August 28, 2001
Sent by Jean:
Elizabeth Nutterville b. Dec. 26, 1847, Smiths Falls, Canada is the daughter
of JOHN & BRIDGET BRADY NUTTERVILLE.   She married Thomas J.
COSTELLO in Clinton Co. IA on July 04, 1871.
Other children of John & Bridget NUTTERVILLE are:
Catherine b. abt. 1849 Canada
Thomas   b.  abt. 1853    "
James      b.   "     1855   "
Mary       b.   "     1860   "
Margaret b.   "     1863   "
William  b.  "      1865   "

This family  is in the 1870 Clinton Co. Iowa Census.
Jean: Here are the Nutterville's mentioned in the church records of St. Michael's Church in Huntley Township. This church is an easy buggy ride from Fallowfield and there are many ties between the families of both parishes. Kealy, Anne (Kelly or Kealey?) d/o Keely, Daniel and Collins, Catharine (also sp. Cayley) born 7/7/1842 Godparents: Nutterville, Thomas and Flynn, Margaret Nutterville, Margaret d/o Nutterville, Thomas and Kilgariff ?, Bridget born 10/25/1854 Godparents: Rahilly, Timothy & Nutterville, Bridget O'Kelly, Thomas s/o O'Kelly, Thomas and O'Leary, Jane born 8/10/1868 Godparents: O'Sullivan, James & Nutterville, Mary Note: the O'Kelly's later became Kelly and the O'Sullivans became Sullivan O'Sullivan, John Andrew s/o O'Sullivan, James and Nutterville, Mary born 4/17/1868 11/8/1868 Godparents: O'Kelly, Thomas & O'Leary, Jane Nutterville, Catherine died at St Patrick's Home,Ottawa 5/21/1899 age 100 5/23/1899 Witnesses: Mantil (Mantle), Michael R and McDonald, ? Nutterville, Thomas (farmer) died 8/31/1871 age 77 w/o ? Nutterville, Jane (dec) Witnesses: Sullivan, Denis & Sullivan, James
July 14, 2002: On the Some Early Births Huntley Township page of the Bytown or Bust site there is a Margaret Nutterville b. Oct. 25, 1854. I would like to know if you could send me any other information on her and her parents and their line if you have it. I think there are my husband's line, or am almost sure and I am trying to help his mother put it together. On the Deaths in Huntley Township 1837-? there is a Thomas Nutterville who died Aug. 8, 1871. I would like information on him and anything you have on his line also. On the Early Births recorded at St. Phillip's, Richmond Ontario page there is the following: Father-Thomas Nutterville Mother-Judith Norton Child- Catherine Nutterville Birth-1836 Godfather-Patrick Brady Godmother-Elizabeth Brady. I would like to have the exact dates if you could please send them to me. It would help me. My email is: Michelle Pennington Nutterville
August 4, 2002: Thomas Nutterville, age 29, was in the Carleton County militia in 1828. He was in the Goulbourn contingent and had previously served with the 99th Regiment of Foot which had been disbanded in Richmond in 1818. Source: Bruce Elliott's Men of Upper Canada, page 9. ... Al
October 11, 2002: Hi, I am descended from Thomas Nutterville and Julia Norton. Our line knows them as "Netterville". I tried to contact Michelle Pennington Nutterville using the e-mail address on the "Bytown or Bust" page, but the message bounced. If you could forward this msg. to her, I would appreciate it. I'd like to possibly exchange info. with her. Thanks. Suzanne E-mail ___________________ Suzanne: I don't have a more recent e-mail address for Michelle. Hopefully, she will see our correspondence and contact you. ... Al
December 28, 2004: Hi there Just saw your website! We, direct descendents of John Nutterville, are trying to compile complete history. My Grandmother was Rita Nutterville (Yes, it is spelled wrong in almost all of the sites but this is the correct spelling.) We have info that the name Nutterville was changed in error from Netterville at or upon entering the Canada/USA region. (From Ireland) Do you have any info of where in Ireland they came from? Any info you can provide is appreciated & we will do our best to fill in any info you may be looking for. Thanks, Jani _____________________________ Thank you both Yes you can add my name & I will get my cousin John Nutterville email We have most, including photos, back to the 1800ís in Canada, which we are piecing together Also references to Dowth Meath, possibly Galloway & to England Would also really like a copy of the book. My Grandmother did make the connections, however all of her research was lost & no one has a clue where it is. Thanks Jani
December 29, 2004: Thanks to Jani for the following photograph:
Here's a marriage record from Richmond: 31 May 1863 Baptism of Peter, born 29 March last of the lawful marriage of Arthur Collins and Catharine Nutterville. The sponsors were John O'Reilly and Bridget Nutterville. Source: Ellen Paul's records of St. Philip's in Richmond.
December 30, 2004: Welcome Aboard, Lori, Perhaps we can get all the data together in one large book now! Jean in Iowa
January 27, 2005: I am interested in Julianna / Juliane Nutterville. I believe she may have been a daughter of Thomas Nutterville and Judith Norton / Naughton. I have a Julianne Nutterville who married Martin Kealey; their daughter Margaret Bridget Kealey married my great-grandfather George 'Frank' Killeen. Any information would be most grateful. Thanks. Mark R. Villeneuve ______________________ Hi Al...thanks for your reply. According to the 1881 Census (Low Twp.) JuliaAnne was 35 (b. 1846 in Ontario), I have no idea where she and Martin Kealey were married, it would have been here in Ontario (Carleton County); she died 20 Sept. 1894 and is buried in Martindale, Quebec. After they were married they had: Margaret B. Kealey b. 1867, Mary Jane Kealey b. 1867 and Elizabeth b. 1871 in Ontario...they moved to Low Twp. and had John Thomas b. 1873 and Catherine b. 1875. My Killeens came from Ireland and settled in Low Twp. and Gracefield, Quebec then to Ottawa. To date we cannot connect my Killeens to, what I refer to as the "South March" Killeens. I am also working on my Villeneuve family (Fallowfield). Thanks. Mark _____________________ Thanks to Jani for the following: Thank you Mark, Your Julia Ann was actually the daughter of John Nutterville & Bridget Brady. Glad to have the info, I had Martinís name but no other info. John was the son of Thomas & Julia Norton. Attached are the letters that John (Lori) sent to me. They were sent from Inez & Catherine to Loriís Dadís Grandmotherís sister. Thanks, Jani
February 2, 2005: Thanks to Mark Villeneuve for the following: Here are the remaining photos I took this morning at the St. Michael's Parish Cemetery in Corkery. In addition, I noted in a publication called "Land Patent Holders - Goulbourn Township and Village of Richmond" the following entry: "Nutterville, Thomas, Date: 24 Oct. 1821, Concession 5, Lot 08 W1/2, 100 acres", with a notation that he was a Private in the 99th Regiment. Mark

March 13, 2005: Hi. Thought I would pass on these photos that I recently got from my mother. The first is of my grandparents, Nora Bridget Mary Netterville and Joseph Leveque on their wedding day. The second is of Nora's parents, Mary Catherine (Kate) Kelly and John Patrick Netterville. Kate was a dressmaker and, by the look of her bodice, quite good at it. Suzanne, (contact Suzanne, photos not posted here ... Al)
January 21, 2006: New E-mail for Jani is (incorporated in the list below ... Al)

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