Timothy O'BRIEN and Katherine O'LEARY - PR
from Liscarrol, County Cork, Ireland, to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1823

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

October 15, 2003:

       Hi Al:

       Just thought I'd drop you a quick email about what I've been able to confirm.   
       I contacted Carol Bennett McCuaig in regards to the Peter Robinson Settlers Book, 
       Contacting Carol turned out to be a blessing, eventhough the Book was out of 
       stock.   She became curious about my interest in the Book and why I thought I 
       had a Family tie to the PR Settlers.   She emailed me back and asked for an 
       outline of my research going back to the PR Settlers.   

       I made up an outline and sent it to her, for her review.   In her return email 
       she stated that, "Yes, it certainly seems that your wife is descended from 
       Timothy O'Brien and Katherine O'Leary."    She also informed me that she was 
       going to contact a "Descendant" of Dr. David O'Brien and review the information 
       with her.   

       Carol contacted Mrs. Dorothy {O'Brien} Pratt, who is a descendant of 
       Dr. David O'Brien, who was a Son of Patrick O'Brien and a Brother to my 
       Robert Andrew O'Brien.    We have emailed each other a couple of times and 
       have exchange some information.   Dorothy informed me that she had little or 
       no information on David's siblings and was quite surprised when Carol 
       contacted her.   As it turns out, Robert Andrew O'Brien was the "Godfather" 
       to Dorothy's Grandfather, Dr. David O'Brien.   What a find !!!!!!

       I'm sure Dorothy and I will be communicating with earch other and trying to 
       tie things down.   With this apparent connection it would seem that Robert O'Brien 
       is indeed the Son of Patrick and thus a descendant of Timothy and Katherine O'Brien.  

       When you get a chance I would like to know the following.   Do you know what 
       resources were used to compile the "Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Huntley 
       Township" that appear on your website?   If they are on Film, I would like to 
       review it and try to gather some additional information.   There is no rush, 
       I know you are busy, whenever you get a chance I'd appreciate it.  

       Thank you so much for ALL THE HELP, that you have given me.  I really appreciate 
       everything you're helped me with.   

       George Anton 
October 28, 2003: Dear Dorothy and Al: I found this Baptism Record for Robert Andrew O'Brien while reviewing FHC Film # 1304513 - Catholic Church Records St. Michael's Parish, Corkery, Ontario. This seems to be conclusive proof Al, that Robert Andrew was indeed the Son of Patrick O'Brien and Hanorah Dowling. Dorothy, Robert would be the Brother to your Grandfather David Robert. Transcription: Page 1 March 11, 1845 - "Baptized Robert Andrew borne 20 February same year, legitimate Son of Patt OBryan & Hornora Dolin, the Sponsors were John Madden & Mary Dolin". /s/ F. Smith There are loads of Church Records for the O'Brien's, Foley's, Dolin's and other associated Families on this FHC Film. Dorothy, I will send you a copy of the "Boys" {Robert Andrew and David Robert's} Confirmation Record as soon as I get it scanned. Hope you both enjoy the above, stay well. George Anton email: ganton100@aol.com

March 24, 2004: Dear Al: To my delight you have my ancestors listed thanks to George Anton who you were in touch with last Fall. I have a lot more information about Timothy O'Brien and Katherine O'Leary to add to George's information. I would be happy to share my own Ottawa O'Brien family and connections and would like to post it on your web site with my E-Mail address. How do I go about this?? My name is Dorothy O'Brien Pratt and my E-Mail address is dmtpratt@gmail.com My Father was Dr. John Robert O'Brien - the great-grandson of Timothy O'Brien - one of the Peter Robinson settlers. Look forward to hearing from you and how I should go about imparting my O'Brien information. Dorothy O'Brien Pratt ____________________ Hi Dorothy: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your O'Brien ancestors. In general, I usually just post the names of persons born before about 1900 (for privacy reasons). Is your family tree stored in a program such as Family Tree Maker where you can just print off two or three generations of descendants of Timothy O'Brien and Katherine O'Leary? I'm very interested in the Peter Robinson settlers. Some of my ancestors came from the same area in Ireland, about the same time but so far I haven't found any direct connections. Thanks again! ... Al _____________________ Dear Al: Thanks for replying to my E-Mail. Yes my O'Brien family tree is stored in my Family Tree Maker program and I would be glad to post it on your site. Just to expand a bit, Timothy and Katherine had several children - one of whom was Patrick who married Hanora Devlin. They had a son David - my grandfather - who they managed to scrape enough money together to send him to McGill in the 1860's. He married Theresa Foran from the Aylmer Road Foran's (Greenpark - big grey stone house opposite the race track) in 1874 and my father was born in Renfrew where David was practising in November 1874. Dr. David O'Brien moved to Ottawa to practise medicine in the late 1880's, bringing Theresa and my father with him. They had just lost 3 children to diptheria in Renfrew and my father was the only one that survived. My Father graduated from McGill as a Doctor in 1899 and practised medicine in Ottawa for over 50 years. He married at age 51 to Helen Barkley of Chesterville. We lived in a big red brick house at 78 Laurier Ave. E. with the Doctor's office at the side of the house. The house was across the street from Tabaret Hall and the University of Ottawa. After Ottawa U. demolished the house and built their new Arts Building on the site of our old home my brother and I had a plaque erected in the foyer of the new building to commemorate my parents and the happy home we had there. I will get my son to help me send you the Family Tree information. Dorothy O'Brien Pratt
June 20, 2005: Hi Al: In response to 2 recent E-Mails from some of Patrick's descendants in California, I have prepared the attached information as I know it today for their information. I wonder if it should not go on the Peter Robinson portion of the Bytown Website. It might be useful to other extended family researching this site. I have been very inactive these past 2 years on my O'Brien research, and must get down to it again. All the best, ... Dorothy O'Brien Pratt
(Prepared by Laura O'Brien Russell in 1986 for O'Brien Reunion in Almonte, ON) (Updated and corrected by Dorothy O'Brien Pratt, June 2005) Dorothy O'Brien Pratt - E-Mail: dmtpratt@gmail.com TIMOTHY O'BRIEN b. 1791 & d. 1869 & CATHERINE O'LEARY b. 1795 & d. 1875 CHILDREN BORN IN IRELAND: PATRICK, JOANNA, JEREMIAH, JULIA CHILDREN BORN IN CANADA: ELLEN, JOHN, THOMAS, GEORGE, MARYANN Timothy O'Brien and Catherine O'Leary came from Ireland on the Ship Stakesby with the Peter Robinson Settlers in 1823 and settled in a small village outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada called Appleton, Ontario near Almonte, Ontario Of this first generation Ellen b. in 1823 and died in 1844 at age 21, Thomas b. in 1845 and drowned in 1845, and George b. - and married Mary Hourigan (no children). Much has been written about many of the other children, but I am concentrating my research about the family of Patrick O'Brien. SECOND GENERATION PATRICK O'BRIEN b. 1814 in Ireland m. HANORAH DEVLIN b. in Ireland Hanorah's parents were David Devlin and Mary Mahoney both born in Ireland Hanorah O'Brien died on Nov. 11, 1874 in Carleton Place, ON probably at her son, Robert's, Hotel. CHILDREN OF PATRICK AND HANORAH CATHERINE O'BRIEN m. PETER DOYLE MARY ANN O'BRIEN m. PATRICK MANION ROBERT O'BRIEN m. LOUISE CAVANAGH DAVID O'BRIEN m. THERESA FORAN ELLEN O'BRIEN m. GERARD MCGREGOR (sixth child died at a very young age)

THIRD GENERATION Catherine O'Brien b. 1841 Appleton, ON and Peter Doyle - no information MARY ANN O'BRIEN b. Appleton, ON 1843 AND PATRICK MANION (Neighbouring farms near Appleton, ON) Only know of the one son Dr. Robert James Manion but there must be more descendants) No info. Dr. Robert (Bob) Manion m. Yvonne Desaulniers ROBERT O'BRIEN b. Appleton, ON 1844 AND LOUISE CAVANAGH b. 1850 Morristown, NY d. Duluth, Minnesota, USA 1939 David O'Brien b. 1878, Brockville, ON, d. 1957, Louisville, Kentucky, USA James O'Brien, b. 1881 in Ontario, d unknown. M. Rhenda. No info. Mary O'Brien, b.1875 in Ontario. No info. Nelly O'Brien b. 1893 in North Dakota, USA No. info. Hannah (Helen) O'Brien b. 1886 in Canada. No. info. DR. DAVID O'BRIEN b. Appleton, ON 1848 d.1893 Ottawa, ON AND THERESA FORAN b. 1850, Aylmer, Quebec, D. Ottawa, ON 1898 Dr. John Robert O'Brien b. 1874, Renfrew, ON d. Ottawa, ON 1961 William Patrick O'Brien, b. 1878, Renfrew, ON d. 1883 diptheria Mary Louisa O'Brien, b. 1880 Renfrew, ON. d. 1883 diptheria Thomas O'Brien, b. 1882 Renfrew, ON d. 1882 diptheria ELLEN O'BRIEN B. 1855 D. 1910 AND GERARD MCGREGOR John McGregor Louise McGregor and Richard Payne Parker McGregor and Florence Oulette Mary McGregor and Myron Craig Alsop Clara McGregor and Nick Carney Josephine McGregor and Chester Alexander (Dorothy has later generations ... Al
August 14, 2005: See also James McGregor and Ellen O'Brien
February 7, 2006: Hi Al: Just a short note to let you know that I have a new email address: George.anton@comcast.net (incorporated in the list below ... Al) ... George Anton ______________________ From Dorothy: Hi George: Nice to hear from you and I have recorded your new E-Mail. As you know we have established our McGregor connections through Parker McGregor and Donna Zentil Prime who have definitely traced their ancestors to Ellen O'Brien who married Gerard McGregor. Ellen O'Brien was a sister of your wife's great grandfather , Robert O'Brien, and my grandfather, Dr. David O'Brien. There was an Ellen O'Brien of the first generation to come to Canada and who would be a sister of Patrick O'Brien, my great grandfather, however, my records indicate that she was born in 1823 and died in 1844 at the age of 21. Upon reading the McGregor family history, there would seem to be compelling evidence for some connection, but I don't know where it is!! Maybe you can figure it out for Heather McGergor. All the best, Dorothy O'Brien Pratt
March 14, 2006: Hi Dorothy: I have researched the Foran family for years and have recently found proof of a tie between my South Gloucester Foran Family and some Foran's from the Quebec side. I am wondering if you know Theresa Foran's parent's names and any further information you could give me on the Foran's you state were from the Aylmer Road. Thanks. ... Mary Quinn
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