from Kilkenny Reginald BRADY, 1809-1893, born Kilkenny
BRENNAN, Michael, 1820-1909 Ireland wife=Anastasia BROPHY, 1836-1900
BRESNAHAN, John Lot 5, Con 3, Osgoode lot sold by 1879 Manotick Station Road
BROWNLEE, John Lot 4, Con 2, Osgoode family from Scotland
BUCKLES, James, c. 1815-? born in Ireland wife=Mary FITZPATRICK, 1819-1909 see paper on TOBIN history
BURKE, family from County Mayo to Osgoode, also some from Cork
BURNS / BYRNE, James 1801 - 1871 born in Ireland wife=Elizabeth WALSH Lot 11, Con. 3, Osgoode, c. 1849
BURNS/BYRNE, Lawrence 1805 - 1879 born in Ireland wife=(1)Margaret DOYLE - married Notre Dame 1831 (2)Bridget JORDAN - married Notre Dame 1845, witness=John WALSH of Bytown Lawrence was my GGGrandfather ... Al
BURNS, Michael s/o Lawrence (above) and Margaret DOYLE marr. July 20, 1871, Mary SULLIVAN d/o Nicholas SULLIVAN and Mary McGEE
BURNS, James, 1840-1907 Irish, born in Bytown wife=Annie ROBB born Scotland,1851-1927 My GGrandparents

bur. St. Mary's

BURNS, Patrick to Manotick Station Road wife = Catherine DUNN also spelled Byrnes, 1862 record
BURNS, William 1839-1898, born in Ireland wife=Elizabeth MULRONEY d/o George MULRONEY and Catherine DUGGAN
O'BYRNE, Jane 1808-1871 from County Antrim husband=Hugh McGEE, believe bur. in Ireland Jane is buried St. John's, Enniskerry
BYRNE, Michael J. 1820-1905 born in Dublin

bur. St. Mary's

wife Mary Ann TIERNEY died 1923, buried St. Mary's see William KERWIN
CAHILL, John, 1821-1901 from Queen's County wife=Mary McMORROW, from County Leitrim, 1827-1909 believe Mary was sister to James and Patrick (further on)
CANGLEY, Patrick, 1814-? from County Cork one source says his father was "Mayor of Tipperary" some CANGLEY's to U.S. mid 1800's
CANGLEY, Thomas, 1806-1871 from Cork wife=Bridget SHEEHAN married Notre Dame 1836
CARDIFF, William Manotick Station from Scotland
CARRAHER, Michael 1819-1881 from County Armagh wife=Ann MURPHY
CARRAHER, Patrick 1812-1885 County Armagh wife=Mary MURPHY
CASSERLY, William, 1803-1875 Ireland wife=Rose RICE
CASTLES, Henry wife = Catherine RUSSELL Catherine died 1859, born County Limerick also sp. CASSELS
CHRISTOPHER, Bridget Ellen husband = George HOOVER to Washington D.C. cousin of J. Edgar HOOVER
CHRISTOPHER, Patrick 1801 - 1860 County Waterford 2nd wife = Mary FITZGERALD from Cork, married Notre Dame 1835, witnesses were Patrick CURTIN and Catherine POWER my GGGrandparents, 1st wife was Catherine LANDRIGAN, died 1834
CLELAND, Robert and Hugh Londonderry came in 1840 Con 2, Osgoode
COGHLIN, Timothy 1841-? from Ireland
COLEMAN, Patrick 1811-? County Waterford wife Catherine born 1821 bur. Enniskerry
CONLON, Patrick from Ireland to Metcalfe connections to Calabogie area
CONNORAN, James Wicklow 1826-1897 bur. Vis.
CONWAY, James 1795-1880 (Article in OTHS Newsletter) James born Kilkenny wife=Sarah DUNN, died 1852 in Osgoode James went to Iowa, USA after Sara's death
COOPER, Paul wife = Rachel WALLACE Cooper Hill Road
CORCORAN, Thomas, 1822-1874 Carlow? wife=Nora DUFFY bur. St. Mary's
CORRIGAN, John wife=Elizabeth CONNOR
CRAIG, Gervais County Tyrone to Nepean wife=Mary LANGDON ML# 440
CURRAN, John, 1821- Ireland wife=Catherine FOX Osgoode
CURRAN, Patrick, 1827-1895 Ireland wife=Mary RICE, 1830-1891 bur. Vis.
DALEY, John 1806-1873 from Armagh son of William wife = Ellen O'CONNOR
DALEY, Michael Kings County, 1826 wife = Elizabeth McGUIRE Osgoode Township
DALEY, Thomas 1821-? Ireland
DALEY, J. Sligo, 1840
DALY, James 1826-? Ireland
DARCY, Thomas born c. 1833 wife=Bridget Osgoode Con III
DELAMETER, William, b. 1803 wife Margaret ties to MULLINS and Huntley in Metcalfe, 1879
DEVEREAUX, Thomas Lot 21, Con. IV Osgoode wife=Mary WHELAN DEVRIE, DEVRIX, etc.
DEWAN, Morris 1791-? from Tipperary 1827 to Osgoode ML# 167 as Maurice DUAN wife=Alice PROUT from County Down
DIAMOND, Henry 1821-1894 (PR?) from Limerick? bur. St. John's wife=Mary KENNEY / KENNY, 1839-1909
DOLAN, Francis 1788-1855 Cavan wife=Ann McGOVERN, also from Cavan, 1788-1861 bur. St. Brigid's - many McGOVERNs buried at Kemptville
DOOLEY, James b. 1838 Conc. 5, Osgoode wife=Mary MULLINS
DOYLE, in Osgoode Township Names of DOYLE Taxpayers 1855 - 1883
DOYLE, Andrew 1826-1914 Wexford wife=Maud HERBERT, 1825-1911, from Sligo
DOYLE, Anthony 1801 - 1867 Carlow wife=Elizabeth MURPHY 1807-1889
DOYLE, James wife=Ellen / Helen KILBY
DOYLE, Martin Wexford wife=Margaret HERBERT, b. 1830, County Sligo Doyle Road
DOYLE, Sylvester 1799-1881 Wexford, 1834 wife=Mary BAILEY
DRISCOLL, Cornelius b. 1861 Cork wife=Catherine QUINN Bur. St. Brigids
DURNING, John 1799-1886 Donegal ? wife=Mary McLAUGHLIN 1804-1856 bur vis.?
DURNING, Patrick Donegal died 1883, aged 90 ML# 529
EARLY, Patrick, 1798-1871 Ireland, may also be "HURLEY" wife=Ellen O'HORO, 1804-1887  bur. Enniskerry
EVANS, Francis 1797-1897, son of Patrick NEVINS and Maggie RUSSELL

County Meath see NEVINS, below married Mary CORRIGAN 1843, son Luke EVANS born 1853
FAGAN, Michael, 1817-1878 wife=Alice HUGHES, 1820-1893 to Canada 1830 bur. Vis.
FAGAN, Patrick 1845-1909 wife=Susan SMITH, 1850-1933 bur. Vis.
FAHEY, William wife=Margaret KING daughter married Bart CHRISTOPHER
FENNING (FANNING), Michael 1790-1868 Leitrim, 1818 wife=Sarah Jane O'BRIEN, 1794-1868 Osgoode in 1838
FENNING (FANNING), Patrick 1817-1897 wife=Ann GUILFOILE, 1822-1909
FINAN, John, died about 1869 (house fire) left 4 children wife=Catherine McGEE remarried Patrick CHRISTOPHER, more children
FITZGERALD, Thomas 1806-1850 b. Ireland, farmed NE of Manotick bur. St. Mary's son Thomas farmed Con 2, Lot 14,Osgoode
FLOOD, Patrick, 1808-1883 Carlow wife=Julia CORCORAN, 1800-1884, also from Carlow bur. Enniskerry
FORAN, John 1835-1901 Waterford, Thomas was lockmaster at Hartwell's wife=Catherine RYAN, 1839-1920 father ML# 510, see Bridget RYAN
FORAN, Nicholas 1819-1903 Waterford? wife=Alice DALEY, 1827-1900 bur. St. Mary's
FOX, John 1842-? Ireland
FOX, Miles 1793-1878 Sligo, 1840 wife=Bridget KENNEDY 1792-1878
FOX, William, 1801-? Ireland
GILLISSIE, Thomas 1808-1874 from County Longford wife=Bridget O'CALLAGHAN 1812-1886, from County Armagh bur. Metcalfe
GLEESON, James 1790-? Ireland see also GLEASON
GRACEY, John wife=Margaret John born 1831 Concession 4, Osgoode
GRANGER / GRAINGER, Samuel wife=Bridget BURNS living Osgoode 1848 Bridget from County Wicklow daughter of Patrick BURNS and Helen KEARNEY
GRANT, Patrick 1823-1895 Antrim, wife=Martha THOMPSON, 1836-1916 from Leitrim see James THOMPSON (father of Martha) daughter Catherine GRANT married a LANE
GUILFOYLE, Patrick 1798-1883, from Waterford wife=Catherine O'CONNOR from Limerick, bur. Vis. some GUILFOYLEs came from Tipperary in 1835
HARNEY, Patrick 1814-1872 Tipperary, via U.S. wife=Margaret GUILFOYLE 1802-1879
HARNEY, Patrick 1811-? eldest son (Patrick) born Ireland, other children born Upper Canada wife=Margaret RYAN 1812-?
HASSETT, Patrick, 1814-1905 from Ireland wife=Ellen MOLLEY / MOLLOY 1826-1902 Osgoode
HATCH, Thomas Lot 9, Con. 2 Osgoode
HAWKINS, John Irish wife Ellen was Scottish Mitch Owens Road
HERBERT, Alexander, 1795-1885 Sligo,1838 wife=Mary PARKS Herbert's Corners
HERBERT, James, 1841- Sligo wife=Elizabeth NASH
HERBERT, Patrick, 1784-1884 Sligo 1837 wife=Bridget HERBERT
HOGAN, John 1833-1905 bur. Vis. wife=Ellen BROOKS,  1833-1893, b. Wexford
HURLEY from Cork to Osgoode
HUGHES, Patrick 1784-1854 from County Armagh, buried St. Mary's, ML# 491 3 daughters married McGEE brothers: (1)Dennis (2)Patrick (3)Terrence
JORDAN, James, c.1790-? daughter Bridget was 2nd wife of Lawrence BURNS wife=Bridget LAUGHNAN County Mayo to Lot 12, Con 3, Osgoode
JORDAN, Patrick wife=Margaret DOYLE to Gatineau Valley
KEALEY, Darby, 1792- ML# 213 from County Laois (was Queen's) 2nd wife Eliz. MULLIGAN
KEALEY, Daniel, c.1817-? also sp. CAYLEY or KIELLY wife=Catherine COLLINS Carleton Place to Wisconsin
KEALEY, James Queen's - may be ML# 171 wife=Ann PURCELL
KEALEY, John 1778-1853 Kilkenny some also from Cork bur. St. Mary's
KEALEY, William, 1820-1885 from Kilkenny in 1834 wife=Ellen CONNOR, 1818-1885, from Cork in 1837 bur. St. Mary's
KAVANAGH, Edward, 1827-1898 Ireland to Manotick Station Road wife=Catherine FOX, 1835-1904 Catherine may be 2nd wife
KAVANAGH, Edward 1813-1898 Ireland wife=Margaret KERWIN same Ed as above?
KAVANAGH, Peter, 1831-? Peter and Mary born Ireland wife=Mary UNKNOWN, 1830-? Children all born Ontario
KEARNS, Dennis Carlow, 1821 wife=Ellen DOYLE son William
KEEGAN, John wife=Alice HOGARTH John and Alice in Osgoode Township 1845-1860
KELLY, William (born 1802) Kilkenny, 1826 wife=Margaret GUILFOYLE Mr. Lorne Kelly has written biography
KENNY, Patrick, born c.1810 believe remarried after Margaret wife=Margaret ? , 1815-1859
KENNY / KENNEY, Michael 1824-1891 wife=Catherine O'MEARA both from Tipperary married Buckingham, PQ
KEOGH, Cornelius 1810-1873 Tipperary also spelled KEHOE death record at Museum
KEOUGH (KEHOE), James 1791-? wife=Catherine RYAN both from Tipperary some to Pittsburgh, USA
KEHOE, Patrick and (1) BRASIL, Jane and (2) RALPH, Hanorah to Marlborough Twp. Tomacork, County Wicklow came here c. 1833
KILFOYLE, Patrick County Waterford Manotick Station also GUILFOYLE or KILFOIL
LARKIN Longford, 1825 3 brothers see The Manotick Station Story
LARKIN, Patrick wife = Mary MORAN
LEAHY,Timothy Limerick, 1845 Wife=Mary DOWNS, from County Down
LEAHY, Thadeus 1814-? Ireland
O'LEARY - LEARY, Patrick, 1822-1878, from Cork? wife=Mary DUNN, 1834-1899 d/o Patrick DUNN (M.L.) ? Bur. St. Brigid's
LECUYER, John Con III, Osgoode b. c. 1855, Ont
LENNOX, John County Derry wife=Catherine KEARSEY, 1822-1895 Catherine from King's County
LEONARD, Michael 1801-1893 Sligo wife=Catherine HERBERT, 1809-1899, Sligo
LOWREY, Robert, 1821-1896 - Up from County Down wife=Catherine O'BRIEN, 1823-1907 bur. St. Brigid's
LYNUM / LYNAM, Edward 1817-? Ireland
MALONE, John 1811-? Ireland wife=Ellen MARS (sp.?) Son Michael baptized 1848
MANTLE, Robert and James Cork - See also Huntley records stone erected by Robert MANTIL (PR?) in memory of ... ... Martha MANTLE, 1837-1875
MARSHALL, Thomas Lot 23, Con. 3, Osgoode wife=Anastasia DOLAN
McCABE, Several widespread Pakenham, Onslow, Gloucester
McCARTIN, John 1817-1902 both from Armagh wife=Margaret HUGHES, 1824-1888 bur. St. John's
McDOWELL, James 1824-? Ireland
McDOWELL, Patrick 1821-? Ireland
McEVOY, Edmund Kilkenny to Osgoode wife=Catherine KENNEDY, 1773-1861,emigrated as widow with sons Catherine bur. St. John's, Edmund bur. Ireland
McEVOY, John 1808 Kilkenny wife=Anastasia POWER son Edmund went to Iowa with CONWAYs
McEVOY, Patrick 1810-? Kilkenny to Osgoode wife=Celia DOYLE E-mail Jaimie McEvoy who has a web page with LARKIN, McEVOY and DOYLE surnames
McEVOY, Thomas 1810-? Kilkenny 1826 wife=Margaret O'ROURKE also Michael
McEVOY and HURLEY, families in Osgoode Township by Ron Hurley
The McEWEN family from Scotland to Osgoode Township Heather Crest Farm
McGEE, Bernard 1801-? County Down to Con. 3, Osgoode wife=Bridget FLANAGAN
McGEE, Darcy 1806-1868 Journalist, Member of Parliament, Father of Confederation, wife= Mary CAFFREY assassinated on Sparks Street, 1868. See also Fenians daughter Euphrasia married Francis QUINN
McGEE, John Joseph Clerk of Privy Council, 1882-1907 father of Frank McGEE, hockey player
McGEE, Joseph County Tyrone ? wife=Mary Unknown ML# 387 as McKEE
McGRATH, Michael, 1820-1862 King's County wife=Mary McKENNA-see Hugh McKENNA
McHALE, Miles d. 1860 Mayo wife=Mary NEILON / NIELON, died 1877 Osgoode, Con. 3
McHALE, Michael, 1826-1853 Mayo son of Miles above
McHALE, Edward, 1832-1918 Mayo wife=Margaret DURNING, 1825-1909
McKAY and LOWERY families River Road south of Manotick
McKENNA (McKENNY), Hugh, 1790-1873 County Tyrone served in Napoleonic Wars 2nd wife=Catherine DUFFY 1807-1877
McMORROW, James, 1826-1856 and Patrick, 1831-1860 Antrim mother Mary, born 1801 see also John CAHILL
McNEMONY, Patrick Ireland wife=Margaret BURNS marr. 1839
McROSTIE, Andrew Scotland to Osgoode
MEAGHER (MAHER), John, 1828-1908 Tipperary 1825 wife=Ann KELLY, 1834-1899 bur. St. Mary's, see also The Manotick Station Story
MELVIN, Patrick to Osgoode 1st wife=CeciliaMcDERMOTT d. 1837 2nd wife=Mary SASSEFIELD ?
MINOGUE, Mathew Bytown to Osgoode Snake Island Road
MYLES / MILES, David wife=Catherine RYAN Osgoode to Venosta
Mitchell, William from England wife= Mary Murphy from Ireland
MOLAMPHY, Patrick - 1808-1875

Tipperary, some went to Pittsburgh from Osgoode  wife=Julia KEOUGH Parents=Morgan MOLAMPHY and Catherine CUMMINGS
MORRIS, Edward Tipperary 1838
MOSES, Clark to Osgoode
MULHALL, Patrick wife = Elizabeth McCARTHY also Richard MULHALL and Jane WILSON
MULLINS, Michael 1808-? Ireland wife=Eliz. SHEEHAN (Kilkenny) SHEEHAN may be SHANE
MURPHY, William Carlow
MURPHYs in Osgoode by Michael Daley
MURPHY, William same man as above? wife=Honorah McEVOY Manotick Station
MURRAY, James and/or John 1794-1872 from County Monaghan wife=Maria HARVISON 1801-1879 see Pioneer Families of Osgoode Township
MURRAY, Joseph b. Ireland 1840 wife=Mary Ann Conc. 10 Osgoode
MURRAY, John from County Monaghan in 1832 wife=Jane same as above?
MURRAY, Michael 1790-1864 Kilkenny wife=Mary GALLAGHERML# 141
MURRAY, Patrick 1827-? Longford
NASH, Patrick 1796-1886 Kilkenny 1830 wife=Margaret BLANCHFIELD from Tipperary
NEVILLE, Patrick Lot 3, Con III Osgoode
NEVINS, Francis County Meath wife=Mary CORRIGAN E Lot 12, Con 3, Osgoode
O'BRIEN, James 1824-1858 Con. 2 Osgoode wife=Bridget WALSH St. Michael's
O'BRIEN, John 1810-1898 Con. 2 Osgoode ?, some children to Gatineau wife=Annie HOGAN bur. St. Brigid's
O'BRIEN, Patrick, 1823-? wife=Ann TIERNEY, 1832-?
O'BRIEN, Timothy from Cork c.1830 wife=Catherine HURLEY (EARLY ?) see also another Timothy O'BRIEN (PR)
O'CONNOR, Hugh b. Ontario 1840 wife=Julia Osgoode Con. 5
O'CONNOR, John 1847-? Ireland
O'CONNOR,Timothy 1791-1873 Cork, McCabe List ? wife=Mary CAIN (KEANE)
O'CONNOR, Timothy Cork, McCabe List ? wife=Mary McHALE Osgoode, Con. 2
O'DOUGHERTY Monaghan 1823
O'LEARY, Patrick, 1822-1878, County Cork wife=Mary DUNN, 1834-1899 bur. St. Brigid's
O'ROURKE, John, c. 1795-? County Cork Wife=Mary BURNS Con. 3. Lot 13, Osgoode
O'ROURKE, Thomas 1822-? Cork son of John above wife=Catherine KEOUGH d/o James KEOUGH from Tipperary and Catherine RYAN
PALMER, John, 1792-1876 Mayo wife=Elizabeth, also from Mayo
PHAIR, William wife=Jane GILLIS to Metcalfe area 1840's
PIPER / PYPER, William, b. 1801, Prot Limerick Con. 3, Osgoode wife ANN was RC
QUAIL, James 2 James Quails ? both in Osgoode
RALPH, Thomas W. 1853-1924 son of Walter (next entry) wife=Mary STACKPOLE, 1853-1910 bur. Vis.
RALPH, Walter, 1808-1876 wife=Bridget BRENNAN donated land for S.S. #2 Conc. 3, Lot 7, Osgoode
REDDICK, Thomas 1820-?
ROONEY, James wife=Catherine DWYER to Corkery area
RYAN some from Carlow
SHANAHAN, Paul, 1811-? Kilkenny wife=Catherine FLOOD Osgoode
SHARP, Peter from Perthshire, Scotland to the Vernon area Osgoode
SHAW, John 1800-1875 b. Scotland wife=Janet to Manotick Station
SHEA, John born 1814 wife=Mary Osgoode
SHEARAN, Bernard Lot 13, Con IV, Osgoode wife=Catherine O'NEIL
SHIELDS, Patrick Wexford, St. Mary's Parish, died 1874 bur. Enniskerry
SHIELDS, Patrick Wexford, St. Mary's Parish 1800-1862, bur. St. John's wife=Bridget MURPHY
SKEFFINGTON, Peter see also Early marriages in Bytown - from Meath,1828 3 brothers-Michael,Patrick and Peter ML# 551 Later to Illinois, USA. Patrick married Nora STACKPOLE
STACKPOLE, Dennis Cork, 1820's Married Helen O'CONNOR  1843
STACKPOLE, John 1808-? Cork, 1820's Married Julia O'CONNOR, b. 1810 , in 1840 ML# 227
STACKPOLE, Michael Cork, 1820's Married Mary MULHALL  1837 ML# 227
STUART, John wife = Jane McNAB
STACKPOLE, William Cork, 1820's Married Helen BRITT (BIRT?)  1843
above 4 are brothers parents were William STACKPOLE and Mary BARRY all related to PR people parents of O'CONNOR sisters were  John O'CONNOR and Maggie QUINLAN
SULLIVAN, John 1823-1914 wife=Ann GRANT from Longford bur. St. Catharines
SULLIVAN, Patrick, 1811-? Cork, 1823, s/o Jeremiah SULLIVAN and Mary McCARTHY wife= Mary KANE (PR), d/o John KEANE and Judith GALVIN marr. N.D. 14-08-1848.
SULLIVAN, Nicholas from County Meath to Osgoode 1806-1862 my GGGrandfather, wife=Mary McGEE
SULLIVAN, Patrick c. 1780-? parents of Nicholas above wife=Catherine BLAKE 1784-? GGGGrandparents ... Al
TERRY, Michael, 1799-1873 from Waterford wife=Margaret TIERNEY from Kilkenny ,1798-1882 Conc. 3, Lot 18
THOMPSON, Alexander from Cork 1818 ? wife=Eleanor CASSERLY
THOMPSON, James, 1809-1897 Leitrim (born Antrim) wife=Mary McALLISTER 1817-1884, born Antrim See book The Blood Creek Thompsons, went to U.S., bur. Kansas
TIERNEY, Thomas wife=Alice FLYNN Lot 3, Con 2, Osgoode
TOBIN, John born USA wife=Bridget Con. 5, Osgoode
TOBIN, Richard, 1810-? Cork ? - Some also in Kemptville area wife= Bridget CORCORAN m. 05-02-1838
TRAYNOR, James 1821-1901 wife= Jane MURRAY bur. Metcalfe
TURNER, John, 1800-1895 from Ireland in 1831 wife=Susan WHELAN


Buried St. John's
WALLACE, Michael b. Ireland, 1830 Manotick Station Road School Teacher
January 21, 2012: WALLACE, Robert from Ireland in 1828 Nice Methodist Obituary Possibly ML# 353
WALSH, John 99th Reg. of Foot wife= Ellen KANE or KEANE see Lawrence BURNS
WALSH, Mary, 1832 to 1873 born Castletown, County Cork husband=William C. BARRY
WALSH, Michael Osgoode Township, Welch's Corners wife= Bridget UNKNOWN Stone Mason
YORK, John 1790-? Ireland bur. Metcalfe
Sources: 1. Michael DALEY of the Osgoode Township Historical Society has done a lot of work in this area. 2. Our Lady of the Visitation Parish, 140th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet, 1845-1985. 3. Various tombstone inscriptions in Gloucester and Osgoode Townships. 4. The March 1999 issue of the Osgoode Township Historical Society Newsletter has more details (specifically, an article written by Michael DALEY. The Historical Society also has published a series of family histories. May 30, 2012: 5. St. John the Evangelist Church at Enniskerry. (2540 Stage Coach Road) Visit the Web Site of the Osgoode Township Historical Society and Museum

April 1, 2008:
Map of the Village of Metcalfe, Ontario in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps Metcalfe Village in 1879
Names shown on the map are R. W. Doctor, Mrs. Jean Gold (Gould?), the estate of Mr. A.J. Baker and the estate of the Honourable Malcolm Cameron. The Catholic cemetery belongs to St. Catherine of Sienna Church in the village.
July 25, 2009: Thanks to Michael Daley for the following:
1850’s School Days were Different to 1860’s
School days were great for all of us, but the schools days of the 1850’s and 1860’s were quite different from the school days of the 1880's and 1890's. For example the children in the 80’s and 90’s were not trounced by the teachers the way the children were in the earlier period, And the conditions were vastly different in other respects as well, especially in the country. As told by Michael McEvoy, who attended S.S no. 4 Osgoode [Herbert’s Corners School] in the late 1850’s. The children entered a cold school and stood around until the wood put into the big box stove warmed up the one-room school. The children of that period had to draw their share of wood from their homes on their little sled, and before they went home in the evening, they had to make kindling for the next morning. They had also to split wood. They also had the misfortune, [as they considered it] of having the teacher live in their humble home, usually a shanty, for varying times of the year. Where there were four or more children in a family attending the school, the teacher [as part of his pay ] stayed two weeks. Where there were or fewer, the teacher stayed one week, some times the teacher walked to school with the children and that was worse. School books were scarce and the teacher would paste the ABC card and the first book lessons on the ends of shingles and these were passed from child to child to be learned. The other end of these shingles often found its way to the side of a boys head. This was the how the teacher literally knocked things into the boy’s head. The children of the 1860’s had one advantage over the children of the present, There was no homework, with so much farm work there was no time for school homework. The children had go for cows, cut and bring in wood, draw water from the well or spring, dig potatoes, feed the pigs and horses etc. etc. But these boys and girls having had such experience and having learned valuable lessons from such a variety of work, grew up to be leaders in their communities and in places far afield. __________________________________________
Teacher Ruled by the power of Music
Even in the 1860’s there were teachers and there were teachers, most of them ruled by brute or physical force. This is a story of one who ruled by the power of music. This teacher, a Mr. Wallace who taught in s.s. no 4, was an Irishman, recently arrived from Ireland and had brought with him a “fiddle”. Mr. Wallace taught the scholars Cotillions and other popular dance music of the period. This was done at noon hours and after school. The dancing was offered as a reward of good conduct, Mr Wallace taught them the proper deportment that went with proper dancing and they proved apt pupils who were gentlemanly in their conduct. Note: Agatha Mary Wallace, daughter of Michael Wallace & Catherine Murphy, married, Nov. 27, 1898, to Michael Joseph Donovan, son of Patrick Donovan & Ellen Heafy. Son, Michael Wallace, married Catherine Diamond. _____________________________
The one-room school with wood shed and ever popular outhouse dotted the countryside in Eastern Ontario and elsewhere. On March 12,1876 Michael Herbert, his wife Ellen Nash living on the East–half Lot 15, con. 3 in [Osgoode Township,] sold one- half acre to school no 4. for the erection of a new school house. This Agreement was signed by Andrew Doyle,Patrick O’Brien, and James Herbert, [my g,grandfather]. It would seem that the present one room, frame school house is the third in the immediate area. My Grandfather, Michael Daley received his education in the log school house, situated on the South-west corner of lot 15, con. 4 as shown on the 1863 map of the Township on the property of John Turner, This school house was opened, the month of November 1844 and was known as S.S. no 4 with 68 inhabitants in this area, 28 of them enrolled in the school. The Osgoode Township Assessment sheets of the year 1841 verify in fact that John Turner was situated on the north-half of lot 15,con. 4 on which the first school opened. Who the first teacher was we may never know, but the 1861 census states the names and ages of the Turner Family, plus “ Moses Nolan” non-member, School Teacher, born Ireland, age 26 years, we do know however, that January 9, 1862 Elizabeth Turner, born Canada West in 1838, daughter of John Turner and Susan Whelan, married Moses Nolan of Ballindogin, County Wexford,Ireland in St, John’s church Enniskerry, [Osgoode] by the first resident priest, Father Thomas O’Boyle [born May 29 ,1820 Co. Mayo,Ireland] As one delves into this fascinating world of local history there are many unanswered question, like why three schools [1844 north half of lot 15, con 4. to 1876 and 1890 south east corner of lot 15 , con 3.] which leads one to that the tales that were told were true, That two students chastised by the teacher one day, left the room and promptly started a fire under the eaves creating a situation where a new building was required. ... Michael Daley
July 28, 2009:
Township councils were first instituted 1850. Until 1852, Osgoode and Gloucester Township, as part of Russell county, formed part of the Ottawa District with the administration Centre at L'Orignal. From the year 1842, when we became part of Carleton County, we formed part of the Dalhousie District. As yet, the administration of schools by these districts is not part of our knowledge. But in 1850, the Township assumed the responsibility for Elementary Education divided the Township into 13 sections and assigned the boundaries. The first section, no. 1, address Long Island Locks, was in the north west corner of the Township. No 2 was a new section, opposite Rideau Hill Camp, and being very small, there was no building there until 1853 and the pupils had walk long distances to another school. No. 3 was Gloucester.?? No, 4. and No, 5. along the old Prescott Road had an address of West Osgoode. No. 6. the Allen School was being built in 1851-2. No. 7 at first called Blair's school, later "The Stone School" opened in 1852. Spring Hill was in operation in 1838. Probably the log church built in that year was in use as a school, because, when Rev. Lochead arrived in 1845, a new log school was erected across the road on the McNeil Lot. The Swale school, No.9 was on the south west corner of Peter McFaul's lot - the most southerly of the Osgoode schools and one of the best known because of disputes over its position and the extent of its boundaries. No. 10 began in 1850, No, 11, Metcalfe, in 1838, perhaps in a private home, since a log school was built in 1848. No. 12 "The Scotch School ", had the greatest number of children in the area. Schooling began first in 1835, shortly after the immigrants arrived. The log school was erected in 1847, No.13 was York's erected in 1839-40. ... Michael Daley
August 3, 2009: Joy Forbes is researching one room schoolhouses in the Ottawa and Rideau Valleys.
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Metcalfe Village Hockey Team in 1907 Metcalfe, Ontario, Canada, Hockey Team in 1907
Keywords: Trickey Photography, Winchester, Ontario Players: Left to Right, Top Row: J. Moxley, W.T. Hopkirk, J. Johnston, E.H. Rolston, C.S. Trickey, Bottom Row: E. Kennedy, W.J. Campbell (President) and S.S. Latimer For photos of other early sports teams in the Ottawa area, see our Ottawa Sports History web page.

December 4, 2010: Hello, I am interested in locating a one-room schoolhouse that I attended in the Metcalf area in 1960. A two-room school was built beside it and it was closed the next year. It was called SS#7 at that time. The one room schoolhouse was a short feature with the National Film Board that year because of its Christmas Concert. My family participated in that and I have the stills from it. It does show the stone school but did not give its location. Was wondering if you know anything about it? Thanks for any information that you may send along, _________________________________ Thanks to Michael Daley for the following reply and for the photograph ... Al Hi there, that one room [stone school] was torn down and a house is built on the lot where the stone school once stood. My mother and her brothers went to that stone school. The two-room school you mentioned is now a dentist office, situated on Highway 31, [now called Bank Street] half-way between Greely and Metcalfe corner. hope this helps, ...Michael Daley
Stone School House, Bank Street, Metcalfe, Ontario

May 1, 2012:
St. Paul's Anglican Church, Osgoode Village, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada St. Paul's Anglican Church, Osgoode Village, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada

October 3, 2014: Today we made a field trip to the village of Vernon in the southern part of Osgoode Township.

February 5 2016 Here are some intereting articles from Mary Quinn about Osgoode Township: https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2194&dat=19340505&id=JOouAAAAIBAJ&sjid=HNsFAAAAIBAJ&pg=1637,4330891&hl=en https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2194&dat=19350713&id=k_suAAAAIBAJ&sjid=HdsFAAAAIBAJ&pg=3946,5053287&hl=en https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2194&dat=19740706&id=KDg0AAAAIBAJ&sjid=b_UIAAAAIBAJ&pg=2277,1434533&hl=en https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2194&dat=19271029&id=plcuAAAAIBAJ&sjid=rdkFAAAAIBAJ&pg=5125,4237739&hl=en
May 30, 2019: Street Scene, Metcalfe, Ontario. Source for the following text block and picture of this house is National Capital Heritage, page 184. Keywords: Baron Charles Metcalfe, Richard Stethem, Joseph Coombes,Archibald MacDonnell
Metcalfe Street Scene pic Metcalfe Street Scene Text

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