Roman Catholic Church Records for Ontario

New January 20, 2012:

Hi Al,

Ann Burns just told me about this blog with this great news about new RC church records put up by 
I just found the parish register records for Barrie, and Ann's records for St. Lawrence O’Toole Church in Spencerville.  

I think this is a great find, on the Anglo-Celtic Connections web site from Ottawa.
The Anglo-Celtic Connections Web Site is an excellent resource.

This is terrific, Anne: 
The Anglo-Celtic Connections Web Site is an excellent resource.

Up until now, it’s been a bit of a long process to get at these churches through I just had a look through St. Michael’s at Fitzroy and 
it’s just great to be able to go directly to these churches – and the priest had excellent penmanship! 

Taylor and Michael, you’ll like this stuff. Roman Catholic church registers from all over Ontario. 

Thanks again for this, Anne.

... Al

You’re most welcome, Al. Marg T. says the Kingston (cathedral?) records are there, and for a long time I’ve thought some of our County Wicklow people 
would be there – before they moved on. I’m going to search it. 

... Anne Burgess

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