Edward O'MALLEY from County Mayo
also Patrick O'MALLEY and Sarah JOYCE

Hi, I'm trying to trace down my great grandfathers birthplace and ancestors.
His death notice from Warren, Ohio, USA tracks him to Cub, NY and gives
his birth place as Ottawa in 1847.  Edward P, (Plate) O'Malley.  I have
been told that our tree of the O'Malley family is County Mayo, Ireland.
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated
Daniel B. O'Malley
Alto, Michigan, USA.
Hi Daniel:

Thanks for your e-mail regarding Edward O'Malley.
I've had a quick look and don't see any Edwards in my material here.
There are a few Bridgets and Catherines and a Patrick O'Malley. It seems
that the name may have been recorded as Maley or Mealy in the 1830's and
1840's up here for some families.

I'll keep an eye out for Edward and in the meantime have started a new page
for him.

Do you know when he left Canada? Do you know what his wife's maiden name

Thanks again.
... Al
From Taylor Kennedy, Feb. 22, 2001: Hi Guys This may not be associated but I have Hugh Kennedy b.1827, marrying Catherine O'Malley as his third wife in 1875. Catherine was born in Ireland June 4, 1847 and was the daughter of Michael O'Malley and Margaret Hamnough. According to the 1901 census she came to Canada in 1868. She was a widow with a son, Albert Newman, born circa 1870. Take care Taylor Kennedy
July 26, 2006: Al; I am looking for my great great grandfather Patrick O'Malley (O'Melia, O Malia) and wife Sarah Joyce who lived in the Quyon \ Pontiac areas of Quebec from 1840 until their deaths around 1890. They where farmers with several children, John, Anthony, Thomas Mary (Cain) Sara (Dolan) Patrick and James (my great grandfather). I found a great reference on your web site about Mary (Cain) O'Malley. My Great Grandfather left in in the 1870's for Michigan and then came back briefly for his wife (Anna) and left never to return. Thanks for the help. Barry
September 5, 2014: Hi my name is Amber O'Malley I have been searching for family roots in Canada as well. Here is what I have: the Edward O'Malley u are looking for is Edward Burke O'Malley not Plate that was his mother's maiden name Henrietta. Edward was born in Hamilton Ottawa Canada per document from Cuba New York, USA book of founders or important people. Edwards fathers name was Thomas and his mother was Margaret Burke. They were both from Ireland. I have never had any record of them having any other children. Here is some history on Thomas he was born in Ireland married Margaret Burke. Some time move to Canada. Then they have a son born in Hamilton Ottawa Canada Edward Burke O'Malley. Thomas then moves to Castleton Vermont, USA. But only for a short time. Then the family relocates again to Warsaw Wyoming county New York. Where they live until Edward returns from the Civil war. That is another story (very interesting). The last census I can find them in together is the NY 1870 census for Wyoming County. After 1870 Edward Marries Henrietta J Platte or Plat. They have 3 children Harry, Margaret, and Burke. After the family moves from Warsaw the go to Cuba NY. This is where Henrietta ' s family live at the time. EDWARD TAKES an apprenticeship with a marble dealer and ends up taking it over. He becomes the number 1 marble dealer in the United states. He builds marble carvings still seen in the capital building in Springfield, Illinois. Meanwhile his son Harry marries Julia A Dodd her Family was from Ohio. Harry and Julia moved there. But Edward and Henrietta move there as well just before Edwards Death. In his Civil war pension it states he had went blind from marble dust from years of carving he received a disability in the amount of 100 dollars. EDWARD DIED IN 1911 IN Warren Ohio. At 311 paige Ave. The same residence as Harry and Julia. The reason they went to Ohio was to work in the steel factory's. Like Warren Steel and Youngstown steel and casting. This is where Burke worked. Harry worked and Harrys son Edward P. O'Malley worked. EDWARD P. Had many children, Thomas Charles Patricia Dennis Harry and another girl. I cannot remember her name. Their mother was Ruth Iona Knepsheild. She was from Apollo PENNSYLVANIA. She divorced Edward. And married a Burton. She died in Warren Ohio. Charles T O'Malley is my husband's Grandfather. He was born in Warren OH he was a veteran of the Korean war. Serving in Germany. Before the war he met Orlena Ruth Mccumbers and they had a son. RUSSELL Allen O'Malley. Russell died in 2001 in Paducah Kentucky. During the war Charles met a girl in Germany and married her her name was Margaret. They had a daughter named Kathy. We know nothing about her. After he came back from the war Orlena had married a man by the name of Wolf from West Virginia. They had a son Robert. Soon after they divorced and Charles adopted Robert. Then the two had a boy named Chuck that died at birth. And A daughter named Kathy. Russell was in the army and served in Vietnam. He was with the 10 1st airborne division at Ft cambell Ky. He had 3 children my husband Charles, Timothy,and Cassandra. All living in Ky. If there is anything else I can help you with let me know I gave had no luck tracing the O'Malleys after Canada. ... Amber

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