Richard O'CONNELL and Esther MEEHAN

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

I was wondering if you might have in your tree, an Esther MEEHAN married to a 
Richard O'CONNELL?
Possibly in Ontario between 1840 and say 1865?
I am researching my O'Connell roots and noticed a page on the internet 
with your email address (in case you're wondering where I found you!)
Clancy O'Connell

September 4, 2001: Clancy: These families were Peter Robinson Settlers who were among the pioneer families of Huntley Township. They are well documented in a book called Peter Robinson's Settlers, 1823 and 1825. The book contains a lot of info such as their Parish of Origin in Ireland, their parents names and pictures of Esther Meehan, various tombstones, homesteads, etc. You would be wise to get your hands on a copy of this book which is written by Carol Bennett. I also have some stuff here. Maybe we can put together some material for this web page. ... Al
September 19, 2001: Hi There Al Sorry it took so long, but here is some text about what I've found recently about Richard O'Connell. Hope it translates OK. Let me know if you need anything else! Yours, Clancy Outline Descendant Report For William O'Connell 1 William O'Connell, Male, B: 1790, Ireland, D: 1871 + Margaret Flynn, Female, B: 1795, D: 1869 2 Richard O'Connell, Male, B: 1831, USA, D: December 05 1920, Huntley Township, Ontario + Esther Meehan, Female, B: March 14 1842, Huntley Township, Ontario, D: July 20 1937 3 William Alexander O'Connell, Male, B: January 09 1864, Huntley Township, Ontario, M: April 11 1899, Richmond, Ontario + Sophia McCarthy, Female, B: ABT 1865, Ontario Canada, Huntley Township, Ontario, M: April 11 1899, Richmond, Ontario 4 Michael Anthony O'Connell, Male, B: January 10 1900, Huntley Township, Ontario, D: December 30 1967, Nanaimo BC Canada, M: August 22 1925, White Earth, North Dakota USA + Mona Alvina Viola Moen, Female, B: September 13 1905, Georgetown, Price County Winsconsin USA, D: July 23 1976, North Cowichan, M: August 22 1925, White Earth, North Dakota USA 5 Donald Anthony O'Connell, Male, B: October 10 1928, Bengough (pronounced "Bengoff") Saskatchewan , D: January 13 1976, Port Alberni BC Canada, M: 1950, Oliver BC Canada + Fay Levina Ethier, Female, B: May 19 1932, Big River Saskatchewan Canada, M: 1950, Oliver BC Canada 6 Robert Lee O'Connell, Male, B: January 02 1951, Oliver BC Canada, M: June 05 1971, Port Alberni BC Canada + Tineke Vroone, Female, B: April 27 1952, Den Hauge, Holland, M: June 05 1971, Port Alberni BC Canada 7 Clancy Katrina Lieva O'Connell, Female, B: July 13 1973, Port Alberni BC Canada, M: June 11 1994, Prince George BC Canada + Raymond Wilson Roberts, Male, B: November 07 1967, Prince George Memorial Hospital, Prince George BC Canada, M: June 11 1994, Prince George BC Canada
February 20, 2002: Hi. My name is Patricia from Corkery (Huntley). I just saw your question about Esther Meehan and Richard O'Connell. My Grandfather was James Ryburn Wilfred O'Connell (whom everyone knew as Jimmy O'Connell) who just recently died in 1998 at the young age of 81 years. Jimmy's father was Daniel James O'Connell (fourth child out of 10) born to Esther Meehan and Richard O'Connell. The list of the 10 children that I have goes like so. 1. William 2. Joseph Patrick 3. Michael 4. Daniel James 5. Richard 6. John 7. Ellen 8. Mary 9. Frances 10 Reinette This came from a book written in 1956 written by Kathleen Meehan. Would be happy to chat further if you have questions. ... Patricia
September 7, 2006: Hi everyone just making some more family connections.. William O'Connell Married Sophia McCarthy April 11 1899. She had been married before to Lawrence Kilroe, [my grandfathers oldest brother ] He died around 1893. They had 3 children, Stephen Henry born 1892. Mary born 1894. Craig Cory born 1892? While married to William she had 5 children? Michael born 1899 Fanny born 1901 John born 1902 Manuel born 1904 Madeline born 1908 This all I have on this branch of the family any more info would be appreciated Thank you .. Ernie Kilroe
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