Hugh O'CONNOR and Julia McGREGOR
Lot 20, Concession 5, Osgoode Township

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

August 29, 2003:

1.  JULIA MCGREGOR  (DUNCAN) was born 1828.  She married (1) JOHN O'BOYLE November 21, 
1854, son of THOMAS O'BOYLE and MARY CLYNE.  He was born 1811, and died October 09, 
1865 in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada @54 Yrs Old.  She married (2) HUGH O'CONNOR February 08, 
1869 in Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, son of DANIEL O'CONNOR and JANE MCGUIGAN. 

1881 Census Place:	Osgoode, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist G  Div 2  Page 27  Family 120
			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ		Religion
Hugh O'CONNER		M	M	40	Irish	Ontario		Farmer		Catholic	
Julie O'CONNER		F	M	49	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Mary O'CONNER		F		22	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Margret O'CONNER	F		11	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Cathrine O'CONNER	F		11	Irish	Ontario				Catholic	
Daniel B. O'CONNER	M		9	Irish	Ontario				Catholic
August 9, 2007: Hi Al; Thanks for the information I have gleaned from this site tonight. I have been searching for maternal great-grandparents Hugh O'Connor, and Julia Macgregor. I knew the oral family history and was able to validate it tonight. I know that Julia married John O'Boyle, an arranged marriage I was told. When he died, she stayed on the farm and continued to run it, marrying Hugh O'Connor, many years her junior in 1869. Mary O'Boyle the daughter of John and Julia married James Coleman. Mary was known as Min. I have recently spoken to her daughter who is 90 years old and living in Montreal. Then, when Hugh O'Connor supposedly left for the Gold Rush, the farm was sold and the family moved to Montreal. Catherine O'Connor was a seamstress, marrying my grandfather William James Stace in 1902. Margaret, her fraternal twin was a cook in the service of the head of CPR, Van Horne. She married Peter McBride. The son Daniel, as far as I know died in the Ottawa area around 1920-30. I did not know that Julia had died in Osgoode, I knew she lived in Montreal when my uncles were young. However, this past July, I researched and found her grave in St. John the Evangelist cemetery, Enniskerry. She was said to have smoked a corn-cob pipe. I have a page from her missal, given to her on her 18th. Birthday signed by pastor Michael Moynihan. I would love to find our more about Hugh O'Connor. Was he born in Ireland? Did he really leave for the Gold Rush and where did he die? Catherine Ingram __________________________ Hi Catherine: I had a quick look for Hugh O'Connor. According to the 1881 census, he was born in Ontario (see above). However, I was unable to find a baptismal record at the most likely church in the 1840's, Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa. Also, I was unable to find a death record for him in the Ottawa area. Also, did you find a grave stone stating that Julia McGregor is actually buried at St. John's in Enniskerry? The cemetery registry says "Erected by Julia McGregor alias O'Boyle in memory of her departed friends". There are tombstones for both Father O'Boyle and John O'Boyle (died 1865, aged 54, native of County Mayo, Ireland) at St. John's. I believe that the original O'Connor family homestead was located on what is today called the Snake Island Road. A Mrs. O'Connor had 50 acres on this road and another 200 acres a couple of farms to the northwest. (See map on the O'Boyle page. The Coleman's lived across the road -- they had come from County Waterford along with about eight other families, including my CHRISTOPHER ancestors, in the early 1830's. There is also a Duncan family on the map, neighbours of the O'Connors in 1879. There appear to have been at least 3 O'Connor families in Osgoode Township in the 1860's time frame. Do you mind if I add your e-mail correspondence to our Hugh O'Connor page on our web site? Please let me know. Also, if you can reach Anne-Marie Ibell, she may have more information. You are probably related to each other. Thanks again for this. ... Al ____________________________

HI Al You make a good point. I was confused by the fact that the stone was erected by Julia. I assumed that she was buried there, because she was in the listing supplied by the OGS for that cemetery. My next step I guess would be to try and get a burial certificate. I know she is not buried in Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery in Montreal, where many of my ancestors are buried. I had been searching there, but when I found the listing for St. John's I was elated. All of Catherine O'Connor's children are now deceased, so I am one of the few grandchildren with any knowledge or interest. I would dearly like to fill in the blanks. I give you permission to post to the Hugh O'Connor website. ... Catherine Ingram
August 12, 2007: Hi Al: Thanks for all your help. Last night, I found the census records for 1901 showing Julia living in Montreal, Saint Antoine (Ward/Quartier) A-14 page 10-11. (Details Schedule 1 Microfilm T-6533) She was in the household of James Coleman, his wife Mary O'Boyle (her daughter) their children (of whom my mother often spoke) and Kate (Catherine) O'Connor my grandmother. It notes incorrectly her date of birth as 1839, should be 1828, however her age was correct. So we know Julia was still alive then. In the 1911 census she was not listed. I really think I need to search the death records in Montreal. My grandmother and grandfather were married in St. Henri parish church in 1902 so I think I should start there. I am sure that when people passed on they were quickly buried. I have searched the database of Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery again, she is not listed there. There may have been local graveyards. I did note that in the 1911 census the transcriber listed my grandmother as Catherine Alconnes instead of O'Connor; making it difficult to find her if I did not have her husband's name. Catherine

August 13, 2007: Hi Al: Thought you might like to see the copy of page in Julia McGregor's missal that we have several pages from, dates from 1846. Thanks. Catherine Ingram
Julia McGregor's Missal from Priest, 1846
St. Luke's is a mystery, I believe it was in the Glengarry Cornwall area, because she was baptized in St. Raphael's a Roman Catholic. So I am looking for it. It may be another denomination. Have a good day. Catherine _______________________ Hi Catherine: Some of the Glengarry folks spread out as far north as the Plantagenet area in succeeding generations. The only Catholic Church called St. Luke's, as far as I know, is at Curran, Ontario, just south of the village of Plantagenet. There's a good chance that this is the St. Lukes to which Father Monaghan refers. We should try and find out where Father Monaghan was working in 1846. ... Al
September 17, 2007: Hi Al: The Whitby Library now has the library edition research tool. Today, on the 1851 census I was able to find the family of Julia McGregor in Prescott County, Plantagenet South, sub district 303 page 7 roll C_11749. Listed are: Duncan McGregor age 50 Birthplace Scotland abt 1802 farmer Catharine McGregor wife Age 45 Birthplace Canada abt. 1807 Julia McGregor dau Jane McGregor dau Catharine McGregor dau Edward McGregor son Ann McGregor dau Margaret McGregor dau Simon McGregor son James McGregor son Mary McGregor son Duncan McGregor son Religion: Roman Catholic I will keep you posted. Catherine
January 3, 2008: New E-mail address for Anne-Marie added to the list below. ... Al
New November 13, 2014: Note: This O'Connor family may be related to the family of John O'Connor who were in Plantagenet. ... Al
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