Notre Dame Cathedral, Bytown (Ottawa, Canada)
Marriages beginning in 1829

August 28, 2015: 

Hi Al;
I have transcribed many of the marriages from the Drouin Collection for Notre Dame Basilica (attached) for 
your site.  Many, many of the names are spelled wrong but I have tried to just spell 
them as they are in the registers (although it went against the grain!!) - Many of 
them give the parishes in Ireland where the people came from.
I have not transcribed all of them - quite a few I found just too hard to read or 
make an educated guess at, so I left them out for someone else to mull over some day.
May as well start a new page, as I'll continue doing these transcriptions until 
the weather turns good!
... Sue


The Drouin Collections are microfilmed church records of early French Canadians.
However, many of the churches whose records were microfilmed contain a large 
percentage of Irish Catholic immigrants. The records transcribed by Sue, below,
are from Notre Dame Cathedral in Bytown / Ottawa. These records are available
at your local LDS site or online at .
It's possible that all of the RC churches in the Ottawa Diocese have been microfilmed
by Drouin. I've also used the Drouin records from Our Lady of the Visitation parish
at South Gloucester, St. John's at Enniskerry, St. Brigid's on the River Road and
St. Patrick's at Fallowfield. These parishes were mostly Irish Catholic in the ninteenth
century and also had maybe a dozen or so French families.

... Al

And from Sue, an important note regarding naming and transcription practices followed
by families and Priests in these Notre Dame records:

I'm glad this was of help to you.  I'm obsessed with trying to sort out all the 
Tierneys who were in Nepean, Richmond and Bytown early on (prior to the 'great famine' 
of Ireland).
Fortunately, I used to teach French, so have been able to decipher lots of the records 
in the Notre Dame registers. I'm not transcribing them all by a long shot, but am 
concentrating primarily on the Irish.
One thing I did glean was that in all the marriages where they give the parents of 
the bride and groom, they give the parents' maiden names (and this is important), 
they give the husband and wife's surnames separately "even if they are the same surname", 
otherwise give it as John and Mary Smith or John Smith and his wife Mary.  If it is 
'of John Smith and of Mary Smith', then they were both surnamed Smith prior to their 
Case in point is the marriage of James Tierney who married Maria Tierney 4 July 1844.  
The goldmine is in the details.  It specifically says that James Tierney of Nepean 
married Maria Tierney of Bytown.  Parents of James were John Tierney and Anastasia 
Tierney, surnames given separately.  In the 1851 Nepean census is widower John Tornay, 
shoemaker, born circa 1763 in Ireland.  Interestingly, Denis Tierney (born circa 1811 
and son of Denis Sr, husband of Egan, then Quinn) in this same 1851 Nepean census, 
is enumerated with the James and Mary Tierney who were married in 1844 (from the 
census, it appears that they had a son James in 1846, but I'm only up to 1844 in 
the register, so haven't anything later yet!).
Wife Mary or Maria Tierney of Bytown who married James Tierney of Nepean in 1844 
has her parents listed in the register as John Tierney and Honorah McGragh /  McGrath (that is 
how Honorah's surname name is spelled in the register, so it could be McGraw and 
not necessarily McGraff in today's spelling).  Anyway, there is a widow, Honoura 
Tierney, aged 65 and born in Ireland (circa 1787) in the 1851 Bytown census, 
enumerated 2 or 3 census lines away from Michael Tearney (born circa 1817 in 
Ireland) and his wife Margaret(born circa 1830 in Ireland).  I 'suspect' that 
John Tierney the Nepean Shoemaker (born 1763) just 'may' have been a brother to 
Denis Tierney Sr.  and that Denis Jr. in 1851 is staying with his cousin James 
Tierney & his wife Mary.  I also suspect that Maria/Mary Tierney of John and Honorah, 
'may' be the sister of Michael Tierney of Bytown.
I'm determined to untangle this Tierney knot, but I'm pretty sure these people are 
all very closely related.

... Sue
From the Drouin Collection: Marriages at Notre Dame in Ottawa from 1829 to 1844
NOTE: I have tried to copy the names as written in the Register - some are difficult to read and some are obviously spelled wrong. Look for unusual spellings to find your ancestors. ... Sue The following is taken from the Register: Anno Domini 1829 First Register of the Mission of Bytown Bytown did not exist before 1826, and had no residing Priest before May, 1827. Father P. Haran or Horan was the first residing Priest. He left Bytown, for unknown quarters, in the spring of 1829, but of his two years residence here, he left no register. It was P. Haran who baptized the first child born in Bytown, Miss Mary Ann O'Connor, who was born on the 25th May, 1827, daughter to Daniel O'Connor and Margaret Power. 1829 Marriages: 5 July Hugh McKenna of county Tyrone to Catherine Duffy 5 July John Burke to Eleanora Burke 12 July Michael Meighan / Meehan to Esther Magan, both of Huntley 18 July William Dwyer to Mary Quirk 18 July Hugh Douphy / Duffy? to Judith Delainey / Delaney? 19 July Gabriel Carpentier to Therese or Hereuse Robert 3 Aug Dennis McGurley of County Mayo to Joanna Conner of County Kerry 3 Aug William Culinin / Cullinen of County Waterford to Helen Cavanagh of Bytown 3 Aug Edward Fogarty to Catherine Armstrong, both of Bytown 18 Aug Edmond Higgin / Higgins to Helen Sullivan, both of County Cork 23 Aug Patrick Shea to Mary Brown, both of County Cork 24 Aug Hugh Byers of Carleton twp to Catherine Kelly of Bytown 6 Sep Robert Cole from the Little Nation to Anne White from Hog's Back 21 Sep Anthony Douley to Mary Monahan, both of Huntley 25 Oct John Desmond to Johanna Ryan, both from County Cork 27 Oct Timothy Laberge, baker of Bytown, to Hannah Plant of Chatham (Argenteuil, Lower Canada) 28 Oct Baptiste Leclerc to Henrietta Cumier, daughter of Francis Cumier and of deceased Mary Tessier. 15 Nov Edward Rickey dit Laverdure to Mary Forest 15 Nov James MacMahon to Mary Bartley 24 Nov James Dwyer to Julianne (?) Maloney, both of Bytown 24 Nov Michael Murphy of County Cork, to Mary Hogan of County Tipperary 27 Nov John Cashman to Elizabeth Fauley, both of Bytown 27 Nov John McCartey to Elizabeth McGovern, both of Goulburn 28 Nov Patrick Mulhall to Elizabeth McCarthy 1830 Marriages: 7 Jan Hugh Fairley to Mary Murphy 18 Jan Francis Laverdure to Sophia Dupuis, both of Bytown 24 Jan John Baptiste Longpre to Francoise Magnon, both of Bytown 25 Jan Patrick Whelan of County Wexford, to Marianne Keanan of County Tyrone 26 Jan James Buckley to Mary O'Brian, both of Goulburn 30 Jan Michael Haire / O'Hare to Bridget Quirk, both of Hog's Back 31 Jan John Hourigan to Margaret Hedge(?) 1 Feb William Tracy of Queen's County, Ireland to Rachel Dague / Dagg of Tipperary 21 Feb James Manning (Manion ?) of Goulbourn to Margaret Tierney of Nepean 30 Mar Cornelius Fitzgerald to Elizabeth McDiarmod, married in Huntley 9 Apr William Dunlop to Bridget Daley 1831 Marriages: 7 Apr Thomas Leiky to Mary Connor, both of Huntley 10 Apr Joseph McDermott to Jane McConnell, both of Bytown 20 Apr Patrick Monaghan to Mary Burn, both of Nepean 1 May Charles Villeneuve to Anna Cusick, both of March Township. 2 May John Johnson to Angelique Menard, both of Bytown 15 May Martin Moffat to Catherine Cav…?, relict of James Myers. 3 July Peter Barrett to Meriah Smyth, both of Long Island 4 July Joseph Dubois to Catherine Holmes, both of Bytown 7 July James Cullen to Mary Flanagan, both of Goulbourn 10 July James Doyle to Anastasia Finlay, both of Gloucester 10 July Laurence Burns to Margaret Doyle, both of Bytown (my GGGrandparents ... Al) 31 July John Brown of Long Island to Mary Ann Collins of Goulburn 7 Aug Timothy Collins to Mary Kaine / Kane 22 Aug Joseph Potvin to Phebe Labreche, both of Hog's Bank 18 Sep Thomas Kenny to Bridget Carroll, both of Long Island 26 Sep Michael Mulligan of Fitzroy Township to Bridget Slaven of Hull twp 9 Oct Daniel Collin to Margaret Barry, both of Goulbourn 12 Oct Orange Sceyer of Little Nation to Susanna McCarron of Quebec 17 Oct Daniel Carroll to Bridget Connor 23 Oct Louis Aubry to Rose(?) Cousineau, both of the Gatineau 24 Oct Peter Minault of Hog's Back to Marguerite Cyr of Bytown 26 Oct Bernard Brady of Templeton twp (buckingham.htm) to Mary McCarthy 7 Nov Philip Fogarty to Catherine Burke, married in Richmond 9 Nov William Payne to Bridget Grondin(?) of Templeton 13 Nov Bernard McGee to Ellen Mantle, both of Huntley 21 Nov Thomas Power to Mary Power 23 Nov William Jeffs to Amy Ryan 1832 Marriages: 9 Jan Daniel Coughlin of Black River, Pontiac County, Quebec, to Bridget Kenney of Long Island 9 Jan Francis Morin to Judith Boudreau, both of Bytown 9 Jan Francis Janin (?) to Maria Ang… Mannihan, both of Bytown 15 Jan Antony Beauchamp of , Horton Township to Margaret McClaron / McLaren ? of McNab Township 16 Jan John Fitzgerald to Mary Deroy, both of Nepean 30 Jan George Burke to Margaret Fogarty 5 Feb John Cullen to Ellen Lakey 9 Feb Mathew Corcoran to Joanna Hickey, both of Bytown 12 Feb John Blair to Mary Dunn, of Hull 20 Feb John Power to ..nty Kealy, of Pakenham 23 Feb Patrick Bergin to Mary Cullen, of Hull 25 Feb Andrew Coughlin to Bridget Walsh, widow of Patrick Kilbride 26 Feb Cornelius White of Goulbourn to Anna Corgan of Beckwith 5 Mar James McGregor to Ellen O'Brien 30 Apr John Lynch to Joanna Lundy 10 May John Bargain / Bergin to Mary Ann Coyne 27 May Thomas Long to Catherine Fox, widow of Daniel Sullivan, of Goulbourn 14 Jun James O'Brien to Anne Dogherty / Doherty 18 Jun Bartholomew Monaghan to Mary Burnett 1 Jul Reuben Traveller to Rose Anna Cunningham, widow of James Farrell 16 Jul Patrick Slaven of Hull, to Mary Bulger, of Bytown 26 Jul Owen Monaghan of Buckingham, to Anna Brady of Templeton 4 Aug William Burnett to Mary Gleason 13 Aug Peter Louie of Templeton, to Elizabeth Picard of Bytown 26 Aug Andrew Manning to Margaret Casey 10 Sep Anthony Lalonde to Rachel Labelle 12 Sep Edward Redsell? to Jane Northgraves, both of Bytown 17 Sep Martin Kealy to Bridget Baird 17 Sep Michael Daly to Mary Callahan, of Hull 18 Sep James Ganham to Margaret Duggan 23 Sep James Roach of Smiths Falls, to Sarah Shea of Goulbourn 2 Oct Edmond Ring to Ellen Roarke / Roache, of Huntley 9 Oct Mathew O'Leary to Margaret Collins 22 Oct Francis Leclerc to Monica Neveu 22 Oct Richard Driscoll to Maria Clarken 22 Oct James Lalor / Lawlor to Maria Bambrick 11 Nov Thomas Fanigan to Mary Costello 26 Nov Michael Grimes to Catherine Ryan 27 Nov John Tierney to Ann Murray, both of Goulbourn 27 Nov Owen McKenna to Mary Moore, both of Marlborough Township My Note: In the Notre Dame Register of 1832, there are many, many deaths recorded during the summer of 1832 - all from cholera ... Sue. 1833 Marriages: 7 Jan Michael Murray to Mary Simple / Sample, of Goulbourn 8 Jan David Burke to Ellen Burke 10 Jan Francis Major to Maria Philipps 13 Jan John Costello to Joann Ganain, of Marlborough 22 Jan Davie Lane, Private soldier of the 15th Regiment, to Bridget Bagot 27 Jan Patrick Halpen to Mary Halpin, both of Marlborough 28 Jan Edmond Ryan of Bytown, to Mary Devine of Gloucester 29 Jan James Ruddy to Elizabeth Doolie, of Fitzroy 31 Jan Michael Donohoe to Mary Ryan 31 Jan James Nolan, tailor, to Fanny Dollard, both of Bytown 10 Feb Bartholomew O'Brien to Anna Divine / Devine, both of Bytown 10 Feb Patrick Nagle to Honora Gorman, born of Bytown 10 Feb William Nevils to Mary Dunevin 11 Feb Jean Bagin / Begin of Goulbourn, to Sophia St. Jean of Bytown 11 Feb Patrick Armstrong to Ellen Lyons, both of Gloucester 11 Feb Cornelius Leary to Mary White, both of Bytown 18 Feb Andrew Divine / Devine to Catherine Mulligan of Fitzroy 18 Feb Michael Murray to Mary Gallagher, of Bytown 18 Feb Michael Skeffington to Mary Hughes, of Gloucester 15 Apr Thomas Reilly to Bridget Foy, of Richmond 19 Apr David Mann to Mary McEvoy, of Bytown 19 Apr Patrick Cosgrove to Mary McAndrews, of Buckingham 21 Apr Joseph Aumond, merchant, to Jane Cummings, both of Bytown 22 Apr John McGonegal of Huntley, to Catherine Wallace of Nepean 22 Apr Pierre Aubry to Jane Clock 22 Apr Joseph Laconner to Mary Louisa Ethier 24 Apr Jeremiah Kelly to Anna Doolan, of Bytown 7 Jun Richard McCann, tailor, to Nancy Houlihan, both of Bytown 13 Jun Patrick Burke of Templeton, to Lily Lavallee of Lachine 5 Aug Joseph Cole to Ellen Shea 11 Aug William Kennedy to Isabella Watt 25 Aug John Burns to Harriett Murphy, of Nepean 25 Aug Thomas Brunet to Elmira Richard 9 Sep Joseph Lafontaine to Jane McCormick 29 Sep Prospere Olivier, son of Joseph Olivier and Rose Lefreniere(?), to Angelica Lionais (?), daughter of Louis Lionais and Maria Marlette 6 Oct Thomas Davy to Elizabeth Cusick, of Hog's Back 15 Oct Joseph Lynnott to Ellen Cavanaugh, of Hull 22 Oct William Reilly to Mary Brady, both of the Seigneury of Longueil 3 Nov Leon dit Bellefeuille to Veronique Foubert Note: There were a few more marriages in 1833, but too difficult to read off the computer

1834 Marriages: 7 Jan James McKenny, son of widow McKenny, to Mary Ann Divine, daughter of James Divine and Mary Lyons, all of this township. 7 Jan James Ryan, from the Parish of Hackettsown, county of Wicklow, to Mary Daily (alias ?) Doolin of Osgoode township 7 Jan Edward Daily, son of Richard Daily and Catherine ..rness, to Julia Daily, (DALY) daughter of Robert Daily and Margaret Coleman(?), both parties from Hull twp. 8 Jan William Ryan, native of the parish of Clonoulty, county Tipperary, to Maria Catherine Wrath(?) 4 Feb Denis Kenny, native of the Kilmore in the county Tipperary, to Ann Ross, native of Scotland 4 Feb Laurence Haden(?) / Hayden, native of the parish of ?, county Tipperary, to Brigit Mullan, native of the parish of Errigal, county Derry 5 Feb James Grady, native of the parish of Kilbarron, county Tipperary, to Elizabeth Tailor / Taylor, native of the parish of Kilmegan, county Down 6 Feb John Fitsimmons, native of the parish of (?), county Wexford, to Mary Turner, native of the parish of (?), same county 9 Feb Daniel Grady, native of the parish Kilbarron, county Tipperary, to Judith Glison / Gleason, native of the parish Ardcrony, same county. 9 Feb John Killan(?), native of the parish of ?, county Tipperary, to Rose O'Connor, native of parish (?), county Antrim 9 Feb Patrick McKeon, widower of this town, and Ellen Curren, native of the parish of Muckalee, county Kilkenny 11 Feb Thomas Donnelly, native of the parish of (?), county of Fermanagh, to Margrit Burke, native of the city of Cork, Ireland. 11 Feb John Connel, native of the parish of Castlemagner, county Cork, to Catherine Donovan, native of the parish of Abbeystowry, same county 11 Feb Patrick Barret, native of the parish of Kilbride, county Mayo, to Sally Burke, native of parish ?, same county. 7 Apr Daniel Burns, native of the parish of ?, county Antrim, to Ann Crosby, native of the parish of Tehallan, county Monaghan 15 Apr James Burke, native of the parish of Fetherd, county Tipperary, to Margret O'Brien, native of the parish of ?, county Down 23 Apr William Cahill, native of the parish of ?, county Kildare, to Sara Heffernan, native of the parish of ?, county Tyrone 5 May Moses Doyle, native of the parish of ?, county Wexford, to Briget Brady, native of the parish of Killashandra, county Cavan 29 May Timothy Hanlan, private soldier of the 15th regiment, to Jane Rielly, native of the parish of Cleenish, county Fermanagh 1 Jun James Butler, native of the parish of McKillen, county Kilkenny, to Catherine Davy, native of the same 17 Jun James Reilly, native of the parish of ?, County Kilkenny, to Catherine Maher, native of the parish of Fethard, county Tipperary 21 Jun Henry Downy(?), widower of this place, to Mary Sophie Doucette, widow of Joseph Burke of the parish of Cap…..? in Lower Canada. 28 Jun Thomas Sheehan, native of the parish of ?, county Waterford, to Ann O'Donald, native of Carrick….?, county Tipperary 2 Jul John McMullen, native of the parish of ? in this Province, to Maria Spooner(?), daughter of Thomas Spooner & Anastasia Grady of Hull twp 21 Jul Francois Groux, native of the parish of St. Eustache in Lower Canada, to Olive Lepine, native of the parish of L'Assumption in the same Province 27 Jul Patrick McNamara, widower of the township of Marlborough, to Brigit Costeloe / Costello, of the same township 2 Aug Thomas Hanley, native of the parish of ?, county of Limerick, to Maria Simons, native of the city of Cork 4 Aug Robert Nicolson to Margrit Brady, both of Templeton township. 4 Aug Michael Griffin, native of the parish of Ballinvoher, county of Kerry, to Allas (Alice??) Freaner(?), native of the parish of ?, county Leitrim 15 Aug Walter Stanson / Stenson / Stinson, native of the parish of Killfinatin, county Clare, to Catherine Duire(?) / Dwyer, native of the parish of Caher, county Tipperary 25 Aug Peter Sammon to Sarah Mar…?, both from McNab township 25 Aug Andre La Croix, native of Makina? / Maniwaki, to Veronique Martini, an Indian woman 25 Aug Baptist Cote, native of Quebec, to Genevieve Aubishan / Aubichon ? of this place 24 Sep Charles Doris / Douris to Jose Reilly, both from Richmond 28 Sep Michael Doyle to Eliza Keie? 30 Sep David McDonald of Templeton twp, to Mary Burke? of Hull twp 8 Oct John Fahee / Fahey to Ann Kennedy, both from March twp 11 Oct Abraham Rackey to Julienne Sci..?, both of Templeton twp 20 Oct Patrick Hoffman to Mary Emery, both from the town of Richmond 23 Oct Michael Griffin to Mary Lyons 27 Oct Julian Le Bien to Julienne L'Eme? From Fort Coulonge ? Calorige? 27 Oct John Johnson, native of Drumkeeran?, county Fermanagh, to Ann Fanncan / Finucane ?, native of the parish of Coolmeen, county Clare 9 Nov Hugh Gossman to Mary Jane Archer, both of Buckingham 9 Nov John Corrigan to Anne Gossman, both of Buckingham 9 Nov David Cahill to Maria Medley?, both of Hull 9 Nov Richard Tones to Eleanora O'….? 16 Nov? Adolphus Ross to Margrit Ashe, both of Buckingham twp 19 Nov Richard Burk to Bridget Smith 22 Nov William Black to Mary O'Connor (note: William Black was baptized as an adult the day before his marriage, baptized 21 Nov, 1834 at age 22) 23 Nov Simon Laughman to Margaret Hickey 1835 Marriages: 7 Jan Patrick Hogan to Margaret Deley 10 Jan James Wade to Catherine Cashel 27 Jan Michael Kean to Rose McBride 1 Feb Thomas Corcoran to Mary Kelly 2 Feb Patrick Christopher to Mary Fitzgerald 10 Feb James Fallan to Margaret Fallon 1 Mar Patrick Callahan to Margaret O'Connor 2 Mar John Baptist Burke to Mary McCarty 2 Mar James Kennedy to Mary Cook 2 Mar Edward Tremblay to Mary ? 2 Mar Francis Greenan? to Sarah Kitt? 2 Mar James Burke to Catherine Lemay 17 Mar Henry Casey to Catherine Burke 26 Mar Michel Beauchand to Clovie Sauve 26 Mar John Wade? To Elizabeth O'Connor 4 May Morty Nevill to Bridget Barret 11 May Angus McDonald to Margaret McKenzie 12 May Patrick Mulligan to Sarah M….? 29 May Pierre Sharon to Marguerite Charboneau 31 May Andrew Leamy to Elizabeth alias Aresina Wright Jun John O'Neal to Catherine Doyle (no date given, just the month) 26 Jun Michael Bambrick to Mary Ling 11 Jul John Hannah? to Joannah Hickey? 20 Sep Pierre Barrette or Bytown toHevie? Robin, widow ? 21 Sep Alexander Robiard of Bytown, son of Tayes? Robiard and Marguerite George from Montreal, to Mary Lavinia Edouard, daughter of Heu Edouard and Mary Lavinia Petit of Bytown 22 Sep William Terney of Nepean to Bridget Magher, in the presence of James Terney and William Magher, parents to the parties. (signed James Tierney & William Meagher) 27 Sep Patrick Finlan to Sarah Kewan 28 Sep William Lawrence Grey to Catherine Curren 28 Sep Edward Kerr to Mary Brennan 29 Sep Patrick Brennan to Mary Fitzgerald 29 Sep Peter Whalen to Houcate? /, of Huntley 6 Oct Williams Sims to Mary Shea, both of this place 20 Oct Patrick Caton to Maria Brady, both of Bytown 22 Oct Joseph Keoghe to Mary Ann Keefe, both from Nepean 26 Oct James Forrest to Bridget Kennedy, both from Huntley twp 28 Oct William Bergin? To Bridget Fannin? 28 Oct Michael Paquin? of Little Nation, to Elizabeth Cullen 30 Oct Stephan Wolfe to Ellen Ennigen? 1 Nov Elias Moore to Isabella Keown 9 Nov Jean Baptiste Lefebre to Marie Rose Giraux 17 Nov M. Morta to Elizabeth Willey, both of Wexford county 23 Nov Paul Boudreau to Genevieve ?, both of Bytown 23 Nov Samuel Albert to Honora Ryan 23 Nov Isadore Chau.. ? to Marguerite Lasalle 26 Nov James Reily to Mary .. ? Hannah 1 Dec John Blair of county Derry, Ireland, to Catherine Burgess 1836 Marriages: 7 Jan Lezard Marion to Betty Fraser 7 Jan Francois St. Louis to Marguerite Renault 7 Jan Simon Collerton to Ellen Hedge of March 10 Jan James Doyle to Mary ? 11 Jan Patrick McEwen to Elizabeth Smith 24 Jan Edward Lowry to Johanna ..? of Bytown 28 Jan Thomas Caughy to Bridget Sheean? 1 Feb Francois Langlois, widower, to Marie Granelle, widow 3 Feb Isaac Four?et to Louisa B…? 9 Feb Patrick Shiffington to Nora? Stackpole 9 Feb Charles Mackenny to Jane Tiernay 11 Feb James Leahy to Ann Armstrong 15 Feb Henry Fitzpatrick to Margret Mag..? 6 Mar James Prine to Jane Sutherland 9 Apr? Michael Clifford to Bridget Burke (month of April is correct, date difficult to read) 11 Apr Michael McClusky to June or Jane Creely 11 Apr Michael Nash to Bridget Kinlaghan?? 16 May Thomas Maddin to Margaret Leysard?? 17 May James Early to Mary Donohu 26 May Michael Kennedy of Nepean, to Ellen Kirnan??, residing heretofore in Gloucester 5 Jun John Cassady to Mary Corrigan 20 Jun Patrick McGovern to Mary Shean 24 Jun John Carrol to Sarah Canevan? 4 Jul William Smith to Ann Hyer? Note: there are many more marriages recorded in these registers other than those I have listed. Some of them are very difficult to read and therefore transcription was not attempted ... Sue.
February 21, 2008: continued, from Sue: Notre Dame Marriages, (again, spellings are odd, but best I can do - many marriages not transcribed because the Priest's writing was atrocious!! But I'm sure he was very nice) 1836 Marriages, cont'd: 18 Jul Benoni? Villeneuve to Margaret Dubreuil 25 Jul Roddie Grady to Honora Spay, both of Nepean 25 Jul Richard Londigan (Landrigan ?) to Bridget Halliran / Halloran 15 Aug Patrick Brennan to Matilda Shirley 23 Aug Jean Phillippe to Jouee / Joseph Aumier 10 Oct Thomas Quinn? to Ann Dogherty, widow O'Brien 11 Oct Thomas Burke to Ann Lemay 7 Nov Timothy Gleeson to Margaret Burns 21 Nov Narcisse Robert to Roze Dubreuille 21 Nov John Brass to Marguerite Leblanc 21 Nov Thomas Doucet to Margaret Kelly 21 Nov Henry McConnel to Ann de la Quade?? 1837 Marriages: 7 Jan James Sweetman of Hull, to Mary Malone of Bytown 17 Jan William Reilly? to Elizabeth Watt, both from Ireland 4 Feb Isaac Osburn / Osborne to Celeste Tetrau / Tetrault?? 6 Feb Xavier Moreau to Felicite Laurin 6 Feb Ambrose Madden of Richmond, to Mary Carleton of this place 6 Feb John Grand to Catherine Maguin McGinn ? 6 Feb Lawrence Finlay to Ann Finlay 6 Feb Michael Stackpole to Mary Ma…? 26 Feb Mr. Colin McDonell to Miss Elizabeth Young 10 Mar Richard Walsh to Margaret Gray, both from Ireland 27 Mar Patrick Kehoe from Ireland, to Ellen Harnet? from Ireland 4 Apr Patrick Linahan / Lenahan / Lennon / Linnen to Mary Corina?? 24 Apr Joseph Mi…..d of Chateauguay to Mary Byers of Bytown 21 May Robert Bruner from Scotland to Rachel Brooks 19 Jun John O'Brien, now residing in the Township of March, to Jane Monaghan of March 3 Jul "Rehabilitated the Marriage of" James Smith and Christiana McCallum 11 Aug John Houlaghan / Houlahan or Houdraghan to Mary Daly, both of Hull 14 Aug Louis Laporte to Amelie Julie Paquin 4 Sep Edward Dorey / Dore ? of Bytown to Catherine Mooney? of the same place. 3 Oct Peter Manning to Sarah L..?, widow of the late Alexander ? 16 Oct Mr. Jean Taillon to Mrs. Adelaide Bernan, widow of late Charles ? 6 Nov Richard Daly residing in Hull to Mary Burns of this place 30 Nov Joseph Menan, widower of late Susanna Boyle, to Ursula La………?, widow of Francois Letang 1838 Marriages: 8 Jan Pierre Laroche to Marguerite Mepaille 8 Jan James Barry to Ellen Burns 12 Jan John Donaghoe to Mary Coggon 30 Jan Hugh McBrill? of Nepean to Mary Reiley of Black Rapids 5 Feb Richard Tobin of this place to Bridgit Cochran from Quebec, both natives of Ireland 19 Feb Louis Tasse of this place to Marina? Riel of Hull 26 Feb Alexis Aiot / Ayotte ? of this place to Luce Lalonde, widow of late Charles ? 26 Feb Baptiste Beauchamp to Anastasia Samson, both of Templeton township 26 Feb Guillaume Paquet of Bytown to Catherine Petit of Bytown 24 Apr Richard O'Connor of Gloucester Township, to Miss Ann McCabe of Bytown 4 Jun Andre Giraux / Giroux ? to Marguerite Robert, both from Lower Canada 4 Jun Joseph Paquet / Paquette from Quebec, to Bridget Benton from Scotland 9 Jul Michael Downy? Roony? to Mary Tracy, both from Ireland and now residing in Wakefield Township. (See note from Pam Newcomer dated June 6, 2012, below) 30 Jul Isaac Martin (Francophone ?) from Lower Canada to Marie Phillips from Templeton 13 Aug Samuel Lord of Wakefield twp, to Catherine Mullin of Hull. Samuel Lord was baptized & reconciled to the church, on the same day. 20 Aug Patrick Flannigan? of Horton Township, Renfrew County, to Bridgit Buchanan of this place 20 Aug Michael Lemay to Mary Maghan, both of this place 20 Aug John Kelly of March twp, to Mary Honigan?? also of March twp. 24 Sep Patrick Duggan of this place, to Elizabeth Gunn of Hog's Back 31 Oct Encilien Riel to Marie Henriette McDougall 5 Nov James McKenna to Anta (Anita?) Kyley / Kealey ?, widow of John Power, both of Bristol twp, Pontiac County, Quebec 5 Nov Antoine Rinet / Rivest ? to Marie H. Beaudry, both of Osgoode twp 26 Nov Timothy O'Connor to Mary ..igan, widow of late Owen Doyle 27 Nov David Moon, residing in Gloucester, to Margaret Kinsella of Bytown 1839 Marriages: 8 Jan Andrew Keon of Bristol to Jennet Smith 14 Jan James Tierney now residing in Bytown, to Catherine Keogh 29 Jan Mathew Devine of Fitzroy Harbour, to Sarah Clarke of Bytown 4 Feb Walter Murphy of Gloucester twp, to Anastasia Brennan of Bytown 4 Feb Baptiste Duncan of Templeton twp, to Thiotis Raume / Rheaume ? of this mission 4 Feb Patrick O'Brien now residing in Bytown, to Catherine Joyce of this place 11 Feb Phillip Edge of March twp, to Margaret Molan, now residing in Bytown 10 Mar Mathew Maghan? of this place, to Eliza Burke 1 Apr Jean Baptiste Aubertine of this place, to Julia Gervais? 8 Apr Nicholas Foran to Mary O'Brien, widow of Keown, both of this place 20 May Patrick Fitzgerald of March? to Mary Long of Nepean 31 May John Fitzgerald to Mary Whelan, both of Nepean 2 Jul Jean Baptiste Potvin of this place, to Reine Albert, also of this place 22 Jul Patrick McMony? / McNemony ?, lumberer, to Margaret Burns, lately from Quebec 22 Jul David Kennedy, lumberer, to Sarah Cavanan?, widow Cau…? 22 Jul Patrick Brown, shoemaker, Ann McGlaughlin, both of this place 30 Jul Jean Baptiste Parent ? to Ursula Letang of Templeton 6 Aug Anthony O'Donnell, lumberer, to Mary Bowan / Bowen ? of this place 12 Aug James Hopkins, labourer, to Mary Maloney, both of this place 16 Sep Edward Mooney, lumberer, to Mary Kelly, widow of Mr. Joveris??, both of this place 14 Oct James Walsh of Bytown, farmer, to Phoebe Power, widow O'Meara, formerly of Nepean 14 Oct Patrick Summers, labourer, to Mary Downie / Downey, both of Bytown 28 Oct John Hayes, yeoman, to Catherine Barry, both of this place 2 Nov Richard Bos (Bowes) or Bas, yeoman, to Catherine Teller? Both now residing in Gloucester 25 Nov Joseph Charlebois, yeoman, to Angelique Laleaurise?, both of this place 25 Nov Gerald Brennan of Bytown, labourer, to Mary Armstrong of Gloucester 26 Nov Patrick Lynch, yeoman, to Angele Labreche, widow of Joseph Chartrand, both of this place 1840 Marriages: 7 Jan Louis Michel Fortin, laborer, to Ortense Dube?, both of this place 7 Jan Patrick Kelly, yeoman of Black Rapids, to Maria Fitzsimmons of this place 14 Jan James Walsh, labourer, to Ann Doyle, lately from Quebec 2 Feb Arthur McGuigan of Gloucester, to Elizabeth Oly?? of Bytown 2 Feb Edward Burke of Buckingham to Mary Farlay / Farley ?of Bytown 17 Feb Baptiste Prouett, labourer, to Isabelle Da….?, both of this place 17 Feb John Armstrong of Gloucester, to Margaret Boyle of Bytown 24 Feb James Dunn, labourer, to Mary Costello, both of Horton twp 24 Feb Thomas Murphy, yeoman, to Mary Burke, both of Gloucester twp 2 Mar Charles Dupuis, labourer, to Adele Lepine, both of this place 3 Mar John Davy, yeoman, to Bridget H…..?, both of this place 3 Mar John Stackpole, yeoman, to Julia Connors, both of Gloucester twp 27 Apr John McGee, yeoman of this place, to Bridget Burns, widow of late George Hanrahan 6 May William Hackett of this place, to Sarah Ferris of Nepean 24 May John McCabe to Johannah Stackpole of Bytown 23 Jun Daniel O'Connor of Osgoode, to Margaret McCarthy of Gloucester 23 Jun Jean Baptiste Lariviere, yeoman, to Marie Louisa Petit of this place 29 Jun Magloire Charlebois, yeoman, to Louise Mo…..,?, both of this place 6 Jul Antoine Fouchet, yeoman, to Henriette Lapierre, both of this place 20 Jul Thomas Ryley or Byley, yeoman, to Bridget Molloy of Bytown 20 Jul John Kearns, yeoman, to Mary McGovern of Bytown 20 Jul John Hanabury?, yeoman, of Bristol, to Bridget Fitzgerald of Bytown 28 Jul Estimable Corbeille, yeoman, to Marie Honore Granelle, both of this Place 28 Jul Francois Bourke, yeoman, to Elmire Champeau, both of this place 3 Aug Pierre Aubin, yeoman, to Henriette Gaudet, both of this place 4 Aug William Menard, yeoman, to Terille Champeau, both of this place 4 Aug Antoine Leonard, yeoman, to Marie Clement, both of this place 31 Aug Gabriel Dunlop, yeoman, to Ann Patterson, both of Horton twp 1 Sep Francois Paul, yeoman, to Natalie Venus, both of this place 7 Sep Francis Murdock, yeoman, to Bridget McNab, both of McNab Township 8 Sep Alexander McDonnell Esq. J.P., to Miss Catherine Tobin, both of Osgoode 9 Sep Patrick Dolan, yeoman, of Torbolton, to Ann Kennedy of this place 14 Sep Terrence McGee, yeoman, to Ellen Hughes, both of Gloucester twp 14 Sep William Byley or Ryley, yeoman, to Mary Murphy, both of this place 15 Sep James Faussin, yeoman, to Margaret Fallen / Fallon, both of this place 21 Sep Maxime Lepine, yeoman, to Felicite Brunette, both of this place 28 Sep Patrick Allen to Catherine Daly (widow Burgess, both of this Place 5 Oct Roddy Ryan, yeoman, to Cecilia Judge, both of this place 5 Oct Solomon Riopen, yeoman, to Emelie Vendette, both of this place 13 Oct Richard Grimstead to Mary Carroll, widow Quinlan, both of this place 19 Oct Thomas Brule to Angelique Brunette, both of this place 19 Oct Xavier Brunette to Euphemie Ouellet, both of this place 20 Oct James Davy to Margaret Cullen, both of this place 27 Oct Patrick Byley or Ryley to Mary Bernson, both of this place 4 Nov Dr. John Ju…> of Bytown, to Penelope McDonnell 9 Nov Fr. Xavier O'Brien to Froizine? Clement, both of this place 9 Nov Daniel Carroll to Ellen Swain, both of Gloucester 16 Nov Henri Heli, alias Burton, widower of Marie Francoise Paris, to Scolastique Lauze, widow of Joseph Paquet 17 Nov Patrick Dewan to Catherine Johnston, both of Osgoode

Again from Sue: 1841 Marriages: 8 Jan James Johnston of Osgoode, to Margaret D…. of Gloucester (I think that the bride's surname was Dewan) 10 Jan Patrick Shean / Sheehan ? to Honora Kane / Keane / Cain, both of Gloucester 10 Jan Patrick Murphy to Johannah Doyle, both of Gloucester 10 Jan Terence Lynes (Ling / Lyng / Lynch ?)of Goulburn, to Bridget Gilroy of Bytown 13 Feb Pierre Dufour to Josephte Chartrand, both of this place 15 Feb Patrick Brennan to Mary McNeil, both of this place 15 Feb John Corcoran to Catherine Murphy, both of this place 16 Feb Peter Hagan to Margaret Corbin, both of this place 22 Feb John Gunn to Catherine Burns, both of Gloucester 22 Feb Patrick Power to Honora Quinlan, both of Gloucester 22 Feb Bazile Goulet to Scolastique Lauzon, both of this place 22 Feb John Bousquet to Marie Louise Petit, both of this place 19 Apr Hyacinthe Dubreuille, merchant, to Mary Rosalie Thy ?, both of Bytown 19 Apr James Daly of Hull, to Rose Tayne / Teehan ? of Bytown 19 Apr Patrick Kilroy to Catherine Connor, both of Gloucester 19 Apr Peter Skeffington of Osgoode, to Bridget Slavin, widow of William Downie / Downey 26 Apr Austin Flemming to Margaret Mooney, both of this place 3 May John Laplante to Elmire Petit, both of this place 17 May Francois Xavier Charlebois to Marguerite Daze, both of this place 24 May Francois Chartrand to Olive D'Amour, alias Potvin 25 May John Kennedy to Julia Doulan, both of this place 12 Jun Ambraile Goulet to Angele Aubry, alias Isele, both of this place 12 Jun Etienne Mallet to Josepte Des……?, alias ..?, both of this place 13 Jun Patrick Britt of this place, to Anastasia Brian / O'Brien), lately from Ireland 5 Jul Louis Buisson to Louise Zephisine Berichon, both of this place 12 Jul Joseph Belanger of Horton township, to Zoe Langlois, alias Fau…?, of this place 18 Jul William Maloney to Mary Ann Jones, both of this place 26 Jul Robert Hickson to Bridget Burke, both of March township 27 Jul Patrick McLaughlin to Mary Lang, both of this place 27 Jul Charles Snubb? to Henriette Langevin, alias Lariviere 3 Aug William Aspeck? of Aylmer, to Marie Esther Ladouceur, widow of John McManes? 3 Aug James Dory / Dore of Gloucester, to Mary Skeffington of Osgoode 9 Aug James O'Donnell to Bridgt Baghan / Behan ?, both of this place 10 Aug Noel Laberge to Marguerite Giraux / Giroux ?, both of this place 10 Aug Thomas Brady to Ellen Morsy, both of this place (Morrissey ?) 15 Aug Lazare Vincent to Isabelle Allard, both of this place 16 Aug Garrett Co……on to Margaret Bellingham, both of Osgoode 20 Aug Thomas Doherty, cook, to Louisa Plantier?, both of this place 30 Aug Godefrie Moreau, raftman, to Henriete LaRiviere, both of this place 6 Sep Noel Gervais to Eloize Cusson, alias Faubert, both of this place 6 Sep John Bennett to Catherine Lemay, both of this place 13 Sep Patrick Burke to Mary Davy, both of March township (note: Mary Davy Burke died 20th Feb 1842 at age 22, and was buried 25 Feb at Sandy Hill Cemetery) 14 Sep Baptiste Cassevan alias Ladebauche?, to Josepte Davis, both of this place 14 Sep Andre Josselin / Jocelyn ? to Alphine Robison, both of this place 15 Sep Charles McCarthy, merchant, to Ann Kenny, of this place 20 Sep Alexandre Alle..? to Angele D'Amour, alias Potvin, both of this place 21 Sep Hubert Aiot to Louise Desmoyan?, alias Laframboise, both of this place 21 Sep John Kitt or Kilt to Isabella Heyney, both of this place (Heney / Heaney) 25 Sep Louis Charbonneau to Zoe Gilbeau, both of this place 4 Oct Michael O'Brien to Elizabeth McCarthy, of this place 4 Oct James O'Meara? to Mary McPeak / McPeeke, widow O'Neil, of this place, McPeek ? 4 Oct Etienne Larochelle to Adelaide Lapierre, both of this place 7 Oct Martin Egan of Long Island, to Bridgit Hawe? of Gloucester 11 Oct Patrick Coughlin to Bridgit Tracy, both of Torbolton (marriage could be 12th) 18 Oct Gabriel Leger to Marcelle Souchereau, both of this place 18 Oct Martin Wallis of Hull, to Ann Lyon / Lyons ? of this place 22 Oct Baptiste Riske to Catherine Goyer, alias Delle-Tole???? 23 Oct John Wright to Angelique Biom.?, both of this place 26 Oct Miles Reid to Catherine Bouvier, both of this place 27 Oct Joseph Tangeau ?, blacksmith, to Mary Ann Donagher ? of this place 8 Nov Martin Degas to Elizabeth Brennan, both late from Ireland 8 Nov James Beaudoin to Isabelle Duplessis, alias Moreau, both of Templeton, Quebec 8 Nov Anthony McDonnell to Margaret Shea, of this place 8 Nov Dominick Roddy to Bridget ?..ogley, both of McNab 13 Nov Casimir Realique? to Marguerite Troment, both of Horton township 18 Nov Prosper Jobin to Sophie Pare, widow Aug:Tatin, both of this place (Note: Sophie died 1 Jan 1842 at age 32 - buried Sandy Hill Cemetery on 3 Jan 1842) 20 Nov James Morrisey to Catherine Blake, both of this place 22 Nov William Swain to Rose Anna Bowes, both of Gloucester 22 Nov Michael Campbell to Catherine Grady, both of this place 23 Nov Gabriel Menan to Justine Core, both of this place 23 Nov Redmond Judge to Margaret O'Brian / O'Brien, both of Gloucester 24 Nov Baptiste Goulet to Angele Lauzon, both of this place 27 Nov Michael Smith to Margaret Cassidy, widow Cooper, both of this place 1842 Marriages: 7 Jan Edward Bergin to Catherine Donnelly, both of this place 8 Jan Thomas Skelton to Ann Lepp, both of Osgoode 8 Jan Joseph Turcotte to Marcelle Lapierre, both of this place 7 Feb Marshall Henderson to Rose O'Connell, both of McNab township 7 Feb Francois Dupuis to Emelie Tuchereau?, both of Gloucester 18 Apr John Conlon to Mary Lavern, both of this place 18 Apr Thomas Presley to Catherine Burns, both of this place 19 Apr Louis Pinard to Marie Alexandre 9 May Joseph Amelin to Henriette Seguin, both of this place 9 May John Downie of Bytown, to Bridget McGudric of Gloucester 25 Jul Hugh Elferty, farmer of ??Boma Chien??, to Mary Mulligan of the Snake River in the township of ?..oney? 25 Jul Benoni Belanger, blacksmith of Bytown, to Josephine Turgeon of Bytown 25 Jul Louis Brunel to Adelaide Beauchamp, both of Bytown 23 Aug Edward Bambrick to Ann Nail / O'Neil, widow of the late John Copsey?, both of this place 31 Aug Pierre Boucher to Julia Briget? 2 Sep Patrick Kelly to Mary Short, both of this town 5 Sep Pierre Martin to Henriette Macon, both of this town 5 Sep Antoine Meunier to Maria Levesque, both of Gloucester 5 Sep Antoine Laplante dit Champagne to Julie Cortis, both of Bytown 5 Sep Martin Seveny to Bridget Clifford, both of the Gatineau 12 Sep Emerin Rochburn? of La Pointe Fortune, to Josephine Bourgeois of this town 22 Sep Michael McGragh from county Westmeath, now resident in Osgoode, to Mary McKerry from county Tyrone, now resident in Osgoode 3 Oct George Hedge, widow(er) of the late Eleanor Ryan, of Osgoode, to Mary Bohan, daughter of Jeremiah Bohan and Catherine Flynn of county Tipperary 6 Oct Francis Rayne, from county Mayo, to Siby Brogan of Bytown 10 Oct Patrick Hays / Hayes from county Waterford, to Mary O'Donnell from county Tipperary 21 Oct James Kiely?, widower of this town son of Michael Kiely and Catherine Quinn, Queens county, to Mary Cumming of this town, daughter of Michael Cumming and Judy Mooney?, county Tipperary 24 Oct Michael Short, son of Peter Short and Mary Slaven of county Armagh, to Susan McKraren, daughter of Michael McKraren and Alice Keenan of the same county in Ireland 27 Oct John McCarty, resident in this town, son of Charles McCarthy and Mary Gambol / Gamble ? of county Waterford, to Mary Bergin, widow of Michael Doolan of Bytown 27 Oct Patrick McLaughlin, resident in Bytown, widower of Mary Lang, to Catherine White, resident here, daughter of James White and Mary Mulchahy of county Tipperary 28 Oct In Nepean, Christopher Ennis / Innis to Mary Finlay 31 Oct John Slater, widower of Ann Burns, to Bridget Torney?, resident of Bytown, daughter of Denis Torney and Catherine Dormillan? of county Westmeath 31 Oct Eugene McDermont to Mary Marken? 7 Nov Martin Bowes of Gloucester to Elizabeth Swane / Swain 7 Nov John Egan of Torbolton to Mary Ann Holoran of Bytown 21 Nov Antoine Robillard, son of Antoine Robillard and Emilie Lorie? of Gloucester, to Amelienne Chert, daughter of James Chert and Catharine Prudhomme of Bytown 22 Nov At Gloucester church, Michael Skeffington, widower of Mary Hughes of Gloucester, to Mary Brennan 1843 Marriages: 7 Jan Michael O'Brien, resident here, widower of Catherine Nelligan of county Cork, to Catherine Donovan, resident at Black Rapids, widow of John Sullivan of county Cork 16 Jan Thomas Finch of Bytown, son of deceased John Finch and Amy? Cantwell of county Tipperary, to Mary Sheridan, resident in this mission, widow of Michael O'Neil of Queen's county 16 Jan Thomas Jordan of Osgoode, son of James Jordan and Bridget Laghney of county Mayo, to Bridget Corrigan of Osgoode, daughter of Oman Corrigan and Mary Grogham / Grogan ? of county Mayo 23 Jan Patrick Regan of Long Island, son of Owen Regan and Mary Ter…? of county Roscommon, to Bridget McHugh, resident here, daughter of Alexander McHugh and Bridget Mason of county Sligo 25 Jan Michael Kennedy of Clarendon, son of Nicholas Kennedy and deceased Hanorah Harty Hearty of county Tipperary, to Bridget Shea of Bytown, daughter of Thomas Shea and Mary Burke of county Tipperary 27 Feb Michael Gleeson, son of James Gleeson and Margaret Gleeson of county Tipperary, to Mary Gleeson, daughter of Thomas Gleeson and Mary Burke of Tipperary 25 Apr Edward Gagnon, son of Francis Gagnon and Mary Boreman of Bytown, to Mary O'Bichen / Aubichon ?, daughter of Francis O'Bichen & Susan Genevieve Husean? of Bytown. 25 Apr Patrick Gannon of Osgoode, to Ann Gilfoyle, daughter of Patrick Guilfoyle / Kilfoyle and Elisa Gannon. 25 Apr William Stackpole of Osgoode, to Ellen Brett / Britt of Osgoode 8 May John Moran, son of Michael Moran and Mary Moran of county Mayo, to Ann Wilson, daughter of James Wilson of Fitzroy Harbour and Mary Wilson, both formerly of county Sligo 8 May Michael McDermott, widower of Mary Connelly of county Galway, to Catharine Fitzgerald, of James Fitzgerald and Catharine Roch…? of county Clare 9 May John McTiernan, son of John McTiernan and the late Catherine Tra..? of county Leitrim ?, to Ann Tracy, daughter of the late James Tracy and Catherine ? of the same county 15 May Jeremiah Filion, son of the late Paul Filion (ML#) and Louise ?, to Mary Goulet, resident in Bytown, daughter of the late Basil Goulet and ? Durant 16 May Patrick Wiel?, son of ? Wiel of county Carlow, to Bridget Stackpole, daughter of the late Michael Stackpole and Mary Haw of county Cork 30 May Stanislaus Robert of bytown, son of Antoine Robert and Marguerite Bradford, to Adelaide Brunet of Bytown, daughter of Janvier Brunet and Narcisse Pilon 13 Jun Michael Gilday, shoemaker, son of deceased Owen Gilday and Maria Murphy of county Mayo, to Jane Butler of Bytown, daughter of John Butler and Jane Burke, actually at the Allumette Island, late of county Tipperary 16 Jun Thomas Melia / Maley / O'Malley of March twp, son of Thomas Melia and deceased Honorah Holiman of county Mayo, to Mary Haroghty of March twp, daughter of Patrick Haroghty and Mary Haroghty of county Mayo 3 Jul Francis Nevin of Osgoode, son of deceased Patrick Nevin and deceased Margaret Russell of county Meath, to Mary Corrigan of Hog's Back, daughter of John Corrigan and deceased Elizabeth Burns ? of county Westmeath 3 Jul Thomas Donahoe of Bytown, son of deceased Thomas Donohoe and of deceased Ellen Maher of county Kilkenny, to Mary Hogan of Bytown, daughter of deceased James Hogan and Rose O'Donnell of county Mayo 4 Jul Peter Manning of Hog's Back, widower of Sally Martin of county Galway, to Mary Toohey of Hog's Back, daughter of Patrick Toohee and Sarah Duncan of county Mayo (Toohey?) 17 Jul Daniel Mahoney of Bytown, son of John Mahoney and Catherine Mahoney of county Cork, to Bridget McNaulty, daughter of Martin McNaulty / McNulty and Mary Connelly of county Mayo 17 Jul Richard Shannon, son of the late Michael Shannon and Alice Tracy of county Kilkenny, to Catherine Downey, daughter of Michael Downey and Mary Cavanagh of Bytown 18 Jul Patrick Elward, son of Edward Elward / Aylward and Mary Casso..? of county Kilkenny, to Mary Boyle, daughter of Daniel Boyle and Johanna Grant of Bytown (Aylward?) 31 Jul Thomas Lacy, son of Michael Lacy and deceased Mary Downy of county Kilkenny, to Elizabeth Boyle, daughter of Daniel Boyle and Julia Grant of Bytown 31 Jul Patrick McCormack / McCormick of Torbolton, son of John McCormick and Mary Ryan of county Limerick, to Bridget Sage of Bytown, daughter of James Sage and deceased Bridget McGrath of county Limerick 7 Aug Patrick Sloan of Long Island, son of deceased Patrick Sloan and Mary Flanigan, to Josephine Portier? of Long Island, daughter of Pierre Portier and Mary Martel Beau..? of Long Island 8 Aug Hyacinthe Proulx of Hull, son of Joseph Proulx and Marie Gentie? of Bytown, to Pauline Giroux, daughter of Michel Giroux and Judith Masson of Bytown 21 Aug James Mahoney of Osgoode, son of William Mahoney and ? Foran of county Waterford, to Mary Power, daughter of Patrick Power and Judy? Power of county Waterford 22 Aug John McGuire of Cumberland, son of John McGuire and Mary Wallace of county Cavan?, to Mary Ann Finnelly, daughter of John Finnelly (Finlay?) and Bridget Hay of Gloucester 25 Sep Patrick Powell of Osgoode, son of John Powell and Catherine Kennedy??, to Ellen Power, widow of the late Martin Woodlock? 27 Sep Patrick Burke of Osgoode, son of Michael Burke and Mary Callaghan of county Waterford, to Ellen McArdell / McCardle of Osgoode, daughter of Bernard McArdell and the late Johanna Kilfoyle (Guilfoyle) 2 Oct Lawrence McNamara of Bytown, son of the late Daniel McNamara and Mary Ga…? of county Clare, to Ellen Fennegan, daughter of the late James Finnegan and Bridget McMahon of the same county 9 Oct Patrick Hays, son of Edward and Mary Hays of Nepean, to Mary Kennedy, daughter of John Kennedy and Mary Rigny of county Tipperary 9 Oct James Tool of Cumberland, son of Michael O'Toole and the late Ann Sorbey? of county ?, to Sarah McNaulty, daughter of Hugh McNaulty / McNulty and Susanne Duffey Duffy of the county Donegal 12 Oct William Kealy, son of John Kealy and Mary Dooley of Gloucester, to Ellen Conners, daughter of the late Patrick Conners and of the late Mary Long of county Cork 17 Oct Denis Stackpole, son of the late William Stackpole and Mary Baney of Gloucester, to Ellen O'Conner of Osgoode, daughter of John O'Conner and Margaret Queenlan (Quinlan ?) of county Tipperary 23 Oct Nicholas Sullivan of Gloucester, son of Patrick Sullivan and the late Catherine Blake of County Meath, to Mary McGee, daughter of the late Francis McGee and Catherine Duffy of County Armagh (my gggrandparents … Al) 6 Nov Thomas O'Hara to Mary Hedge of Meath 6 Nov Simon Armstrong of Gloucester to Elizabeth Kehoe of Bytown 13 Nov Mathew Brennan of Hog's Back to Margaret McGarrey of Bytown 28 Nov William Gleeson of Osgoode, son of Mathew Gleeson and Margaret Gleeson of county Tipperary, to Ellen Toomy?, daughter of William Toomey and Mary Toomy of Osgoode 28 Nov Ewan Dore of Hull, widower of Sarah McMullin, to Mary Reynolds, widow of Michael Stackpole 30 Nov Martin Kealy, widower of Bytown, to Bridget Fitzgerald, daughter of James Fitzgerald and Ann Brennan of March township 7 Dec John McDonald of Bytown, to Sarah Martin, daughter of Alexander Martin and Sarah Low? of Bytown 1844 Marriages: 8 Jan Patrick McGrath of Bytown, son of Morris / Maurice McGrath and Connell ?, to Margaret Woods of Kingston, daughter of the late John Woods and Margaret Sheridan ? of county Armagh 16 Jan Patrick Burk of March, son of Michael Burke and Levina Donnigan?, to Bridget Gallagher of March, daughter of Edward Galagher and Mary McNamara 17 Jan Michael Leary, son of Michael Leary and Honora Madigan of Bytown, to Mary Ann Hurley, daughter of Jeremiah Hurley and Nelly Kenegan? of Bytown 22 Jan James O'Brien of Hull, to Catherine McLaughlin of Bytown 23 Jan Daniel O'Brien, resident on the Grand (Ottawa) River, to Mary White of Bytown 23 Jan James Brown, widower, to Ellen Barry, both resident in this mission 29 Jan Edward Finlay of Osgoode, son of the late Hugh Finlay and Ann Foley of county Wexford, to Ellen Judge, daughter of Thomas Judge and Dorothy Moore of county Mayo 5 Feb Patrick Kennedy, son of William Kennedy and Catherine Fogarty of Osgoode, to Ann Kane, daughter of John Kane and the late Judith Gohin of Bytown 6 Feb Thomas Kehoe of Bytown, to Catharine Kilroe of Nepean 6 Feb Michael Butler to Ellen Smith, both of Bytown 7 Feb Thomas Howel or Howd of Madawaska (Arnprior), son of Patrick Howd? And Bridget Farrell of county Kildare, to Mary Ryan, resident of the same place, daughter of James Ryan and Ann Carroll of county Tipperary 13 Feb John O'Neil, son of the late John O'Neil and Honora Reily of county Limerick, to …? Flanery, daughter of Daniel Flanery and the late Judith Howard of county Tipperary 19 Feb Thomas Kearny, son of John Kearny and Catherine Riordan? / Reardon of county Limerick, to Helen O'Brien, daughter of Michael O'Brien and Margaret of county Cork (maybe Keating) 19 Feb Mathew Foley of Hull, son of Nicholas Foley and Elizabeth Coony / Cooney of county Limerick, to Mary Ward, daughter of James Ward and Ann ..? of county Armagh 20 Feb Andrew Farley of Bytown, widower of Judith Farley, to Ellen Walsh, widow of John Gaman? of Bytown 15 Apr James Armstrong, son of Joseph Armstrong and Catherine Armstrong, to Brigett Kelly, daughter of James Kelly and Ann Leavins, both of March 22 Apr John Commens / Cummins / Cummings ?? of county Tipperary, son of Michael Commens and Judy M..?, resident in Bytown, to Catherine McSolly? of Dromagh, county Tyrone, daughter of Claudius McSolly / McSorley ? and Fanny McFarlen, resident in Bytown 29 Apr Edward Fahey, son of John Fahey and Margaret Fahey, deceased, from parish of La…., county Tipperary, to Catherine Armstrong, daughter of Joseph Armstrong and Catherine Armstrong of March Township 6 May Patrick Grimes of March, son of Thomas Grimes and Bridget Salmon? of West carney?, County Mayo, to Mary McNally, daughter of Thomas McNally and Mary …? of Westport of the same county 21 May John Brown of Bytown, son of James Brown and Elizabeth Murphy, to Maria Welch, daughter of James Welch / Walsh and Helen Kergan / Kerrigan ? 23 May John Dolin of Torbolton, son of John Dolan and Ann Cassidy, to Jane Elizabeth Ritchie of Torbolton, daughter of John Ritchie of the Royal Navy and Ann Baird of Scotland (some of her parents' details came from Jane Elizabeth Ritchie's adult baptism of 22 May) 27 May John Kilfield / Kilfoyle ? of Osgoode, son of Patrick Kilfield and Margaret Lary?, to Maria McCabe, daughter of Patrick McCabe and Anna Carroll of Hog's Back 3 Jun John Kealy, widower of Maria Donley?, son of James Kealy and Mary Kennedy of county Kilkenny, now of Black Rapids, Gloucester, to Margaret Ronan of Hog's Back, daughter of Mathew Ronan and Margaret Brennan of county Westmeath 1 Jul James O'Brien of Bytown, journalist, son of Thomas O'Brien and Bridget Warren, to Maria Heas of Bytown, daughter of Thomas Heas and Johanna Mahoney (Hayes?) 4 Jul James Tierney of Nepean, son of John Tierney and Anastasia Tierney, to Maria Tierney of Bytown, daughter of John Tierney and Hanorah McGrath 9 Jul Patrick Hynes? of Bytown, son of William Hynes and Helena Cope?, to Margareta Karns, daughter of James Kearns ? and Eliza Carroll of Bytown 11 Jul John O'Brien of Long Island, son of John O'Brien and Maria Heas (Hayes ?), to Maria Fitzgerald of Bytown, daughter of John Fitzgerald and Helene Freezy? 4 Aug James McManus of Bytown, son of Patrick McManus and ..? Cassidy, to Eliza Brady of Bytown, daughter of Edward Brady and ..? McGowan 6 Aug Michael Reynolds of Bytown, son of John Reynolds and Mary Gar..?, to Helen Connors of Bytown, daughter of Patrick Connors and Sally Cary / Carey 20 Aug Michael Tompkins of Bytown, son of John Tompkins and Mary Kehoe, to Bridget Brennan, daughter of Thomas Brennan and Margaret Mooney of Bytown 21 Aug Jerry / Jeremiah Driscoll of Long Island, son of James Driscoll and Maria Dunivan / Donovan ?, to Maria Lamb of Long Island, widow of James Babington, daughter of John Lamb and Elizabeth Anderson 28 Aug Abraham Reed of Bytown, son of Miles Reed and Theresa Bauvier, to Nancy Malonney of Bytown, daughter of Patrick Maloney and Catherine Curran 10 Sep Henry Ford of Osgoode, son of William? Ford and Maria Horak, to Anna McManus of Osgoode, daughter of John McManus and Elizabeth McKee (McGee ?) 16 Sep John Wellington Lee, shoemaker, of Bytown, aged about 23 years, to Brigit Boyne. This couple was first married in the English church (date unknown) as John Wellington Lee was 'not yet Catholic'. He became Catholic and was baptized as such on the same day as his 16 Sep marriage. 17 Sep John Gorley? or Donley? of March, son of .? Donley? and Ann Dolan, Parish of C.? in county Tipperary, to Maria Donohoe of March, daughter of Francis? Donohoe and Maria Meara, Parish of C…? in county Tipperary 24 Sep Patrick Flynn of Bytown, son of John Flynn and Eliza Effren, to Margaret Leary of Bytown, daughter of Daniel Leary and Eliza Fockner? 30 Sep Daniel Sullivan of Bytown, son of Patrick Sullivan and Helen Sullivan, to Brigit Kelly of Bytown, daughter of Thomas Kelly and Maria Moran 30 Sep Patrick Brady of Bytown, son of James Brady and Catherine Carroll, to Helen Power of Bytown, daughter of James Power and Brigit Power 8 Oct James Sweeney of Osgoode, son of John Sweeney and Mary Tynan or Fynan / Finan, to Elizabeth of Osgoode, daughter of Patrick Benson and Catherine Crosby 8 Oct Patrick O'Donnell of Bytown, son of Patrick O'Donnell and Elizabeth Meagher, to Catherina Craig, daughter of Thomas Craig and Rachel Moore, of Bytown 30 Oct Galean Fitzgerald of Bytown, son of James Fitzgerald and Mary Garvin, to Jane Murray of Bytown, widow of Edward McGuire 30 Oct Mathew Gilmor of Clarendon, Lower Canada, son of Mathew Gilmour / Gilmore and Mary Helen Gilmor, to Jane Harvey of Bytown, daughter of Patrick Harvey and Mary McGlaughlin 5 Nov Patrick McEvoy of Osgoode, son of Thomas McEvoy and Margaret Marshall, to Cecilia Doyle, daughter of Sylvester Doyle and Mary Bailey, of Osgoode 12 Nov Michael Driscoll of March, son of Charles Driscoll and Julia Gayen?, to Ann Catter of Bytown, daughter of John Catter and Nancy Driscoll of Bytown 14 Nov Thomas Hunchingham? of Bytown, son of Thomas Hutchingame and Mary Redmond, to Johanna Fynn / Finn of Gloucester, daughter of Anthony Fynn and Elizabeth Hays. (note: Anthony Fynn died the next day, 15 Nov and his funeral service was held the 18th) 19 Nov Teddy White of Bytown, son of Michael White and Eleanora Murray, to Julia Anna Madon of Bytown, daughter of Thomas Madon / Madden ? and Margaret Shane / Sheehan ? 24 Nov John Brownrigg of Plantagenet, son of Thomas Brownrick and Margaret Kenton, to Margaret McVey of Plantagenet, daughter of Alexander McVey and Christine McDonald 25 Nov Timothy Sheehan of Bytown, son of Patrick Shehan and Mary Couglin, to Brigit McIlevy of Gloucester, daughter of Michael McIlevy and Ann McIlevy 25 Nov Timothy Connors of Osgoode, son of John Connors and Brigit Suthern?, to Mary McKale, daughter of Miles McHale and Polly Carr ? 25 Nov Peter Hart of Gloucester, son of John Hart and Julia Dunn, to Catharine Brophy of Bytown, daughter of Martin Brophy and Catharine Barginn / Bergin / Berrigan ? 26 Nov William Garrett of Bytown, son of Thomas Garrett and Mary Burns, to Elizabeth Doyle of Bytown, daughter of Stephen Doyle and Elizabeth Ashward / Aylward ? or Ashwood
June 6, 2012: Hi Al, The live mail from the Notre Dame page would not work. (I just fixed it ... Al) Please thank Sue for all her great work. One entry for 1838 July 9th, she wasn't able to decipher the writing, Downy or Roony. They are my people & it is Roony. Michael Rooney, son of Michael & Catherine Rooney. Mary (Marie) Tracey daughter of Honora Tracey of Wakefield, Gatineau Valley. ...Pam Newcomer
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