John Henry CONNERS / CONNORS and Elizabeth STEADMAN
Ireland to Burritt's Rapids area

March 4, 2005:

My great grandfather, Charles Conners was born May 24,
1840 at Burritts Rapids or in that area.  Would there
be any Conner(s)/Connor(s) in that area mentioned in
the publication Who's Where? A guide to the cemeteries
of Rideau townships.  His parents might have been John
Henry Conners b. abt. 1787 Ireland and Elizabeth
Steadman b. abt. 1818 in Drummond Township. I don't know what
cemetery they would be in.  John was probably Catholic
in Ireland.  He came over with children from a first
marriage and his parents and siblings from Ireland mid
to late 1820s.  He came over with the British army
engineer corp. to help construct the Rideau Canal.  He
received a land grand probably along the canal.
John's second marriage to Elizabeth Steadman was in
Ontario.  Elizabeth was probably either Anglican or
Methodist.  Charles in the 1871 census at Lanark was a
40 year old carpenter and Wesleyan Methodist. Is there
any other record I could search for John Henry
O'Conner or his siblings or children?  Does anyone
have that list of discharged soldiers from the British
army that helped construct the Rideau Canal or where
to order it?
Nancy Owston
Thanks to Kathy Adamson for the following:

A check of 'Who's Where' 16 Cemeteries in Rideau township found no Conner,
Connor surnames listed. At St Clare R.C. Dwyer Hill:
Plot 75 Hugh O'Connor 1864-1931, John A. 1901-1962, his wife Ellen Jane
Cosgrove 1865-1949.
Plot 136  Hugh Joseph O'Connor 1903-1965.
               Owen O'Connor Dec 20 1870, 68yrs
               son Hugh April 4 1858, 17yrs 5mos

You could try google- search for 'Rideau Canal' you will find a web page
with info.
... Kathy Adamson
And thanks to Ellen Paul for this:

Hello, Nancy,
    In the register of St. Philip of Richmond, I found the following, which 
actually may confuse the issue:

6 October 1839 Baptism of Charles, born 10 May same year, legitimate son of 
Charles O'Connor and Jane Steedman. The sponsors were Daniel Hanagan & Emilia 
Furnier / Fournier.

I only mention it because of the similarity of names.

St. Philip is the oldest English speaking parish in the Diocese of Ottawa. 
It was founded in 1818, the year the Duke of Richmond became the fourth 
Governor General.

Following the end of the war between Canada and the United States (1814), 
many of the Canadian and British soldiers were given land in the Richmond 
area.  Most of the Canadian soldiers were from Québec (99th Regiment), which 
explains why many of the first families to settle in Richmond were from 

This is from the register of Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa:

17 Aug 1836 Richmond - Baptism of Margaret, born 4 Dec 1834 of the marriage 
of Charles O'Connor and Jane Steadman. Sponsors: John Timmins & Jane Cosgrove.

... Ellen Paul

Hi Al,
I would really like you to add the O'Connor page to
your web site.  I don't know if I would be a very good
contact unless they want the descendants of the
Charles O'Connor born in 1839.  Both Ellen Paul and
Kathy Adamson gave me all the info I now have about
Charles' parents and where they lived.  I and others
in my family have been searching for years without
success.  Rita Meistrel years ago told me about your
site when I found her name on the Lanark genealogy
website. She also gave me records of my O'Connor and
Yuills in Renfrew County in Catholic records.  
I read all those pages on your site and reread them
and still didn't make the connection until Ellen and
Kathy sent me their info which confirmed everything I
already have.  I was looking for Charles Connors'
parents in Wesleyan Methodist Churches and cemeteries.
He must have become a Methodist when he married Grace
Rankin.  I assumed that since his mother, Jane or
Eliza Jane Steadman was a Methodist from Drummund (at
least her family was Methodist) that his father may
have become a Methodist.  I was looking for a John
Henry (O)Connor(s) who was a catholic in Ireland.  All
I had was the oral tradition of my mother's Conners
family.  I have entered my name in the 1901 automated
genealogy census project as a contact for the Conners.
 Others who are searching for Connor(s)/Conner(s) may
be looking for years without success if you don't put
up an O'Connor family page.  I was told John Henry
O'Connor had dropped the O from his surname when he
came over from Ireland in abt. 1828.  John was
supposed to be a discharged soldier who fought in the
Napoleonic war.  He came over with the British Army
engineer corp to help construct the Rideau Canal. 
John was accompanied by his children from a previous
marriage (wife died in Cork?, Ireland) also his
parents and siblings came at that time.  They settled
somewhere along the Rideau Canal on a large land grant
given to him by the British Gov't.  One of my cousins
gave me Charles Jr birth place as Burritts Rapids. 
Another cousin had Charles Sr. as the father of my
Charles instead of John Henry.  Charles Sr. may be
John Charles and his father may have gone by Henry.  I
am going to try to order the birth and marriage
registers for St. Philip and Notre-Dame.
All the pieces fit that Ellen and Kathy gave with what
I already knew but I didn't have enough to put them
together because I didn't know enough about the area
where they lived.  I didn't know that Richmond,
Burritts Rapids, Marlborough Township, Oxford on the Rideau were
all in the same area.  The boundaries between the
counties have changed since the early 1800s. I kept
searching in the Lanark county since Charles Connors
in the 1871 census was a 30 yr. old Wesleyan Methodist
carpenter living in Lanark village. My mother was born
in Smith's Falls.  In the 1901 census Charles , Grace
and their youngest son Frank B. Conners were living in
Carleton Place.  They had 10 children that lived and
most had families.  I will help in any way that I can
as a resource but I now live in Tennessee, USA, and have
never lived in that area.  I was born at Toronto, ON
and moved to the States with my family when I was one
year old.  I have cousins and an 88 year old aunt that
still live in or near Ottawa. I do have the CDs of the
Ontario Register, 1871 census, Irish Immigrants to
north America, 1803-1871, and Canadian genealogy index
1600s-1900s with my Family tree maker.  If any of
those would help.
Nancy Owston
A Joseph Stedman from Ireland settled in Dalhousie Township, Renfrew County about
1820. He's mentioned in Carol Bennett's book The Lanark Society Settlers.
... Al

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