Goulbourn Township, Ontario and Farrelton, Quebec, areas
Eagleson's Corners (now part of Kanata)

December 17, 2004:
I just tripped across your site. I wonder if there is a family link? 
I do not know a lot about my grandparents, both decesaed for about 20 years. 
My father was born in Ottawa in 1917 of parents Jack (John) O'Neil and Lucy. 
My grandfather came to Ottawa from Albany NY, USA in the early 1900s. 
Lucy was his 2nd wife. Any insight would be appreciated.   
John O'Neil

I can add a little info related to my mother's side of my family. 
My Grandfather Albert Eagleson, owned a large farm at what is now the corner 
of Eagleson Road and Robertson Road (Hazeldean). The farm was sold in 
about 1930 when the family moved to Ottawa to the Hintonburg area. 
My grandmother's name was Francis Newcommon and she was born and 
raised on a farm at Farrelton Que. She was related to the Kennedy family 
who also had property in or around Farrelton. My grandfather had a number 
of brothers: Preston Eagleson, a senior officer of the NRC; another was a 
United Church Minister in the Stittsville / Fallowfield area 
(name may have been Richard or John). I have some genealogy info. around 
my house which I will dig up and send you if you are interested. 
I know there are family connections in the Ottawa area to pioneer families
in the Stittsville / Hazeldean area.  
John o'Neil

Many of the pioneer families on the Ontario side had friends and 
relatives in the Gatineau area. Do you mind if I start a new page
on my web site for these folks?

Newcommon may have been transcribed as Newcombe (below). This Newcombe 
family were neighbours of a Kennedy family in the Farrelton area in 1881:

1881 Census Place:	Wakefield, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375861  NAC C-13225  Dist 97  SubDist FF  Div 2  Page 8  Family 28
	Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace
Joseph NEWCOMBE	M	M	48	Irish	Ireland
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Methodist	
Matilda NEWCOMBE	F	M	44	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Methodist	
William NEWCOMBE	M		21	Irish	Quebec
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Methodist	
Matilda NEWCOMBE	F		19	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Methodist	
Joseph NEWCOMBE	M		18	Irish	Quebec
	Occ:	Farmer Son	Religion:	Methodist	
Mary Ann NEWCOMBE	F		16	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Methodist	
Harman NEWCOMBE	M		14	Irish	Quebec
	Occ:	Farmer Son	Religion:	Methodist	
Margaret NEWCOMBE	F		12	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Methodist	
Jane E. NEWCOMBE	F		9	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Methodist	
Albert NEWCOMBE	M		7	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Methodist	
Eanoche NEWCOMBE	M		5	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Methodist	
Samuel K.F. NEWCOMBE	M		3	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Methodist	
Roy NEWCOMBE	M		Less than 1,	Irish	Quebec
			Religion:	Methodist	
	Born:	Jul; 8/12
Al: I don't mind at all. I would hope to build on it. 
I know ny mother and her siblings - (Harold - who died at 12 on the farm from a 
horse kick to the chest, Everet and Muriel went to the little one room school 
house at Hazeldean on HWY 7. It survived until about 15 years ago. 
The family also went to Stittsville (Wesley) United Church and later attended Parkdale 
United Church. 
You are absolutely right. I do recall Newcombe became Newcommon. 
One of these names is likely my Grandmother's parents.  
I do not know if my grandfather was born in Albany. Possibly Auburn, NY. 
December 18, 2004:
Obituary from the Ottawa Citizen, November 1952
Albert Eagleson Obituary
January 21, 2006: Thanks to Robert Sample for the following: Hi Folks: I have been watching this Newcombe info on your site Al and trying to find out a source of info to see if the Newcombes of Goulbourn twp. were related. I have now been assured by the husband of a Granddaughter of Albert Newcombe that this is the Goulbourn Albert Newcombe's ancestors. Albert Newcombe moved to Conc. 2 abt lot 9 of Goulbourn twp and his son Roy sold the farm about 30 yrs ago. I have added a bit of info to what you have on your site Al. I am also attaching a picture of Porter's barn raising in abt 1931 in which you will find Albert Newcombe. I have wrongly stated in the picture that this was on lot 10 conc. 3. I think it is likely lot 11. (picture to follow ... Al) Descendants of Joseph Newcombe 1 Joseph Newcombe b: Abt. 1833 in Info Al Lewis Bitown or Bust site. Date of birth from 1881 census, Wakefield, Quebec .. +Matilda Margaret Mullen b: 1835 in Quebec ........ 2 William Newcombe b: Abt. 1860 in Date from 1881 Wakefield census ........ 2 Matilda Newcombe b: Abt. 1862 in Date from 1881 Wakefield census ........ 2 Joseph Newcombe b: Abt. 1863 in Date from 1881 Wakefield census ............ +Unknown Unknown ........ 2 Mary Ann Newcombe b: Abt. 1865 in Date from 1881 Wakefield census ........ 2 Harmon Newcombe b: Abt. 1867 in Date from 1881 Wakefield census ........ 2 David Newcombe b: February 09, 1867 in Info RB d: March 23, 1867 ........ 2 Margaret Newcombe b: Abt. 1869 in Date from 1881 Wakefield census ........ 2 Jane E. Newcombe b: Abt. 1872 ........ 2 Albert Newcombe b: August 06, 1873 d: December 13, 1940 Burial: Munster Union Cemetery, Ontario ............ +Martha Anne Kettles b: March 13, 1876 d: August 30, 1950 Burial: Munster Union Cemetery, Ontario m: 1900 in Stittsville, Ont. Father: William Kettles Mother: Catherine Montgomery ........ 2 Eanoche Newcombe b: Abt. 1876 in Date from 1881 Wakefield census ........ 2 Samuel K.F. Newcombe b: Abt. 1878 in Date from 1881 Wakefield census ........ 2 Roy Newcombe b: Abt. 1880 Robert has later generations. ____________________________ Hello Al, R.B. Sample has been in contact with both of us and my wife, Gladys, is a descendant of Albert (Newcommon) Newcombe and Martha Kettles. Yes the Carleton Newcombes are the same family as the Wakefield, Quebec Newcommons. Obviously the name change occurred before 1881 as evidenced by the 1881 census. You can find most of the Newcombes from the 1881 census on the 1901 census which is online. Simply enquire a search for 'Newcombe ?'. As this indicates there was still uncertainty about Newcommon and Newcombe at that time. Gladys says she remebers controversy about their name from her childhood. Rae ______________________ Thanks Robert, Rae and Al. I have had a little correspondence with Al on my family history but have yet to have much time to work on it. I think there are some common threads here. My maternal grandmother (Frances Eagleson married Albert Eagelson about 1906 and settled on his family farm which was located at what is now the corner of Robertson Rd. and Eagleson Road. The red brick farmhouse was still standing there until about the 1960s. My grandfather sold the farm about 1930 and moved to Ottawa where he started a furniture moving business. They lived for over 30 years at 127 Hinton Ave. and next door to them were 2 sisters somehow related. I recall one of their names was Velma. One had been married and the other never married and they lived on Hinton Ave. many years into very old age. Frances Eagleson was a Newcommon and grew up on a farm at Farrelton, just outside Wakefield. Frances' father was crippled (with arthritis I believe) and could not work his farm. He did not have sons (as I recall) and had 2 hired men work the farm. One of these was Willie Kennedy, who eventually took over the farm and he married Margaret. Margaret Kennedy lived in Wakefield into very old age and has died within the past 20 years. ... John O'Neil
January 22, 2006: Hi Folks: I did a check on Scott Naylor's site and Munster Union Cemetery has the Newcombe family from Goulbourn. That is the only place on Scott Naylor's site that that name appears. I then tried Newcommon and found the following on Scott Naylor's site. If I am correct that this is the same family, it would seem that Albert Newcombe changed his name. Oral history has it that Albert was a Mill Right and came to Goulbourn from the Quebec Side of the Ottawa River. I will leave the research up to members of the family to do but I would really appreciate receiving your findings. Thanks all. ... Robert Sample 1. Hall Cemetery Imeson Edith F. Newcommon Cross, Leslie Gorden Cross, ... Margaret Cross Newcommon, Daisy Margaret Florence & Roy Newcommon, E. Margaret Stephen & Janet Newcommon, Harmon King Ellen 2. Rupert Union Cemetery Richmond E.Pearl Newcommon Davidson, Robert M.Margaret H ... Woodburn, Wilma Isobel Newcommon, J. Herbert Gertrude A. Wills Newcommon, Stephen Janet McDavidson Newcommon, William R. O'Hara 3. Low United Cemetery V.Bertha L. Newcommon Barton, George Unknown Barton, John ... G. Nelson Mabel Newcommon, Delbert Nelson, Doris Pearl Fitzpatrick ... Murdock, Joseph Nelson Newcommon, Samuel K. F.Lucy 4. Maple Grove Cemetery, Kanata, Ontario These Pictures of the Maple Grove Cemetery, Grave Markers were taken on Oct 25, 2001 By Scott Naylor The pictures below are Thumbnails....!
New April 13, 2009: I am back at the research after a lot hiatus. Will be going to Ireland in May to find out what I can in Ballymena. FYI one of my grandfather's (Albert E. Eagelson) b. 10 June 1876 d. Nov. 1952 buried in Pinecrest Cemetary with many other Eaglesons) sister's (Annie JAne b. Feb. 18,1866) married John Flewellyn. Albert's parents were William Bell Eagleson and Mary Ann Shore. William was born in Ballymena Ireland 24 Oct. 1826, emigrated to CAnada 1852, married Mary Ann in Carleton County 1855 and settled on farm at what is now corner of Hazeldean Rd and Eagleson Rd (Eagleson's Corners). After his death, his son Albert continued to operate the farm until he sold it in 1924. ... John O'Neil e-mail:

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