Gideon OLMSTEAD and Esther ANDREWS
also the surnames SCOTT and FOSTER

March 23, 2012:

In about 1795 Gideon, Richard, Jabus and Elizabeth (m. Daniel Bullis) Olmstead came from the United States (USA) to 
Burritt's Rapids, Marlborough Township, Carleton County, Ontario. The family was originally from Wales. 
After the death of their father and mother in the United States, Job, another brother, joined the brothers and sister here.

Gideon came to Hull Township and took 300 acres on Britannia Road (now called Aylmer Road). He is buried in Bellview Cemetery. 
and is listed in Philemon Wright's first account book as buying salt pork in 1804 for the first time. 

source: Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and The Humors of the Valley, by Anson Gard. 

November 29, 2005: Gideon Olmstead born about 1768 and Esther Andrews born about 1771 daughter of ? were married in West Stockbridge Massachussetts, USA in 1788. Gideon called "Captain" in obituary why? They arrived in Canada by 1802 and are recorded in the Marlboro Township Census with brother Richard b 1772 and wife Elizabeth Durkee; sister Elizabeth b 1763 and husband Daniel Bullis; brother Jabez b.1774 and wife Eunice? By 1804 Gideon and his family relocated to the Hull area. (See Bruce Elliott, The Famous Township of Hull). Gideon and Esther Andrews had many children; 1. Sarah b1790 married Philimon Wright, PW, Jr. and Nicolas Sparks 2. Zenus b1791 married Lavinia Allen 3. Gideon ( II) b1793 married Ann Taber *4. Abram Andrews b1796 married Ann Foster b 1801 daughter of William Foster and ? Scott? The City Beyond: A History of Nepean, Birthplace of Canada's Capital 1792-1990 by Bruce S. Elliot. On page 136 under the caption " The Merivale District"; "In the early 1830's several Methodists brought land here, including John Scott from County Cavan, who had lived for several years in Goulbourn Township, John Sullivan from Montreal, and Abram Olmstead from Hull who was married to Scott's niece Ann Foster (footnote 129)." page 68- "the names of three Protestants - John Robertson (Robertson Road in Bell's Corners, I think). Capt. G.W. Baker, and William Foster were put forward by Roman Catholics while Foster nominated his relative John Scott of City View. ( 1850)" Abram and Ann ( Foster)'s son George Andrews Olmstead b1834 married Annie Banks Henderson b1851 daughter of Ewan Henderson 1816 from Isle of Man and Barbara Clark b1813 daughter of John Clark and Ellen Oliver. 5. Jabez b1798 married Hilda/Huldah Cross - parents? 6. Daniel b1801 did he ever marry? 7. Nancy Annie b1803 married James Finlayson Taylor 1796 parents? 8. Henry b1803 married Charlotte Wright - parents? 9. David b1806 married Elizabeth Saunders daughter of John Saunders and Esther Edwards. 10. Esther b1811 married George Halstead son of Smith Holstead ? and Olive? Other children died young. # * 4 Abram Andrews and Ann Foster other children 4.1 Nancy Ann b1822 married George Birtch / Birch from Goulbourn Township 4.2 Foster b1825 married Esther Margaret Nelson daughter of Thomas Nelson and Ann McAmmond. 4.3 Mary b1826 married William James Cowan? 4.4 Abraham b1828 married Emma McKnight - parents ? 4.5 Esther Margaret 1830 married Gilbert Nelson same family as her brother Foster. 4.6 Solomon Scott b. 1832 married Mary Ann Hawkins parents? Rodger and Ellenor Freeman? 4.7 Richard Allen b. 1837 married Sarah Jane Taylor - parents Robert Taylor and Eliza Birch 4.8 Sarah b 1840 married Thomas White son of Charles White and Eleanor Garner I am interested in learning more about these families and their children. Can someone answer any of the ? question marks or add information particularly about the Fosters and Scotts. Does anyone know who William Foster was married to? Does anyone know where he was buried? Was William Foster related to the Scotts because his wife was a Scott or was it because a Scott married William's sister? I can be reached at ... Marlene
December 6, 2005: Hi Al & Marlene: Great site keep up the good work. I have some additional info for Olmstead. I have been working on the Wright family which over laps. I will e-mail you with some of what I have and we can dig a little deeper if it fits with what you are looking for. I am also working on the Cole family from the Pontiac this also includes Black, Brown Sparling, Crawford etc. Hoping to help. ... Roger Cole ____________________ Note: Roger and Marlene have been corresponding regarding their common ancestors and have a great deal of information between them. ... Al ____________________ Marlene and Al, Very curious as to where you found the possible reference to the parents of George Halstead.........I am interested also in trying to connect George Halstead with our ancestor Oliver Smith Holsted (diverse spellings) and his wife (we think) Olive/Olivia Chappell of NB. Where did you find that reference? We know for sure that Catherine Halstead married John Honeywell around 1836. She was born in 1816 in Amherst NS. As of 1815, Samuel Holstead (the Loyalist (UEL) from Rye, Westchester, New York, USA) made a petition for stated that his eldest son SMITH HOLSTEAD has a wife and two children; (information from the document Descendants of Francis Holmes). Since our Catherine was born in 1816, it is possible that one of the older children might have been George. The original reference to the parentage of Catherine came from the family chart put together by Catherines grandaughter, Catherine Halstead Miller, and has not been documented. Olive Chappell is the most elusive individual; she might be the daughter of Eliphalet Chappell; her birthdate of 1776 makes her 13 years the senior of Oliver Smith Holsted but...........who knows? We are also pursuing William John Halstead b: May 1824 NS as a possible brother to Catherine. Smilth Holstead was the executor of his fathers estate in 1827 in Amherst, NS. That is the best I can come up with......anything else would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ... Pat Walgamott E-Mail:
December 28, 2005: Hi All, This reference may explain the " Captain " in Gideon Olmstead's obit depending on how good the birthdate you have is. HCA 32/339/11/1-7 Covering dates 1782 Scope and content Ship: General Green, Master: Gideon Olmstead, Remarks: American privateer with letter of marque (N.Y.V.A.) I found it on the UK national archives site Enter olmstead as subject; 1760 as from date. Hope it fits. I am trying to trace out the Olmstead - Coombs - Moxley connection shown below: Joseph Samuel MOXLY, 22, farmer, Gloucester Township, same, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Augusta Bertha COOMBS, 18, Gloucester, same, d/o James COOMBS & Mary Ann OLMSTED, 6 June 1882 at Gloucester. I believe James Coombs was the son of Sgt. Joseph Coombs and Ann Robinson; but who were the parents of Mary Ann Olmsted (Olmstead), she was born in Ontario abt 1827 (1881 census)? Regards ... Allen Craig
December 29, 2005: Hi to all: I have 2 Gideon Olmsteads first b.1768 in Woburn Massachusetts, hometown of Philemon Wright, m. Esther Andrews 1788, d. May 14, 1837 They had 7 children. One child being Gideon b.1793 in Hebron NY m. Ann Tabor bef.1825, she was born in England 1804, d 1884 in Gloucester ON. They had 7 children, one being Mary Ann Olmstead who married James Coombs. This Captain could be the senior Gideon I will dig into this. Thanx for the info and I hope I have shed some light on your question. ... Roger
January 3, 2006 Mary Ann Olmstead was the daughter of Gideon ( Jr.) Olmstead b. abt 1793 (son of Gideon Olmstead and Esther Andrews) and Ann Tabor / Taber b. Oct. 10 1804 daughter of John Taber and Mary Justice Finch. ... Marlene ____________________ I found out about the Captain . Gideon served in the second Battalion of York under Lieut. Col. Kell and retired as Captain in 1827.- Military records I have just been corresponding with a Bill Daykins who seems to have the Moxley and Coombs data under control. He too is descended from Mary Ann Olmstead. Marlene
March 22, 2006: Hi, my name is Ordella Davidson. My greatgrandfather Embrum Halsteen Loken married Eliza Jane Lince or Lantz, her parents were Abigail Olmstead and Samuel Lince or Lantz. Agigail's parents were Henry Olmstead and Sara Charlotte Wright - Olmstead. Henry was the son of Gideon Jr. and his father was Gideon and Ester Olmstead. Now Gideon Sr's. father was Jabez Olmstead his wife I don't know. The information I have is that Jabez Olmstead migrated from Vermont Upper Canada, (USA?) settling near Burritt's Rapids and Merrickville before the 1800's. Shortly after 1800 Jabez and family moved to Hull Township in Lower Canada and they were associated with Philemon Wright (PW) in the "41" able men in the development of West Quebec.- early 1800's. ... Ordella
October 11, 2006: Hi, My name is Cheryl (Kemp) Taber. I am interested in Ann Taber who married Gideon Olmstead. She was born in Essex, England & her birthdate agrees with what you show. Her father, John Taber was born July 19, 1773, Dengie Hundred, Essex, England & died Feb. 16, 1868. His wife, Mary Justice, was born May 31, 1777, in England and died July 17, 1861, in Quyon, Quebec. John & Mary Taber are buried in St. John The Evangelist Cemetery, Quyon, Pontiac County, Quebec. Their tombstone can be viewed on Scott Naylors website: Marlene, I see you have her name as Mary Justice Finch--I would love to know where the surname Finch comes from since I have been told this before. The tombstone only names her as Mary Justice. My husband is descended from John & Mary Taber's son, Timothy who would be Ann's brother. Cheryl (Kemp) Taber
New March 23, 2012 Gideon Olmstead (1768 - May 14, 1837) married Esther Andrews 2... Sarah +m. 1. Philemon Wright Jr.; 2. Nicholas Sparks 2... Zenas +m. Lavina Allen (dau. of John Allen) 3... Mahala (m. Edward Tabor) 3... Lavina (m. David Hughes) 3... Harriat (m. 1. ? Conroy; 2. George ? Sheldon) 3... Maria (m. 1. Charles Thomas; 2. ? Hamilton) 3... Richard (m. 1. Sarah Wright [dau. of Hull Wright]; 2. Jessie McRae) 3... Sarah (m. Joseph Wyman) 3... Wyman (m. Almira Halstead) 2... Gideon +m. Ann Tabor 3... Mary A. (m. James Coombs) 3... Charles (m. Delaney Campbell, also an Olmstead) 3... Esther 3... Hannah 3... Eleanor 3... Jane 3... Agusta Most of the sisters lived in Janeville, Ontario (now known as Vanier, Ontario, enclosed by the city of Ottawa) 2... Abram +m. Anna Foster 3... Nancy (m. John Birch) 3... Solomon (m. Mary A. Hawkins) 3... Mary (m. John Cowan) 3... Esther (m. John Nelson) 3... Richard (m. Sarah Taylor) 3... Sarah (m. John White) 3... Foster (m. Esther Nelson) 3... George (m. Anna Henderson) 3... Abram (m. Miss Golightly) 3... Gideon (bachelor) 2... Jabus +m. Hilda Humphry 2... Daniel (left no children) 2... Henry +m. Miss Humphrey 3... William 3... Amos 3... daughter 2... David +m. Elizabeth Saunders 3... Esther (m. George Stevens) 3... Ephraim (m. Fannie Bennett) 3... Elizabeth (m. Thomas Aylwin) 3... Jane (m. Alex Glenn) 3... Henry (m. Fannie Maxwell) 3... Cerina (m. Richard Row) 3... Calvin (bachelor) 3... Sarah (m. Robert Munharvey) 2... Nancy +m. Finlayson Taylor 3... Margaret (m. Nelson Edey) 3... James (bachelor, killed on the electric road above Aylmer) 3... Gideon (m. 1. Miss Parker; 2. ?) 2... Esther +m. George Halsted (ran the Elm-Tree Hotel which was apparently on father-in-law's land) 3... Sarah (m. ?) 3... William (possibly m. Miss O'Hara) 3... Caroline (m. ?) source: Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and The Humors of the Valley, by Anson Gard
New July 17, 2016: Hello, Thank you for so much valuable information on our family tree. My great-great grandparents are Esther Margaret Olmstead (daughter of Abram Olmstead and Ann Foster) and Gilbert Nelson (not John as was listed later by another contributor, John was Gilbert's older brother). My great-grandfather is their son, Abram Nelson (sometimes now listed as Abraham in records which may just be a misnomer). His son, Foster Nelson, is my grandfather. It's very interesting to see the family names revived as generations transpire. I have a 7 year old nephew named Foster Nelson so I guess old habits die hard. John and Gilbert were the eldest children (amongst others) of Thomas Nelson whose homestead is still standing in Nepean, Ontario as "Nelson House". Anything I can add I will gladly contribute and thanks again. Sincerely, ... Debbie Nelson

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