Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada -- 1800's
Connections to Oka, St. Columban's and Ste. Scholastique, Quebec, Canada

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

September 19, 2015: (general update of this web page)

This web page continues research into the many families who came to Bytown and area in Upper Canada from various 
parishes in Lower Canada, mostly from the townships north of the Ottawa River and the Petite Nation seigneury.
Some francophone settlers came from Lochaber, Buckingham and the Gatineau Valley.

A major migration of Francophones to the Townships of Prescott County occurred in the second half of the nineteenth century.

March 2, 2006:

Some members of the Irish Catholic community in the north-west corner of Osgoode Township had connections to the parishes of St. Columbans, Ste. Scholastique and the Oka / Deux Montagnes / Kanesatake region near Montreal, in Quebec.

See also The Irish in St. Columban's web site.

We are trying to determine connections between these Deux Montagnes and Osgoode 
Township folks during the 1800's. 

The following persons were Irish Catholics, born in Quebec, living in Osgoode 
Township in the 1881 Census and MAY have been from the St. Columban's area.

Can anyone confirm these connections or add new names to the list? Any names
which should be deleted?

Cen:	Ont	Russell	Osgoode
CALLAHAN, Bridget		1843	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
CALLAHAN, Catharine		1863	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
CALLAHAN, Amey			1866	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
CALLAHAN, John			1868	M	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
CALLAHAN, Richard		1870	M	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
CALLAHAN, Steven H.		1873	M	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
DALY, Micheal			1827	M	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
DALY, John			1831	M	Irish	Bir: Queb 	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
KEANY, Eliza			1824	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
KELLEY, Catherine		1840	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
  (Kelly ?)
KINSELLA, Thomas		1838	M	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
KILFOIL, Ellen			1851	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
KILFOIL, John			1846	M	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
MCEVOY, Mary			1826	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
MARSHALL, Michael		1841	M	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
MCEVOY, John			1843	M	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
MCEVOY, Mary			1854	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
MCEVOY, Bridget			1856	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
MURPHY, Micheal			1843	M	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
MURPHY, Elenne A.		1874	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
PLUNKETT, Ann			1837	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
SULLIVAN, Mary			1836	F	Irish	Bir: Queb	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
YORK, Mary			1843	F	Irish	Bir: Queb 	Cen: Ont, Russell, Osgoode
 (YORK is her married name)

March 3, 2006: According to Claude Bourguignon, the first four Irish families to settle in the St. Columbans area arrived in 1821. The heads of households in 1821 were 1. James Murphy 2. Hugh Reilly 3. Andrew Cowan 4. John Millen (Mullin ?) There were a great number of new Irish settlers in the St. Columbans area during the remaining years of the 1820's. In addition, Claude has compiled a list of land transactions between early residents of St. Columbans and those in our area of Upper Canada. Merci, Claude!

Liste des Colombanois ayant des liens avec l'Ontario au 19e siècle Réalisée à partir des chaînes de titres des 320 lots du cadastre de Saint-Colomban NOTE : Cette liste est non exhaustive. En effet, les chaînes de titres n'étant pas complète à 100% Préparée par Claude Bourguignon, 25 février 2006 - Lot 18 : Vente par William S. Boyd à David Price William, marchand de cuir, de la cité d'Ottawa et maintenant de la paroisse de St-Colomban, le 13/08/1877 - Lots 42, 43 : Vente par James Murphy à Mallick Gaven / Gavan, cultivateur de Hull (Gatineau County), le 30/07/1834 - Lot 42, 43 Vente par Martin Furlong, époux de Judith Coughlan / Coughlin veuve de Mallick Gaven, de Hull à Thomas Donaghue, le 8/02/1847 - Lot 58 : Vente devant le sherif Lapointe à J.C Shea, procurur, épicier ville d'Ottawa, 28/07/1899 - Lot 90 Vente par Andrew Keyes cordonnier à Ottawa (autrefois Saint-Colomban) à Michael Kelly, canton Gloucester, Ontario, le 21/02/1870 - Lot 98 Vente par James Woods, maintenant de Westmeath, comté de Renfrew, Ontario à Samuel Smiley, le 8/10/1880 - Lot 132 Vente par Bridget Innis (veuve de Lawrence Delaney et épouse actuelle de William Murchison) du canton de Lochiel, comté de Glengarry) à Francis Donaghue, le 20/06/1848 - Lot 133 Vente par John Dempsey à John Marshall, canton d'Osgoode, le 23/02/1847 - Lot 135 Vente par Patrick Phelan à Mary Whelan, de Prescott, Haut-Canada, le 11/10/1831 - Lot 139 Vente par Daniel Phelan, Cornwall, comté de Stormont à Edward Elliott , le 2/03/1876 - Lot 153 Vente par Thomas McEvoy, cultivateur du Haut-Canada, canton d'Osgoode à Dennis Coughlan, le 12/03/1845 - Lot 163 Vente de Richard Shea et sa femme Alley Murphy, cultivateur de Bytown à William Nevell, le 11/07/18936 (could be William Neville ... Al) - Lot 164 Vente par John Shea, cultivateur du Haut-Canada à Patrick McCarthy, le 14/03/1833 - Lot 216 Vente par William Murphy, cultivateur du Haut-Canada à Edmund Mooney, le 25/01/1843 - Lot 271 Vente par Emery Morris dit Lanfantaisie, journalier (labourer) de la cité d'Ottawa à édouard Monette, le 23/04/1871 - Lot 272 Vente par John Mc Ginity (McGinty ?) du comté de Carlton, Haut-Canada (district de Bathurst) à Dennis Callaghan, le 7/11/1829 - Lot 281 : Vente par Edward Davay (Davey ?), cultivateur de Bytown, à Michael Rock / Roche, le 14/03/1834 - Lot 320 Vente par James McEvoy à Philip Holligan (Houlihan ?), laboureur de Bytown, nov 1829

March 4, 2006: Michael Daley has compiled some material titled "The Murphy's of Osgoode Township" which will be added to our web site soon. Here is an excerpt from his article which makes reference to Ste. Scholastique / St. Columban's: Nicholas Murphy , Cooper,/ farmer, his wife Catherine Costigan native of County Kilkenny, Ireland, were settled at St, Scholastique , Quebec, prior to 1832, The family moved to West Osgoode , 1843-44 settled on lot 24, con 3, 9 children were born to this couple , Mary Jane , the first born ,August 18 , 1827 ,at St, Scholastique, married Patrick Terry born ,1824 , Waterford Ireland, Son of Michael Terry, and Margaret Tierney, of lot 18 ,con, 3 ,Osgoode (Manotick Station Road), Patrick ,the last born ,Feb, 12 1844, was Baptized March the 24th at Notre Dame Cathedral , sponsors were John McEvoy, and Catherine McKenna of Osgoode.
March 8, 2006: Al for what its worth, Edmond McEvoy his wife Catherine Kennedy, from [ Freshford Parish ] Co, Kilkenny, 1827 ,to Ste. Scholastique, Province of Quebec, with Three sons, Michael born 1803, John born 1808, Thomas born 1815, The Parish register of St, Scholastique church in Deux Montagues, Quebec gives the death date of Edmond McEvoy, as Dec, 12 1834, His wife Catherine Kennedy died Feb 27, 1861, her body was laid to rest ,on land donated by McEvoy Families, to build a church, and burial ground, on lot 20 , con, 3, in Osgoode Township, Son , Michael married Mary Castigan moved to lot 29 ,con 2 ,Osgoode Tws, Son John ,married , Feb,8 1836,to Anastasia Powers, daughter of Richard Power ,and Bridget Murphy, in St, Columban, P,of Quebec, moved to lot, 20, con,3 Osgoode Tws, Son Thomas, married , Mary [ Margaret ] [Rourke,] O'Rourke , 1844,?? settled on lot 17 con 3 Osgoode, in the 1840's. James Conway , his wife Sarah Dunn, from Ireland to St, Scholastique Quebec , two children born in Quebec Michael Nov,14 1828, Catherine , July 4 1832, moving to Osgoode settling on lot 24, con,2 [ by the 1863 map of Osgoode] 3 more children were born in Osgoode, Catherine married Edward Patrick McEvoy son of Michael McEvoy and Mary Castigan , moved to Iowa, USA started a little town , and named it Osgoode, Note of interest, John McEvoy born the 27 / 5th 1848, son of John and Anastasia [ Power], McEvoy, married Mary Ann Buckles, their sons Ambrose , and Domnic were the founders of " McEvoy Funeral Homes." Catherine McEvoy born ,1838, sister to John, married Patrick Kelly their Great,-Great--Grandson , Lorne Kelly, is the founder of the "KELLY Funeral Homes", ... Michael Daley _________________________ Hi Michael and Al, I'd noticed a few entries for 1790s baptisms of children of a couple of Edmund McEvoys of Kilcoltrim, which is close to Borris town, and close to the Kilkenny border. Maybe relatives of Edmond of Osgoode, who came from Kilkenny? See below, taken from the Borris records website: 04 Jan 1788 Anne, Edmund McCaboy Anne Kavh Mathias Gormoran Mary Foley Killcoltrim 21 Jan 1793 Mary, Edmund McEboy Margaret Kinsella James Cody Anne Farell Kilcoltrium 25 May 1790 James, Ned Macoboy Margaret Kinselagh/ Kinsella, Hugh Kehoe Margaret Maughen Kilcoltrim 17 Mar 1795 Bridget, Ned McCoboy Margaret Kinselagh / Kinsella, Maurice Cody / Coady, Catty Cody Kilcoltrim And Al, about your Byrnes: I didn't find Lawrence, but there are a number of entries in the Borris records for a Terence Byrne. I wouldn't think that's such a common first name. Anne Burgess
March 23, 2006: Don Williams is a descendant of George WILLIAMS, an 1823 Peter Robinson settler from County Cork. George Williams ended up at St. Columbans.
March 25, 2006: Thomas Marshall and Anastasia Dolan were married at St. Columbans in 1837. By 1844 they had migrated to Osgoode Township.
January 10, 2007: On Saturday, January 27th 2007, the descendants & friends of St. Columban will be presenting an Irish event (Music; Song; Dance & Dialogue) at the Oscar Peterson Hall on Sherbrooke St West, Montreal. This event has two purposes - 1) simply to honour our Irish ancestors that arrived in Lower Canada in the 1820's and then settled in St. Columban, Quebec 2) as a fundraiser to restore the old Irish cemetery in St. Columban. For general information about this event and/or to reserve your tickets ($ 30.00 each), please visit the following site:- (You can also place an advertisement in our Event Brochure at this same web location).... http://www.stcolumban-irish.com/events/ To find a flyer/poster about the event that you might wish to print out and send, or post, anywhere that you think that there might be an interest:- http://www.stcolumban-irish.com/events/handout3acolour.pdf The same flyer/poster in French is at:- http://www.stcolumban-irish.com/events/handout3acolour-f.pdf For any additional information, please contact us at:- info@stcolumban-irish.com

July 5, 2010: This past Saturday, July 3rd as mentioned in my last post, we were able to officially unveil “the walls” as a monument to the early Irish settlers in St. Columban. And now Jeff Legault has posted some great videos and pictures of the event for everyone that was not able to attend. To see the videos, simply go to our main page at www.stcolumban-irish.com and click on the updated note about the unveiling. To see photos of the ceremony, you can click on the following link: http://www.stcolumban-irish.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=2691 Once again thank you to everyone that contributed to making this a reality after almost five years.
September 1, 2010:
Lumber Rafts on the Ottawa River The Church at Oka / Deux Montagnes, early 1800's Source: A Short History of Quebec, page 77 Lumber Rafts passing Oka / Deux Montagnes, Quebec

August 1, 2015: Irish Festival at St. Columban's, August 29, 2015 Bonjour, Les membres du conseil municipal, le personnel de la Ville et le comité organisateur de la Fête ont le plaisir de vous inviter à la première édition de la Fête irlandaise de Saint-Colomban, qui se tiendra le samedi 29 août 2015, au parc Phelan, dès 10 h 30. Voir programmation ci-jointe. Entrée libre (frais seulement pour la nourriture et les boissons consommées sur place). Ci-joint également du matériel promotionnel (dépliant et affiche) que vous pourrez utiliser pour promouvoir l'événement à travers vos différents outils de communication. Merci de votre collaboration et au plaisir de vous rencontrer le 29 août prochain. Lucie Jubinville
Irish Festival at St. Columban's, August 2015

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