History of Education in the Ottawa, Canada, area
also Research into One-Room Schoolhouses
in the Ottawa and Rideau Valleys

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

August 3, 2009:

Hi everyone,
Do any of these schools you mention in Osgoode Township still exist?  I am in the process 
of interviewing teachers and students who went to one-room schoolhouses in the Ottawa and 
Rideau Valleys.  My goal is to preserve oral histories in the form of a book.  If you taught 
or studied in a one-room school, or know of anyone who did, I would appreciate hearing from 

Joy Forbes

New March 11, 2020:
A One-room schoolhouse painted by Cornelius Krieghoff Picture Source: Cornelius Krieghoff, by Marius Barbeau, Ryerson Press, 1948 One-room School painted by Krieghoff
_________________________________ Good morning, Ms. Forbes: Thanks for your e-mail regarding one-room school houses in the Ottawa Valley. You will probably hear from other researchers who may be able to help you out about the RCSS #3 and/or SS#3 in March Township. A couple of our web pages deal with early schoolhouses in the Ottawa area. See for example www.bytown.net/bellscornersschool1920.htm . Also, Mr. Michael Daley from Osgoode Township can provide some information the early schools in Osgoode Township -- as a matter of fact, yesterday he contributed some material to our web page at www.bytown.net/osgoode.htm . If it would help in your research, I could set up a new web page on our web site and include your e-mail address. We might hear from others who have old pictures, stories, etc. about the old one-room schools. There is another early photo of a school in the village of Riceville, Ontario at www.bytown.net/riceville.htm . The photo below appeared in the Ottawa Citizen on May 13, 1953. It shows a one-room schoolhouse, attended by my mother and her brothers and sisters in the 1920's. The school was built in 1873 and burned down in 2008. The school closed in 1966. ... Al Lewis
Photo Source: The Manotick Station Story, compiled by the Manotick Station Historical Society, ISBN 1-895638-19-4 Separate School, Manotick Station Road
Teacher: Florence Nolan Students: Jettri Plunkett, Nellie Nolan, Lillian Burns, Helina Fox, Dan Nolan, John Fox, Gerald Burns, Myrtle Burns, Johnny Burns, 1911
September 11, 2009: Klaas Bylsma has a web site dealing with heritage one-room schoolhouses.
September 15, 2009: I attended a one room school on Dwyer Hill road in 1955, we lived in a house owned by the Green family and the one room school house was near Mr Green's farm. Do you know of this school and do you know if there is a photo of this school? Sincerley, Ada Sloan ______________________

Thanks to Joy for her reply to Ada: Hi Al, I wrote back to Ada. She may have attended #4 or #8 Goulbourn. S.S. No. 4 Goulbourn - stone building on Franktown Road, just west of the Dwyer Hill Road. It is now used as a private residence. S.S. No. 8, Goulbourn Known as the Hilston school, this schoolhouse was located at the northeast corner of Dwyer Hill Road and Flewellyn Road. There was a schoolhouse at this location since before 1863. The original wooden schoolhouse was replaced by a stone schoolhouse in 1874. In 1936, a well was drilled to serve the schoolhouse. The stone schoolhouse, which was vacant at the time, was gutted by fire about 15 years ago and was subsequently leveled. Joy
August 23, 2010: Dear Al, Book Release of "Perseverance, Pranks and Pride - Tales of the One-Room Schoolhouse" I am writing to ask whether you would be willing to mention (on your website) my new book entitled "Perseverance, Pranks and Pride - Tales of the One-Room Schoolhouse", which is planned for release September 3, 2010. I believe that the content may be of interest to many of your readers. The book focuses on the life and times of individuals growing up in the Ottawa Valley region who attended one-room schoolhouses from around the turn of the century until 1992 when the last one closed in Ontario. There are approximately 60 or so short stories about individual experiences as well as brief histories for several schools. It also includes many interesting photographs and images of memorabilia, which until now have not been documented. Contributors of note include Larry Robinson of the Montreal Canadiens, Graham Ritchie of Ritchie's Feed and Seed, as well as the well-known local author, Mary Cook, who was also gracious enough to compose a very flattering preface. I have attached some stories for you to read. The book launches are on: Sunday, September 12, 1-5pm at the Cheshire Cat Pub (formerly S.S. No. 1 Huntley) at 2193 Richardson Side Road (at Carp Road) and Sunday, September 19, 2-5pm at the Centrepointe Library 101 Centrepointe, Ottawa I also have a website where the book can be purchased online at www.oneroomschoolhouses.ca Yours Sincerely, Joy Forbes joy.forbes@sympatico.ca

August 23, 2011: Hi Al, This may be of interest to some of your readers. It is the history of Lisgar Collegiate from 1843-1903. http://openlibrary.org/books/OL7231691M/A_history_of_the_Ottawa_Collegiate_Institute_1843-1903 Kind regards, Mary Cox ____________________________ Hi Mary: The Bytown.net Library now has a copy of this book.
Here is a 1903 photograph of the Ladies Reunion Reception Committee (from page 241). Lisgar Collegiate Ladies Reunion Committee, 1903
Names: Miss M.A. Northwood, Mrs. Fred Graves, Miss K. Waddell, Miss B.M. Thompson, Miss Helena de C. Topley, Miss B.M. Scott, Miss B. Barber, Miss Mary Masson, Mrs. Doney, Mrs. Ide, Mrs. F. R. Latchford, Mrs. S. E. O'Brien, Mrs. D. A. Campbell, Miss I. Macmillan, Mrs. Shotwell. August 25, 2011: (from the above book, pages 3 and 4) Dalhousie District Grammar School Ottawa Grammar School, Predecessor to Lisgar Collegiate The University of Ottawa began as St. Joseph's College in Lowertown. Here is another book about the development of educational facilities in the Ottawa area: Creating Carleton - The Shaping of a University by Blair Neatby and Don McEown, ISBN 0-7735-2486-X, McGill - Queen's University Press, 2002 "An intimate look at the history of Carleton University".
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