John O'CONNOR and Nancy (Anne) McAULEY
Ireland to Plantagenet Townships, Ontario, Canada

November 12, 2014:

Dear Sirs and Madams: 

I'm a descendant of John O'Connor (Born Ireland circa 1812 and died 09/June/1856 Plantagenet) who married Nancy (Anne) McAuley 
in 1843. I am not sure when either of them left Ireland but they were married in Plantagenet. Nancy must have lived with her 
father who I think was Alexander McAuley on Concession lV lot 9, and my Great Great Grandfather lived with Nancy on 
Concession lV lot 10. This Concession was on Irish Ridge, later know as Centerfield / Centrefield just next to North Plantagenet. 

Nancy's mother was Jane McAuley who eventually lived with John and her daughter Nancy. I am trying to find out where they 
came from in Ireland and a clearer picture of the McAuley and O'Connor lineage in general. My Great Grandfather John was 
born to John and Nancy. He married Mary Madden and she gave birth to my Grandfather Morris O'Connor. They had a large family. 
When the boys got old enough, probably in their late teens or early 20s they migrated to Upper Michigan, USA, and were loggers. 
I'm sure they learned the trade on the Nation River what with all the native forests around Plantagenet and the Ridge, 
along with clearing a lot of land for farming. Logging was huge. When it started to slow, I believe, with their skill in 
logging and handling horses, my Grandfather Maurice and his brothers Archibald and John (the oldest after the Irish custom 
of naming the first born male after the Father) moved to Upper Michigan next to Lake Superior. It must have been an 
arduous journey to say the least. I have many records of their lives in Plantagenet but when it comes to some details of 
them it gets hard to find out much more. If you have any data on the O'Connor and McAuley (spelled several ways in tax 
records at the time), I would surely appreciate it. 

I spent a week in Plantagenet this Fall and walked Concession lV lot 10. It was a wonderful feeling to walk that land. 
I found out some tidbits from Church records, but could not find the burial site of John O'Connor Senior. We believe the 
ancient burial site is a relic now with chards of tomb stones near the Nation River in Plantagenet. I found my Great 
Grandfather and Grandmother's tombstone and kissed it. I could not find Nancy McAuley's tombstone although I have her 
date of death. She may have died near 80 or so. My Grandfather's brother Michael may have run the farm. as she aged. 

Very Sincerely 
Kenneth N. Morin
Michigan, USA 

More from Ken:

Dear Allan: Thank you so much for your response. Yes, I did take photos of my trip. I searched at least five cemeteries 
while there and took many pictures of grave stones of connections. I was shocked to learn that a very old cemetery within 
Plantagenet had not been cared for and therefore was bulldozed over, I was told-had to believe, to build a condo complex 
right there in town. It is on the right had side of the road in the middle of Plantagenet. However, I met some neat locals 
who put me on to an extremely old Cemetery that has been reclaimed and may contain the remnants of my Great Great Grandfather's 
remains and those of many who died in early and mid 19th Century. The St. Luke's Church in Plantagenet was being built 
around 1856 or so, the same year as my Grandfather died. The man who took and signed my great great grandfather's last will 
and Testament was one of early founders of the town and held major positions in the town. I have the Will and what it said. 
There are remnants of grave stones that were found that are broken pieces, one had a piece that said, "A. Mc", which I took 
for Alexander McAuley who lived next to my great great grand father. I will send you some of the photos. You can use my 
email on your web page. Thank you in advance for anything you can come up with. I am related to the Shane family and O'Briens 
as well via my great grandmother Mary Madden O'Connor. The Shane's have been deeply researched and there is a book of their 
descendents written by a woman in the Chicago area. The book is Emigrant Fathers Native Sons: The Shane Family of Prescott County, 
Ontario, Canada 1817-1990 Author,Publisher: Katherine Madden Adamson holds copyright. I'm sure you know her. A second 
cousin of mine also has done a lot of research on the O'Connor clan. 

Hi Ken:

Wish we had seen you when you were in the Plantagenet area recently. My wife grew up near Plantagenet and went to high school there.
Her mom, who recently passed away at 95 years young, knew all of your families. Her farm was just sold to a Ryan / Shane couple and
there are probably many of the original families still resident in the area. Actually, we got the Shane book from them.

Kathy Adamson was a member of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society when she published the book. I volunteer there
on Tuesday afternoons and will check the records of St. Luke's at Curran, Ontario, just south of Plantagenet.

I remember my mother-in-law telling the story of the cemetery being bulldozed. The residents were not impressed.

... Al
November 13, 2014: Note: This family may (or may not) be related to the Hugh O'Connor family who later moved to Osgoode Township. ... Al
New November 18, 2014: Al: A Daniel O'Connor married my Great Aunt Elizabeth O'Connor in Plantagenet. I always thought Daniel was her cousin, but now, after reading that email posted related to Hugh O'Connor, it looks like Daniel was another O'Connor family living in another Concession in Plantagenet. In fact, in a small volumn published in Plantagenet by William McCormick (who recently died - well known in the area - I his Sister lunch and learned about the area from her) tells of people he was aware plying their business in the History of Plantagenet. One fellow was Daniel O'Connor. He on page 191, "He lived on the 5th Concession where you go down the hill. His daughter, Mary O'Connor was a schoolmate. Bernard Gilligan lives here now". In the appendix he lists Daniel O'Connor as O'Connor Daniel - Pattee R.P. MD" Who Pattee R.P. is I do not know. I only know that several McAuley families lived near my Great Great Grandfather John O'Connor (who married Nancy McAuley possibly the daughter of Alexander or Daniel McAuley Concession lV, lot 9) and his son John, my Great Grandfather in Concession lV, lot 10. Mr. McCormick's booklet was published in 1998 and called "The Rollway Directory". The Rollway as you may know comes from the hill and landing that lead to the Nation River. At the banks of the Nation logs were rolled off to end up in the Ottawa. The area was know as the "Pitchoff" as well because things (logs), and goods from boats coming off the River, were "pitched off". There was also a booklet written in honor of the Plantagenet Centennial. I saw a copy and took some pictures. A very nice man I befriended in Plantagenet had two copies. He loaned one to the Library there but someone stole it. He then loaned them another which they really guard. He still has a copy. I would like to copy it somehow. It is very good. It really notes a lot of esoterica of the Plantagenet region. The St. Paul's church rectory, on another Street from the Church now, has all the birth records, baptismal records, and marriage records for St Paul's and St. Luke's of Curran. I'll check my grave stone photos if I can see a Hugh O'Connor. ... Ken

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